Why Switch is the BEST Nintendo Home Console + All-Time Rankings!

Why Switch is the BEST Nintendo Home Console + All-Time Rankings!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’re gonna be talking about why the Nintendo switch
is the best Nintendo home console of all time
my favorite home console of all time when it comes to Nintendo systems now
this is not gonna be all Nintendo devices right so it’s not going to be
portables in addition to home consoles and we’re going to go ahead and put the
Nintendo switch in the home console bracket we’ll probably do a portable one
but it won’t include the Nintendo switch as well since the Tendo considers this a
home console you can take on the go so a hybrid so we’re gonna go ahead and
consider a home console for this video and I’ll do a separate one talk about my
favorite Nintendo portables of all time but this little system right here to me
really gets it done when it comes to Nintendo systems and there is a number
of reasons why and I want to start off with Fire Emblem three houses I’m not
gonna lie this game kind of pushed it over the edge for me if you look at what
that game has done and you kind of compare it to some of the other Fire
Emblem games you compared to what Nintendo’s done before on home consoles
first time in what over a decade that we’ve seen a Fire Emblem game on a home
console the amount of content that you get in this game and I think that is a
running thing with the Nintendo switch whenever Nintendo releases that first
party game or gimmick they published we’re just seeing these games packed
full of content you can buy a few games on the Nintendo switch and literally be
set because there’s just so much stuff to do in a lot of these games first
party wise and third party wise now my second favorite Nintendo system of all
time is the Super Nintendo and we will have a ranking at the end so I will rank
all of the different systems but to me the Super Nintendo had so many great
first party games but a lot of them I mean you could be pretty quickly there
wasn’t as much content in them they were still good and they had content but see
what the Nintendo switch just continually gets these games that are
just content packed in so many different genres and varieties now the thing about
the Super Nintendo and even like the NES those systems have way more third-party
support and I think that’s the one weakness that you can kind of put
against the Nintendo switches like well it’s not getting all the major
third-party support and that’s definitely true but I think that’s
something that supplements or makes up for that is the fact that it is getting
some bigger games that you would have never expect to run on the system for
example like doom or even like Skyrim the remastered edition
of the game that has the increased visuals and all the different content
all that it’s not the 360 version of the game on top of stuff like Wolfenstein
and also Doom eternal is coming as well so there are a number of big Western
games on the system and on top of that it’s getting a lot of these Japanese
RPGs that we haven’t seen in a long time come to Nintendo home consoles the last
time that we really saw this was probably the Super Nintendo that we see
this consistent flow of Japanese RPGs the Gamecube did have some here and
there but it was missing out on stuff like Final Fantasy all we got was
crystal chronicles and maybe something else pretty much crystal chronicles that
was it while the switch is getting that crystal chronicles game remastered on
top of it getting a bunch of Final Fantasy games so to me that gives it the
leg up in the RPG department overall because super-low had some great Super
Nintendo RPGs obviously you have Chrono Trigger you have Secret of Mana you have
all that stuff but all that stuff is on the Nintendo switch and then some when
you look at Nintendo’s first party output and I think that’s the biggest
thing here because when you’re talking about in Tendo system
third party games are great and trust me you need them that is fantastic and I
want them to be there but first party titles are really going to be what
people remember the legacy of a system is how great were those first party
titles and to me the first party games that are on the Nintendo switch are
definitely better than what we saw on the Super Nintendo
now don’t get me wrong you have a Link to the Past you have Mario Kart you have
all these great games Super Metroid all these fantastic games that were on
Super Nintendo but if you look at what Nintendo’s done the legend is out of
breath of the wild arguably just as good if not better and the Link to the Past
you look at Super Mario Odyssey arguably just as good if not better than Super
Mario World you look at stuff like Fire Emblem three houses the Fire Emblem game
that came out on Super Famicom wasn’t released worldwide you look at some of
the newer stuff that Nintendo is even licensed stuff like Mario plus ravans
nothing like that on the Super Nintendo you look at a game like splatoon a
completely different style that Nintendo’s done before another game like
arms completely different style that Nintendo has done before look at Super
