The Whole Entire Destiny Community Was Just Baited – Destiny 2

The Whole Entire Destiny Community Was Just Baited – Destiny 2

So two players in the world just hit power level 999 in destiny – what does that mean? Why is this important? And why was everybody losing their minds over it? It all started exactly one year ago from the release of shadow Keep a new dlc that it just came out called forsaken one that players came in flocks to discover what was in the world to explore the main chunk of this dlc was the dreaming city the one we will focus on for the Purposes of this video is the lore book truth to power if you’re curious My name is bifid a great video breaking down the lore of this book The link will be in the description in the book the narrator reads a letter achieve light level 999 and defeat duel and car ruin a one-person fireteam to unlock the true ending of the Dreaming city at first This was seen as nothing more than a joke Maybe reverence in Dragon Ball Z What does the scouter say about his power level? It was not really anything to worry about and players brush it off like it was nothing Since the highest power achievable at the time was 600 What we didn’t expect is that father time would soon catch up This time in the form of armor 2.0 and the artifact to the brand new DLC shadow keep But hold the phone there’s something else I missed entirely in the raid last wish there was 15 witches scattered throughout the world of destiny Some in the raid some of the Dreaming city some in PvP some in gam Gambit, these 15 wishes were almost all found except for the 15th one players searched for months trying to find this one last wish one that could potentially end the curse in the Dreaming city once and for all fast-forward to shadow keep and news of an infinite level grind in the form of the artifact began a new way to constantly level up with grinding XP a player that can have gear at 953 power while having their power level at 999 this is a result of grinding for XP Every time you level up your artifact eventually you will get a plus one of your power level your gear can be 950 but your power level can be 999 or higher that part is infinite at level 1,000 that’s over 5 million XP to gain one level and now consider the fact that most of the best bounties give you 10,000 XP This is a grind Reddit and Twitter went wild getting everybody excited to finally break the curse Two top players raced back and forth for the claims to power level 999 supa dupa and bagel 4k links to their channels will be in the description these two fought tooth and nail for the claim to 999 power and they both started to pull in some serious traction throughout the different platforms What really started to get players more excited than anything? However was Bungie adding the 15th wish to the API. We use things like Charlemagne bot light GG all these different resources to find out when Bungie adds things to the API That’s how data miners find out all this different stuff is in the game. This is a wish we didn’t think existed until We found out that it actually just came in. So I guess it it didn’t really exist before that and both of these guys reached 998 power level the week that Bungie put it in the API Additionally touch of malice has been rumored to make a return So this is a collector’s edition lore book mentions the rise of Oryx again This was about to be one of the biggest moments in Destiny’s history At around 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time 11:00 p.m. Eastern bagel. 4k reached power level 999 He asked popular twitch streamer Youtuber challenge expert and my friend glad to take over his account to complete the shattered throne solo for him Dad said no sang to share the screens with him and he would help bagel along the way destiny tube blew up in the twitch directory and glad stream alone reached close to 20,000 viewers during this madness even Bungie devs were in his chat making the hype around this shattered throne all the more Insane the community was now going wild Then the moment came bagel reached duelin car route solo at power level 999 the truth to power books spoke of this moment and it was finally going to happen as Bagel fired the final shot and dulin carters screamed for the last time a screech was heard Eyes up guardian Nothing happened Bagel checked all around the room scalping every corner possible any shadows anywhere and nothing happened myself Sweat cycle a few clan mates and some other players went back into last–which and in our absolute best to try to find the 15th Wish alright, maybe if we get a fatter dick, maybe that’ll so we just make the whole wallet dick. Hold on. We tried fish wall Tire you telling me that we have to make two balls as a fireteam and Riven is the dick The community was debated very very hard He made American Idol Vegeta. Okay, they pull up idea that literally Getting a key meter bunny ago But Uncle Tom pain now Pocono medio de Polan upon the male jungler. Hey, man, yellow Boo your body Bungie had to make a response. So the following morning they made a post on It reads to our friend bagel 4k You’ve spent countless hours defeating the enemies of the last city Steadily increasing your power to challenge the darkness that is consuming the Dreaming city we’ve been watching alongside the community as you’ve come to the doorstep of being the first guardian in destiny history to have a 4-digit power level. We are humbled by your dedication And while this may have not broken the curse we can say without question. You have become legend There’s all this text centered in brackets and you may be wondering what that is. I think that’s a second narrators voice Potentially Sabbath in which Sabbath ear is a whole different story for another video But basically they finish it up by saying thank you for playing and we can’t wait to see how high you climb each season Finally the wait is long, but I am ceaseless this This this may not have been what the community wanted, but it was something that’s for sure the rest of the day Bungie dev team started making some weird tweets and having Encrypted looking text in their tweets their usernames all of that, but alas my poor player. Nothing happened So what does this mean? What does any of this mean was it worth it? It means a community came together over something that still may happen in the future but for now is Squash like all of our hopes and dreams of being monetized on YouTube more importantly It means that if you set up a goal for players to reach any Kind of reward players will shoot for the stars to reach that goal The 15th wish is in the database now and while that doesn’t mean it exists It will take some time to be discovered Bungie has talked about an ever evolving world So it’d be hard to say nothing will happen with the curse in the dream you city and the 15th wish but for now it Is just that? a wish If you like what you saw here alike would be greatly Appreciated as well as a subscription and if you really like this kind of content Maybe you want to head over to my twitch channel and tell me what you thought about this video wall I’m live link will be in the description as well Anyways, thank you so much for watching again, and I will see you in the next video. Goodbye everybody

