Wah!!! “laughing” Today, My daughter is gonna become the Joker because… Why not? Is this kinda like a make-up tutorial? Make-up tutorials. It’s a make-up tutorial, but it’s a make-up tutorial of becoming the Joker, and it’s actually pretty basic I’m not a make-up artist. Miss Monkey, Are you a Make-up artist? Miss Monkey: Uh, Of course I am! It takes white, black, and red. What’s up, Momma B?! Momma B: Hello How you doin’? Oh. Momma B: Organizing, I’m forever organizing in this house. Momma B’s always organizing. She’s organizing the closets, She’s organi- You organize everything. MB: Yeah. Momma B’s the best. MB: You guys do your make-up.. thing. Yes MB: And I’ll keep organizing. Thank you, Momma B. And You’re actually going to be part of this skit later on. MB: Yes, I am. Yes, And Mr. Monkey’s gonna be part of this skit, too. MB: We all have a cameo. So we’re doing this just for fun We’ll make a skit out of it. Because, Like Miss Monkey said, “Why not?” MB: Why not? Why not turn a little, sweet, little girl into the Joker? I’ve never done a make-up tutorial, so, Please bear with me. MM: The first thing we want to do is grab our white creme make-up. We’re gonna moisturize it all over our face. Remember, The Joker is very, very messy. So try not to cover up all the white spots, so it’s not pitch perfect and you’re not like a clown. Let’s put some creme on your face. Gonna put a little bit here. MM: Ew, it smells weird, it’s cold. So we’re gonna go with, like, mid-movie Joker. When he was kinda, like, going through a rough time. and, He’s got like, the lines. And it’s kinda, like, messy. You look so cute! MM: There you have it guys. Me in the mornings. Miss Moooooonkeeey… You see that? MM: Beauty tips on How to be a Pretty Joker. *indistinguishable* MM: for being the Joker. *laughter* So, now we’re gonna put black around your eyes. Okay, I’m gonna do this because you have to be very careful. Ohhh, Miss Monkey. *laughter* Where is the Batman? You are the Joker that’s in rough shape. Okay, so now we got red lips needed. MM: All the way up. *laughter* Perfect, that’s good. MM: You wanna know how I got these scars? Well, My father was a drinker. And one night, He goes off, crazier than usual. *laughter* Oh my goodness! Let’s go say hello to your brother. MM: Why so serious? Well, I don’t wanna kill ya. What would I do without’cha? Why so Serious? *laughter* Is it creepy? Brother: yes How creepy is that? Brother: Very. *laughter* Isn’t that crazy? Brother: Yes. MM: Where is the Batman? Brother: Why do you want to kill me? MM: Oh, I don’t want to kill you. What would I do without you? We’re gonna scare Mom. Okay, Let’s go scare Momma. MM: Wah!! *loud laughter* Oh, My Godness! Woah, Momma B, Woah. Whoa, Miss Monkey she freaked out! MM: *imitates screaming* Mommy, Are you okay? MM: Why so Serious? MB: I wasn’t scared. MM: What’d ya think I was? Alright, We gotta go film our scenes. MB: Let’s Go. Mom, Dad! Your daughter’s wearing make-up! Make-up? MB: I gave her permission to put make-up on. She’s too young to have make-up! MM: You wanna know how I got these scars? MM: Why So Serious?! Brother: Mom! Well, I hope you enjoyed that little tutorial of Miss Monkey becoming the Joker! It’s our first time actually doing something like this, so, uh, give us a- Let us know-, Let us know in the comments if you want to see more creepy, weird stuff, or things that you would normally wouldn’t expect from us. MM: Of course they would! We’re just having fun. That’s who we are. So as long as we have fun, Miss Monkey, It might not be perfect, but as long as we’re having fun. MM: It might not be perfect for you, but is is perfect for me. Have a great day. Why So Serious?! Well, My father was a drinker. And one night, he goes off crazier than usual.

100 thoughts on “THE LITTLE JOKER GIRL

  1. I was the joker for Halloween and it was this joker I naturally had curly hair so just have to dye my hair green and put the suite my sister and my mom made

  2. he told the actor of Batman to actually beat him up to be realistic no matter how much pain it would be he did

  3. all your gamily is so funny.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. The Joker impression is great, but the best part for me is when she says, "There you have it guys, me in the mornings."

  5. She should be harly quinn and papa bee should be joker and mama bee will be joker girl and mr bee will be joker boy

  6. i do this but when i take it off i have some red things and my mom said i was allergic to much makeup

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