Tips to Dominate Mobile Streaming with PRISM Live Studio (한글 자막 포함)

Tips to Dominate Mobile Streaming with PRISM Live Studio (한글 자막 포함)

Hey all, Wild4Games here to help with your wild streaming needs. And in this video I’m going to show you how to use the PRISM Live streaming app to the best of its abilities so that you can stream like a rockstar. Let’s go. So if you’re not familiar with the live streaming platform known as PRISM do not worry, I’m going to put a card on the top of the video right here or you can check out the links down below that will get you caught up to speed on everything you need to know on how to use the platform. But in this video right here I’m going to show you the best tips, tricks, and advice so that way. you can dominate with all of your mobile streams. Let’s dive into it. Awesome Tip Number One is decide if you’re going to be using WiFi or if you’re going to be using 4 or 5G for your upload from your mobile device. You see, depending on which of these you pick may have a stronger signal than the other, which is why it’s important to decide before you hit that start streaming button if WiFi is better or 4 or 5G is going to be better. So how do we know which one of these two is going to be best? That leads us to our awesome Tip Number Two is to check the internet speed. There is a lot of apps out there like that will allow you to check the WiFi signal or allow you to check the 4 or 5G signal. Make sure you see what’s going to be the download speed and the upload speed. because those will decide which one you should go with. A little bonus tip for Tip One and Tip Two is depending on which signal you are going to pick right here, make sure you decide on where that signal is going to be strongest throughout your entire broadcast because you’re most likely going to be walking around and if you choose WiFi and it’s not broadcasting throughout wherever you’re going to walk around to, it might be better just to go with 4 or 5G. So make sure you think before you hit the ‘Go Live’ button. Awesome Tip Number Three is all about PRISM’s exclusive Adaptive Bitrate. The reason this is such a powerful tool because if you’re unsure about what your broadcasting up or down speed can be from your device and or location, this feature will actually adjust for the best quality that can be pulled down and up for your viewing audience, which is great because you don’t have to do any of the heaving lifting, especially if you’re trying to broadcast at a high bitrate and can’t hold it, this will stop or at least minimize the amount of stuttering frames or drop frames that your viewing audience will have. So if you’re unsure what you can broadcast at, make sure you have turned on that Adaptive bitrate. Awesome Tip Number Four is deciding between whether or not you should be using 720p or 1080p for your broadcast. For mobile streaming, both of these mobile resolutions are completely acceptable for a viewing audience because they understand the limitations of technology. Now to broadcast at 1080p, it really comes down to a couple key factors. Do you have a new generation phone that can keep up with the camera resolution, the processor, and the ram to allocate and buffer and render all that information in time? If you do, then 1080p might be the way to go for you. But likewise, you have to make sure you have a good spot to again check for the internet speed coming down and up to broadcast out to your viewing audience. So make sure you check that WiFi signal or whatever signal you’re using like we said in Tip One and Two. Now if you don’t meet any of that criteria for 1080p, it’s okay to broadcast in 720p. 720 still looks exceptionally good from a mobile stream. And if you’re really unsure about everything? You know, 720p is a great place to start. Tip Number Five is all about pre-loading your studio on PRISM live streaming app. One of the reasons I love this app is because it allows you to put images on top of the live stream that you get to share with your viewing audience. Now to take full advantage of this, is you want to preload all of the images that you want to share before you hit that ‘Broadcast’ so that everything can be fluid so that way you can give all of your attention to the live streaming audience. For example, I showed my artwork to all of my audience, so that way they can keep up with what I’m currently producing and going to be selling within my portfolio. And preloading that makes it a lot easier to go through all of the artwork. Awesome Tip Number Six is all about producing smooth shots quality as your live streaming on-the-go. You do not want to have a shaky camera as you’re broadcasting because it’s going to deter people from watching your content as you’re live streaming. So for this I would highly recommend getting a gimbal that accommodates your phone in your broadcast out there because having smooth shot video to your viewing audience makes the world of a difference for people staying in your channel, which means higher retention, which is going to be awesome for your streaming platform. Now, PRISM isn’t one of the best live streaming apps that you can use from your mobile device out there. It’s also a very powerful photo and video editing tool that you can use for free for all of your footage and content creations. I really recommend taking a look at it. It’s really a triple threat when it comes to all your content creation and live streaming needs. So make sure you give it a download today. Again, I’ll put a link down below so that way you can get right to it in the App Store. Once again, my name is Wild4Games and I am so glad I get to help you become bigger and better with all of your live stream and mobile needs. And I will see all of you beautiful people next time. Take care and peace.

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  1. I'm head over heels with the app. However, you can't control the chat. It lacks other features like Streamyard Paypal button. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

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