Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Announcement Cinematic

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Announcement Cinematic

The Empire, long divided, must unite. A great dynasty burns. And tyrants rule over the ashes. As the light dims, shadows grow ever darker. Ambition corrupts the future. And harmony shatters in the flames of turmoil. Yet from the cinders, the powerful and righteous emerge! The Empire, long united, must divide. And destiny be shaped by its champions!

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  1. I hope they release the soundtracks and that it includes "At Fifteen I Joined the Army on Expedition", I didn't understand it when I heard it the first time, but when I read the translated lyrics, it is such an amazingly touching song that brought me to tears, please CA make it happen.

  2. первое что я сделаю в этой игре когда она выйдет , устрою такую же пиздилку как в этом трейлере .

  3. To the Total War team: As I Total War Series fan, a Three Kingdoms fan and a Chinese fan, I would like like to say I LOVE YOU for making my dream come true!

  4. This looks like trash to me comparing it to how far ahead the total war series earlier predecessors were in comparison to there competition

  5. 10 months since i watched this, and towards the end it still makes me smile, this was my childhood story, my chinese equivalent to the english's Harry Potter

  6. 然后我们是不是可以等全战-夏朝众神、全战-战国风云、全战-东晋十六国、全战-五代十国、全战-北洋军阀、全战-红色崛起?那个,你们还缺人么?我觉得我可能行,如果我英语基本能猜得出来的话……
    okay, then if we can wait for Total War the Immortals of Xia Dynasty (B.C. 2070), Total War the Warring States Period, Total War the Sixteen Kingdoms of Jin, Total War the Ten Kingdoms of Five Dynasties, Total War the Northern Warlords, Total War the Raise of Red Army…So, is there any job for me? I think that I may be okay if nobody notices my poor English…

  7. since when Liu Bei is " Righteous ", my english is not good so i cant name specify characters in english, but remember, whoever help liu bei, he always die and lost all his land except cao cao, cao cao is the only one didnt fall for Liu Bei " Righteous " character

  8. I stand alone

    And gaze upon the battlefield


    Is all that's left after the fight

    And I'm searching a new way

    To defeat my enemy


    I've seen enough of death and pain

    I will run – they will hunt me in vain

    I will hide – they'll be searching

    I'll regroup

    Feign retreat they'll pursue

    Coup de grâce, I will win but never fight

    That's the Art of War!

    Breaking the will to fight among the enemy

    Force them to hunt me

    They will play my game

    And play by my rules

    I will be close but still untouchable

    No more will I see suffering and pain

    They will find me no more

    I'll be gone

    I will have them surrounded

    They will yield without fight overrun


    Coup de grâce

    I will win but never fight

    That's the Art of War

    Broken and lost

    Tired of war

    They'll surrender to me

    Caught in my trap

    There's no way out

    Fail never again

  9. The people gathered around the map table at 1:06 appear to be, starting at Cao Cao and moving clockwise are, Cao Cao, generic adviser, Liu Bei (as seen later in this trailer), generic adviser, Sun Jian (We know it is him from his own in-game trailer), generic adviser, Guan Yu (seen later in this trailer), Zhang Fei (seen later in this trailer) and finally, another generic adviser.

    I personally love how everybody seems to move or shy away from Cao Cao when he enters, except for Sun Jian who just stays completely still, eyeing his potential prey, just like a true tiger would.

  10. Two months to go. Can't wait for Total War Three Kingdoms.

    I hope CA will release now the system requirements for TW: 3K

  11. I would have loved it if this game was to come to PS4, but I know it would be difficult to work out the controls

  12. So..they have one on one duel. But in trailer we can see 2 on 1 duel..make ur trailer close to ur game. Witcher have done it with much little budget. U should do better

  13. Been playin' Dynasty Warriors too much because I'm so used to seein' Wei as blue, not red. Shu is still green, at least, in this game.

  14. This is one game I won't buy… I know China's history is grand, great congratz but something isn't appealing about a civilization fighting with itself. Same units, same names, unrealistically powerful generals. Meh… too Chinese. A new updated Medieval 3 would have been great right now. Teutonic Knights, cannons, barbarian invasions, religious conversions and invasions, population culture assimilation. And they preferred to make a "Chinese romance" of the three kingdoms… what a bore.

