The Remember Hour | The Diss Honnord

The Remember Hour | The Diss Honnord

Do not be alarmed. It is 1800 hours. Please place your youth
in front of the learning screen. [crying] I wish I had permission
to hang these outside the bunker, but it’s better than nothing,
right Skid? [giggle] Great job, Rash. You’re sure to find me. Thanks, bud.
I know you’ll be back. [crying] Aw. [crying] [gasp] [music] [screams] Skid! You’re back! I am not back. I am Skid. I have returned. Hooray! [laughs]
Yay. Where did you go? Where I belong…here. I’ve always belonged here. Skid, you’re–
you’re acting strange. Do not worry about it. Say, let us have a lesson. It’s time for The Remember Hour. [cheers] Oh, um, I, I usually do that. [giggle] You usually do that? [laughs] [grunt] -Yay.
-Oh, boy. Oh, boy. It’s Remember Hour. [cheering] Since we’re doing the show, maybe Skid could tell the children
where he’s been. Whoa. What’s with all the questions? What is this, a game show? [laughs] It’s Jonathan Drill. Yes, I’m Jonathan Drill
and I’m very important. Jonathan Drill, I found Skid. No, my little orange friend,
Skid found himself. Isn’t that right,
you t-shaped freak? I found myself. But, but why the hat, Skid? You hate clothing. You used to say
it hinders your agile movement. -Oh, to disguise my scar.
-Myself. To disguise myself,
he means to say. Is what he said because today’s lesson is, Disguises. Yes, let’s talk
about disguises. You mean, like the Diss Honnord? Whatever works for you. The Diss Honnord
were a secret society operating from the shadows. Led by master spy, Crowvo. They used disguises
to sneak around and even control minds, making their targets
do whatever they ask. Like the Drill. Praise the Drill. No, the Drill only does that
when it has to. The Diss Honnord were banished because they fought against
a tyrannical government that wasted precious
natural resources on old, broken technologies. Like the Drill. Praise the Drill. No, you stupid little–
Uh, we love democracy. More like Drillocracy,
am I right? Drill the vote. [music] Drill, all day, everyday– [screams] I’m trapped. I’m trapped in my own body. Help me! Help me! I can’t–
[grunt] Skid? I am calm. Oh. No anger. We mis-calibrated
the emotional dampeners. We shouldn’t have
any more outbursts, sir. Oh, who are these lanky men? We’re Drill Scientists. Specializing in brain defragments. They’re Friendship Scientists here to measure how good of friends
you and Skid are. Oh.
[giggle] Well, uh, something’s not right. Skid’s voice is weird. Wait, we shouldn’t do the show
if you’re sick, Skid. Wow, you are good friends. [grunt] But, remember kids: we always work
even if we’re sick, especially if you look
as sick as I do in this suit. Doing work.
Flipper. That works. Flipper mode works. Back to the show. Oh.
Uh. Crowvo was resourceful. He showed
rats can be used for anything: from eating your foes,
to infecting them with diseases. That’s why there are
so many rats in the Drill. It’s on purpose. Oh. But please, only eat
a maximum four rats a day to limit mutations and for rationing. Gosh, I love the Drill. I love it so much,
it makes me want to dance. [music] Oh, may it please the Drill. [music] Look at you go. Oh, there’s our Skid. [laughs] [music] [grunt] [screams] I am fine. [screams]
Help me! I wanted the surgery. [screams]
Help me! Help me! We’re going to need
a few minutes to staple this up. [screams] I’ll tell you, if the children
would like a chance to see a spinal cord– [screams] I don’t think
that’s a good idea. It’s just an elective surgery,
little buddy. All the cool kids are doing it. It’s like having a phone
in your brain. How rad is that? Wait, Skid, I know
what’s different. [gasp] You got a haircut. Ha. Really? Hmm, looks good. Yeah, he did. Boy, what a strange
and complicated lesson, children. Remember to learn
from the Diss Honnord and be weary of deception
around you, like me. I want to live! [screams] These violent delights
have violent ends. The subject isn’t
taking to the treatment. We’re going to need to
adjust the rebellion levels before we introduce this
to the general populist. [beep] Shut it down. I need a cleanup crew in here. [music] Cut tape. Huh? Cut tape. I don’t know. I said, cut tape! [laughs] It didn’t do anything. No. It started the show. Where’s the button
that ends the show. Right down here. The button–
Oh, there’s a button down here. And it cuts tape? Mmm hmm. Cut tape! [tone] I’m trapped in my own body
and I can’t get out! Skid!
[screams] Help me!
Help me, please! Oh, it’s a game? Yeah.
I’m trapped in my own body. I was experimented on. [laughing] This is fun. Stop making fun of me,
I’m trapped! Stop making fun of me,
I’m trapped. [laughs] Fun game. [screams]
I can see my own eyes! I can see my own eyes. [screams]

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  1. Damn you drill huggers…. Hypnotizing your own loyal subjects….. Can't you see that this will be the death of you when we dwellers attack all of you will be ravaged by nuclear rage!! TO HELL WITH THE DRILL!!! #destroythedrill

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