The Love Story of Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita (ft. DinkFam)

The Love Story of Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita (ft. DinkFam)

I think a lot of you have experienced the
sense of feeling kind of lost I have no idea what I want to do my freshmen I just laid in my dorm room and cried not knowing how to deal with life i didnt know anyone i have no friends just kind of
trying to finish college no job no direction I really don’t know
what’s gonna happen in the future im more confused now that I’ve ever been I do my
best at letting my life take me where it’s meant
to take me just sort of like going wherever this goes where the wind blows
me see where my choice is like this is a little journal that I kept at camp now that I
am loveless and heartless their arent that many options left my Love is at two
percent can someone love me am i just contributing to the culture of distraction im a terrible person and a boy
who’d live together an Internet door they have a long way with the help of my
world there’s a slash they’re sent into this online world to Brautigan be in
breath and with felishj and chips get in for dogs too much to discuss Aries Virgo
this is the starting for us hello there Nubia I’m Jenna I’m Julian
I’m on my bike let’s do a little Jenna Julian how’d you guys meet at a bartender hi
relentlessly cannot unsee your lot and then you start hanging out more than the
bar got closed down I enjoyed talking to her why now furthermore I really liked
her I’m six years older than Julie I guess you guys talking shit is so ugly
get him off yes need to see the hot blonde I don’t think I’m alone and not
wanting him in anymore but you gotta hate that Julian stop how much do
something being this week’s video it’s going to be highly Jana there’s been a
little bit of less than happy think it’s feeding into the comment section worried
about it I still love you guys trying not to be rude this lap is awful I’d
like to do everything with you if you have a magical lab your lab makes me I
was a lot of old media I met her first video I would ever in of her with how to
mildly annoying your dog that’s just my hand basically your PA oh my love
hanging out day did you make a wish my goal was to like play baseball I hurt
myself freshman year I took myself out I needed to find a new interest look the
weight lifted go Julian do something you love when I was in
middle school you know what I didn’t like about myself my but fast forward to
now well can ya butyl bought travel Rocha Jenna being the most supportive
wonderful partner store here universe you have your first there downtown and
where your eyes excuse me the changes kitchen welcome back to the podcast first which street ever laughing the
trips years we have a room we’re in it
we’re in art we got our we’re in our shifting gears now shifting gears 20/20
hindsight it’s a weird thing to do sharing your life online sort of a weird
path that we’re all currently on that we’re all sort of dealing with for the
first time let alone people that also have their a relationship and all of
that also wrapped up into that is extra complicated even your closest
relationships by default become the most public you know I mean you went through
a very public breakup I did lyza Koshi and david dobrik his Butler and Naomi
smile or DIY and Alex was sobbed exhausting and Lisa Anna Hart and Ingrid
Nilsen Jake and Erica Geoffrey and Nate are done and we’ve actually been broken
up for we know we’re gonna take a break decided that we will be separated and
she decided they were better off his friend everyone was blindsided by this
name a lot of stuff goes on behind closed doors but we don’t let you lose
faith in love because we have it and that you never know what can happen but
just not now these two seem to be doing just fine with their careers and new
relationships Shane Dawson and Rylan Adams announced
their engagement did I mention that I’m a gay Georgia is my girlfriend vlog is
is my life on display for you to not put strains and stress on a relationship
it’s a very difficult thing looking at the comments on your says log there was
more than a few of you saying oh please don’t break up with Jenna because you’re
vlogging or a stop login when you first find people that you really like on the
Internet yeah you can’t really help it but like you did sort of obsessed with
them in their lives and you follow them on everything you can follow them come
on fell into a trap of your vlogs I was alone in my bed I watched like literally
ten above are you a flower let’s go let’s go fast oh and I’m
breaking I love this girl who learned so much about them through all of what they
put out on the Internet when are you going to marry Jenna I am not sure I
really want you we’re not gonna go there right now and you born this world where
people genuinely really think that a know me personally and I felt like I was
with you guys I was like whoa ninja public get the bowl but I felt like this
weird thing where I’m like I know them I’m best friends with them I’m family
with that that’s why he’s the pathway to our friends is it is so personal lion-o