  15. AWESOME But i was hoping for a China total war, (history of course)
    Factions: Sui, Tang, Eastern Tujue, Xuenyatou, Western Tujue,Tibet,Uyghur Khaganate,Goguryeo,Silla, Abbasids An Lushan rebels, Liao, Xixia, Song, Southern Song and Jin.

  16. Or a Mongol Total War,
    Factions: Genghis Khan, Hulagu, Möngke, Ogedei, Subotai, Jin, Xixia, Southern Song, Goryeo, Ming, Delhi Sultanate, Kwarezmia, Seljuk Turks, Baghdad, Mameluks, Russia, Poland and Hungary.

  17. 1:21 ov thay wood show him hees the stronges warr_ee_er un that loves betrayer 1:28 omg wow acording to histery….thair ded

  18. This is exciting. Three kingdom is perfect for Chinese totalwar. Good work CA!
    I would like to see them expand totalwar about Asia not limited only to imperial Chinese. It would be awesome if they decide to expand the map to SEA, Japan, mid-Asian islamic state.

  19. Fall 2018…It's like almost may in 2019… I rather wait and the game be good though. Nobody likes rushed games. *cough-rome 2-cough*

  20. Am I the only one disappointed Guan Yu’s face isn’t red enough?

    I don’t need his face completely red like some over the top stage makeup portrays him at times. I just wanted a little blush, like he has a little skin inflammation from drinking, rosacea, sunburn, allergies, eczema, or any reason that could cause redness. He looks like he has the clearest complexion out of everyone here.

  21. Just leave my opinion here
    Favourite warlord : Cao Cao
    Favourite commander : Zhou Yu
    Favourite strategist : Guo Jia
    Favourite fighter : Zhao Yun
    Best waifu : Sun Shangxian


    A quindici anni entrai nell'armata.

    A venticinque, infine, tornai a casa.

    Quando entrai nel villaggio

    incontrai un vecchio e gli chiesi:

    "Chi vive ora nella nostra casa?"

    "Guarda giù per la strada,

    là c'è la tua vecchia casa."

    Pini e cipressi crescono come malerba.

    Ci sono conigli nella cuccia del cane.

    I piccioni fanno il nido tra le tegole rotte.

    Il cortile è ricoperto d'erbacce.

    Tralci di vite selvatica coprono il pozzo.

    Raccolgo del miglio e mi faccio una sbobba

    e raccolgo un po' di malva per farmi la zuppa.

    Quando la zuppa e la sbobba sono pronte

    Non c'è nessuno con cui dividerle.

    Me ne sto all'ingresso diroccato

    e mi asciugo le lacrime agli occhi.

  23. There is a bug in the game.I don't know how to give you feedback, so i reply here. When a country is short of food, you can sell it in exchange for some areas. You can cancel the contract immediately after signing the treaty. These areas still belong to you. You don't have to give food to that country. Then you can continue to trade food for territory and break the contract. You can always do this in exchange for all the territory of other countries except the capital.

  24. Why they don't use this version for the actual intro? Such a missed opportunity..
    This version is more epic and fitting for the intro

  25. 十五从军征 佚名(derived from《乐府诗集·横吹曲辞·梁鼓角横吹曲》)








  26. This is another dismal attempt at recreating a strategy game by gamers who have no clue how battles work.In the early stages, whether it is a defect of games or designers did it on purpose, extra army raised to go to the battle mysteriously disappears for no reason in front of the town.During sieges, your army shrinks "due to illness" and it won't let you attack the castle for several turns until your army is weakened to the point where the opponent( computer) is more advantageous over you. No defense against preventing these casualties.You are not allowed to combine armies more than 3. I am not sure if you can combine armies more if you increase in rank. I have gotten to the duke rank and it wasn't possible. But because of this, even when I raise 6 armies to go to battle, I am suddenly attacked with only one army while the other army is trailing behind.Also, some cavalries move slower than the infantry, which is total nonsense. There is nothing in account for the affect of terrain on your armies. Flanking movement or rear attack, which often destroys even bigger opponents, is useless and has no affect in this stupid game.
    In real life, cavalry is usually 3 or 5 times more powerful than infantry. In this game, more numbers you have almost is the sole factor of winning.This game is created for kids, not for adults.And if you are too good in the beginning, computer has mysterious ways of destroying you, so you can not win easily.

  27. I heard that Koei Tecmo's Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV: Total War wants to rival this game. But I bet that KT Games will not stand a chance against yours. Keep it up!

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