WWE CANCELED BIG PLANS! SmackDown Nov. 8, 2019 RESULTS & Triple H CALLS OUT Star – The Round Up

WWE CANCELED BIG PLANS! SmackDown Nov. 8, 2019 RESULTS & Triple H CALLS OUT Star – The Round Up

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel to another roundup is so keeping you up today
another latest in Pro Wrestling coming up we’re talking latest news any changes
that we ended up seeing from Monday Night Raw WWE canceling a major match
pitched by one of their top superstar Triple H calling on certain superstar
for making fun of the whole Saudi Arabia situation online and more detail on what
happened in regards to the controversial topic great news in regards to and
exeunt closing down the gap as much as possible this week going against aew a
brand new title being introduced a top star on aew getting massive praise from
Dwayne the rock Johnson WWE now planning on bringing back Jeff Hardy anytime soon
and at the end of this run that we’re also discussing everything that went
down on this week’s episode of SmackDown live so big spoilers ahead put that is
at the end anyways before getting into it and you guys already know hit that
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my coverage let’s get into ALS round they’re out and lesser off with the
latest news so this week on WWE Raw The OC picked up a victory over on vertical
radio industry profits with AD sounds getting the pinfall on over toka radio
which is like the third time in three weeks or in less than that but
apparently the original plan was for vertical radio to get a pinfall victory
over AJ Styles to of course set up their next United States Championship match
because their feud is not done just yet again that didn’t happen though as AJ
Styles picked up the victory for the team and it looks like the reason for
all of this is because of the OC invasion on n XC WWE already knew that
we’re gonna do this angle so they didn’t want to make the OC look weak heading
into Wednesday night and XC but that wasn’t the only thing that was
changed or canceled as the reports indicate that AJ Styles pitched the idea
of having the OC take on the undisputed era a Survivor Series
of course making a raw versus NXT match do you server indicated that that match
is not going to be taking place and even if they were planning on giving
it to us this week it was probably cancelled for a later
date the good news is that although is not going to happen in the pay-per-view
the discussion is that it will eventually take place and more than
likely on nxe television because it is now slated to be on nxc WWE fell like
NXT couldn’t afford to have another loss to the main roster on his home territory
so I guess I’m doing it on NXT will ultimately make it so that they could do
a better ending to that match I do hope that ad sales get what he wants because
it’s honestly something that we also want to see this will be an amazing
three versus three match or of course a four versus four match if let’s say the
OSI is joined by a mystery partner that can end up being faint Balor sticking
with the OSI and probably not some good news so at first it was reported that
Seth Rollins was the one giving a speech before Monday Night Raw but as we know
that then it went down Seth Rollins denied those rumors but a meeting did
took place and doing it Vince McMahon allegedly reassured the Talon that the
reason for the long delay was a mechanical issue with the plane rather
than a financial dispute this man even broke his silence on social media by
tweeting out once again that he is proud to announce the extended deal all the
way up to 2027 with Saudi Arabia not necessarily the address that we’ve been
waiting for but a lease he confirmed the deal and it looks like both sides are
happy with each other backward reports of the meeting while Seth Rollins didn’t
make a speech doing it it was reported that fellow row superstar AJ Styles
spoke up rest of Watts noted that AJ Styles is very well respected backstage
in WWE however AJ style still make our Anderson of the OSI was reportedly
called out by WWE CEO o Triple H doing the meeting for something he said on
Twitter if you guys remember after arriving in the u.s. car Andersen took
to Twitter to say that he will never return to Saudi Arabia after all the
recent issues before adding that he might be convinced to change his mind as
he needs money for a new pool in his house Karen
they’re so nice of course one of those superstars that are always making jokes
on social media so I’m not surprised that he even says something like this
but maybe it wasn’t the best idea because according to the observer Triple
H echoed ow Anderson for the remarks and trying to make such a difficult
situation into a joke it is stated that despite being called out by Triple H on
Monday Carr Anderson suites are now believed to have giving him any heat
backstage with the game or the WWE higher-ups but he might need to be
careful about it because getting yourself to put aside by a guy like
Triple H am I not leading to anything good
and if Triple H had to call him out on a chances are Vince McMahon was probably
not happy about it either on to some other news switching it over to the
Wednesday night war quantico NXT versus aew as this week and exceed really close
down the gap when it comes to the rating and this definitely had to be with the
fact that NXT have been involved with Raw and Smackdown over the last couple
of days so started last Friday night as NXT star invaded a main roster show for
the first time where Adam ko taking on Daniel Bryan and defeating him and then
on Monday taking on Seth Rollins I say result of the main roster