Smash Brothers that was not a thing on the superintendant RT games and various
different genres that really hit especially you start comparing them
direct side-by-side with the big hitters on the supernintendo once again super
Dino was great that’s my second favorite system of all time but when I start
stacking up the games one by one and the creativeness of some of the tiles of
Nintendo’s done it starts to show that hey wait a minute the Nintendo switch
actually has just as much if not actually more especially when you start
considering everything you start encompassing everything that Nintendo’s
been doing stuff like xenoblade chronicles – torn of the golden country
octopack traveler publishing that the new Dragon Quest 11s definitive edition
with that extra content that’s going to be exclusive to the system there is a
ton of stuff on top of stuff like yz8 locker most of donna sword our online
fatal bullet a lot of bandai namco stuff a lot of
kobe tech most stuff mixed into there not a lot of old Capcom stuff so we’re
not getting some of the new things which is definitely a knock because I’m
assuming to know there was more stuff from Capcom but there was more newer
games so it’d be like Megaman but we did get stuff like Megaman 11 on the
Nintendo switch so every time that I kind of went by and compared one game to
another game I said okay well the switch has this the Supan to don’t have this or
the superintendent have this but the switch has this and this and this and to
me it just kept on one up and kept on one upping and once again the only thing
that you can really say but the Super Nintendo is that the third-party so it
had just like a lot more of the major Western developers and third-party games
on there compared to the Nintendo switch but there’s just been so many releases
and there’s just been so many games classics thrown on the switch system in
addition to what’s upcoming it’s hard to ignore all of that especially if you
look at Jean Rah’s that haven’t you really been discovered at that point of
time so for example a game like Bayonetta that’s on the Nintendo switch
that style of game didn’t really exist it was more of a 2d action game right or
a 2d beat him up that we saw back then but there’s nothing like Bayonetta on
the Super Nintendo or on any other system outside of like the ps2 that
generation and up with Devil May Cry or God of War things like that but Nintendo
systems didn’t really get games too much like that or if we did we got crappy
ones like blood rain or something like that so to me sing stuff like a
Bayonetta sings something like astral chain seeing stuff that’s coming out on
this that Nintendo’s working with partners
and just more games coming it’s almost impossible to sit here and see this
which isn’t right up there if not the best to me even look at this summer
right alone we had Super Mario maker a fantastic 2d Mario game to where you can
create pretty much anything that you want you can recreate all the old 2d
levels from before you also look at it right after that we had a bunch of games
come out but Fire Emblem three houses and then astral chain is right on their
horizon but then look at some of the partners stuff daemon ex machina coming
out September and then we also have Legend is on a Link’s Awakening so
Nintendo is not only hitting on the older games that are coming out they’re
having new style games they’re hitting all the different genres in there the
met Jean WA stuff like that which we did have a Super Nintendo Front mission and
things like that but it’s done in a completely different way with online and
with cooperative and multiplayer and all that stuff that we’re seeing with Damon
ex machina to me it’s just overwhelming the amount of games that we have to play
on the Nintendo switch and the games that are coming out throughout the rest
of the year and I do have to say because we never really saw that on Super
Nintendo and the super that no did have the super Gameboy so if you wanted to do
that or even like the Gamecube that had the GBA player to where you can’t play
your pokemon game on that system but we actually have a Pokemon game – Pokemon
games on the Nintendo switch already on top of all the other RPG stuff on there
you cannot ignore all of that goodness and to me it just really kind of piled
up and I think that the tipping point for me was definitely Fire Emblem three
houses that’s when I realized okay this video needs to be made I need to talk
about this I think the Nintendo switch for me is
the best Nintendo system of all time and I think like the super cherry on top or
everything like that would be like Super Smash Brothers we have the Gamecube we
have the n64 we have the Wii we have the Wii U all of those have Smash Brothers
but this is the ultimate version of that game Smash Brothers has everything that
you want in a smash game for the most part for most of the fans out there
obviously the hardcore melee band doesn’t have quite everything there but
for the most part as everything that you would want in the game or a lot of it
right the most characters have so many stages a ton of stuff that you could do
