TWC9: .NET Conf, .NET Core 3.0 RC1, Cascadia Code Font, Sega Genesis Mini and more

TWC9: .NET Conf, .NET Core 3.0 RC1, Cascadia Code Font, Sega Genesis Mini and more

>>Welcome back to another episode
of this week on Channel 9. I’m your host Christina Warren,
Senior Cloud Advocates. Now, I’ve been gone for a few weeks because of some conflicts
with booking studio. But I’m back having said
goodbye to summer and now I’m ready to fully embrace fall in
the Western Hemisphere anyway. Well, my shirt today is a mashup of Zelda and Windows 95
in celebration of the new link’s awakening
remake for the Nintendo Switch and Windows 95 just
because it’s awesome. But enough of all
that, let’s get into this week’s latest dev news. First up, we’ve got some
a bit announcements to share since it’s
been a couple of weeks. So The first thing I want to tell
you about is to be sure to tune into.Net Conf next week from
September 23rd through the 25th, and this is a virtual conference, so you can watch from your couch or your desk or wherever you want, and this year there will
be 75 live sessions and the last 24 hours will feature speakers in
their local time zones on our Visual Studio
Twitch in Mixer channels. So I’ve got a link to the.Net
Conf website the twitch and Mixer channels and the schedule in the show notes in the
description down below, and.NET Core 3.0 is
about to come out, and you will definitely
want to tune in, and in some other event news, Microsoft Ignite will be taking place in Orlando from
November 4th-8th. Now, this conference
is currently sold out, but you can get on the waitlist. See you there, and if you
can’t make it to Orlando, Microsoft Ignite The
Tour is coming back, and this year it is
bigger than ever before. We will be in 30 cities
around the globe delivering great content for
developers and IT pros, and I had a blast at the
event last year and I highly, highly recommend attending if
it is coming to your city. So links for both
Ignite in Orlando and Ignite The Tour are linked
down below and super, super quick just a heads up. We have announced the dates
for Microsoft Build 2020, and it will be in Seattle May
19th through the 21st. All right. Well, with the.Net Conf
happening next week, that means that we are
getting super close to the release of.NET
Core 3.0, and in fact, the team intends to release the final version on
September 23rd at.Net Conf, and so to get ready
for the first.NET Core 3.0 release candidate is available. Now it was released
earlier this week, and it is production ready, and it’s supported by Microsoft. But be sure to test your
app before deploying. Now, I’m super stoked
about.NET Core 3.0 and I can’t wait to dive in more
over the coming weeks and months. In some awesome font news, the Windows depth team just
released the first build, the brand new fonts. Microsoft built for the
new Window’s terminal, and it’s called Cascadia code. It’s mono space, and it has ligature supports and
it’s open source. So you can download the
font now from GitHub. It’s also been submitted to
Homebrew and Chocolaty if you want to get updates
more easily that way and the font is really beautiful, and I’ve actually been
using it in my terminals on my Mac and Windows the last few days. So I’ve got a link to the blog
post announcing Cascadia code, the GitHub, and links to the chocolate in homebrew
packages down below, and I’ve also got a link to a blog post that Scott
Hanselman everyone’s favorite developer wrote about
how you can patch the font using a power like
lives if that’s your thing. Also on that note, there’s
already some support for adding a new font support to the font and putting it in the narrowband
repo in GitHub Studio. So all of that stuff is
detailed and in the shownotes. Speaking of terminals, last week at the Visual Studio team announced the first preview of
Visual Studio Terminal, which is available now in Visual
Studio is 16.3 Preview 3. So rather than build
everything from scratch, the Visual Studio terminal team shares most of its code with
the new Windows terminal, and so for you that translates into a more robust terminal
experience and faster adoption. So I’ve got to link the blog posts, detailing the new
terminal Visual Studio, and how you can figure it in
the show notes and description. Now, in some more command line news because that’s basically
my favorite topic. PowerShell 7 Preview 4 is out now, and the team is targeting
a December 2019 date for the release candidates and January
2024 for general availability, and this will be the
very first LTS or a long-term servicing release
of the new power-shell. So it’s got some bug fixes, but also a slew of new and
experimental features, and those are all detailed
in a blog post that I’ve linked in the show
notes and description. In some Kubernetes news, Kubernetes 1.16 is now available, and this is actually
the third release of 2019 and it has 31 enhancements, eight enhancements are moving to stable and eight
enhancements are in Beta, and then there are 15
enhancements in Alpha. There’s also been some changes to the Kubernetes API in this release, and so it will not support a
number of deprecated APIs. So I’ve got a link to the
release notes down below. Also, if you were on Azure, be sure to check out our managed
Kubernates Services AKS. In some Xamarin news, iOS 13 is out this week, and so the team has some blog posts
on preparing your apps for iOS 13 and Xcode 11 as well
as supporting dark mode. So links to both of those are in
the show notes and description. On Channel 9 this week, we’ve
got lots of great content. First on the Cloud native
Shane and I are enable to talk about Azure DevOps for.NET
Core and Cloud-Native Apps, and then over on the
Internet of Things show, Olivier dives into simplifying downstream processing with Azure
IoT Hub message enrichments. Finally, I want to
give a shout out to our brand new Python
for Beginners course. It’s available in 44 parts all our five-minute or less snackable videos, and they really help get you started learning programming in Python. I really, really love
this series great job. So the links to all the videos are in the show notes
and description, and now it’s time for
my pick of the week. So I was a ’90s kid, which makes me officially old. Well, in the ’90s, you were either like a Sega
kid or Nintendo kid, now at least until the
PlayStation came out. But anyway, I was
always Nintendo kid, but I still had a lot of luck
with Sega Genesis shout out to Sally Miller who had a Genesis
Anna Sega CD and let me play it. Anyway say released their
own little mini version of the Sega Genesis this week, and it’s been getting great reviews. Mind should arrive by
the time this video posts and some I’ll add my
thoughts in the comments, but I did want to point this out that if you don’t want to have
to buy many console, but you still want to relive some
of those classic Genesis games, there’s actually a really great
Sega Genesis classics compilation that’s available for Xbox One. What was your favorite
console in the ’90s? Let me know in the comments, and let me know your thoughts
in any of our other stories. If you like this video,
hit the “Like” button, it really helps us out, and be sure to subscribe
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See you next time. [MUSIC]

16 thoughts on “TWC9: .NET Conf, .NET Core 3.0 RC1, Cascadia Code Font, Sega Genesis Mini and more

  1. .NET Conf and other Event Updates (0:34) .NET Core 3.0 RC 1 (1:56) Cascadia Code Programming Font (2:26) Visual Studio Terminal (3:19) PowerShell 7 Preview 4 (3:48) Kubernetes 1.16 (4:15) Xamarin and iOS 13/Xcode 11 (4:45) Cloud Native Show (5:00) The IoT Show (5:09) New Python for Beginners Course (5:17) Christina's Pick fo the Week (5:36)

  2. So every time there's a new conference I suggest that a OneNote notebook be created that contains summaries of all the sessions with links to slides, videos and sample code.
    After last build, I found a link to the sessions' WebAPI and created an applet that can generate markup that can be pasted into OneNote.
    What I need to know is what the link is for this .NET Conf. anybody know?
    My applet source is in gitHub at AdamsTaiwan/Build-Downloader

  3. Awesome video as usual, can't wait for PowerShell 7 and love Cascadia Code too (been using it this week at work) 🙂 I was a Sega and Atari kid growing up, but love the Nintendo console too (I just never owned one until the Wii).

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