crossover and increase exposure many speculators are nxe was gonna do very
well on the rating this week and they definitely did according to the bus show
daily nxe drew 818 thousand viewers so that was up two hundred and thirty three
thousand from the previous week again likely thanks to the Raw and SmackDown
invasions by comparison aw dynamite do continue to do well but there are Veen
even out to annex C and this week closer than ever
with an eight hundred and twenty-two thousand viewers so that is them drawing
just nine thousand more viewers than nxc again it might sound like a negative but
it is worth mentioning that AEG obvious viewership number are also up from the
previous week so there are still doing fairly well
sticking with aew and some quick news Cody Rhodes was part of a conference
heading into full year this weekend and a couple of things
were discussed including the fact that they feel like aew is right where needs
to be when it comes to the rating and that there is a lot of room to grow that
they’re trying to do Cody Rhodes also revealed that in the very near future
they’re going to be introducing a secondary singles title to the brand he
didn’t want to call it a mid car title because of core them word itself mid car
just has a bad connotation to it but that there aren’t planning on adding
another single title singer with Cody he cut probably his best promo on this
week’s oh le wrestling dynamite and he got a lot of praises and you know it’s
good when even the rock is commenting about it as he indicated the following
rhythm ton intend passion execution great promo brother
you might dropped that MF I Cody Rhodes and I gotta agree big-time with Dwayne
Johnson if there’s something that you guys need to watch from a ALW television
this week it’s definitely Cody Rhodes promo the rock is widely regarded as one
of the best promos in wrestling history so if he is giving some praises to Cody
Rhodes you know you gotta listen to it and you know it means something on to
some other quick news according to five four select while he may be clear to
wrestle there are no plans for any kind of return to the ring for Jeff Hardy as
he still need time away to deal with personal issue of course been a couple
of difficult months for Jeff Hardy with him getting arrested multiple time and
dealing with his own demons so it is best for him to deal with his recovery
and it’s worth mentioning that he is expected to be clear medically cleared
to compete sometime this month so the fact that WWE doesn’t have anything for
his return can mean that WWE is giving him the time that he needs in order to
come back more healthier on to some other news and we are talking everything
regarding Smackdown live tonight so spoiler alert if you are watching this
before the show if not that you’re completely good as we always recap
everything that went down on the show but we are gonna focus on the big
highlights so do keep that in mind big spoilers ahead depending when you’re
watching this so to start off we did get a big title
as the smackdown Tag Team Championship match took place between the new day and
the revival and they knew they picked up the victory after the match WWE also set
up an invasion angle where NXT UK faction Imperium attacked them and then
heavy machinery try to make the save but also got beat down ultimately the locker
room empty at Al and SmackDown star chase Imperium away there was also a
tactic match with Survivor Series implication and that was carmella and
Dana Brooke defeating Mandy Rosen Sonya Deville by winning the match carmella
and Dana Brooke earned spot on the Smackdown woman Survivor Series team
there are the first woman to be announced for the Survivor Series team
so it should be interesting to see how many members are in it and also how WWE
is going to handle it as for the full recap of the show to start off we had
King Corvin coming out and cutting a promo making in front of Roman reigns so
you know what this is leading to the main event of tonight King Corvin taking
on Roman reigns then we got the new day winning the title which I just discussed
which means they’re gonna go to Survivor Series to take on the nxc and also the
raw tag team champions in that triple threat match since Kay Nakamura and
Cesaro defeated Ali and shorty G with the help of Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan
just stood on the ramp throughout the match and declined their invitation to
join them in the rain post match so Daniel Bryan still conflicted on what to
do we are Nikki cross up vs. Sasha banks Sasha banks debuted a brand new theme
song or at least a remixed version of her own theme song
Sasha defeat sneaky cross and Ryan after Bayley jumps into the ring Shayna
Baszler jumps her so nxe still making their present known then we had Dana
Brooke and Carmela defeating fire and desire to qualify for team Smackdown on
Survivor Series main event Roman reigns versus Baron Corvette tank to the
assistant of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode King Corbin picks up the victory
against Roman reigns to close out the show we had Tyson Fury coming now of
course getting a massive pop and he calls out braun strowman he said that he
wants to form a tag team with him but he said we got the beating coming out and
of course the beating gets destroyed by tiresome fury and braun strowman anyways
guys that is what i got for you in this roundup episode if you enjoyed find this
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    The Revival did nothing with the titles. Should've given them a chance to actually shine with those titles….

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