100 thoughts on “The Best-Smelling Laptop of all Time. – HP Spectre Folio

  1. I can imagine for this concept to be succesful. Just improve on batterylife, performance and go down with the price … boom.

  2. Laptops are like a top that spins but they are not like that at all so I will say that this is really weird like the time I handed out free peanuts at a peanut butter free table. I think that this should be common practice but no one cares so I will say that snowflakes are special but there are so many that none of them are notable and if someone says you are a special snowflake they are saying that you are special but everyone is and therefore not notable.

  3. This seems like the perfect laptop for my use case, which programming at day and drawing at night (granted drawing is just a hobby, but still carrying drawing pad everywhere is just pain in the ass). Too bad it doesn't formally released in my country (Indonesia)

  4. This laptop is for the guy who is a businessman with a desktop at the office and at home.

    Mobility and delivery of presentations

  5. Hello,

    You guys do a lot of gaming and student computer recommendations. Can you do a top 5 laptops for mobile young professionals? I know you touch on it here and there in several videos. However, can you do a dedicated video? I bet there are a lot of young professionals that could use the help! Thanks.

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  7. If HP decided to put a discreet Nvidia GeForce graphic card on that tablet, that would be my next PC.

  8. Design is second to none. But with that huge chin bezel and a dual core in 2019? For a price like that? Naaa

  9. I thought the leather thing was cool at first but when you look at the price compared to a MacBook Air they charge for the leather just like Apple does.

  10. 5:44 I own one of these laptops, and the speaker grille is shared with the laptop's passive cooling feature. So the grille is required here.

    The processor used here is expected to need 5 watts of heat dissipation in normal use, but can produce up to 15. In use, you'll find it throttles up between 5 watts and 10. You'll never get the full performance possible from this processor. Like Linus says, it works great for short tasks and shits the bed on long stuff. It also thermally throttles at only 65C, instead of 80 or 90 like you would normally expect. This keeps the laptop from getting too hot on your lap but kind of a bummer if I want to put off throttling as long as possible.

    Lastly, my previous laptop was Sony's Duo 13, which had a touchpad an inch tall and four inches wide. I learned to love the "Glide" feature in the Synaptics touchpad settings. The Folio's touchpad is luxurious, to me.

    So yeah, this isn't appropriate for gaming, or for any video editing.

  11. to be honest i dont get the big deal about the pen loop, i actually really like it because with magnetic stylus holders, they often fall off in your bag

  12. yeoooo…. i had been avoiding this because i thought the laptop was supposed to smell like chocolate. but now i know it’s leather! lmfao still great video

  13. NEVER BUY HP. My three month old Folio just catastrophically failed and HP is doing NOTHING to refund my money for a shot motherboard on a unit which can NOT be opened and serviced. The video was cute though

  14. Fast forward a year later… The Spectre folio is one of the worst selling laptops at Best Buy and also has the highest return rate for factory issues related to the leather casing. It's currently $200 down from its original retail price because everyone wants to get rid of it. 😂😂😂

  15. I don't really see the point in build-in modems, with phones offering build-in wifi hotspot functionality. Why add a contract when you can share gigabytes?

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