this is a HUGE mistake by Fortnite… | Chaos

this is a HUGE mistake by Fortnite… | Chaos

What’s up guys I’m gonna keep this short and sweet This is going to be a simple quick update video and I’m I’m not really I I’m not happy about this What’s everybody chaos here and I’m talking about what was just leaked when it comes to fortnight And I don’t know if there’s a trailer out yet If there is I’m putting in the background if there’s not it’s just some gameplay this my friends as you can see on the screen is a porta fortress rest in peace the porta port and we now have a port of fortress because the Port of Fort Wasn’t really annoying enough, you know, I mean it was it just wasn’t big enough. It wasn’t grand enough So now you can get this gold beauty right here and you can look on it And it looks like it’s literally going to pop up a castle a fortress something way bigger Way grander than a port a port and I’m sure it’s gonna be super rare, right? I now I am a big fan of the constant updates that epic does and how they just feed new stuff and they rotate things and they try things out and they usually Listen to the community Sooner than later, I’m not a fan of this thing it is already frustrating enough for people that aren’t excellent builders that you you go up against people that literally build fortresses in five seconds now all of the people that That don’t know how to build it all I mean the cannon fodder if you will can throw this down and Lintz I mean, they could have a fortress and I know it’ll probably be balanced Probably there’ll be things about it to counteract the fact that you literally throw this down and you create a castle But I’m just I don’t know and I obviously we’ll have to see how it plays out I’ll cover it once it’s out, but I just I’m not seeing it man I don’t think there is a need for a porta fortress in fortnight right now. I could be wrong Like I said, this is a super quick video You let me know in the comments section drop a like if you think that this could be an issue I’ll be back later with normal video guys. I want to know what you think. Bye

100 thoughts on “this is a HUGE mistake by Fortnite… | Chaos

  1. Sorry chaos but I would have to say ur wrong on this one the port a Fort just wasn't really affective in game and this item can

  2. i think it shoud be in multiple parts takeing up multiple slots eg. to create a full portafortres you throw down 2 part a then part b wich again take up 2 seperet slots with a switching time of 3 seconds
    so thorw down part a 1 2 3 swich to part b trow down part b

  3. I used it just now. Disappointed. In the trailer they made it seem huge. Complex. Traps and bounce pads. It's just a beefier port a fort tho.

  4. What next port a fricken world or something basically all fortnite does is add new stuff pretty much not really any updates that fix the game I am not hTing on the game I play it too but that’s pretty much all epic does try to maximize their profits

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