Tuto complet : recevoir des pourboires avec sa chaine Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Reddit ou Twitter

Tuto complet : recevoir des pourboires avec sa chaine Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch, Reddit ou Twitter

Hi!!! This video will help you to win
money from your Youtube channel without having 1000 subscribers or 4000h
of viewing during the past 12 months
You can also to theses steps to get tips from your website or Twitter, Vimeo Twitch or Reddit. You can have all of them. I
will show you how, using the web Browser Brave With Brave you can receive money for every add notifications Like here, there is no need to clic on it to win crytocoin in BAT. I choose the ads I want to see You can give these crypto. For example, here on Wikipedia, which is a verified Brave content creator, I gave 1 BAT to thank them At this moment, there is a 5% commission taken by Brave, so there was 0.95 BAT for Wikipedia and Brave took 0.05 BAT. Now last example, I ask a friend to send me 1 BAT on my Youtube channel, and I received it quickly and easily. Like you’re going to see in this video, it’s really easy to become a verified content creator, I’ll show you the steps to win crypto from your fans assuming they are using Brave of course 🙂 Do not hesitate to Pause the video during installation phases and then coming back to continue If you became a verified content creator, I’ll send you 5 BAT to the 10 first comments et then 1 BAT to the 90 following comments Simply write “I’m in!!” and I will go on your channel to check your content creator status: verified or not Please like, share and subscribe to my channel The more Brave users the better !!! By the way I have no share at Brave, I found out about this browser a year ago and I love the concept!! Let start with Brave installation, available on Mac, Windows, Linux and also on Google Play and the App Store. Please use my referral link, look at the description of this video This way I will win BAT if you are using Brave during 30 days I also added the Brave URL. Be careful if you are downloading Brave from an ad, if in the URL you see letters numbers after Brave, it’s a referral link, so I invite you to use them Thank you if you’re doing this 🙂 Pause the video a come back when the installation is done When launching Brave for the first time you can import links from another web browser, you can also change the default search engine and start the Brave reward program now The aim of this video is not to see every possibilities of Brave, I will focus on the steps to configure Brave so you can win tips from your channel You can configure the Brave Reward setting clicking on the BAT logo on the top right corner. I advise you to set the ads to 5 per hours. Each ad allow you to win a fraction of BAT, so more ads more BAT You can give BAT to content creator automatically or manually, it’s up to you. I configured my account using manual mode so I I can give what I want, when I want and to whom I want Now you can link your Brave account to a wallet, I’m using the one linked to Brave, which is Uphold. When you win BAT this crypto will stay on your computer. If this one crash, you loose your BATs So it’s important to have a secure wallet With Uphold, your wallet is online. Do not share your access code, a wallet is like a mail account or or a credit card:. Uphold is easy to configure and link to Brave so I choose it Pause the video during your wallet configuration if needed Uphold is not the only wallet that can be configured on Brave, I advise you to look more on this topic, knowing where your crypto are and the risk is important We have done the more complicated, now we need to became a verified content creator To do so, click on the link in the description of this video clic on the button and enter your email address and you will receive an email with a link that will bring you to this web page, it’s possible to configure a double authentication, I choose to use the Authenticator app Once the information completed your account is configured You can log in using the same previous link Provide the email address you use previously and you will receive a new email, clic on the link and identity yourself and now you are on the configuration page for Brave content creators A the bottom of the page you can add your channel (Youtube, Twitter, Vimeo…) Clic on it, the configure the parameters related to the account you want. It took about a hour for my account to be verified. If you go back to the configuration page you can customize the message your fan will see and you can change the value for the tips You can also get a referral link using the “Creator referral promo” section If you want to come back to this configuration page, you will have to clic again on the previous link, complete your email address, then open your email, clic on the link and authenticate yourself Now that you are a content creator verified by Brave people can send you tips and you will receive them without the need of a specific number of subscriber or number of viewing hours If you’re a verify content creator I will send you 5 BAT, for the 10 first comments, then it will be 1 BAT for the 90 following comments Just write “I’m in!” in the comment section and I will go on your channel and check that You’re a verified content creator, 1 tips per channel, so no need to send 100 comments 😉 Thank for liking and sharing this video The more we are using Brave the better 🙂 I hope you found this video interesting See you soon xoxoxo 🙂

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  1. JE PARTICIPE (Brave ok, Uphold ok, ma chaîne est en cours de vérification !) … Hâte de recevoir mes 1ers BATs 🙏🏼

  2. très cool, merci pour les infos 🙂 Je demande une précision svp: quand on click sur une pub, elle s'ouvre dans le nav' et elle est comptée, ok… si on ne click pas dessus, pas d'ouverture dans le nav' et pas de bat: j'ai bon? je te souhaites d'avoir bien plus qu'une 100aine de com' 😉

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