WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN?!? – Reading Mean Comments

WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN?!? – Reading Mean Comments

You know how much you guys love it where we read mean comments so without further ado all right who wants to start reading ME all right, you can go first I am so sorry for the thumbs down Very sorry, but they’re polite they’re being polite. I’m so sorry Thank you. I’m really sorry. Yeah. You’re sorry don’t give us a thumbs down. It’s not rocket science Why don’t you do things that feel good in your heart obviously? If you’re really torn about the fact that you’re giving us a thumbs down so maybe you don’t really want to give us a thumbs down yeah Maybe you want to get your true heart You want to give us a thumbs up if you accidentally give us a thumbs down and you don’t feel good about it Give it a thumbs up And if you’re watching this right now you want to give it a thumbs up, then go ahead and give it a thumbs up Right now we like thumbs ups Really she didn’t even film our video. Oh, so maybe it wasn’t even I hate comments Maybe this person so love thumbs down like I’m so sorry for the thumbs down Okay scratch that that wasn’t a comment that this is not a moment so I dis liked this vid this learner designed this vine their singing is O4o short sword sword sword sword sword sword sword so no really look at them all What the heck is an opal all right? I don’t get basa right. Y-you saw God doing your hair So all right honestly, I think you’re just hangry I think you need a nice big bowl of pasta or nice like Nutella sandwich or something. Yeah, come over I’ll feed you you’ll see after that Yeah, you’re not gonna feel so awful gonna be nice and once you’re all full That looks are lit today. I don’t know How these your tubers be getting money for being lazy like teach your kid how to be successful? like the beatboxer like I think it’s for real fr Maybe fr is for real for real get a light Beatbox alert man shutteth the Korean effects are enough. He is very successful That’s coming back in the new year Thank You Willie. We’re sorry. I’m sorry lazy For real for real. We’re not gonna be lazy for real. It’s a work hard for our money Here’s another comment from the same person Diane Macedo now home away Yes, no offense she need to pluck her eyebrows. Oh Yeah You’re miss monkey need to pluck Diane Okay, oh, here’s another one from Diane. Yeah, that cupcakes so eight thirty bucks. That’ll I I have it, and it was two dollars Prime Amazon Dan I have two words to say to you yo chill Can you stop wearing that kind of hairstyle it’s not even funny, and you’re not funny, and it’s not even a hairstyle I think I know which one oh Is it that what is it that is that the style this is called afro knee brownie tale frou frou meeting on ponytail? I’m gonna wear my hair like this for the rest of the video for us And this is a hairstyle by the way But does it show your uniqueness of course it does cuz I love to be crazy And I love to be unique and I love to be myself. Well there you go horrid family So weird like if think What horrid family so weird like if you think? Like those shortcuts yeah, this how we speak should all time Yeah, like if think you know much energy conserved Smart answer me like subscribe like it thinks I was gonna do down below and I was gonna do that And they came home like it was like You suck at singing stop before you make my ears fall off oh Btw get a life and not a youtube life. You’re already embarrassed about that Oh They have the right punctuation on the yo-yo with you apostrophe re award well, it’s great the spell is on point You guys suck. I’m unsubscribing No, it’s unsubscribed being Oh unsubscribe bean Oh Like that I’m soon unsubscribing to being a bean Maybe it’s that. She unsubscribes to so many things that she’s known unsubscribe because you know this And there’s an unsubscribe being wow this person hates us so much that they have literally Transformed into another being yep unsubscribe being Sites Know if you guys are stupid and you suck oh Oh, but then cute cute kitty says no Marsh. You suck – OH Roasted hey, thanks be family ramen are back. Yes, you guys are off. The got me, baby. Just stop now Please you look dumb man dumb spell D um Okay, so if you’re gonna I Think this is a teaching moment. I think we need the teacher teacher this calls for a kiss from mrs. BAE. Yes Welcome to my classroom young padawan They called me Dumb as it be your f so that is very annoying to me because you know me about my grammar No B. There is supposed to be a B right here But not today if this person were to call us at um I think he would just say th you, and so that is another thing to think about if this person were to call sacrum She or he would probably do see our um and not B. Then B is Sad okay sometimes these comments make me numb you listen to all these words dumb son Cry numb they all have the UM what rhymes with all them your mom We do get a very small percentage of mean comments, but the majority is love all love from our family So we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna read some positive comments now. Can you guys ready? Yeah? Hey? I just discovered your channel today instantly subscribe your videos are so funny and everyone has a bright and bubbly personality Today has been dreadful for me, but watching your videos helped a lot and lifted my spirits keep up the good vibes Thank you so much. Thank you. He loves you. Thank you my titania I am watching from England you guys are amazing you guys always make me smile I am going through a rough patch right now, but when I watch your videos I know there is hope I watch your videos every day You are a funny kind positive family that I look up to you keep smiling and carry on doing what you are doing right now Thank you. Thank you. We are so Much positive vibes and positivity and health and prosperity and all the good stuff, and we hope that you get through the rough times We’re with you every step of the way, and we are with you. We are with you we love you We love you guys always make my day and make me feel. Happy when I’m sad and when I’m having a bad day I just watch your channel, and it makes me feel. Happy when you make me smile and laugh. I hear funny moments awesome Thank you. Thank you glad to make you happy I live in two separate houses, and it’s hard when you don’t have a mom beside you I only go with my mom Every year, and I have you guys to inspire me and my brother I hate all rude comments and rude things people say about you And you guys are strong awesome people who have lovely hearts. I love your videos Do you know what I love about you in spite of your hardships in spite of the things that you have Experienced and seem that probably you shouldn’t have for your age. You’re still very very positive in your message You know you say that you hate all the Ruth things that people say So you don’t want negativity you want positivity you compliment us on having good Hearts on being strong awesome people you see in us what you see in yourself So you are obviously a very strong Awesome person who just keeps going putting out positivity in spite of the things that you’ve experienced so my heart goes to you congratulations On working hard working hard to be this person You’re obviously working really really hard in your life, and so we love you just as much as you love us, and thank you Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Yeah Beautiful, I really think it’s important for us to do these videos because I don’t think it’s good to let these negative comments get to Us and we just need to laugh at ourselves, too And think of ourselves as not being embarrassed about herself on YouTube but to be proud and to laugh it’s a big step to put our family out to YouTube and It’s actually made us very happy as a family And I think our bonding strength has gone up because we are just so happy with each other and we laugh We have fun together as a family. We laugh together. We love sharing our moments with you guys It’s such a good feeling to be able to put out positive vibes and to know that you guys enjoy what we do so we Thank you for coming along this crazy ride with us because we’re having fun And we hope that you’re having fun too watching our videos And it’s not easy putting our family out to millions of people in the world it’s not easy and so we have to be strong as a Family in order to be able to do that to entertain you to bring laughter Into your day if we can inspire even one person with what we do That’s amazing if we can bring laughter to even one family who needs to laugh and so that is our Reward is knowing that we are putting the positivity back out into the world. Thank you for the love that you give us Thank you, so so much. We read as many of your comments as we can and if you like this video Please give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions or want to leave any comments leave them down below We love reading them, and we’ll see you again soon Where’s your swish Thanks for watching everybody, please like subscribe and leave a comment down below If you haven’t subscribed yet Please click on the icon on the left hand a little theme will pop up and use it to subscribe if you already have subscribed Please forget everything that I have just said It’s my radio voice Bye

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