cc He’s gonna be able to flank them very quickly They must be calling it in by now at it But should they even notice get right is he gonna be there on time the father’s be funny He’s gonna stop it taking down Sonny That’s a big kill and now for verses 3 and that is gonna shock Mouse balls before they Thought they had this round Rob’s is gonna be going down next get right Join every rich house retirement saving yeah, it doesn’t look like he wrote it, but he probably meant it someone else put his thoughts into words I Of course knew That was coming But as as I’ve been trying to make a point on my stream his business is his business so many times people ask me about Another player whether it’s my teammate former teammate or someone who I don’t Wasn’t on a team with it’s not our job to talk about their business on stream guys simple and his desert eagle perched up in graveyard Electronic on the site with his ak-47 this could get dicey for financing We also don’t have more resemble to beautiful crisp headshots I don’t have a kid Scholar I can’t believe like oh I wouldn’t have even gone for that I wouldn’t have gone for it because I know if I missed I would have got kids hoping They’d find a second kill somehow running back a very smart play from him. Oh, no oh oh, no, that is II Yeah, he’s gonna have to talk to the MPs about that was the defense holding strong good trades though from phaz Guardian below coming through the smoke its tariffs with the pistol up. He just whips both over the face doesn’t he this is running out That’s actually a crazy play because if he goes down. It’s a two on one with the bomb down instead Fully mental from Terry no but nobody does this They’re for broke You are a mad and bad same time at least shut the fuck up and do not tilt the team hey you little dumb fuck You think I’m fucking talking to them on the chat where the fuck did I say after this fucking weirdo fucking mrs. Goddamn, Molly and lost the easiest 1v1 in the fucking world you think I said do you think I said anything on the fucking mic? No anything good Pushing and pushing in here. It’s gonna have to be really quick to help him out this a nice kill That’s the fob down as well seems they can rush him down skip Don’t stop taking them down and now it’s all on his foot one versus three he’s gonna get one more headshot He’s got a minute but there is a flank coming in from automatic Tareq’s on the other side that smoke is gonna go up and Nikko is gonna go for the full plant not even gonna try and fake it So now the bomb is down, and she said no kit so they can’t wait forever They’re gonna have to try and see if they can lock him out of this one just Waiting in the corner he’s got nowhere to hide if they fight him at the same time There’s no way they could do this just hoping that they don’t peak at the same time spotted outlaw My god Nikko taking down another quad kill, and it’s one chance there Again the lack of armor is a huge problem when you’re in this kind of situation goes for oh my god We can’t get a finish but It’s happening Well first we were gonna change spots with Tyler or get a new offer and then once you got the offer and Tim actually got the offer as well and they Were both like looking into that option It was up to them to do it and Tim didn’t want to do it and do that so at that point we decided that we need to keep Tyler because we feel like him ends through clashed a lot and It would be better if we maybe brought in someone else for a structure and also for a Tyler sake he’d probably perform better stand by Behind the wall, but he’s connector still Nectar and cat can make a cut oh The being game leader major who has the bomb and a smoke to play with his those are gonna peek out this be dead no Dozier lightning reaction speed Even fades like just another day at the office loving it. Oh yeah, you’re right. That’s like oh god I’m getting very worried indeed if NS here with the cset 75 he gets Definitely don’t do that Nick over the triple spinning all over the map me getting every single kill now rush Can he close this one out Dave a walk-in the Beast and Nico’s looking for it? He wants to overtime, but he’s not gonna get a rush roll slows it out unbelievable finish to this best of three Why FNS is He can’t work out for cloud nine first things first the guys playing for DHS He has a 5,000 IQ like what he has done to put himself in this position on a major winning team You know destroyed the second best Brazilian team really like just put them back into Irrelevance see how can you not pick up a guy like that? Right timing wrong place Oh my goodness Edward may have just done this single-handedly three kills 12 seconds to play with be picked up a fourth He’s even on for the ACE Electronics going to take it away Hi succeed health and most Bro I start picking my nose as Me this is sort of picking it. I start picking my nose, and he peeks me right. We’re picking my nose Put a build-off it though Henry as you say 13-2 has to be the landmark. They achieve and the pistil Beautiful a trend goes harmony And they come the Cobell also follow it up Wait for a double spray making a triple not able to get four just yet actually whip so does USP and does the damage They’re gonna have to rotate elsewhere Kris with a one tap right on a forest Holding the line If you blinked you didn’t you see that happen You

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