Welcome to Metro Esports League

Welcome to Metro Esports League

Esports is gaining a lot of traction
in North America right now we have the pro scene we have college scene we have
the high school scene with PlayVS and they’re all trying to create these
stories for gamers and the stories are telling they’re pretty awesome but you
have to be a part of an organization you have to be part of a pro team which as
barriers to entry you have to be a part of a college team means you have to be
going to college you have to be part of a high school team that means you have
to be part of a high school and no one’s really telling the story of all those
people out there that aren’t attached these institutions and that’s what Metro
eSports league aims to do. Part of telling the story of the average
gamer the people just like you and me who play during the weekend or
have other obligations in life but still really enjoy gaming is a high production
value we want to share that story we want to make sure that the story we’re
telling is worth watching is worth being a part of and when you’re playing for
pro teams and you’re playing for some of these college teams you have access
to you know an entire school that’s trying to tell your story or an entire
pro scene with thousands of fans that are trying to chant your name but nobody’s
really singing the praises of some of these really high caliber recreational
players so part of our goal for Metro Esports League is to use high production
value on Twitch to tell the stories to let people have their claim to fame
their shout-out to use our socials to find best plays of the week to make sure
that you are getting the recognition that you’ve worked really hard for. Something we’re seeing kind of get more
popular in the industry right now is free-to-play type games we have games
like Fortnite we have games like Apex Legends and each of those BR’s are
offering a core gameplay element for their users and it doesn’t cost them
anything and then there’s games like League of Legends that’s been doing this
for a while and then there’s the mobile version of esports in Clash Royale and
each of these games has expanded their audience of people because the barrier
to entry is super super low so what we’re trying to accomplish at Metro
Esports League is capture this same audience the people that maybe wouldn’t
compete if they had to be financially invested in competing but someone who
can just pick up a controller plug in a mouse and keyboard and start competing
for free and still have the opportunity to win prizes and have their story told. Metro Esports League has a custom iOS
and Android app and this is something that I’m most excited about because I
think this is what really sets us apart from other companies or other people
that are trying to accomplish what we are. Our custom app which is available on
both platforms allows users to get the information that they need about their
games at their fingertips so you don’t have to use a website you don’t have to
go into discord in and look around at past information that people have posted
you can get everything you need right on your mobile phone and it’s really really
cool to see that this mobile application has really brought together the
management, the communication and the scheduling of any game that some of
these players are gonna play in. We’re really excited to hear about what you
guys want to play what story you guys want to tell and we’ll see you in lobby
again from the Gallio just trying their best to get this Auto attacks are coming
through ten seconds so team it’s come through wizard defense line we say one
go down Korea going in great W from her as well the damages just coming through
Pyramid Thieves can you stay alive it looks like not in this case Korea
inside holding off somehow and that is the 2 v 5 from Korea Enzi they do not
want this game to end.

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  1. I used to walk with a limp. Ever since I joined MEL I've discovered that not only can I play league with a limp but it actually has 0 effect in the way I play. Its motivated me to sit more and allow my leg to rest and recover from the injury. All thanks to MEL

  2. I really cant wait to see how great Metro Esports League will become as they are in the frontier of what they are going to accomplish here ๐Ÿ™‚

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