invasion gets crossed please don’t come to our house let’s keep it civil and
cordial here because deciding to have kids or like figuring out if we can have
kids very intimate and all you might know me on the internet I don’t know who
you are when you’re really excited and uppity on the internet and doing really
goofy stuff that’s not you all the time anyone who has any sort of persona for
their online presence is amplified when the cameras on you change you also
changed as you grow up in your lifespan online I might just take a little bit of
a break moving forward be three vlogs so we I just get a sense of grown up a lot
on the internet you never see people at their worst which is really the biggest
judge of their character there’s a whole other life but they have no idea about
everyone was blindsided I think that it gives people an unrealistic view of like
love or relationships it’s never gonna just one day
perfect we’ve gotten into fights before this is the worst dream ever really man
for me to give you a popsicle don’t worry mommy and daddy are fighting have
it that look means had don’t you dare put a thumbnail it’s like we got married
here I’m sorry I only have listened to push our marriages family camera angry
sex angry six my god every healthy couple argues that help the amount if
you’re not arguing if you’re not passionate about things and you don’t
butt heads I feel like that’s that’s more of a red flag which is worth as
real as it can get with you like you remember everyone’s life is whatever
they choose to show on camera I don’t think we’re gonna film obviously the
whole process this week is not been an easy week I’m like so tired curtly
exhausted in between country I just think it’s better if we figure things
out without the opinions of you know everybody bear with us the next few
weeks okay I know you have days like this
– are you guarded now because of the whole max thing being on display I’m
more guarded for the people that watch my videos the people that get so
attached to this person and then they are very upset about breaking up it was
the last time you ever saw something or experienced something without tying your
thoughts to it it’s very difficult it’s difficult you can’t just see something
and accept it for what it is you always have to have some sort of emotion memory
whatever it is I just try and be careful I guess for other people and the person
that I’m dating trying to make it as uncomplicated as a relationship can be
correct we have dealt with figuring out ways to
keep our relationship strong we want to make sure that we’re making good choices
about what we document you there’s always gonna be things you need is work
through another person would at the same time living with him can be so freaking
awesome oh my god always looking for the most authentic and real versions of
people that we can find people just want to see other people’s line though
because I just want to like observe like just watched you guys know when I saw
you guys in real life I got weirded out to an alternate reality when I meet
people in person they literally just want to have a conversation with you and
that makes them very happy and that makes me very happy I want to feel like
the videos that I upload here of my life are sharing my life and sharing my
experience while also being made to entertain you in a way that I’m happy
about it’s nice to know that people can enjoy that according to astrology
verticals and Aries it’s not like we’re the ideal sign for each other so what do
what do you think it is to God from Jim every year you put it under a Christmas
TV and film video that’s the first all right let’s take this online
questionnaire with a grain of salt numerology is perhaps the easiest of the
occult art so this is a call No Oh Oh see see you LTS a space see you LT to do
your dominant hand right you’re done this is I usually have lots of choke
define to work for here see a 14 line indicate a long engaged
I am INFP isfp a lot of internet people get introverted yeah that means you’re
committed for a long engagement I’d be engagement for a long engagement
what is your purpose on earth and sometimes I feel like your purpose on
earth is self-actualization Who am I with what is my soul what do I have to
learn in this lifetime I feel like you’re good in monogamous relationship
when you think of a partner who brings out the best in you
Aries and Virgo are the worst possible men to bring up as much as it meant
we’re breaking up when you got on the psychic twins they told us we were gonna
be together like I believe a lot of it I’m not a hundred percent I mean yeah
it’s like anything else you take it with a grain of salt but
this shaker of so it’s not actually stone the future is fluid it is subject
to many different variables we say it’s up to your will and intention that life
can like to the circumstances of how random life is applies to everything but
we’re souls bottom it’s like the Guinness World Record like the longest
engagement we should get engaged with no intention of ever getting married the
