Willkommen auf meinem Kanal von Von Löher [YT] und von Twitch

Willkommen auf meinem Kanal von Von Löher [YT] und von Twitch

Cool! This is me! Welcome to my channel! It looks like I’m both here (on Youtube) and on Twitch. I like that! In this video you will learn some information about my channel. For example, I have been on Youtube since 2014. It’s been a long time. Then I started with something completely different. For example, create music. If you want, you can find it somewhere far below in my videos. After a few songs I found out that I […] […] want to do gameplay videos. The first attempts were strange! But ok, I want to spare you that. In any case, I started with the gameplay. It was a lot of fun and I tried to improve where I could. And there were quite a lot of videos done by now. Right now when creating this video 2015 pieces already. And it keeps growing, as you can see. Which also brings me to the next info. When do I publish something !? So how many videos come daily, when and what? In general, it looks like this: Two new videos every day from Monday to Saturday Sunday and public holiday closed Actually, good to understand. Because I play at least four games at the same time[…] Divides it into two videos per day. For example, Monday / Wednesday / Friday you get Zelda and Mario Kart and Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday you get Pokkén and Smash. Of course there is a livestream every now and then. However, they only appear on Twitch. If you missed a stream or can not watch it Do not worry. The stream will then gradually appear in Youtube in 20 minutes of video. Now the song is finished … what the time passes … Oh yes! The videos come daily at 6 o’clock in the morning and 15 o’clock in the afternoon is there any other information ..? Clear! The link to my Twitch channel can be found in the video description. Not the… What is currently current with me, you can see on the basis of my playlists on my channel. There is one more thing that is very close to my heart … Of course I need your help, for example, to be found more often on Youtube. For example, by “liking” and commenting on my videos. Of course very important (!): Please watch my videos completely at normal speed. And as long as possible (preferably, of course, from front to back). Otherwise, my average playback time will decrease. Which makes me less on Youtube found. Ok, if you still want to know something, yes there is the comment option. Thanks for your time and have fun on my channel! Maybe you will also see yourself on Twitch. Bye and see you soon

2 thoughts on “Willkommen auf meinem Kanal von Von Löher [YT] und von Twitch

  1. Sehr cooles und informatives Video ^^ Ich hoffe natürlich auch, dass dein YT Kanal immer weiter wächst und du von mehr Leuten gefunden wirst ^^ Bin ja wie du weißt eine Weile hinterher mit deinen Videos ^^` Werde aber heute so viel wie möglich nachholen ^^ Möchte ja auch mal wieder auf dem neuesten Stand sein XD

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