100 thoughts on “The Whole Entire Destiny Community Was Just Baited – Destiny 2

  1. 7:23 message within brackets

    "This is another gift, your strength is my strength, your victory is my victory, my jaws are wide open and I am waiting. The wait is long but i am ceaseless, I am Savathûn, fulfilled, i'm delighted and expectant"

    I did my best for the last part

  2. Cheers I am Savathun fulfilled delighted expectant 04
    Truth to power
    Is victory so easy hero?

    Soloing the Shattered throne with 999 might not have broken the curse itself but it's likely to lead to us breaking the curse.

    Those 3 lines are quite interesting the first one comes off as a direct communication from Savathun. She's greeting us and telling us that she feels fulfilled now, that she's delighted by how strong we're becoming, and expectant for our actual confrontation. The 04 could be a timeline in months 04 being 4 months. In 1 month Season of the Undying will end and Season of the Dawn will begin. Then 3 months after Season of the Dawn starts a new season will start. This line could be Savathun letting us know that she will be coming in 4 months. That season may be Season of the Witch Queen or something like that.

    The second line saying "Truth to power" I can't get much of a meaning out of other than there is something behind all things. When it comes to obtaining power there is some truth behind that power, a hidden meaning. You might obtain an all powerful power but what is the truth of that power? Is it an evil power? Is it a good power? Is it meant to protect or destroy? No matter what the power is there's some meaning behind it there is always a "truth to power". We are always striving to gain more power to raise our power level and get stronger but what is the truth behind us building that power? And what is the truth of the power we use?

    And the third line is a taunt "Is victory so easy hero?" it's like Savathun is implicitly taunting us. We achieved power and thought we could break the curse and made the attempt but victory is never easy. This also alludes to what had been going on in the Dreaming City all along. The cycle always restarts and we must kill Dul Incarnu so she can't get to the distributary but we can never win the cycle just repeats. We appear to achieve victory only for it to be short lived. Simply having power doesn't mean you will always win. It's likely that this 15th wish once it's found will lead to breaking the curse. It's not an easy victory first we needed to obtain enough power(999) and defeat Dul Incarnu. Now we must find the Last Wish to try and break the curse.

  3. I can’t believe Bagel4k didn’t even know how to do the Shattered Throne. You would think as he was getting close, he would have at least run it a couple times.

  4. Jesus u have to get the Medusa quest first which is soon coming … it’s the 2nd raid of Ikora we travel inside the portal and kill some vex get the Medusa quest and give it too banshee which we’ll give us the quest !!!!

