100 thoughts on “Tuck Buckford Grills His CIA-Loving Google Home

  1. I use to laugh at Alex Jones, these clips of him where always funny so one day I thought just watching short clips wasn't enough and looked up his YouTube channel for full videos to get a good laugh.

    Then I just got depressed at how badly this guy is poorly represented, call him crazy all you want but in the end he genuinely speaks with loyalty to his country and sites decades old facts about anything he puts up.

    Could the facts be bullshit?

    Some are,like the whole pizza gate thing(even though it would of made more sense if he had just said people in Hollywood have history with pedophilia which we all know)

    But most of the things he says ate true, he even gives links to his sources to look up public documents and videos proving it.

    Why don't we ever talk about his links?, why don't we try to figure out why he's constantly talked about on TV?, why do we constantly laugh at a guy who's telling us things we KNOW are true but find funny because some guy on TV is mocking him?.

    Dude I ain't no conspiracy theorist but I'm not too sure if I was woke before I looked up Alex Jones and bright bart

  2. do people in the US actually listen to alex jones? and if so, do they actually believe him? do these things happen? i mean, he is so obviously out of his mind and so obviously belongs in a mental asylum that i can not imagine how people can fall for him. O.o

  3. And not one of you look into Alex Jones for yourself, how can you consider yourselves as educated? That's not intelligence

  4. A lot of people seem to be forgetting that Alex Jones is a parody character. He had to confirm as a parody in a court of law to keep his kids.

  5. Anyone else feel bad for poor Alexa??? She has the cutest voice, but she's being harrassed by this . . . bloated, no doubt smelly creature.

  6. Someone should tell tuck buckfort that 400 grit sandpaper doesn’t exist, does it? I mean, there’s 320 grit. There’s 600 grit. But 80 grit… ow! Ouch! 80 grit across the brown eye would suuuuuck!

  7. This is becoming a parody of not just Alex Jones but Joe Rogan as well. "Don't forget to go to on it.com and give me money for my pseudoscience bullshit supplements"

  8. why did humanity interfere with natural selection again? life's gotten so stupid. Was it always this bad? why does it feel like life is a dark comedy?

  9. I'm laughing so hard right now… I can't stop. Alex Jones taking to Alexa is the greatest thing I've ever seen… I quit…

  10. Jones is a figure of fun but never forget, when you see him, that he exploited the massacre of children at Sandy Hook in order to sell snake oil and buy another Rolex.
    Not quite so funny, but true.

  11. Alex Jones and his family don't go to Red Lobster's anymore cause his wife divorced him and a judge gave her full custody of their kids cause he ruled Alex Jones was too insane.

  12. Alex Jones and followers are living examples of Dunning–Kruger effect

  13. Funny how Mainstream Media makes fun of how stupid American people are. (Here’s a fun fact) The NSA and CIA are spying on American Citizens 24/7.

  14. LOL! This is hilarious! I keep laughing just thinking of this video! Colbert depicts perfectly this kind of delusional radio and tv hosts!

  15. Here’s the thing. This isn’t funny because it’s indistinguishable from actual Alex Jones whackoness you can see and hear just by tuning into InfoWars, the original Fake News. All those nuts…Michael Savage is another…are like this to varying degrees of pure whack. And I’ve actually tuned into this mind numbing stupidity on long road trips, it’s five minutes of 100% USDA certified crazy followed by 20 minutes of the host trying to sell you equally crazy products he endorses. It’s a giant infomercial for the terminally insane.

    To be funny it’s got to be satirical. But Jones is walking satire. There’s some Alabama head case out there watching this right now that BELIEVES Tuck Buckford is (1) real and (2) onto something.

  16. Let's see….

    FOX is on Youtube…. Alex Jones is on Youtube… CNN is on Youtube…

    Yet Julian Assange got his channel suspended for "spreading misinformation"….
    What do we call the oligarchs who made this decision?

    Can anyone see what's wrong with this picture?

    Why I mention this?

    Well… We have focus on a snake oil salesman right here…

  17. 400 grit sandpaper is actually pretty smooth on most parts of the skin, may want to watch out for the hole though. 40 grit is a real man's toilet paper, like fine gravel glued to paper.

  18. To have heard Alexa reply – "Of course I work for the CIA you dumbass bald crazy as shit fuckwit! Why d'ya think we're turning all the frogs gay! Just to piss you off you dumb as shit fruitloop. And no-one will ever believe you! Ha!' that'd be priceless!

  19. Behold this lying robot, which is saying what the government has programmed it to say! Behold also this doorbell which does not make any noise other than a doorbell noise! BRAINWASHING!!

  20. Even if the CIA were spying on us… how the hell are they going to able to sit through and listen to millions of hours of recordings?

  21. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Mahatma Gandhi – you idiot are at stage 2 !

  22. Try watching Alex Jones and you'll see he's not the person Colbert show makes him out to be with little snippet video's and this Tuck character.
    Colbert is only here to push establishment propaganda with fake comedy reading a teleprompter and laugh sound bits. Colbert = Fake Comedy for left wing trash

  23. Alex Jones is an unethical greed machine, but these devices do have hold a somewhat frightening potential for surveillance.

  24. I'm embarrassed to have seen this holy shit haha does he not know that he's satirizing something that is already satire

  25. I Hate You Stephen Colbert you sick f*** does everyone know that John podesta and Stephen Colbert are Best Buddies , sure as hell puts a spin on things doesn't it

  26. When will you realize everyone f**** hates you in America COLBERT then you will know a little truth but you are not given eyes to see nor ears to hear, so as far as I'm concerned you're deaf dumb and blind everyone hates you Colbert

  27. Stephen Colbert you millionaire propaganda puppet you should be ashamed of what this represents to true liberty and you know it! You are a puppet you worth nothing.

  28. I'm waiting for alexa to say ; look you crazy right wing nut I already told you that I dont work for the CIA. Even if the CIA used alexa to spy on people do you really think alexa or google home is going to admit it.

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