WWE 2K20: ALL ROSTER CONFIRMED SO FAR, Braun Strowman Interview, All Unique & NEW Additions!

WWE 2K20: ALL ROSTER CONFIRMED SO FAR, Braun Strowman Interview, All Unique & NEW Additions!

what is up you savages before we get
into this video breaking down the full roster that has been confirmed so far
let’s go through a quick interview with the monster man braun strowman that i
was able to do recently and like I mentioned in my Velveteen dream
interview I’m horrible at these but braun strowman was great
so monkey in the production rolling yeah man it’s really awesome that the company
has put a lot of faith into me and my character and it shows with everything
that we’re doing out here today filming there’s commercials and stuff for the
new video game 2K20 uh it’s a really good feeling to know that
the company is invested that much in me with everyone living besides stone cold
so I mean Stone Cold Steve Austin wants to get these hands he can come get him
like everybody else has my dream match of all time if I could wrestle any
opponent it’d be Andre the Giant I mean he is the man that made WWE what it is
he is sports entertainment it was unbelievable to see the things
that he could do when he was younger and I woulda loved have been able to get in
there and share the ring with him without a doubt I mean I’m gonna get
back on track to doing what I’ve been doing main eventing every house show
Monday Night Raw well when they call my number I deliver and I’m gonna continue
to do that and be in the good graces with the higher-ups and look forward to
making my WrestleMania moment finally and now let’s go ahead and get into some
more of the ladies and as we continue to get new reveals such as the latest one
of the WWE 2K20 originals more superstar continue to be added into the
roster so rightfully so we’re gonna be discussing the full roster so far for
this year’s game there’s going to be a lot of these over the next couple of
weeks so if you don’t want to miss any of it make sure to hit that notification
and subscribe to the channel to be fully up today so first and foremost excited
that Nikki cross is back we complain a lot that she wasn’t in WWE 2k 19 so I’m
glad that she is back we know this because she has an alternate version of
her character as part of this year’s first originals pack which is the
pre-order bonus there’s also other superstars at work
from there but let’s not get ahead let’s talk about what was revealed before all
of these new additions and that was 40 plus superstars starting with Android
ajayan Angelo Dawkins Oscar Bailey Becky Lynch of course big boss man brosphe
remain Bray Wyatt Brock Lesnar Bruno’s the barber beefcake
Charlotte Flair China as part of the Lex addition Dusty Rhodes Eddie Guerrero
edge Hulk Hogan as part of the Lex addition John Cena king Booker Kurt
Angle mankind as part of the Lex addition as well Montes for nya Jack’s
Papa Shango Paul Heyman as a manager Macho Man Randy
Savage Rey Mysterio Ric Flair the other half of
the cover star Roman reigns Rowdy Roddy Piper Sasha banks Seth
Rollins Shawn Michaels Sheamus Steve Austin sting the miss retro of the rock
as part of the likes edition Triple H Ultimate Warrior Velveteen
Dream and Xavier woods these were all part of the promotions in some type of
way and now we can add some of the more recent ones that has been revealed we
have Nicky cross Finn Balor alistair black brandy orange Daniel Bryan and
Mandy Rose we’re also getting the fiend Bray Wyatt as part of originals pack
number one which is the pre-order bonus of this year’s game but that is separate
than just the regular Bray Wyatt anyways guys that is what I got for you in this
video I will keep you posted on any other superstars that get added into the
roster just like I’ve been doing so if you haven’t just yet hit a notification
and subscribe to the channel we in the woods 100,000 subscribers I met UT ow
dig it you

49 thoughts on “WWE 2K20: ALL ROSTER CONFIRMED SO FAR, Braun Strowman Interview, All Unique & NEW Additions!

  1. 😂 it dont take much to hook pple these days. a few bird crumbs and the birds are satisfied.

    Still getting hype off of roster reveals with 0 mentions or videos on the game. then the preorder bonuses just to rope you on in.

    man I'm tickled. when we see videos of the game and menus and features only then will I give in,but til then. 🙅‍♂️its still 🚮

  2. You interviewed Braun Strowman I hope you wasn't worry Macho T to get those hands from Braun Strowman 😀😁😂😂😂😂😂

  3. WTF??? I'm not paying $90 for Hulk Hogan and Chyna. But I am pre-ordering the game. Cause the FIend is In!!!!!

  4. I'm getting the collector's edition but hoping the new talents NXT/NXT UK roster get added into the game more importantly Tommaso Ciampa.

  5. They need to add big man reversals. ex: epico colon when countering with a punch shouldnt spin brock lesnar around. Big men that are dominant, like big show ahouldnt sell as much.

  6. I hope they make a list of generic mixed tag entrances and stuff because they might just put one or two, they at least should put like 16+ the ones for people who already have mixed tag entrances like miz:maryse and mike:Maria

  7. Why is wwe still hiding his true form? We all know Braun strowman is Goro in human form and he has a twin brother called brain strowman.

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