Video Editing App for Beginners: Adobe Rush for phone AND PC

Video Editing App for Beginners: Adobe Rush for phone AND PC

If you’re brand new to online video, you’re probably in the market for a video editing software. Now, while I use Premiere, I’ve heard a lot about Adobe Rush, also in that same family. So if you’re curious about if Adobe Rush might be for you as a beginner, check out this video (music plays). It’s me, Michelle Osorio, with Dare to Dreams School helping you grow your business and personal brand through online video. So if you’re in the market for video editing software, like a lot of my students, a lot of my clients are asking me where should they start? See, I use Adobe Premiere, but I’ve heard about this new product called Adobe Rush that may be better for beginners. So I have Danielle here with Adobe while we’re at VidCon and I’m hoping Danielle, you can help some beginners understand what is the difference between, you know, Adobe Rush and Adobe Premier and if someone’s brand new to video, what’s a better product for them? Yeah, so I work on Premiere Rush, I’m a Product Manager, how to do we for these products. And really we introduced Premier Rush to help these aspiring creators. People who are getting started with video, to be able to have a tool that’s made for them to make video creation easy and fast. So Premier Rush is all about leveraging a lot of the existing technology that we have. My professional tools compare Pro and After Effects, but putting it into a lighter weight experience and an experience that you can use on the mobile device. So if you’re working on your phone or on your tablet, you can continue editing on the go. Oh, okay. So the project can go across, between the a laptop or a computer and a phone? Yeah.
So Premiere Rush works on phones, tablets, and on your computer. It’s supported on IOS Mac, Windows and Android. Okay. That’s really helpful. So then who would maybe a Dover restroom not be for then? Yeah, so I mean, really anybody who’s getting started with video Premiere Rush is a good tool. And we also have other tools within our video platform. So there’s Adobe Spark video. So for anyone who’s, you know, again, working on the go or who wants to create something in seconds, there’s an awesome workflow within Adobe Spark to help you get started. You can use some templates that are beautifully designed and just throw your videos at it and it’ll automatically create something beautiful for you. Okay, so that’s a great tool if you’re really just getting started and you don’t want to spend a lot of time. If you want a little bit more creative flexibility, you may want to move up to something like Premiere Rush and you can do, you know you have four video tracks available so you can stack things on top of each other, like cutaway shots or picturing in picture shots, titles, do color correction, work with your audio of your recording a voiceover or want to do things like autodub against music. But really if you want to move up to the tool that has a lot of creative control and ultimate flexibility, Premier Pro is going to be the tool for you.
Right Okay. So you’re saying Spark is more like an automatic thing and just for like a quick fix. Yeah. Okay.
Rush gives you more room. So that might be better for someone who has some time and they want to give a little finesse and then obviously Premiere is going to be for the Pro level and really get a nuanced control. I think I heard that that Rush projects, you know if you saved a project that you could also upgrade that to Premiere? Exactly that, right yes. Okay.
So anything create and Premiere Rush you can take natively into Premiere Pro. So in the Premiere Pro home screen now when you launched the product, you’ll see a button that says open Rush project. So you can start an edit on your phone. Let’s say you’re, you are a Premiere Pro user. So if you want to start incorporating mobile into your workflow, you can be here at Vidcon, shooting a bunch of footage right into a rush project to make a rough credit, make some quick edits. And then because you’re an experienced Premiere Pro user, you’ll want to use Premiere Pro for your final edit. Right? So you can take your rest project with all of his edits right into Premiere Pro and have all of the control that you’re used to. So that’s cool. I hadn’t even thought about that workflow. All right. And I’m not getting paid by Adobe by the way. So I actually genuinely think that’s cool. I hadn’t even thought about using Rush purposefully because on the phone and then upgrading it to premiere. All right. And we are seeing a lot of interest for existing from existing Premiere Pro users. Like, Hey, I have a tool now that I can use, that works with the tool that I already use and now start incorporating mobile into my workflow. Because I’m sure you do this too, but a lot of existing and established creators, even if you’re advanced or an expert, you’re capturing footage on your phone. Right.
And you want to bring that into, yeah, that’s helpful. That’s cool. So let’s say somebody is sort of starting out, but they, they might have, they have an idea that they may want to do more advanced editing, then Rush is probably then a good place to start because, you know, I get a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of business owners, but if they have some inkling that they may be ready to upgrade one day to Premiere, perhaps rush is the way to go. Yeah. And it shows you how the video editing process works. It still has a timeline. You still work in a timeline to do your edit, got color correction, transitioning audio, so you get a flavor of what you can do in a lighter weight experience and where you can get it. Okay, great. That’s awesome. So Danielle’s actually going to show us a demo of Adobe Rush Next, so make sure you check out that video and thanks for your time. Osorio out.

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  1. First in the series filmed at Vidcon 2019. Which would you rather use? Adobe Premiere, Adobe Rush, or iMovie? Or something else? Final Cut?

  2. another amazing video. is there any other options available for android. i know the new Note 10 will come with a more complete video editor built in. though not sure of how it would compare to these current options.

  3. I currently use iMovie but it's a little hard to navigate on my phone. I can't wait to try Adobe Rush instead!

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