  5. Translation:
    "cheers, I Am Savathun (something something something else) expectant104(?)"

    "Is victory so easy hero?"


    "Bagel 4k"

    Translated best I could in order. That first one as the footnote I stared at for a while, can't make out the rest after "Cheers, I am Savathun", just hurts my eyes.

  6. Funny how you said everyone was losing there mind but i didn't lol more like a meh, it does sucks though that he didn't get rewarded for reaching that level.

  7. Power level and light level are different. Light level is gear. power level is your gear plus artifact. you need LL 999 NOT power level 999. Im a New light player and I could make that distinction. no easy feat what he did though. that shits amazing

  8. I think in the next Season in destiny the curse will be "lifted" and it will change how the dreaming city feels or looks

  9. 🤓 Gosh, Community. Everyone knows the Last wish is found by getting to Power lvl to 999 AND breaking the curse by using only the Wish Ender bow. You also have to save the final arrow to shoot yourself with. Great video though on this!

  10. Bungie : "You've spent countless hours defeating the enemies of the last city, steadily increasing your power"
    Bagel: *Laughs in afk macro farming*

  11. At 7:23

    Lower left, where the text is covered in symbols!

    Is that just garbage symbols or is there some hidden code/s?

    I'm referring to the symbol text that's vertical!

    Why does it look like some sort of wavelength?

    Is it a sound wavelength?

    A message?

    A pattern?

    I think it's possible that there's a hidden code in there somewhere, maybe not, but hey, this is Bungie.

    Yes, this is the same Bungie that keeps missing opportunities!

    Check it out guys!

  12. Don't trust what shows up on Braytech that site is a mirror of the game and all it's issues, a copy nothing more, and a bad one at that.

  13. hahahhaahahaha this why i play for fun at the moment not running around unlocking things cause the game a scam i have not even bought the new dlc i bought the last and go no story updates accept one so ye am taking it really fucking easy on d2 till things are sorted out

  14. Awesome video bro. As a Destiny vet, that's watched alot of different destiny Youtubers, I love your own taste in creating personal content. Different and unique, felt like I was watching a vidoc of the event that transpired. Keep it up bro. 👍

  15. Ever evolving world. Even though Cayde is dead and some strikes still have him in there. They could have easily replaced the strike bosses that are also technically dead with nightmare versions for there "evolving world".
    I've been playing this game since D1 Vanilla and this games always been a bait. But yet here I am.

  16. Sounds Like lazy fucking bungie like always. Grind you life away for nothing. This is 1 of the 3 reasons I barely play now.

  17. The 15th wish is bungie sells out to a competent developer or absorbs some real talented dudes like the astronaughts and puts them in positions of authority. They need people that can pay attention to detail and see the cause and effects of tuning prior to releasing patches and balancing. Activision was a bunch of crooks but I really think the split happend due to both sides blaming each other constantly when in reality both sides just wanted more money and are/were incompetent with balance and changes. Also bungie adding bullet sponges is not the right way to ad difficulty to pve. Bullet sponges just make the game painfull slow. Every time I do a 980 activity I want to blow my head off. This is the least fun power grind ever which is why I could give 2 shits about grinding for pinnacle gear. This is perfect evidence for the people that grind their brains out. Its for nothing. I've been there but now I see the light. The outside light, literally.

  18. i think that even if it is a ruse which by all account is the most likely due to the nature of the lorebook being highly suspect, that these community driven events are some of the coolest social experiences in gaming at this moment. Im happy for Bagel

  19. Has a new light player i have absolutely no idea what your talking about .But im very interested.

    Edit: okay i tried this is entirely too much, im out. 😂

  20. Dude this video is awesome the editing and the commentary are great, wasn’t bored a second unlike other D2 youtubers..

  21. Let me use an Halo meme to explain this situation:
    We've been tricked, we've been backstabbed and we've been quite possibly bamboozled.

  22. maybe there has to be a last wish done with a full squad of 999 light guardians now that dul incaru was defeated by bagel to finaly break the curse and then get the 15th wish im just spitballing but its possible

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