ULTIMATE Twitch Fails Compilation 2017 #4 ft. DrDisRespectLive , CinCinbear , Sodapoppin , Summit1G

ULTIMATE Twitch Fails Compilation 2017 #4 ft. DrDisRespectLive , CinCinbear , Sodapoppin , Summit1G

What’s that red stuff on my chest Negroes there might even be obtainable know if not replace honor its it does one we don’t want to give me a fucking code but maybe but my to give you want to come on up a product that’s a fake laugh by the way I’ve been acting school now to make a laugh now listen here we’re not playing for honor that the game is going to cost me a hundred thirty dollars a parent issues when it comes out that’s not gonna happen listen it’s not that’s not going to happen somebody killed her well how come I can’t back out of the game my game crash last guy like my game crash yeah forces like making soup chances are you won’t be able to afford it and almost the whole for the rest of it is going to be so close to you losing the game by the time you could buy it again you don’t want to be so i think i’m going to let everything the allergy to the blowing my nose I’m Angeles and i’m going to get help the break not 42 dollars and zero cents i said 420 dollar donation from why not why you can I universe what the hell do you want me to do with what skyrise do you want me to put up in your neighbor which one is it this one over here and could be thinking this is your day even funny Thank You Grayson scathing love them to my family or whatever now is the budget holiday by already baby x 0 legs name 10 hang up my dog needs to get taken out one second lecture Negroes donated three dollars me as a neat belt kme and then grows it grows out of the ground ok me grows my knee right here grows out of the ground donated three dollars would you tell us how much you make a year from twitch no okay 250 million dollars what you want me to do why y’all break up your grandma to wake up your fucking mom top three all right three yes where you from they go for the situation here is your kemana come to mama and I have my may I Chaka thank you did you get laid after the master exploder no I told you guys I woke up my wife and I’m not gonna get laid for a week actually that’s a lie you know my birthday is this weekend I’m definitely getting laid there might even be some anal three-phase nothing reloaded two bullets out anything right hello Wow Jesus back what does fuck this fuck dude sooo get the stuff that i will try la by a waterfall that is no we haven’t really have a front one yeah because you guys are idiots soldier three traits are you guys are terrible i’m done here in this guy here and then there was never another it shut your mouth up also get sicker dude I don’t really know its only game i really only help to be mint green energy and i will donate city but ya don’t like I haha no no though it’s not you’re just different figures acted Bobby yes yes yes nami yes i’m going to make sure but i think that alternate council I have made some Red start my chance what is it I don’t know we had a hair and see now i got chest hair I are 101 in 44 is recommended for six months the hot 27 four months left little uns there’s a big myself there are far get a grip you’re kidding me that’s all that they owned and now we get there every way sometimes things get shadow clone no problem watch this watch is very closely okay i’m going to make three me what makes me appear right now are not easy to use the years that he had donated three dollars at all at all today respeto is likely or LA or voice on ps3 and those phones this or are all equally Holy Spirit those the order so demands on muy muy somewhere for since it’s really need to pee whoa I’m the best player in this game shooting me not today sorry I’m the best and the fucking best the best the best I’m sorry I’m just better I’m just better than everyone who plays this game no one is even close to being on the same wavelength and like I am 10 times the player than everyone else everyone else with all the time ok and i get blown up by a barrel idiot kid again this game it’s not many switch there any weapons it’s not let me switch this stupid game is why it’s not the game got rid of cold LOL GG a RCS hippie you could be the best around so it’s not anymore ok kool idiot kid around with a very back and we go get the fly little different

41 thoughts on “ULTIMATE Twitch Fails Compilation 2017 #4 ft. DrDisRespectLive , CinCinbear , Sodapoppin , Summit1G

  1. Guys i hope you like our new episode Ultimate Twitch Fails Compilation 2017 #4 with our famous streamers DrDisRespectLive , CinCinbear , Sodapoppin , Summit1G, djarii and more πŸ™‚

  2. Wow ultra twitch fails great episode i love to watch your ultimate twitch fails videos!! And drdisrespectlive and loltyler1 are just too much too handle

  3. Does CinCin ever actually play anything because all she seems to do is do that annoying cackle and grope herself. Also her subscriber numbers always seems to be at 1999/2000…

  4. Doc: Where you from, LanGou?
    LanGou: United States, where are you from?
    Doc: Korea
    Doc: Fake Vietnamese shotgun?
    Langou: Kills Doc
    Doc: Thank you

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