Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – What is Mortal Empires?

Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – What is Mortal Empires?

hello I’m guy and this is Mortal Empires the Mortal Empires campaign is free LC for anyone that owns both
Warhammer one and two and represents the next phase in our grand vision to create
the ultimate Warhammer strategy sandbox 35 legendary Lords duke it out against
over 120 factions for control over both the old and new worlds.
There are 295 settlements to conquer and 268 battle maps with 352 unit types to choose
from not to mention hundreds of spells and
abilities in your arsenal. it’s a Titanic world with a dizzying amount of variety you can get up close and personal in
each and every battle or plot your Dominion from the comfort of the war
room the choice is yours remember Mortal Empires is available free October 26th for anyone that owns Warhammer one and two. subscribe and follow us on
Facebook and Twitter to be the first to see the freshest total war gameplay and news.
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98 thoughts on “Total War: WARHAMMER 2 – What is Mortal Empires?

  1. without norsca pach upgrades and starting positions dont changing i dont see a reason to start a campaing at release

  2. Do i get all the legendary lords, or just the ones which i owned in warhammer 1?
    (For example: I dont have the woodelves dlc for warhammer 1, but can I play them with mortal empires?)

  3. Ich find an deren großspurigen Ankündigungen immer eines kurios: sie sagen es gibt 100+ Fraktionen … naja wohl eher maximal 10-15, die Fraktionen haben ja alle die gleichen Einheiten (also alle Elfen, Zwergen usw). Zweitens: Größe ist nicht alles, die Belagerungen sind z.B. im Vergleich zu Attila deutlich langweiliger und die Karten bei Belagerungen deutlich kleiner.
    Drittens: du hast noch weniger Einheiten/Fraktionen wenn du dir nicht alle DLCs für 7,50/15€ holst.

    Funfact: Mortal Empires hat erstmal kein Norsca … das wirkt so als hätten die das DLC schon vor Release von Warhammer 2 geplant.
    Funfact 2: Inhalte die eigentlich im Spiel enthalten sein sollten (z.B. Blood & Gore) ausm Spiel zu schneiden und nach Release zu verkaufen ist schon sehr dreist, vor allem wenn man bedenkt es gab nur 4 Startfraktionen in Warhammer 2, früher in Medieval I/Rome I war das noch deutlich anders. Wie sieht die Zukunft aus? Es gibt nur eine Startfraktion und den Rest kauft man sich dazu?

    PS: Ja die Entwickler sollen auch ihr Geld bekommen aber wenn man an DLCs den 1,5fachen Kaufpreis nochmal draufbezahlen muss für Sachen die größtenteils nur optisch neu sind oder das Spiel nicht wirklich erweitern, dann ist das nicht total großartig, sondern eher ne Frechheit.

    PPS: Vergleicht mal die DLCs von Witcher 3 und die von Total War was Inhalt, Spielspaß, neue Inhalte ect. angeht

  4. Damn that looks like a pain to manage. Maybe a bit too big. Really liked how they did it with the race to the vortex mechanic and how it prevented that large time sink at the end where you know you've won, but have to mop up the remaining factions.

  5. What is Mortal Empires? 1 Month too late. Free dlc? Sure, if you payed 120€ before. Also you guys cut off half of the map, copy and paste many of the battle maps from warhammer 1 and let your community fixed your bugs and game issues. Really, its a joke, nothing more.

  6. So looking at the map I noticed parts of the world are cut out from the game. I was wondering will future installments bring those parts back?

  7. First the map hasn't been cut its not even been finished yet what do you want them to do release a unfinished map
    And second they wont be updating the map like that until they had at least 10 factions so stop your crying and just play the game

  8. Thank you CA for this DLC… but taking a look to Lionheart Campaign Map preview video, two problems have come to my mind:
    1)The map is very very compressed (this could have negative sides about "lore" development of some factions history – as Dark Elves- High Elves-Bretonnia) … Honestly even If I'm waiting for this DLC, I disagree about Combined Map design (the continents are too close each other)…. increasing a little bit the distance would not have been a major problem, imo (a litlle litlle bit just to avoid Dark Elves or Bretonnia to "land" in Ulthuan in one simple jump).
    2)The Southern World Edge Mountains (included the badlands old one parts) are really ugly … they still not seems the "lore" Wolrd Edge Mountains… but rocky hills and desert canyons instead…. (look at Karak Zorn location…. it remind me more the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade temple canyon than cold mountain range).
    3)After that… please… release.. campaign map world editor… (I say it as a modder… and a lot of modders are waiting for CM editor).
    Kindly, your affected fan/modder Gigiauz

  9. I don't like the cut on the new world… it is not a combination of old new, it is a combination of the old world with half of the new world…

  10. So let me get this straight: customers that have bought TW:W1 & 2 will get "access" to the content they have paid for and received an EULA for?! 😀 LOL 😀 No need to buy a "Unlock the content, you are entitled to" DLC?! 😀 LOL 😀

  11. CA thank you so much. Didn't know if we would get this until the 3rd installment. TWWH2 Is good but I just don't really like the races, I don't blame it on you guys or anything. with mortal empires I can play dwarves, empire, bretonians and norsca again!!

  12. How about you finally give Grimgor some knockback protection? He weighs like two tons and you may add an additional ton worth of resolve to that+ a few centuries of fighting experience. Some dude on a griffon who just obtained his promotion to generalhood shouldn´t be able to knock him away in the first place and even less should he be able to beat him. Think about it, in multiplayer Grimgor is mostly a joke, a meme, a weakling who requires a lifeguard if you want him to survive long enough to actually get in melee. Give him some love!

  13. So like…is this basically that you ported all your TW Warhammer 1 stuff to TW Warhammer 2, essentially making it a $60 DLC?

  14. Why is some shmuck called 'count ewald' in charge of lahmia instead of neferata?

    I mean, you don't have to make a LL for every minor faction, but atleast call them the correct names.

    Same goes for vampire coast, where is the vampire lord there not named luthor harkon?

  15. Awesome, but please for the next time, add more ocean (cause right now it is ridiculous) and expand the map west and south just a little bit, thank you !

  16. Curte Total War Warhammer mas não tem um canal BR pra acompanhar? Cola no meu !

  17. In the next warhammer game will it be the end time or the eastern part of the world or maybe the age of sigmar ?

  18. Tw peps, advice 101 look at the popular moods now look at your game thats how you know whats missing, now make all the empire factions playable and more detailed unit variety also throw in a Empire Knightly orders DLC

  19. Q: What is Mortal Empires?
    A: It's Years upon years of waiting between every god damn time you press end turn. At this point it's more loading than gaming.

  20. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey when is Norsica coming out for mortal empires ?

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