US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

100 thoughts on “US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

  1. Don't risk yourself entering the Restricted Area, there is unexploded ordnance everywhere! You have no business being on the base or in the area!

  2. I believe in National Security but when the movie Independence Day came out they just stepped on their own guilt hidden messages i believe Hollywood is making these films so our brains can absorb the truth and for the shockwave impact to be at a minimal

  3. There’s no need for them to worry about it, because (play Last Surprise):

    “🎵You’ll never see it coming! Oooooooooooh…oooooh…ooooh🎵”

  4. They need to get a loud speaker and blast Iron Maiden trooper out, while storming area 51. You'll take my life but i will take yours too. You fire your musket but i will run you through.

  5. I think the only way to storm if you have a big pick up with tinted bulletproof window. and drive trought the fence with speed (but in a group of bunch of people with that same pick up …you all pass the fence with speed ..haaha im just joking🤣🤣

  6. I know that only 3 people will show up and leave. Thing is, the U.S. military is taking this seriously and whoever trespasses is sure to die, so please don't go, stupid Americans.

  7. When the missile crises were happening back in 62 in Cuba, American army decided to release in the upper atmosphere 2.600000 billions of cooper needles to block the entire communication in ex USSR, in just couple dais an object comes from the deep space sucked all the needles.

    When they see that (american army,norad,etc) The JFK tels to Crusciov something like… Oh,..You have a new defense for our strike? than Hrusciov say-No! it was just an object coming from deep space who take all those needles. then Americans try the second attempt with the needles cooper, only to find out that the second attempt has the same resultbut this time with more scanning from NORAD. American see for themselves the object collecting the needles cooper. "they" reported to JFK about the situation and JFK try to make a press conference about the danger from the space (ufo object). In that time before the press conference, JFK tells the true to Marlin Monroe, JFK dies a couple days later and Marlin M. after a week.

  8. That’s just a weapons testing base fact is there may be aliens out there cause the universe is larger then we know but Area 51 wouldn’t have aliens it’s a nuclear weapons base 😑

  9. What if the hole world stormed area 51 exept the guards! 😮 oh sh*t we would of all been alive and saw ALIENS

  10. Since the MP's are always authorized to use DEADLY FORCE to stop even trespassers, you would have to be an INSANE FOOL to even try getting in!
    Since every Nation on Earth must maintain some military SECRETS, I say; LET THEM ALONE!

  11. We should set up an ambush to blitz soldiers from the centre and then use our special trans ops team to come up from the rare to grab there flap poles!

  12. Never mind, just let those Idiots trespass into Area 51 so that they will become Voluntarily Live targets for US Military Weapon Testings. They have been Warned

  13. Still i think its not over will wait untill we really know that area 51 is fake there still more years or maybe the guard is saying its fake

  14. If these people are that stupid yes they can stop you wow why don't they worry about what these fool Democrats are doing to this country

  15. They keep saying it is a military base, but its not. It is a experimental testing place where they test secret aircraft and deal with aliens that share their technology with us in exchange for humane people for their experiments. BUt the US Govt call this a Military site in order to enforce security to the place. For decades people have tried to go inside and see what is going on. But never successful at it. This country is suppose to be by the people and for the people. BUt that is only when the US Govt approves one and everything they want to. We have the right to go in and see what there is. But our rights are no good when the US Govt keeps us by force to keep this a secret as they have done for decades. But we know they have aliens, Alien aircraft etc there, while the US Govt denise all this.

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