This Switch Game REALLY Surprised Me! – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 JPN Demo

This Switch Game REALLY Surprised Me! – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 JPN Demo

Hey what’s up everybody
Oh J here welcome back to another video today we’re taking a look at the legend
of heroes trails of Cold Steel three Japanese demo I have no idea how I’m
gonna be able to read and navigate through this but hey whatever we’re
gonna just go ahead and play so let’s just check it out here okay so some of
its in English here we go that’s not everything though but they’re
just like some of it English some of it not who cares
there’s the pre story so for those who don’t know if you do pick up the game
since the first two games aren’t on switch you can get the story so far so
you can just look at the story so far but it makes no sense for us to watch
this because it’s not gonna be in English so we’re gonna start up a new
game here and wow look at all these options you have very easy easy normal
hard nightmare okay good stuff so it’s gonna start off on normal and then maybe
once we get to the full game then we can check out like you know like the Hard
difficulty or the extreme Hard difficulty and all that stuff but pretty
good pretty good we’re going to skip through any story stuff just because it
doesn’t really matter because we can’t read it so we’re just gonna skip through
just get to the combat just kind of see how it plays the Albert runs and
everything like that last time that I did check there was some gameplay like
information I guess it’s gonna be 720p 30 frames for a second so we’ll see how
it holds up now that we’re actually in the game here this is a PlayStation 4
game I think it came out last year on ps4 no came out a while ago or something
like that in Japan just recently in the West maybe okay so he’s about to get
bopped you know the Japanese voice-acting solid
so we’re just gonna go really skip you skip through past this guy’s let’s get
to the combat it’s telling me all sorts of stuff I have no idea what that is
in terms of out of place so we’re just gonna skip through all that and press
buttons and so we actually learn how to play here everything I think you set up
okay we’re good now we’re good now so overall okay I did something I’m just on
this girl overall the graphics definitely look definitely look very ps2
ish for sure definitely ps2 but that is that is Falcon that comes games like yz8
lacrymosa I’ve done other games kind of look like that they don’t have a huge
budget for games so it does make sense and really what what makes these games
good not necessarily they’re not ever the best visual lookers even on ps4 it’s
more about the the gameplay the combat in the game that the system’s III mean
you really have to make sure that you break open these boxes here all right
here’s the enemy so you can you can basically start with an advantage all
right so that that tells you to do I have no idea what that’s gonna be so
what we’re gonna do we’re just gonna go to press the a button everybody hits
we’re going to hit this say bird dog looking thing alright we did a thousand
damage let’s go to hit the a button again now they’re all took their old
critical here we go alright so X looks like we have some type of special gang
of attack that we can do once we get a activated by a critical alright so I’m
gonna go right here so it looks like positioning thrust alright time to get
it so he’s got more all right and we beat them I can see why people really
like this is pretty cool it’s a very um looks like it’s a very innovative
turn-based system so I’m gonna go over here this okay she’s long range alright
so we’re gonna press oh I missed it I guess you only have a little bit of time
before you do that but we get to attack again so I’m gonna try this time X and
it looks like you can use some CP so that’s command points I’m guessing to do
some damage here so it looks like it’s an area it’s a radius so we can get both
of them in here all right and we get both of nice delay
all right we can team up for another attack
I can’t wait to understand what I’m actually doing here because this combat
system seems phenomenal all right takes your battle time
good good stuff I got a little scratch one bite all right here we go
all right looks like we get some experience nice little boost here
great great good stuff so I’m just giving you guys look a little initial
look I don’t know if I’m gonna go through like the whole demo because like
I said I mean I don’t know how long it even is or what you can even do but okay
oh okay so if you press the L button you can change your first character it just
it’s barely any animation but hey I like at least you can change so let’s see
what else he can do okay it changes like your first attack to start up – so Oh No
okay it was a little bit different alright but he goes first this time
alright so we’re gonna press the B button so it looks like we can move
somewhere we can move position like position ourselves a little bit
different maybe alright but that takes up your turn okay so looks like the the
d-pad is the different items that you can use – alright so I get I bet people
who have put this game in on the ps4 like I’ll decide you do this this is
