Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #51 (REACT)

Try to Watch This Without Laughing or Grinning #51 (REACT)

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪ – (FBE) All right, we’re gonna
show you a series of videos… – And the goal is
you try not to laugh. – (FBE) …and the challenge
is you can’t smile or laugh. – Oh no. (giggling) I’ve always wanted to do this. – I like these videos,
but I’m really bad at them. – (FBE) So these videos
were chosen by viewers from all around the world
who think their submissions are going to make
you lose this challenge. – Good luck. – The fans, they throw us
some tough ones out. – Just watch and see.
I’m gonna win. – I can get in that mindset
now that, like, I don’t want to smile or laugh. – I am bad at all these challenges. – Can I just get duct tape
and put it over my mouth? – I am super– oh, stop smiling! (seriously) I am ready. – I didn’t bring my funny bone
with me today, but I’m not sure. It might have
sneaked in. (chuckling) – (man) I wore the wrong socks. – He wore the wrong socks. Is he barefoot?
– (director) Take one. – It’s not even funny. (polar bear slipping)
Oh man. – (man) I did get to ride a–
– (chuckling softly) Aaah! (buzzer) – My kids and I have spent hours
watching the videos where (giggling) the dad
is watching people fall on the ice and I’ve already– I laughed,
talking about something else! I’m the worst at this!
(buzzer) (falling hard) – (exhaling softly) I’m trying to not. – (crew) Whoa!
– Ooh, he saved himself. (skate blades scraping ice) – You– you have skates on. You should know how to skate. – Why does he get ice skates,
but the polar bear doesn’t? (falling hard)
– There he goes. (chuckling) Wait, did that count? (buzzer) (falling hard)
– (chuckling) Ah shit! (laughing)
I giggled. (buzzer) (falling hard) – Why do people find
someone basic tripping funny? (falling hard) – I won’t laugh at that
because, you know, he fell. – I know the feeling.
Who can walk on ice? No one can walk on ice, especially not in a big bear suit. (falling hard) – You think after the fourth take,
that they would put something down for him. – (director) The line is
“Baked in a buttery, flaky crust.” – (actor) Baked
in a buttery, fla– crust. – “Buttery” what?
(tone) – (actor) Baked
in a buttery, flaming crust. – I definitely know how that guy feels.
(tone) – (actor) …in a buttery,
flagrant crust. – Help the guy. Change the lines. – (actor) A crispy crust.
– It’s “flaky.” – (actress) Flaky! – (actor) I thought I said “flaky.”
– (cracking up) Reminds me of me,
that’s why. (laughing) (buzzer) – (actress) You should have
had me do that. – Let her say it! – (actor) Baked in a buttery ffff–
– (actress) Flaky. – (actor) Flaky crust.
– (crew laughing) – Even the crew is just like,
“Are you guys serious?” – (actress) Baked in a bake– oops! – (actor cracking up)
– (giggling) (buzzer) – (actress) Baked in a bake– oops!
– (actor cracking up) Yeah, boy!
– Dear Lord. Don’t they have cue cards?
Come on, people. – ♪ I’ve been watching ♪
– Nope. Nope. Nope. I’ve seen this too many times. – ♪ At night, I think… ♪
– (groaning) (wheezing laughter)
(buzzer) – ♪ At night, I think of… ♪
– (laughing) Okay. Okay, okay. What the f–?
(buzzer) – ♪ …I think of you ♪
– (scoffing) (buzzer) – Adorable.
(banging head) – Ow! Ay.
♪ (slow-mo music) ♪ (collision in slow-mo) – I’m good. Again, just people getting hurt. I don’t know. Just doesn’t tickle my funny bone. – ♪ Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ Chia! ♪
– Nope. No, nope. – ♪ Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ Chia! ♪ ♪ Uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ Chia! ♪ – Not sure what that
was supposed to be. – (customer) Can we have one
original BBQ Smokehouse meal, please? – (worker) All right, boys,
is that chicken or beef? – (customer) Beef, please.
– (worker) It’s gotta be beef! And what drink on that, bad boy? – (mumbling incoherently) – (worker) Oi, oi,
a little classical Coke? Anythin’ else?
– Is he being punk’d? I feel like this is a punk’d. – (customer) Can I have two
six chicken nugget meals, please? – (worker) Lovely,
two little six nugget meals. And what Pika-choosing drink
are you gonna go for? – That would be me
if I worked at McDonald’s. – (customer) 7 Up, please. – (worker) 7 Up, is that for both?
– (customer) Yes, please. – (worker) Lovely,
so we’ve got 14 up! – No. Nah, nuh… no, no, no, no. – (customer)
Can we have sweet chilli? – (worker) Again,
saucy with sweet chillaaay. Anything else?
– (giggling) I can’t. He’s just so cute with his accent! No!
(buzzer) – (cameraman) No, that’s great.
Thank you very much. – (worker) Gorgeous! I’ll reel you one in
for the next window, my friend. Ciao, ciao! – This is somebody
who is very bored with his job, and has found a way to survive,
and I like it. (silence) – (worker) How are you doing tonight? – (customer) I wanna [bleep] die.
– (worker) Same. – (cracking up) Dang it!
Okay, fine. I’ll give you that one.
(buzzer) – (customer) I wanna [bleep] die.
– (worker) Same. – Wow, that’s dark. That’s grim. I do like existential humor. – Oh, spelling bee kids, love them. – (pronouncer) “Numnah.” – Is that a real word?
– (audience cracking up) – (announcer)
Did you hear “numb nuts”? What?
– What? I feel bad for that kid.
– “Numb nut.” – (audience cracking up)
– Damn it! It’s not that funny!!
(buzzer) – (FBE) All right, so you did lose. – See, now I’m not laughing because I’m sad that I lost. (chuckling) – I admit defeat… again. – I’m so pissed, you guys! UGH! I was so good
the whole time. – Honestly, I think
this was the best round that I’ve seen so far. That was amazing.
I needed that in my life. (chuckling) – Thanks for watching, everyone. – Want more laughs?
Then subscribe. There are new shows every week. – We’ll see you next time,
everyone. Bye! – Hey, guys, Alyssa here,
a producer from the React channel. Thanks so much for watching
this episode. If you think you have a funny video
that will break our reactors, leave it in the comments. And have a flaky, crispy day.

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  2. can you put the numbers on how many time they lost so that we can also see their reacion on the other videos?

  3. Do the video of the guy who was going to freestyle on live tv and then he chokes in front of the camera and can't rap, it's sad but pretty funny his name is Marshall pope. I mean this in a good way I'm not trying to make fun of the guy

  4. it would be better if you showed their reactions to all the videos and simply showed how many times they failed, instead of eliminating them from reacting just for one fail.

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