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  1. I love how Trace stepped up with production of his own videos. Excuse me, I wouldn't sub if it had the quality of previous videos, but this I can watch

  2. psst Were you unhappy about any sort of agendas you were forced to push through content?
    Like did you presenters have any say in the gender video for example?
    over and out

  3. Man you are the face of Seeker. Without you I'll never watch seeker anymore. So I guess yay! We'll get more personal here!

  4. Super bummed to see you leave those channels as I really love the content there – but I wish you all the best and know you're a big part of what I loved about the content.

  5. I guess I'll subscribe and see what the channel is about. I always liked Trace on Seeker/DNews. As long as it doesn't devolve into something like the toxic Twitter account.

  6. Can't wait to see what you bring to the table now that you're on your own. Wish you the best trace. Will definitely be watching

  7. Certain people have the personality to carry a YouTube channel. You are one such person. I've been enjoying your work since early D-news and I am looking forward to more quality content here. Best of luck man.

  8. I'm confused. I just watched one of the hologram videos on Seeker, and that was posted only a week ago. Are you still going to do Seeker Plus, but not anything else on Seeker?

  9. Congrats Trace! I just now found out you went on your own. I know, it's scary, terrifying even, but so long as you keep true to yourself and what you're doing your channel will be hugely successful. I believe that, because I went on my own about two and half years ago with project that I'm still working. I really believe in what I'm doing and that it'll help a lot of people, so I'll keep at it.

    Here's to finding success in our passion! Cheers!

  10. Its very interesting that how many of the channels I used to watch are now breaking away from their parents companies. But I think its for the best, for all the creators I follow, I've seen great results!

  11. I am kind of freaked out by the news but I know you are going to do just fine and you have thought this through well…so good luck

  12. Trace, your loyal followers faithfully believe you created D-News & Seeker, & until death, do we part. Through thick & thin, we're here, so forget the highwayman & brigands, who lack giving enough credit, & let the science r~o~a~r!

  13. Dear Trace,
    Only more research that's needed stands between you and Beyoncé! 😃👍
    I'm sure that you're going to be more succesful on your own than working for others 😉❤

  14. Trace, I've watched and followed you from DNews to Seeker, watched and listened to the Seeker+ podcast. I love your content! You make topics so interesting! Good luck on your adventure! You will be fine! This channel will be AWESOME!

  15. Wait, how did I not know this was a thing?! Followed you since the Rev3 days, but lost track of all the different stuff you were involved with. Glad I found you again! Now, time to binge some videos 😉

  16. Seems like you did a lot and wasn’t getting the recognition you deserved for that I salute you and I know it wasn’t easy. I hope 🤞 everything works out and as a single subscriber I will spread the word brother!

  17. This is a good decision. I dunno where Seeker is heading r8 now. There's really very little science left. I believe now You on your own, real science will come back. But still I think you shud've done it long ago. But whatever we science lovers all always be around. At least just to get the taste of Science from the old days of DNews.

  18. I was wondering why I hadn't been seeing you in Seeker vids. Are you planning on doing videos in the 3 part Seeker Plus format? Those were my favourites.

  19. Everything changed after Dnews become Seeker. Also Trace you're an amazing human being and keep making vidoes!

  20. Been wondering why you haven't been in seeker. You're the reason I watched the channel. I was also so bummed when seeker plus stopped making videos and I watched the channels through all the different name changes. Just got don't checking all the seeker to see if you were in them so I decided to just search your name. Glad to have found you're still making videos! Subscribed and very excited to watch more. Congrats on the big venture!

  21. Trace I'm so glad you did this, and that I found out (just today). I explicitly went out looking for you, because I enjoyed your work throughout the various, confusing transitions of channels. Seeker, SeekerPlus, Testtube Plus, Dnews and plus.
    Fuck man, I lost you somewhere in all that.

    Now I'm right at the source. You keep making great sciency videos, and I'll keep watching them!

  22. I had wondered why I hadn't seen you… and only learned today in a Seeker video… 🙁 Glad to reconnect.

  23. Hey! I finally hunt you down. I know I’m a bit late. But I used to watch Dnews every single day and look forward to it. And then there was the animal channel then dnews plus then seeker, basically I’ve watched all of your channels until seeker became a bit too hard for me (a super average person with no science background but with great interest in all the topics they used to cover) to understand. And then it stopped showing on my feed. Well anyway I’m glad I found you here and look forward to your videos again😉

  24. Oh hell yes!. Already so much better than before. I feel like.. I finally know you.. as a friend. :') watery eyes

  25. My mother & I love your work! We are sad that you are no longer with Seeker, but we are happy to have finally found you here to make your channel part of our regular news consumption.

  26. Literally only just saw this news… It's been a long time since I watched D-News.

    You were always my favourite part of that show.

  27. Dang I miss you bro! For the whole time, I guessed you were working in backdrops but didn’t realise you left Seeker. Sorry for finding you late. Just subscribe!

  28. Bro, you FADED. Like where did you go.
    I missed you. Glad you're back. Olde YouTube was mostly people in their older teens and 20s, and as they grow up They faded out for new young adults youtubers.
    I loved watching DNews. Welcome back. Now I just need my other older accounts like Joss White, Funnyz, Jam2995, and Thundertoaster to come back. But they were teens then and dropped off after college.

  29. Lol I had to google your name and that's how I found you lmao feel like a stalker but I trully enjoy your shows. Good luck amd I'm here to support you. And learn

  30. I see you, I subscribe!
    You are my favorite bed time story teller. Hope you reach higher than before. And hopefully, I will succeed in my life too.. 🙃

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