[T:TIME] Play with Hogwarts Sorting hat and Helium balloons

[T:TIME] Play with Hogwarts Sorting hat and Helium balloons

Hello, I am the Head Master HUENINGKAI Today we’ll be putting on the Sorting Hat and see who belongs in which house
[Hogwarts House Sorting TIME] -This guy will be sorting us
-Right I’ll go first You can go to your house right away Where do you think I’ll be in? I said BEOMGYU will be in Slytherin I said Gryffindor I think he’ll be in Ravenclaw The answers are split
[BEOMGYU has qualities of every House] -What do you think?
-all different
[BEOMGYU has qualities of every House] This is the front I don’t know -This is the front
-Its mouth -It talks with the mouth here
-I see You have to poke it with the wand
[Let’s start with BEOMGYU!] -Hufflepuff
[Nobody expected Hufflepuff!] The house nobody expected… It’s over -This is wrong
-He hasn’t lost his touch You can keep this uniform on and go now I thought he’d be in Slytherin -I’ll be off to Hufflepuff
-You can go to your house -So long
[Next up is TAEHYUN!] I think he’ll be in Ravenclaw for sure Gryffindor. I said he’ll be in Gryffindor No, he’s a Ravenclaw Hmm, I think he’s a Gryffindor But I guessed everyone right except me I said I’ll be in Ravenclaw
and the rest of you like this so TAEHYUN will be in Ravenclaw See, see, see? It’s just like my vote
[He belongs in Ravenclaw for sure] -Ravenclaw
-He was born a Ravenclaw
[He belongs in Ravenclaw for sure] You got Ravenclaw? What are you wearing now? -Ravenclaw!
-Really? That’s perfect -Am I right or what?
-Is it for the wise? Wisdom? -Yes. Wisdom, wisdom
-Yes. We have one Hufflepuff and one Ravenclaw -so we’ll have Gryffindor or Slytherin now
-I’ll be off to my house too We have a Slytherin right here. Bye -He’s destined to be in Slytherin
-I think he’ll get what he’s wearing If it says something other than Slytherin -I believe in you, Hat!
-He’s out of touch -Should we start?
-Yes It’s thinking Wow, he’s in Slytherin! See? This is destiny
[Their predictions were correct] He’s the only one who can’t accept it
[Their predictions were correct] The Hat only tells the truth -See? We all said he’ll be in Slytherin
-Hey, you do it, you do it -You can’t accept…
-Quiet you. Put this on You’re the only one who can’t accept it SOOBIN really wanted to be in Gryffindor, but I think… Hold on, it’s playing, it’s playing Please I think he’ll be in Hufflepuff See! I’m in Gryffindor! -Ravenclaw
-It said Ravenclaw
[Ravenclaw, not Gryffindor] HUENINGKAI, HUENINGKAI -I’m sure I’m in Ravenclaw
-I’ll press it for you I don’t mind Gryffindor Please Gryffindor! -If I don’t get Gryffindor then no one is
-We’re missing Gryffindor HUENINGKAI is 200% Hufflepuff
[Last but not least, HUENINGKAI!] -It’s here
-It’s on the other way around again Let’s show its face It needs to be on camera too -Oh it moves
-It moves? Yes, its mouth -What!
-Whoa Gryffindor! I got Gryffindor You wanted Ravenclaw right? -Wanna switch?
-To Ravenclaw, you wanna?
-You were made for each other -Okay then we’ll switch houses
-We’ll switch -I…
-You can go to Slytherin as planned -Isn’t this helium?
-I like Ravenclaw Oh I want some too
[Everyone is suddeny interested in Helium] -How do you do it?
-Me too
[Everyone is suddeny interested in Helium] Better be Slytherin How do you cut this? I want in too Okay Oh looks like it’ll pop Ah, got it Hello Hello I’m HUENINGKAI I’m YEONJUN. Hello I love our MOA
[YEONJUN confesses his love in a cute voice] -You guys know I love you right?
-What, I sound the same! -Be my forever
-Hello Call my name Me too, me too, me too I don’t, I don’t wanna wake up My wand is an alarm-breaker We’ll swim in the midst of the galaxy As two comets, bungee
[★Heavenly Voices★] -It’s okay don’t be afraid
-What are you doing, SOOBIN? -It’s great to meet you
-Great voice I have a great voice Wow~ Wow~ It’s getting back to normal so fast How does it come out so fast? I breathed it in all at once -Huh what, it changes back so fast
-Wow So cool -YEONJUN’s good
-Wow this is awesome It works for YEONJUN really well
[YEONJUN having a blast with Helium] What’s up with him? Uh huh~ Let’s do one more Okay My voice isn’t back yet Let’s breathe in a lot Should we breathe it all in? I breathed it in whole Who’s going first? -Should I… Oh, YEONJUN
-Me? That was a lot He’s having a hard time Did I inhale…
[Voice change, FAIL] -Weird. I sound the same
-Wait [Voice change, FAIL] I sound the same
[Voice change, FAIL] -Did it change, or no?
[Voice change, FAIL 2] -It’s not working for you
[Voice change, FAIL 2] But this… You have to squeeze it No, it pops if you do that Wow so fast -What?
-That was fast Oh, my voice changed
[Finally SOOBIN succeeds] You have to inhale a lot
[Finally SOOBIN succeeds] -It worked, YEONJUN!
-Yes? If you cut it and inhale a lot it really… Me too It’s changing. Look Your voice changes so fast Whoa, me too! This is fun [SOOBIN tried to help but this happened] This is fun -This is yours, right?
-Bye -The hole was too small
-Oh, right -The gas couldn’t…
-That was fun That was fun Thank you [BEOMGYU wanted to try too]

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  1. ❤💜💜Aah mis Bbesitos se nota que les gusta mucho Harry Potter..y es una de mis sagas favoritas😍los amooooo mis Angelitos❤❤❤❤💜💜

  2. soobin: i'll be gryffindor for sure
    sorting hat: ravenclaw!
    yeonjun & hueningkai: … it said ravenclaw…
    soobin: oh… makes the cutest pout

  3. Poor yeonjun he didn't want to be a sly lmaoo. He must think they are inherently bad which is far from true. But he just fist slytherin so well

  4. gryffindor When our Ningning heard that he is gryffindor i find his screams are adorable and acting like a little kindergarten kids all of them are so ADORABLE AS BABY ! SO CUTE KAWAII

  5. Huening Kai can be Luna Lovegood of Ravenclaw though 😂 he is so creative and he has an unique personality just like her

  6. I KNEW Taehyun would get Ravenclaw and Yeonjun Slytherin but I expected Soobin to be Gryffindor or Hufflepuff and Kai to be Gryffindor 100%

  7. Okay! You know what?! No!! Okay No!! No one gave you boys the right to be THIS adorable!!!

    It's not good for my frickin heart!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Okay bye!!

  8. Yeonjun: blue hair, Soobin: black (or really dark brown) hair, Beomgyu: blond hair, Taehyun: brown hair, HueningKai: brown hair, but wearing a sweater vest. The amusing part for me was when Yeonjun, Taehyun, HueningKai sang part Run Away after sucking helium from balloons (3:59 – 4:16). towards the end when Beomgyu sucked the helium out of a balloon & sang a little bit of Run Away his voice changed some. It seems like Soobin's voice changed the least from sucking in the helium and that it took more helium for his voice to change. Yeonjun only had to suck out a little or some helium for his voice to change, but Soobin had to suck all the helium out of a balloon.

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