What is Arknights? (Starter Guide)

What is Arknights? (Starter Guide)

hello guys and welcome so in this video
I wanted to answer the question what is Arknights this video is aimed at
people who know nothing about Arknights but I’ve always been curious so
Arknights is a Chinese tower defense mobile gacha
app was developed by Hypergryph and is published by Yostar came out in
January 2020 what is an Android and iOS straightaway I’m gonna link the download
links to it yeah sorry the game was talking to me
I’m gonna link to the download pages below in the description as well as to
many useful resources as possible so what tower defense games are is
simply you have a starting point you have an end point and you have to
protect the end point simple as that and do whatever you can to to stop
things getting there now in this game you have your characters your your squad
basically and your squad have got different sorts of skills so some of
them are tanks some of them are ranged magic users AoE range with bow and arrow
things like that but the as you go along you’ll find better a better of
characters and so on but it’s not like for example Rach out of Legends or
anything where there’s like hundreds of different characters is only the select
few and but all you can do is get better versions of them and but as time goes on
you can see you can have up to you can assign four squads you you will find as
you go along better groups for different situations and so on you have to refine
as you go along and you’ll be able to recruit rarer and rarer people to your
team now what gacha means it’s a structure for Japanese games where it’s
it’s like easiest way to describe it it’s like you remember those sort of
pinball machines where you put in a coin turn it and then you get out another
little figurine so if I show an example figurine like
like like this for example you know I mean and you keep putting in coins until
you get the whole set essentially that is the idea behind gacha games is you
essentially have to keep re rolling until you get what you want
now you can recruit so recruitment is a free version you can say basically how
long you want to recruit for and what rarity you won and so on
but as you can see so the amount of time affects the sort of rarities that can
come along but with all these games you can imagine that there is currency in
the game and you can use the currency that have increased odds of getting
better items but for this game is not required you can play the game
completely for free and ever spend the penny and still be able to get through
pretty much all of it so it’s just a case of if you get really far into the
game if you want to be able to get like the perfect squad if you become like
really really into the game so let me show you how it works so basically you
have the different missions that you you do along so I’ve only done the first few
and then along the way you have an in-game tutorial in-game tutorial is
actually really good so I’m not gonna this is not an advanced it or a dot by
enemies but it will cover the basics of what the different characters do what it
would recommend in different situations there’s always ever-increasing
difficulty mobs are thrown at you some of them have high defence some of them
are really quick some of them are only flying so you have to be prepared in all
the different situations if we go into the first mission so now there is a
resource you have a stamina which limits how much you can play per day but since
I’ve started the game I’ve never run out of stamina ever but why be told is is
that later on you can have when you finish a mission and you want
to farm a mission to get let’s say a new character whatever you know that a
certain character drops from a certain mission you can auto deploy and redo
that mission if you’ve already got three stars in it previously so if I start up
the mission now the game itself has got a really interesting story mode so
between missions you can see there’s voice acting which it was surprising
really for me to see and also as well it really goes out this way to explain what
it’s doing now you have this score right here below my camera which effectively
is the amount of deploy points you need to actually put your people on the onto
the map you can see how much each person costs but this is always going up now
the idea is the monsters will come from the red and they will go towards a blue
but you need to do whatever you can to defend the blue what I like to do is I
like to put a tank there so that they can’t get towards the end and then I do
whatever I can do defend there is a limit of how many people you can put on
the screen at any one time and there’s also a limit of how many people are many
enemies the tanks can actually defend against so but it’s not just gonna be a
roadblock constantly like for every single person coming by it you do need
to consider how you do things you can also have a healer class as well so if I
just heal my tank it’s almost like a dedicated healer and chances are I won’t
get in any trouble I obviously in early game is quite simple but it does get a
lot lot harder later on there is weekly content in the game called raids so
which will allow you to get a lot of the in-game currency which you need if you
wanna again recruit veteran bad people to your squad
so let me get group so you see you put the people down and then you also show
which direction you want them to come in as well but I’m doing my best here too
to do it now of course if you’re fairly confident with your setup you can see
how many enemies are coming so we’ve already done about to do 15 out of 37 if
you’re confident with your setup you can just speed up time but you don’t have to
sit through all of this like slowly as we can see there’s now free of them
coming so and different mobs have got different they have different different
priorities now you can see this symbol above the head that means that a special
ability is ready which means at any time I could actually choose to trigger that
special ability but as you can see it’s becoming more and more intense so I
guess this is a good level to show and as you saw some enemies so I’ll just
slipping through the cracks straightaway so I might end up actually failing the
mission because so many got fruit so obviously you might want to repeat to
make sure you do this without anyone getting through really well I mean
that’s that’s really what you want to do but what I really should have done is
while reflect for next time is I have multiple layers of defense just in case
some sit through the first crack to make sure that they don’t sit through again
towards at the end so that’s basically it that’s the idea of this game
our defense game we are going through as much as we can what you can also do as
well when it comes to the cutscenes you can watch them you can read them and so
on if you don’t want to keep clicking each time the text is finished you can
always click on auto and it will automatically go through them but the
story is quite interesting if you want to see what’s going on now what we’re
going to do next is we’re going to actually go through the official website
so as we see I got a new character so obviously there is benefits and
obviously finishing the missions as to be expected now the good thing about
this game like I said it’s completely free to play you can do everything as
you need to do there’s a lot of in-game tutorial so at the beginning I’ve been
told that the game is quite slow and it can be quite tough but by the time you
get used to it get your head around all the dynamics and so on then it becomes
really really easy so ok so what we’re now gonna do for the sake of it we’re
gonna go through the official website quickly and as per always with this what
is series I’m going to link as many useful resources in the description down
below so let’s switch over now ok so this is the official website right so I
will obviously include these links as well to download an iOS or a Google Play
Store so there is a fan-made video contest which i am gonna be entering
with this video so it’s a good website I like it so you can go through each of
the different characters it gives you like a brief introduction into them and
also as well.you it really gives you like the game does a really good job
essentially of I’m showing you what you need to to consider and so on and also
just gives you an introduction into the world essentially like what world is
this what what are the characters what’s the point what’s the story what are we
trying to achieve so it’s one of the better presented apps that I’ve ever
seen I’m also gonna link as well in the description and a link that’s why I mean
what gacha games are in case you’ve been curious because it’s one of pretty
much the most popular model of apps in Japan at the moment so it’s nice to just
broaden your horizons and increase your understanding about these things so as I
said I’m gonna link to the iOS download link the google play download link and
also was one when I link to their official YouTube channel because I have
a official YouTube channel and it’s quite interesting
just you know it gives you story behind the voices of each of the characters
animations for the intro of the story and things like that so they have really
really worked hard to make sure that this is an all inclusive app you know
this is not just some random app cash grab like a lot of other ones that we’ve
seen but you can see that they’re taking this very very seriously which is good I
appreciate the the effort well anyway guys I could talk about this game all
day I’ve been having a lots of lots of fun with it and I’m gonna play it more
and more so yeah so anyway guys that’s it for this video if you liked it be
sure to give it a thumbs up you can watch a random video over there you can
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you guys bye bye

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