What happens when we sleep? | The Economist

What happens when we sleep? | The Economist

Every night, almost everyone on the planet enters into a state of
unconsciousness and paralysis. But what is really
happening inside the body when we drift off? And what’s the impact if
we don’t get enough sleep? Sleep is regulated by
your circadian rhythm, or body clock, located in the brain. The body clock responds to light cues, ramping up production of the
hormone melatonin at night and switching it off when it senses light. There are four stages of sleep that the body experiences in
cycles throughout the night. On a good night, we cycle
through these stages four or five times. Stages one and two are light sleep. This is a transition from
being awake to falling asleep. Heart rate and breathing begin to slow, body temperature falls,
and muscles may twitch. Stage three is sometimes
referred to as delta sleep because of the slow delta brainwaves that are released during this stage. This is the first stage of deep sleep, where our cells produce
the most growth hormone to service bones and muscles, allowing the body to repair itself. Stage four is where we begin to dream. The body creates chemicals that render it temporarily paralyzed so that we do not act out our dreams. In this stage, the brain
is extremely active and our eyes, although
closed, dart back and forth as if we were awake. Humans roughly spend 1/3
of their lives asleep. Modern lifestyles, stress, and the proliferation of technology mean that people are
sleeping far less today than they were a century ago. Sleeping less than seven hours per day is associated with an increased risk of developing chronic conditions, which could reduce life expectancy. So for a healthier, longer
life, get some shuteye.

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  1. Very sophisticated demonstration . But I want to know what happens to the brain deeply when we sleep and why we dream ?

  2. I sleep 4h – 5h a day. I am so programmed, that i cant sleep more, its like my brain cant wait to be awaken… but i fall asleep earlier than majority of ppl, usuallly around 20:30 – 21h. My body just collapses.

  3. Contemporary human science knows NEXT TO NOTHING about the human brain's complexity. That should be the preamble to any 'modern' discussion about the human brain.

  4. Helpful video and necessary information !
    Thank You dear The Economist !
    I appreciate it !
    You are doomed to success, we are doomed to have the best !

  5. I wonder if I met every person that's fallen asleep at the exact same time as me how many people that would be.

  6. Why do we have nightmares? Is it possible to die in your sleep? How is it possible to ejaculate without having to jack off aka wet dreams?

  7. I dreamt about animals last night. First thing in the morning my sister calls saying that my Dad's cat has leukimia 🙁 whats all these coincidences about? Theres more to sleep and dreaming than we know

  8. Blood types do matter when it comes to sleep. Negative blood types sleep less or have sleeping disorders. I’m negative blood type and have issues to sleep because I cannot relax. I have done this kind of test with many people. For example asked over 150 to 200 people. When they said they are positive blood type, they slept like babies, when I spoke to negative blood types, they all have problems to sleep. Fact is that negative blood type is very sensitive to noise, to thoughts and also to stress.

  9. i just quit my 2nd job. ive been working 2 jobs, anything between 75-105 hrs a weeks for a year and a half. i cannot believe i did it. i made a lot of money but i dont recommend it to anybody. Time passed too fast. And i was always angry,sad, irritated and tired. Horrible pain in my back. I am back to a normal schedule and i feel like a new person.

  10. I have the strangest sleep schedule. I can't stay asleep until 24:00–0:00, then I sleep til 11:00, by then I can barely stay awake. Really obstructive to daily activities and work. Thank goodness I have caffeine.

  11. Hi there. The video is aesthetically well done but part of it is scientifically wrong, unfortunately! It is right, sleep is divided to Non REM Sleep (or NREM) and REM Sleep (or REM). The 4 stages you show in this video are all NREM sleep (Stages 1 and 2 are light sleep. Stages 3 and 4 are deep sleep with delta power in stage 4). The stage of dreams is not stage 4 as you mention here but this stage is different and it is called REM (Rapid Eye Movements). Please, feel free to see the structure of human sleep in here.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnogram#/media/File:HYPNOGRAM_created_by_Natasha_k.jpg

  12. Was there anything new or novel about this video?!!
    And please bring back the old tune which used to play at the end, like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSY1pHXM69Y

  13. Im 26 and have already developed heart disease because of working/gaming at night.

    Don’t do it. You can’t reverse the damage.

  14. Cool visuals but oversimplified and a little misleading: during REM sleep the body doesn't release chemicals that diffuse across the body to paralyse it during sleep (as this video suggests), but descending motor signals are just blocked by the brainstem, the region of the brain that connects the brain to the spinal cord.

    Epidemiological reviews confirm that lack of sleep is associated with poor health, but also find that excess sleep is associated with poor health (though the nature of this correlation has not yet been elucidated – it may be that poor health sometimes reduces sleep quality, demanding more time for sleep). https://www.keele.ac.uk/research/researchnews/2018/august/peoplewhosleepmorethaneighthourshavegreatermortalityandcardiovascularrisk/have-greater-mortality-cardiovascular-risk.php

    For more info about the neurobiological and cognitive effects of sleep, check out this 6 min video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7znHI39I2bg – or if you have more time to kill, this interview with leading sleep neuroscientist Matthew Walker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwaWilO_Pig

  15. Great video – as always – but for the next videos please lower the soundtrack volume in the back so we can better hear the voice over. Thanks!

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  18. Narendra modi(india's pm)sleeps for only 5 hours or less than 5 hours and he shines like a sun.
    Search on google

  19. Very interesting. In one time i had 3 jobs. When you working a lot, your body very fast tired. And that case you have to eat diferent food which contain vitamins, microelements, macroelements and bioactive substance.

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