in the game so for me having all that that we’ve talked about so far on
top of the games consistently coming out every single month on top of the old
games they’ve already remastered and put out on the system and I really all
started with legends on a breath of the wild and kind of just snowballed from
there with new games or newer entries into franchises licensed out stuff like
we already discussed Mario Plus Rabbids things like that finishing off that
first year with Xenoblade or that first calendar year with stuff like xenoblade
I’m a huge monoliths off man and to have two Xenoblade games within the first two
years of the system’s launch is incredible is absolutely incredible now
my third favorite Nintendo system of all time is the Gamecube the Gamecube is my
third favorite and I think the Gamecube does a good job of keeping up there’s
actually a lot of great stuff on the Gamecube there’s a lot of great
third-party support on the Gamecube but I think one of the biggest problems that
a lot of these third-party games were started to be designed for online play
like online multiplayer and if you bought the GameCube version of that game
there was an online there was barely any games that wrong and I think Phantasy
Star Online was the only one or there was like the fantasy star games there
might have been another one or two but you know what for the most part there
was nothing so a lot of these games that were coming up there were multiplayer
you didn’t have online play despite the Xbox and the PlayStation 2 versions
having online multiplayer so it was tough for me to play them on the
GameCube back then when the ps2 had online and the online was free so I
bought a lot of those third-party games on the ps2 so I can play the game online
for a free like Madden for example or if there’s a shooter that came out or
anything like that it was like a ps2 online play and for free hey I’m gonna
go ahead and go with that version so I think that’s one of the bigger issues
with the Gamecube and I also think that it didn’t get enough Japanese RPGs so I
think that’s the reason why that it’s number three now they did get stuff like
Skies of Arcadia and I also got tells Symphonia which are also great games we
don’t have Skies of Arcadia on the Nintendo switch but we do have Tales of
Vesperia which is my favorite Tales game of all time on top of a bunch of other
cool Bandai Namco RPGs as well Dragon Ball Z all that stuff was coming
we actually got good Dragon Ball Z games on the Nintendo switch compared to kind
of what they’re doing back on the Gamecube in everything like that because
the games kind of sucked on the Gamecube back then but overall ii mean when i
stack up all the games and i really start examining from game to game from
year to year and the consistency that we’re seeing here on top of actually
what this system is like the fact that you can
take it anywhere that you want and then you can also play it at home so it gives
you more time more opportunities to play all of these big games I think to me
it’s pretty much eclipsed it and if anything I talked about the cherry on
top being Super Smash Brothers I mean that could easily be a shil chain
as well but we are coming down to the end here so let’s go ahead and go over
my list from top to bottom of my favorite Nintendo systems of all time
this is going to be tough because I’m gonna be doing it on the fly and maybe
I’ll make a version 2 of this and I’ll rearrange some of the bottom but I know
my solid top 3 or 4 so number one is the Nintendo switch number 2 is the Super
Nintendo number 3 is the Gamecube number four is the NES number five is the Wii U
number six is the n64 and that’s kind of pretty much my list here and I’m going
to get crucified for the whole n64 thing for me
Super Smash Brothers was awesome on the Wii U Bayonetta was awesome on the Wii U
and I understand that people like the n64 a lot more and I don’t want to sit
there and argue about that guys I don’t want to argue about that too much it
doesn’t mean that I hate the n64 it’s just my least favorite just because it
was all kind of about like a lot of um you know games it was cool but to me
there wasn’t enough RPGs there just wasn’t enough RPGs and at least with the
Wii U we got stuff like Xenoblade Chronicles X we got Tokyo Mirage session
there was indie games on there RPGs as well there was more stuff whereas the
n64 pretty much I mean a hat Paper Mario and had a ger battle there wasn’t too
many on there there was some great ones but there wasn’t too many on there
the Wii U definitely had more so that’s kind of how I rank it but once again I
want to know what you guys this thoughts are when it comes to top Nintendo
systems of all time what is your favorite into the system of all time
when it comes to home consoles we’ll do a separate list for portable I’d love to
hear you guys have thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that
wraps it up for this video here but it’s got the links description below we got
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Japanese Nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching I look at you guys
for the next one these