this is let’s press Y looks like ep so we have different categories that we can
do there’s a delay may be no delay on some of these so we’re gonna go ahead
and do this one right here this a t looks like it hits everybody alright so
it’s like yes to charge it okay so it’s almost like the last story I kept to
give them a little bit of time there’s some delay in between their charges and
stuff so she’s a sniper so I’m just gonna go ahead and we’re gonna start by
attacking this person here a sniper shot on their way don’t die cuz I don’t know
what I’m doing alright so we’re gonna go ahead and put some stronger attacks here
so we’re gonna go to go with the x2 a special attack got some CP here and you
know I should have put one more in the range I don’t think I got the other oh
no he did you did you got him in the range so now they’re gonna be attacked
on there you have an art skill on there okay
so let’s see if we can get another we got a lot of CP so we’re good we’re
gonna do this 80 right here big radius we should be able to hit everybody
who’s gonna stand right there oh he has a big old dead stock Oh is a strike
you got another attack that we can do even this you put okay she goes back
alright nice and now we have our attack that we’re doing oh but there was nobody
there because we were to kill everybody okay so the strategy has to be there oh
my gosh the counter was devastating on him nice this combat system is very end
up I like all the stuff that I’m seeing so far I can’t really like that I mean
this is why I thought this is why you play FAL come games you don’t play them
for the graphics you play them for the combat and I can tell that there’s
already a lot of cool mechanics a lot of different things that they add in to
kind of spice up the gameplay in a turn-based game a lot of like there’s a
lot of strategy and depth which I like in my turn-based RPGs so let’s see we
got some items we’re just gonna break it’s about a charge meter definitely an
in-depth RPG nurse on the map we can kind of we can scroll this map and we
can zoom in and zoom out so as a does have a nice fully rotational map so I’m
like that as well alright so let’s check these other
characters this is do look a little spin it’s so so dramatic on that one let’s
see what he has he has it oh wow I thought that look oh this is even more
is even more alright let’s see if we get him oh there we go nice I think let me
get the advantage I’m not sure I didn’t finish the end of the attack all right
well let’s see here so we’re gonna start off with this Robo guy here okay cp200
looks like I can link attack with the girl next to me so that’s what’s gonna
trigger the link attack if I do something like different than that if I
do like my actual one of my specials so let’s see here
I know let’s see what what he’s got 180 okay let’s just do this 20 21
we’ll keep it right here he’s gonna charge up a bit but it’s gonna be more
powerful EP heal alright so I think she can we can also do something right here
and you get both of them and I think it’s gonna do a link attack with that
guy right there alright no maybe I’m out okay see I don’t understand as much
Oh 1,000 critical another hit okay miss thank you
nice counter and Darren goes that guy okay he’s not I guess he’s not big on
magic if I didn’t really do too much all right so we’re gonna go ahead and see if
we can finish off this person here nice nine hundred coins what does he got
oh he’s got he’s still got a lot of HP left okay so let’s see if we can okay so
it shows you where you’re where you’re gonna go at the top left there so this
shouldn’t be oh no this is just a guilty so yeah if I wait it’s gonna go all the
way down there so let’s go ahead and just do a standard attack on here to a
standard attack them that thing’s gonna shoot and they’re really targeting that
lady all right so let’s continue on here boy better ways to fight this but still
Lauren and it’s Jeff all right so good we broke him down or
he’s getting oh he’s almost dead well I did all right
so CP all right so she can still she can still go she’s not gonna lose her return
all right let’s see let’s do it and it’s gonna get I think this is gonna get the
other one too that’s gonna get both of them so let’s
just go do that nice yeah there you go nice nice all right so we’re gonna move
on we got this one right here looks like he has some type of green heart either
covers so I’m just going to start chipping away up okay let’s gonna stop
chipping away at there so it looks like we do have a link that we can do let’s
check it out CP 30 area here we go strike we got a link right there nice
there we go so I get some extra shots in and looks
like they’re days too so let’s see what she has see what she
is there’s a delay doesn’t play on all of her specialist yeah this is delay and
I think it tells you 65 so I’ll tell you they’ll tell you exactly how much of the
Delaine she has as well as you can skip your turn to I guess you can’t defend as
well use items there’s all sorts of stuff that I don’t you can run at 60
percent chance of actually running you can change okay a lot of different stuff
there a lot of different stuff I like it like that
so Oh got a crit let’s see link with both of them
let’s go all right nice let’s go to finish off this last guy here critical
you should have a link there we go BAM all right done skis there we go
