World War Z – Proving Grounds Update Trailer | PS4

World War Z – Proving Grounds Update Trailer | PS4

Hi everyone, I’m Oliver, creative director at Saber Interactive here to introduce even more upcoming content for World War Z. This time we’re showing off the free Proving Grounds update which wraps up our first season of content followed by a quick look at what’s planned ahead for Season 2. The biggest feature of this update is the highly-anticipated Weekly Challenge mode. This is a separate playlist that offers a combination of three unique gameplay modifiers which rotate for a fresh zombie killing experience every week. For example, you and your team might have all damage redirected to just one player having no downed state and no med kits available while the rest of the team becomes invulnerable. In another challenge, you might have no special zombies, but far more normal zombies and larger waves to deal with. There’s limitless potential, with over 40 unique modifiers and we can’t wait to see how you overcome some of the creative and deadly challenges we have lined up over the coming months. Later on, we plan to implement an option which will allow you to set these modifiers in private lobbies! Successfully completing these weekly challenges will reward you with Challenge Coins. This special currency is spent on unlocking customization options such as character skins, headgear, backpack attachments and more. Challenge Coins can only be earned through gameplay so you’ll always know a kitted-out player has earned their look! Joining the challenges and customization options are new ways to fight the zombies. The Classic Battle Rifle and a wealth of new weapon variants add even more firepower to your arsenal between the challenges and recently-added six skulls difficulty, you’re gonna need it. As always, this update features a bunch of balance changes and fixes taken straight from our amazing community’s feedback The Proving Grounds may be the final update of Season One but our ongoing mission to deliver free content is far from over! We’re excited to announce huge plans for Season Two which will bring one of the community’s most-requested features Horde Mode, along with new maps, new weapons, and a lot of surprises along the way. Stay tuned in to our social media accounts and forums for more Season Two information soon. See you next time!

100 thoughts on “World War Z – Proving Grounds Update Trailer | PS4

  1. originally, i picked up this game to merely be my L4D holdover ( y'know, not that L4D3 is ever getting released ). and i was pleased with the game.
    now, they're doing all these updates for free, keeping my interest in the game as well as hyping me up for future updates! 100% appreciate the developers on this game and was pleasantly surprised!

  2. Could we potentially get a multiplater mode similar to that of L4D2 where you control the infected to halt the other team's progress in a randomly selected campaign? That would add immense replayability and make players want to play MP even more

  3. I feel to make money you should have a donations options where fans can donate money to you guys… Maybe earn a special skin for a random character with every donation of 5$ or more.

    That way you can feed urself while u keep rolling out this free content. Lol.

    Plus I feel asking for money to keep doing what you do is far more deserving of respect than overcharging ppl for dlc like Ubisoft, Activision, EA, etc.

  4. They haven't patched the 'Invert X-Axis' option into the game, yet. We can only invert the Y Axis, still. 🙄😒

  5. Wow haven’t seen a company that doesn’t force you to pay for dlc plus listens to the fans. I’m sold. That’s how you get people.

  6. What about a "Versus" mode?
    You know the fan favorite game mode in Left 4 Dead 2. Survivors vs Special Zombies, and these were controlled by real people

    Also more special infected pls, 4 is not enough, add a mini boss like a tank or witch from Left 4 Dead

  7. Please give us a custom class where we can pick our primary and secondary weapons and gadgets .that would be so cool

  8. If only ea was as smart enough to remove their microtransactions and make something like this, “challenge token ONLY earned through gameplay”? Congratulations developers, you’ve earned my $40 for a copy of this game!

  9. If you guys do ever bring new characters to this game, please consider bringing in the primis crew it'll be so awesome to see them in this game

  10. I'm now thinking about getting this game, nice to see a game without microtransaction scams, I just wish we could select the character we want to use on any map, as I'm told, specific maps have it's own specific characters to choose.

  11. Omfg why have I not played this game .. I passed the whole thing on six skulls then stopped playing. This game is the best game ever !!!!!

  12. Keep your team at the company!!! This the best zombie game I’ve played since left 4 dead. Thank you for making this game

  13. I've only VERY recently started playing this, but already excited for the new stuff you have coming!!! And Thank you SO much for not making the challenge coins buyable with real money:)

  14. I have a lot of respect for this company and others like it, like Hello Games with No Man's Sky. They listen to what their customers want and add in the content for free. World War Z didn't have much content at the start but I've been looking forward to every update.

  15. World War Z proves that a Triple A game can do actual free content well. They listen, they add stuff we want, even tho I got bored, I’m reinstalling it again. That is amazing.

  16. Wwz is like the Chinese knock off of L4d. Sadly this is what gaming as a whole has become. Whatever happened to devs being passionate about what they make?

  17. Now is the time for me to get this game. Tommorow is Z day for me… And horde mode. I needed this in my life. Devs of this game deserved my money and zombies my bullets.

  18. Yeah cause when you have 500+ zombies running at yah a rubber duck or a number plate on yah rucksack is all important of achieved player to show off! Lol, could have made it so new outfits could be used in mulitiplayer not just in co-op missions.

  19. i rly want more maps and more story mode gameplay think i liked tokyo idk if is possible to make germany or something else

    idk new countrys and some stuff would be cool

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