56 thoughts on “Why Switch is the BEST Nintendo Home Console + All-Time Rankings!

  1. OJ it’s mine as well I’ve got 2 that show you how much I love Nintendo all I can say is well done on this system

  2. Lol Nintendo Switch is not the best Nintendo home console to me…

    It is the best video game console of all time, period.

  3. Nintendo Switch is in the elite group of best console ever along side the PlayStation 2 and Wii hands down. Neat Claude thumbnail OJ.

  4. I’ve got to give it to the switch as my top. It’s the first system that my wife has been able to really dive into, and that has made the whole experience better.

  5. Nintendo DS and Wii were the best in my eyes because they had many random exclusive games. To this day I’m still finding new games on those platforms I didn’t know about. Switch has an above average exclusive library for the times we’re living in, but overall it’s games are mostly ports and stuff on other consoles/PC. To be fair, it’s like that on EVERY platform now because 3rd party exclusives don’t exist as much, and games are taking longer to develop.

  6. I've been saying the Switch is Nintendo's best system since SMO because of the way they were going with the games and continue to do so. I've been playing Nintendo consoles since the NES and owned every console and the Switch is my number one because of the games alone. We are living in a time of Nintendo that will be known by many for the best, lavish and revel in it while it's here because one day it will be nostalgia.

  7. Once Metroid Prime 4 and Breath Of The Wild 2 comes out, the switch will surpass the SNES for me as the number one Nintendo console.

  8. I'm still a little hesitant to call this the best just because I liked Nintendo's bigger first party games more in previous generations.

    I had more fun with Brawl than Ultimate for a variety of reasons. Breath of the Wild not having dungeons is a big issue for me since they took out my favorite part of Zelda games and replaced it with something that doesn't capture an actual dungeon. I don't like Three Houses as much as everyone else; there are plenty of issues I have with the story, gameplay, calendar mechanic, characters, etc. that make it harder to enjoy the game fully.

  9. Switch, SNES, and PS2 are the top 3 systems of all time. Also fire emblem 3 houses is simply amazing. I was a little nervous on the professor stuff but dang I love that part so much. That really speaks to the quality.

  10. For me it still hasn't surpassed Gamecube, mostly because of F-Zero. But it has surpassed every game on the console: better Fire Emblem, better Smash, better 3d Mario, better 3d Zelda and in the next months we'll be possibly getting a better Luigis Mansion, better Pokemon and a better Animal Crossing.

    If we do get an F-Zero and on top new Mario Baseball and new Star Fox on the console, it's a wrap. Switch will be the best console of all time.

  11. wtf if i was you think about game like doom can't run in this new system i believe people just throw it to trash already

  12. Switch is definitely my favorite Nintendo home console, so many great first party games and third party games I’d never expect to run on a system like this, especially when you can take them on the go.

  13. What are you talking about OJ! Quest 64 was the GREATEST RPG OF ALL TIME!

    JK, it's trash… love the vid OJ! 😉

  14. I'm not going to count the switch yet because it hasn't finished its lifetime yet and it's just getting started by only being 2 and a half years old. As far as the Nintendo systems that's already came and gone my Nintendo systems ranking would be:
    The Wii
    The Nes
    Super Nintendo
    Wii u

  15. every week it's the same vid…. we get it you love the switch (anywhere you go) you love xenoblade you love fire emblem you love smash

  16. The Switch is like a succesful gamecube, plus the first party games selling well, this MIGHT be the best Nintendo generation.