hopefully there’s not like a really hard boss and I’m glad I just put this on
normal because I don’t understand everything so it’d be hard to take full
advantage of the system and if the enemies are kind of coming at me in a
certain way so not bad not bad at all not bad at all I like I like it it’s
looking good so far looking good we all right only to destroy some boxes all right see here isn’t she it’s just too
dramatic with that guy so just do that actually this guy seems to be like the
quickest it looks like we got a save point oh no I don’t know what I did not
a safe point yeah it looks like it looks like it was a safe point okay looks like
it was a safe point I think it was about a hundred percent sure all right
is there a sprint button there’s a walk button though there’s a wok button alright so looks
like we’re heading up to a tougher boss battle or maybe that was like did I
recover all my stuff like all my HP and all that they’re saying this is gonna be
a tough battle we need to have all of our weapons ready I like her weapons
though this yes throw my guns don’t like the tompa’s but they’re like guns on
them to that that’s actually really cool-looking alright so yeah that actually killed
everything I think that he’ll yeah and I healed everything that we have okay so
we got some tough enemies here so let’s see here alright so let’s start off by
doing a nice area attack let’s see if we can get some criticals on here alright
we’re also gonna do the same thing if we can get some nice no it’s not gonna be
what else does she have cp-40 okay here we go we’re gonna shoot them up a little bit
speed down I like that something buffs let’s go alright so
let’s let’s keep it going here it’s gonna be delaying but she can delay it’s
all good she can delay let’s let her it’s fine it’s no big deal oh okay let’s go hey I’ve got a nice
little link attack all right let’s get it
aye so we’ve got we’ve got him up here versus that it’s gonna be delays on that
no matter what so let’s just go ahead and get a nice attack in let’s just get
an attack in 1,000 okay who’s the healer that we had we
need we definitely need a healer on here let’s see here so items HP okay so
that’s that’s our that’s our heels that we got that’s our heels so can you use
items on anybody else or you have to be the person to use the item yeah I think
I think you have to be the person to use the item that’s an 1800 HP sort of see
it or know you can use it on anybody okay you can use it on anybody
all right cool cool all right so I’m just gonna do that I’m just gonna go
ahead all right okay so I just want to make sure that I know how to heal oh
wait you could still attack okay see I don’t know that the battle system
I can still attack I can I can heal it and attack in the same turn alright
let’s keep it going then CP I got more CP so let’s just go ahead and I let’s do
some more do some more damage okay looks like we broke we broke BAM
all right that there’s something that’s up here okay with this guy we can
definitely get a link here this should be okay now it’s telling me you know
it’s telling me not on that so the big delay on that once listen that’s fine we
get it away we’re good we’re good doesn’t matter I
don’t know what I’m doing okay here we go let’s go okay
all right you know it goes in a line okay I like it
I like this girl whoo big attack big damage and he’s down let’s go
all right it’s normal attacks we don’t really need to crit link up all right
these guys are done this guy’s is should we finish them off boys and girls I
think so I think it’s loading on the next turn up
there you go nice nice good stuff good stuff I like it I like it
alright okay so what we’re gonna do guys we’re gonna go ahead and stop right
there I think that’s a good first look at the game The Legend of Heroes trails
of Cold Steel three for the Nintendo switch this game is actually coming out
pretty soon here I think it’s the spring it’s like April I’ll have the release
date across here somewhere but yeah it’s come to the switc looking forward to
playing the game myself definite gonna pick it up there’s a physical edition
and it’s also a shop as well I’m not sure the price I’ll have the price link
in description all that good stuff are on the screen whatever but what did you
guys think about The Legend of Heroes The Legend of Heroes trails of Cold
Steel 3 coming over to us what you think what the gameplay so far I actually
really like it I think it’s a great game I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun and
the RPG system looks really good I just need to know exactly what I’m twink it’s
not a robbery Japanese but I think it’s pretty good I think it’s gonna be a lot
of fun and I could see why people like these games I mean I love yz8 so if you
like ease and found calm games you’re probably gonna like this game here so
let me know what you guys think about this comment section below alright guys
that wraps it up for this video here check out the link in the description
you’ve got Twitter going to give us a like and a follow on there to stay up to
date on all of this gaming news also make sure you like comment and subscribe
and share the video if you can thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll
catch you guys for the next one peace

