WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES! (Woman Wins WWE Championship, 5 Man Stable, & More YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW)

WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES! (Woman Wins WWE Championship, 5 Man Stable, & More YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and it is an exciting day because today we bring back our hitting
feature series we’ve been doing it for four years now so I’m glad to get it
started for WWE 2K20 just to remind you guys or if you are new here what we do
is we coverage some of the features in WWE 2k 20 that are not necessarily so
easy to find some of course you might know some of you might not but as always
don’t forget to leave your suggestions down in the comments below of any
secrets Easter eggs of course any features that you want me to cover in an
upcoming episode anyways you guys already know my show – elbow drop the
like button this is the first episode so let’s hit it hard and if you haven’t yet
hit those notification for more content let’s get it and to start off we got a
range of things related to mixed tag teams which is brand new to this year’s
game first off something that you definitely want to do if you are gonna
be playing these sets of matches is to go into your roster edit teams hit the
right bumper and here you can see all of the mixture under teams and you can edit
them so that they can have their own makes tag team entrance and actually
come out together so instead of separate put the entrance option to be together
and I do want to point out that there is a for different type of mix tagged
entrance that you could pick and although it won’t be the same one that
you got to see on TV it is still four different presets of entrances and
victory scenes which are good to use while in this menu know that you could
also set up your own mixed tag team so if you want to set up it makes tag team
with any real-life cop or like andrade and Charlotte Flair then you’re able to
do that and set up everything from the team announce personality the actual
team name entrance and so on sticking with this you can actually throw all of
these teams in an actual mixed tag team tournament which are brand new to this
year’s game not necessarily a hidden feature but just something extra just in
case you never visit tournaments this is a brand new addition to the game moving
on if you are a big fan of Tomaso champa like me then you probably want to have
him as updated as possible unfortunately upon the game’s release
he has his outdated entrance which is the DIY entrance instead of his he
up today entrance and all of this is kind of odd because you can actually go
ahead and add it to my sauce champa entrance go to creation entrances pick
Tomaso champa and actually edit that entrance to Tomaso champa to acceptance
save your progress and now you got a correct Tomaso champa also worth
mentioning that he is one of the superstars that got a brand new
championship entrance and it is freaking awesome so if you want to put goatee on
him just know that he’s gonna be looking great going back to teams this year you
can actually create a five-member stable slash faction by simply going to the
roster edit teams created team and go ahead and have fun with it just for the
fun of it I ended up creating the authority or at least a version of it
because I was not able to add a female to the actual team you can only do all
males or all female it cannot be a mixture of both for them as of right now
as of me recording this not sure if this is gonna get patched or not so that we
are able to change it more to add more content to it you could go ahead and
assign an entrance to them and there you can find many of the foreman entrances
and some even labeled generic stable one and generic stable too unfortunately I
did not find a five men slash five woman entrance but I will keep you guys posted
on that as it was teased in the trailer onto some other awesome feature this
year there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the DLC not just for
new originals characters arena and stories but also it has been revealed
that some of the characters in those do see are gonna be bringing their own sets
of paybacks and for the first DLC the payback that we get is you being able to
summon a beast from a swamp and his hands ultimately grab the opponent and
as you guys can see you gotta get out of it before getting finished on definitely
interested to see what else they’re gonna come up with in the last hit and
feature that I’m covering for you guys in this first episode is actually a bit
of a glitch and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna get patch once they realize it and
I’m actually gonna be showing it to them so that it is patched but in the
meantime it is pretty cool and I wanted to show it to you guys and that is that
if you do a Royal Rumble and it ends up being a female Royal Rumble whether it
is ten woman twenty or thirty it doesn’t matter
you’re able to put the championship on the line but as of right now you’re only
able to make it for a male championship I already had some fun simulated a
couple of Royal Rumbles and I had a bad Phoenix winning the WWE
Championship I’m next I’m gonna give it to China and yes when you do the
entrance they do come out with that championship so that is an awesome
visual the only issue with it is that you cannot put that championship on the
line so right now Beth Phoenix is the WWE
Champion and I can’t do anything with it except for put it on the line once again
in the Royal Rumble and the only way to take it out from her is to go to the
roster in title management and change it from there again guys that last one with
of course a bit of a glitch I’m sure it’s gonna get patched in the meantime
go ahead and have fun with it so that is set up for this hidden
feature episode if you guys enjoy don’t forget to elbow drop it let’s try to hit
1,000 and Plus likes and if you know any features that you want me to cover on
the next episode leave it down in the comments below hit those notifications
if you haven’t just yet for more and win the war to 200,000 subscribers I might
to see y’all dig it

84 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES! (Woman Wins WWE Championship, 5 Man Stable, & More YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW)

  1. Can u go to Alexa bliss and demonstrate if you can change her hair style please I’ve been dying to know plz and thx

  2. Maybe 5 man stable means 5 men come out for a 5 man entrance like. If the triple h Billy Gunn x Pac and road dogg was coming out to the ring

  3. I have been watching you since WWE2k17 and I remember the hair dye could be on Luke a Gallows’ face in 2k17

  4. I wonder when they add create a championship if there’s gonna be an option to make a mixed tag team championship🤔

  5. If anyone has it on the Xbox u can change ur setting location to new Zealand and once u do that , restart ur Xbox and u can play it RN

  6. I wish they change the injuries on there and make it more realistic. Also it would be nice to make a stable and have like 3 or 4 males and one females. Kinda like DX was

  7. For that Latin Flair team you made, I'd replace the Latin part and put 100% instead (as Cien means 100 in Spanish).

    Of course Shane & Mandy had to "win" that tournament example. Can't make "The Best Professional Wrestler in the World Today" lose a tourney, amirite? 😛

  8. I saw the wwe 2k20 in my friends house and i gotta say the graphics looks so downgraded I can't believe it the 2K launch the game that looks like s*** they look like somebody created the characters the models tomatoes look like Community creation

  9. So basically when glitches like the championship one comes out I know your the snitch that ruined our fun for a horrible game thanks

  10. Best hidden feature – if you play the game for more than 2 hours you can throw it in the trash and go buy a better game.

  11. I don't know why so many people are complaining, this game is freaking awesome, sure it's not perfect and it never will be, so the graphics are terrible to most but to me the overall graphical gameplay is very similar to WWE 2K19 and I just love it😍,

    2K have always earned my respect.. not everyone will get what they want.

    No matter how many years I keep wishing for my favorite modes to come back(Gm mode included) I never complain, I just patiently wait for hope that just one day I may get it and or completely something different and I'm ok with that

  12. Is anyone else not getting blood? I went into the options and turned it on, but when I played a match were my opponent made the motion were his head would start bleeding nothing came out. I even purposely punched him in the face but got nothing.

  13. Is there a hidden feature that allows you to favorite moves when editing custom movesets? Such a frustrating component to leave out.

  14. Wwe2k20 is misleading isn't road Dogg and Mr perfect and Rick rude and Rick Martel and tatanka supposed to be in the game?

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