TF2: Ex-President Barack Obama plays Team Fortress 2

TF2: Ex-President Barack Obama plays Team Fortress 2

Hello everyone, my name is Barack Obama and
welcome to this video. Since I am not the president anymore for some
time, I decided to check out what the young people are doing. I saw they all like playing videogames, so
I got myself a computer from random young citizen. Uhh… I mean I bought it myself and downloaded this
free game with a military theme so lets try it out it looks really fun in my opinion. So, what do we have here… Items… but, what Items? Oh, what’s this? Characters that you can play? That’s pretty sweet! This guy looks like a typical Boston citizen,
and he’s the Scout here. Alright, I bet he is really fast! Oh yes, you can see the American spirit in
this one shining in his heart. This one will be my favourite character for
sure, he’s perfect! Woah this male or female, whatever gender
he is, his mask is really scary. I like the diversity in this game, also, this
merc looks like he likes to drink a lot of scottish whiskey. This strong Soviet Russian man reminds me
of the Cold War… I’m glad those times are over. Ah Texas, one of my favorite places in our
America. Germany… huh, since this game is from the past, I hope
he won’t have the same intentions as the Germans in 1945! I’m happy to see Australian faces too! I hope this French spy isn’t successfully
spying on my government. Okay, I will play this one for sure, I loved
rocket launchers as a kid. Alright, let’s see what rocket launchers are
here… Oh my god of freedom, this weapon is absolute
perfection! I need it immediately! Glorious! Now let’s pick some true American cosmetics. Eagle, that’s amazing, and it says here correctly
that he’s a symbol of freedom, I must have him for sure. He looks so pretty! Let’s pick another cosmetic, some helmet would
be perfect to dodge all the Australian snipers. This one looks great! I dont want the shovel, lets see. Heh, this would probably be controversial
if I used this weapon on the Scottish merc. Wonderful, they also have a french weapon
in this game, that’s progressive. Let’s use it. Glorious, I’m really enjoying this game so
far, now, let’s fight! Let’s play casual mode! I see that this game also has a simulation
of the second world war, that’s sweet. Alright, let’s search! Continue… Let’s pick the one true American merc! Looking around with mouse feels really new
to me, it reminds me of the nuclear simulations I tested. This weapon looks even better when inspected! God bless America! Let’s shoot! Since I am in a red uniform, if I see a guy
in a different uniform, I’m gonna kill him. Here’s one Scottish blue guy! And he’s dead, perfect, let’s kill more! Why is this Australian looking at me like
that? I think he has gone insane, let’s ignore him
and win this game. It looks like this blue creature or whatever
it is was winning this game so I had to stop his progress. Wow that red spy was actually a blue spy. That’s an interesting feature that you can
fool people like this. That was really close, the Australian merc almost blew my head off! When I was downloading this game I saw that
you can perform an action with this rocket launcher which makes you fly, let’s try it. Weeeeeeeee I love this! This Soviet man was so strong that not even
my rocket launcher could kill him, that’s just like reality. And this skinny sniper didn’t stand a chance. Wow, my aim is as great as the United States
national missile defence! God dammit, I knew he will get me one day,
congratulations Australia, USA surrenders for now. Thank you, everyone, for watching the video,
don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoyed watching me play this amazing game,
leave a comment to tell me what gamemode should I play next time in Team Fortress 2 and subscribe
to my channel. Wait… Something isnt right. Now it’s fixed, perfect, as all things should
be. Goodbye everyone, don’t forget to check out
my other videos that were created by me, not by some Bernie,
FBI already got him a week ago for killing hoovies, I have no idea what hoovy is, but
as you can see, don’t kill them!

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  2. If you look reeeeeeally closely, you can notice that Obama is actually NOT playing TF2. Burny simply cut the clips from Obama's recent CS:GO let's play to make it seem like he's playing TF2.


  4. Obama – like a Soldier
    Trump – camping Engineer
    Putin – like a Heavy
    Stalin – tryhard Heavy
    Hitler – tryhard Medic
    Hillary – Spy with sapper

    Eh, I am out of ideas

  5. Theres a myth that this is not really obama,but its burnys,bur scientists are still researching on it

  6. Theres a myth that this is not actually obama,but burny,bur scientists are still researching and debating on it

  7. If you look very closely you can see Obama teleporting all over the place
    And he is not his words are not connected

  8. Why did I take this video seriously before I clicked on it? Answer: I had faith in Barack Obama playing Team Fortress 2 on video for some reason.

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