(dramatic music) – [Woman] We are live
for the memorial service of Blake Redding, son of Texas Governor Dean Redding who lost his life when he
failed his Thinning Exam last week at Vista Point High School. – [Dean Redding] Ms. Michaels
I wanted to offer you an advisory role in our new Thinning oversight committee. – I’m not going to be a mouth piece. Tell the Governor I’m not working for him. – We’re not with the Governor. We’re with the fight. – We’re hiding in plain sight
at all levels of government to garner influence to end the Thinning. – [Man] We need you to help the Governor, find a way in. – {Girl} There is still a lot of questions that need answers. – Not one person ever saw Blake’s body. Are we doing this? (elevator lowering) – Congratulations, your class has been spared. Every single one of you was chosen to receive a second chance at life. – Ellie! – You’re governors kid right? You’re probably use to
getting whatever you want. Ellie belongs to me now. If you look at her, I’m gonna kill you. – Blake Redding is alive. – Students are being put to work in some kind of labor camps. – All of this is extremely illegal. – [Woman] We can’t break
the law, we are the law. – [Man] Now this is entertainment. – Everything we’ve been told
about this place is a lie. – No one has ever gotten out before. – [Blake] They have to try. – [Ellie] I can’t keep doing this. – [Blake] You have to, your so close. Don’t run now. – [Ellie] It will take
the wrong person in power to end freedom as we know it. – We have to stop it. I’m not leaving without her. – Chris! This is our last chance at this. – We’re going to war. (dramatic music) – Oh snap, what up guys it’s your boy LP, otherwise known as Blake Redding from the Thinning New World Order coming soon, very, very soon Wink, wink to YouTube Premium. If you haven’t watched the first one yet make sure you to do so
also on YouTube Premium. I hope you guys enjoy the film, it’s kick ass. Hello gang, I love you guys,
and I will see you soon. Peace.

100 thoughts on “THE THINNING: NEW WORLD ORDER – Official Trailer

  1. I enjoyed the first one and just found out they released the second one

  2. Can i actually watch this movie somewhere I’ve been waiting forever since it was cancelled for sometime (besides YouTube premium)

  3. I watched this, and now I demand a part 3 to The Thinning. I loved both of the movies so far, so keep it going! < 3333

  4. Fucking YouTube. PewDiePie's show get cancelled because of a one time racist joke but Logan Paul gets a second chance for a sequel but still stiring up controversies.

  5. I really what’s to see the movie but my mom won’t let 🙁
    Edit: me: mom PLEASE let me watch it
    My mom: Noooooo

  6. Hey Logan uh I already fully watch the thinning 1 or 2 but uh do u know when thinning 3 is coming out?

  7. Dude I’m so mad this is a Logan Paul series because I love the premise and even watched the first movie because Peyton List is amazing. But damn. Logan Paul? Really?

  8. Yes, he filmed a dead body but he didn’t laugh at the body he laughed because he couldn’t believe the situation he was in seeing a body hanging and plus a nazi joke ain’t funny the holocaust is worse than a dead body genocide ain’t funny.

  9. I graduated high school earlier this year and would be 39 in the year 2040, so if the thinning really happened I'd be safe

  10. Oh my GAWD
    I'm just seeing this now? It's from OCTOBER 2018 and I'm seeing this now after waiting a Hella long time for this waaaaaw I'm really a living human being I'm surprised

  11. I'm not a logans fan at all, i barely even know him besides all the controversy stuff he got his ass into, but what a laugh with these moralist! I totally get the dead body deal, but dude, complaining about teasing dead animals, while most of you eat meat, drink milk and eat eggs for your breakfast? basically financing fucking massive animal torture? … put your shitty hypocrisy comments in your assholes cause there is not a middle point, you're either against animal misstreating/torture or you support it, get that on your stupid brains.

  12. If i didnt know any better ide say logan paul and alex jones teamed up to make a movie.
    I have a simple solution for all the haters, Just dont watch the movie. Problem solved!

  13. Logan paul just looks so stupid in this HAHA looks like he doesn't fit in this.
    The trailer looks so amateurish and the acting looks bad. Hire me up! I can read from the script too!

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