  17. All the switch needs for it to be my #1 console ever is stats across all games kind of like smash has for that game.

  18. OJ, your arguments are valid. I really don't disagree, but my favorite will always be the SNES. I already have more Switch games than I ever had for SNES across it's entire life span, but my nostalgia will never let it slip to number 2. That's literally the only reason, but it's all subjective so it's all good!

  19. The fact that we call it a home console but the switch is a handheld is weird. I think that the switch's handheld factor makes it so popular. If the switch were stationary home console instead, it probably won't sell well. I just hope that the next generation Switch becomes better over time. If Nintendo were to do a stationary home console, that would be a target for those hardcover gamers but the switch is for hardcore gamers. It just seems all weird.

  20. Definitely with how dope Three Houses is, I can for sure say that the Switch passes up the GameCube as my favourite Nintendo home console. From games like BoTW, to Ultimate, to Odyssey, to Splatoon, to Xeno 2, to Three Houses and other great games, The Switch always provides me with an amazing library of games to play and a backlog to finish.

  21. I love the Switch but it still needs a 2d or 3d Metroid game (or both), Star Fox, a good Paper Mario game, a new Donkey Kong game, Kid Icarus, Pikmin , Golden Sun, Wario Ware and F-Zero to be considered the most complete Nintendo collection ever.

  22. Love that you're not afraid to give your TRUE opinion of your favourites….. Your wrong with the N64 😉 BUT I admire your honesty! Keep up the awesome content sir!

  23. I agree, Switch is the best, and it keeps getting better!

    My rankings of Nintendo home consoles from best to worst and why
    1.Switch-FE Three Houses, Xenoblade 2, Smash Ultimate, TWEWY: Final Remix, and all the balance of 3rd party genres.
    2.Wii -Xenoblade 1, FE Radiant Dawn, Pandora's Tower, The Last Story, Sakura Wars, Arc Rise Fantasia, ToS Dawn of New World
    3.GameCube -Tales of Symphonia, Skies of Arcadia, Zelda TP, Luigi's Mansion, Mario Sunshine
    4.SNES -Tales of Phantasia, Chrono Trigger, Breathe of Fire, Dragon Quest, DK Country
    5.N64 -OoT, MM, DK64, Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, Hexen
    6.NES -Duck -Hunt, Mario
    7.Wii U -Xenoblade X (this system was trash, and this game was the only game I loved on here, especially after Switch ported the better ones. [I didn't buy or play Tokyo Mirage Sessions because it was censored to hell to the point where it messed with the story, and we didn't get the dlc.] )

  24. By the end of 2019 Switch will be the console with the best library of exclusive and first party games.
    And 2020 will make this even better.

  25. My top 10 game consoles in order:

    1. Nintendo Switch
    2. Sega Dreamcast
    3. Nintendo 64
    4. Sony Playstation 1
    5. Sony Playstation 4
    6. Sega Genesis
    7. Super Nintendo
    8. Nintendo Gamecube
    9. Nintendo 3DS
    10. Microsoft Xbox 360

  26. I agree. my favorite system is in order
    2. cube/og xbox
    3. super Nintendo
    4. xbox 360
    5. ps1/2
    6. Sega geniuses
    7. N64
    8. Dream cast (online games)
    9. xbox one/ps4 (just nothing that wowed me personally)
    10. Wii

  27. Quality video PE Ninja Master. The Switch is definitely making a case too be the best Nintendo system of all time but for me the SNES is still No.1 cuz the library of games is better and it was done almost 30yrs ago and we are still talking about them games too this day, which for me puts the SNES out in front, I am not saying we not gonna be mentioning the Switch in 30yrs time but you better bet your bottom dollar or penny that the SNES will still be fond of 60yrs later. I put the Switch 3rd in my all time Nintendo Console list guys with the N64 2nd and of course the SNES at the Top.

  28. I wouldn't say the Switch is better than the SNES. However, the Switch is Nintendo's first console since the SNES that I love nearly as much. My PS4 has been collecting dust for the last 2 years. Bravo Nintendo.

    1. SNES
    2. Switch
    3. NES
    4. Wii
    5. N64

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