Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – A Hero’s Journey Trailer

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – A Hero’s Journey Trailer

Hope fades. This beautiful land has been scarred by war Ravaged and abandoned by those unworthy of my ability. The people should be protected. Who will fight? Not for greed, but for peace. They say there is one, a man of honour, who seeks me. Is he worthy? Yes. Perhaps he is!

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  1. This game seems sooooo promising. I havet played TW for a long time, but when I saw that Rome came to Android I could not hold back and had to try it. And I love it as much as I loved it those years back on PC.

    I had to install Shogun 2 which I have for so long, but didnt really play. I got bored by strategy games for some time. I think this strikes everyone once a while that you just cant play some game type or any game no matter how good they are.

    Shogun 2 is really good, but I am not happy that I can not kill off the clan by assassinations 🙁 I find it very hard to win the game with diplomacy and shadow tactics. Open warfare seems to be the only way. Diplomacy could work, but I was then "betrayed" by turn limit 🙁

    But regarding the Three kingdoms it seems to improve a lot about diplomacy, agents etc… I cant wait for this game 🙂
    Only thing that worries are those heroes. I hope they will not be OP, it would break the experience imho if they would be able to route armies by themselves. But I trust they know what they are doing. I completely skipped that warhammer series or how it was called. Thats not my cup of tea so I am really glad to see a new proper Total War title.

    Definetly buying day one. But please take your time, I heard that Rome 2 release was a disaster. That should not repeat 😀

  2. what's the deal with the Fan in this? I don't remember anything about a fan during the three visits? Did he just want to see if Liu Bei offered it back to him?

  3. 今年下半年,中英合作的三国演义即将正式开放,我继续扮演诸葛孔明,我会用诸葛亮的艺术形象努力创造一个正能量的形象,文体两开花,弘扬中华文化。

  4. Anyone who is interested in this game should take a chance to watch Romance of Three Kingdoms tv series 1994 (available on YouTube) to have a better appreciation of its historical background and unique characters of each figure.

  5. Liu Bei advised by Shuijin (Mr Water Mirror) and Xushu to visit the talented Zhu Ge Liang to serve as his military and political consultancy. Liu Bei visited him 3 times and finally obtained his assistance. In my hometown, we have a temple to memorize them. Wu Hou Ci.

  6. 如果一个人认定了一个人,那么他这辈子就会为他付出所有。我觉得这属于东方文化中特有的一种情感吧。

  7. Man, I'm super excited for this game. Being a big fan of the senseless, mindless, button mashing that is Dynasty Warriors, Zhuge Liang is my favorite character.

  8. Such beautiful landscape no matter what others may criticize I love CREATIVE ASSEMBLY who is keep making these amazing total war series! keep going please.

  9. And he choses the only lord he can serve cause no one will use him or give him the rank he want because they know and he knows his capabilities will stretch too thin. And he knows he cant be capable of being the apex advisor or what's nowadays the position of joint chief of staffs for the other two factions. Thus choosing the only faction without one strategist so he can climb/thrust in high position cause his the only one.

  10. I just want to know if the modeler has some misunderstandings about the original artist's paintings.Painting and 3D modeling are really different! I hope that CA will once again change Zhuge Liang's 3D style because Zhuge Liang has a high status in Chinese history and East Asian history. He is the embodiment of wisdom. I think it would be better to change his eyes and mouth.

  11. 臣亮言:先帝創業未半,而中道崩殂。今天下三分,益州

  12. He sees the land divided into three, even before it happens, He lay out a strategy for the weakest warden, and helped him become a king. He lead and fought seven wars for restoring the Han dynasty, while kept the people in back lines fed and rich. He is called to be the "sleeping dragon", a true legend. In China, people still visit his temple.

  13. In my head Zhuge Liang's face is Takeshi Kaneshiro thanks for the movie Red Cliff, and now it's hard for me to accept this is Zhuge Liang… :v

  14. his wife was just as interesting as he was
    she was a master engineer and a good strategist in her own right

  15. 历史上是刘备屈尊三顾茅庐请诸葛亮,把他感动得不要不要的才来的吧,怎么这里就诸葛亮主动投奔了?

  16. Have you CA ever considered making Jiang wei.the successor of Zhe ge liang, a main character with his own special abilities?1He gets a huge amount of fans in China!

  17. 100000%%%%%% OPest character who don't like to rule, but act as Peacekeeper, I close my eyes when tried to see the title of this video coz scarred of the title displaying it "Zhuge Liang Total War Trailer" Oooo myyy gaaawd D'XXXXXXXX

  18. wants a lord that doesnt is greedy, 20 turns later: desires higher office and must be bribed to stay in line

  19. 1% of comments: This trailer is brilliant!


    70% of comments: PANDAS!!!

  20. It’s a shame he wasn’t the flawless genius he’s portrayed as in the Three Kingdoms media. He only ever got that image from RoTK.

  21. I wish dynasty warriors was partially realistic like this but now they got characters looking like kpop Stars 🤦🏻‍♀️

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