world’s longest engagement 67 years will be a slightly different person in about
six seven years there is more transition and maybe more solitary more inwardly
questions more grounded in the earth it would leave them all my dreams what if and then Julian is just a bigger
experiment virgos and Aries having the ability to get along and encode function
life will strongly be controlled by fate what does that mean actually I was gonna
go to college in San Luis Obispo but then I was inviting against the odds
everything I could see into the future an FPS have the ability to see good and
almost anyone or anything he’s attracted to sensual erotic partners that come
from I personally like to think that if I have deja vu it means that I’m on the
right path life is too short not to have exciting Oh wretched boys marble has been so outrageously
affectionate to me it finally really loved my new baby girl
peach cards actually in a lot of my days you knew him in a past life me and him
on another spiritual level and I feel like wow wow animals where do you think
Jenna’s love and passions for animals came from oh it’s born in you they feel
extremely comfortable with you I think that dogs are just like you know the
same as like a person who knows that the person in there are up what is a spirit
is energy whatever our wonderful hipster passed away this
week there’s rich connecting heaven and earth it’s called the rainbow bridge
there’s always food and water and warm spring weather they’re happy in
contention that there is one thing missing they’re not with their special
person who love them each day they run away until the day comes nothing will
top out ever I guess we just gotta keep on living their vision a mistake it was my fault gonna cock still living though but in fourth birthday anytime I’m going through something it’s
really difficult remember but that it is temporary and I know in that moment it’s
like I can’t wait for it to get better like it feels awful now sometimes good
things fall apart nobody knows the gate may Hunza hold close to the winds view
and a little cluttered no more rainy thanks fit weird away no
more to to set fire to the rain wife it’s such a live happiness will get better so remember the first gentle video I
ever watch it was sixth grade and I was in my computer lab class and I kids
sitting next to me said you have to watch this video and I was hooked from
that moment on Jen and Jillian were my favorite content Katie one of my
favorite possible reasons when a new video comes up or plug Foss if these
rifles are happy they keep helping so much this yeah oh is in a really bad
place you are thank you you helped me shape
myself to the person I am today if it wasn’t for you guys I genuinely wouldn’t
be here today you guys saved my life I have grown up with you and now I’m a 22
year old non-binary person I think you forgive me at such good content bring so
much happiness or joy to so many others I can never thank you enough dinner has
brought me and my family closer together we watch them every week together I do
my own hair me two of my closest friends even though you guys don’t physically
you know us I think I can speak for a lot of people because really really
because when I get a spot of crossing you make me feel better I want to get it
out got me through so many hard times thank you for making such positive happy
content that I can turn to when I’m having a hard time it’s really great to
see I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it wasn’t for you guys and I don’t
know you at all to be honest and I just want to say thank you so much for
everything you probably don’t even realize you’ve done even if the darkest
times always hit someone was there even if I didn’t thank you so
much thank you for being the big sister that I never had me to make me laugh
more than anybody else on YouTube you know we’re gonna do it to them you know
we had to inspired me to get some plants plant babies I hope thanks have a great
life and a happy cause eerily this up I love you guys I love you so much I love
you guys I like a nice wedding bands the first thing you buy with four hundred
million dollars yeah we’re not married but we are following YouTube video has brought
realize that their human love is there of course tended to be bunnies motor
selfie where’s the julienne store I can buy a
jeweler man to the think they say if you’re looking to buy yourself a
julienne don’t worry they do exist oh yeah that friend zone has got to be
brother just playing are you ignoring the spark of French and a glad that
we’re friends okay alright guys you’re not on the secret so no telling you marry me you did marry me pass pass
pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass pass get it yo dog that’s my girl are you underneath the green screen kisses marble marble kisses curved
Kermit says no I think you should come to me now oh hi I thought were having
intimate kiss oh I guess you’ve been watching this whole time unused footage
bloopers whatever you want to call it kind of just make the extra clips and
it’s actually

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