38 thoughts on “This Switch Game REALLY Surprised Me! – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 JPN Demo

  1. This game is an absolute dream for RPG fans. it's definitely like reading a good book and you're sad to put it down when you're done with it. So excited about the possibility of part four

  2. I would advise for everybody to start with this to atleast watch or read a summary of the overall story that reached back to the first trails game.

  3. This series deserves more love. If anyone plays this game and likes it, I highly recommend playing the rest too. They're all on PC. Hopefully, more get ported to Switch eventually, but they're at least easily accessible as it is.

  4. You need to play Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 to understand the story of this series. I hate they put this on Switch without putting 1 and 2 on it first

  5. I’m looking forward to Trails of Cold Steel 3 coming to the Switch. I’ll have to make time to play the 1st two entries also.

  6. Are you sure it's coming out on May 30th? I'm pretty sure it's a placeholder and NISA hasn't revealed when it's coming out yet.

  7. My guy, I recommend playing the first two Trails of Cold Steel games to you get up to date on the plot, they aren't on the Switch, but luckily, they are available on PC, and you can run them on a toaster of a PC, they are GLORIOUS, very long and story focused, but GLORIOUS. There are also two prequel ARCS, not games, ARCS, that consist of five games in total, Trails in the Sky (AKA The Liberl Arc) and Ao/Zero no Kiseki (AKA Crossbell Arc) the latter being currently unavailable in English via official localizations (though fan translations exist), but hopefully some time in the future we'll get them, I heard that those two are masterpieces of the JRPG genre, but take that with a grain of salt, as I haven't played them yet. All in all, whether you game on Switch, PC, or Playstation, PLAY THE TRAILS SERIES, you will not be disappointed.

  8. Trails does have a great combat system with plenty of mechanics and systems that tie into each other, but ultimately, it's all about the writing, the story, and especially the characters. These games contain some of the most well developed characters in the JRPG genre, and since it's all one long-running story, a lot of characters get a lot of screen time. That's how they can pull off having such a massive cast, while at the same time developing their characters so much. The world-building is also basically unrivaled.

  9. I'm currently playing through 1 on PS4 and Also got 2 waiting for when I finish. Debating on if I want to get 3 on PS4 or wait for the switch release

  10. Nihom Falcon is the best Japanese JRPG developer imo i am not even trolling. All of their games are fire. I like that they started releasing for Switch. But since i like their games so much i usually get them asap when they are available in English for PS4. I double dip sometimes. And YS VIII i actually bought 3 times. Vita, PS4 and Switch.

  11. I would love to play this game. However, the first two are not in the Switch…They really need to be on the Switch as well. Recaps doesn't do it justice…How is a specific game of a series that are connected story wise are not belonging to the same company? It makes no sense…Why does XSEED has the rights of the first two?

  12. Barely started this series last year on PS4 around April with beat 1 in a month got the second when it came out beat that one in another month waiting for 3 in October and I’m obsessed legit some of the best rpgs of this and last generation

  13. I am unfortunately not a fan of the Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel games. I tried to play 1 and 2 and just couldn't get into them. I am glad that people can love these games, they are unfortunately not for me.

  14. im waiting to pick Trails of Cold Steel I-IV when PS5 comes out. They should be pretty well priced used by then.

  15. Inovating combat system? it's like that way back from trails in the sky… and I thing legend of heroes games before that may use that as well

  16. Theres an english demo on PS also if anybody is interested. I really liked the demo so I actually grabbed the first game for my vita 😅

  17. Luckly the Switch as no trophies in it the PS4 demo however is bugged you can't get the open all chests in game trophy if you transfer the Demo PS4 only save to the full game without erasing the system file after transferring the Demo save to the full game PS4/PC versions only.

    I still played the PS4 demo on very easy mode and beat its PS4 demo in barely 15 to 20 minutes.

  18. So have you played the trails of cold steel 1, 2 or this is your first time playing the legend of heroes series?

  19. Yeah, Legend of Heroes being a good game is not a surprise. The Trails games are amazing and you absolutely should play them, though CS3 does have a lot of backstory that isnt just tied to Erebonia. This the third game in the third arc of the Zemuria Cnotinent series (ie 9th game in the series). First three are Trails in the Sky FC, Trails in the Sky SC, and Trails in the Sky the 3rd. These cover events in the Liberl Kingdom. The second arc is Crossbell and these follow the story of Special Support Section if the Crosbell State Police Department. They are entitled Zero no Kiseki (Trails from Zero) and Ao no Kiseki (Trails from Azure). Then we get to the Cold Steel series (Erebonian Empire Arc) which are Trails of Cold Steel, Trials of Cold Steel 2, Trails of Cold Steel 3, and the as yet untranslated Trials of Cold Steel IV.

    All of the games are interconnected and as such it can e said that they are required viewing to get everything out of this game.

    The trails series is amazing and deserves to be played by everyone on the planet

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