T-PAIN VISITS OFFLINETV ft. Fedmyster, Lilypichu, Scarra, Pokimane, DisguisedToast, Yoona & Mendo

T-PAIN VISITS OFFLINETV ft. Fedmyster, Lilypichu, Scarra, Pokimane, DisguisedToast, Yoona & Mendo

Fed: And Lily is a very good drawer. Toast: Wh-wha-What’s a b****sandwich. Fed: It’s… I mean… Ya. Yes it is. I mean… yes it is! I f***ing love you, dude. Holy… sh**. T-Pain: Is that not a b****sandwich. Toast: I mean the two dogs are female, it’s Temmie and Maggie. Fed: You’re right. Offlinetv.gg/mech
Promo Code: Hoe Cage Inner T-Pain: The f*** is that sound? T-Pain: Is there dogs, there’s dogs. Sh** Fed: Yo, welcome to the house. Good to see you man. T-Pain: Same Fed: So this is our living room. T-Pain: It is. Fed: This is uh… where we production sh**. This is OfflineTv House. So this is where we generally like to hang… Uh… sh**. Um… T-Pain: That! Fed: No um… well this is not normally out here. Uhh… let me just leave this here. T-Pain: That’s for sure got cum on it-
Fed: Ey… Hey it’s good to have you here though um… T-Pain: Alright Fed: W-We can cut there. Alright so let me introduce you to our Yu-Gi-Oh… I mean Hearthstone player Uh… he… his named is DisguisedToast T-Pain: Probably does stress. Fed: Probably the… biggest stre- Oh… Sorry forgot that you’re- Are you busy T-Pain: Get your hands of your dingus! Fed: What’s going on here? Toast: What’s up. Fed: I don’t kno- T-Pain: You wearing straight no shoes.. How’s it going. Toast: Doing good. T-Pain: How you doing th-this is… You’re almost fully dressed. Toast: Yeah it was uh… T-Pain: You got a Hearthstone shirt that’s crazy. Toast: Do you play Hearthstone? T-Pain: I do. Toast: Oh really.
T-Pain: I do. I try not to stress myself out about it. Toast: Ok. T-Pain: You may be the most stressed person in this house though so… Fed: Wait so you’ve played before. T-Pain: Ya! (Loudly) Absolutely Fed: Anyways let me show you around the place- Oh… Janet’s calling you ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) Fed: Uh… Ya sorry dude. Uh… anyways. ಠ_ಠ Alright. So this is Poki’s room. T-Pain: Ok Fed: Um… So uh… her and I- T-Pain: Oh Too late. You just- you just made me do it now. Now it’s gonna happen. Fed: C-c-can we cut really quick. *LOUD KNOCKING* (LOUD KNOCKING)
Fed: Oh my lord. T-Pain: Making sure. ATF! ATF! Hey how you doing. Poki: Good, how are you. Nice to meet you.
T-Pain: I’m good, I’m good T-Pain: Nice to meet you as well Poki: Oh my god T-Pain: Nope too late it already happened. Fed: C’mon bro. Poki: What? T-Pain: Nothing, nothing.
Fed: Nothing, nothing. T-Pain: What’s happening. Poki: Oh you know, just hanging out doing some… ASMR [As-mir] Fed: You know what ASMR [As-mir] is dude? T-Pain: I don’t know what AS- Oh ya ya ya ya ya ya.
Poki: ASMR. T-Pain: Yes I do. You’re making ear gasms in here. Fed: Have you ever experienced it. T-Pain: I have not. Poki: Really?! Fed: Really?
Poki: Do you wanna try it. Poki: Do you wanna try it. T-Pain: I do now. Poki: You can hear yourself. Oh man. Fed: I was just asking you know. Poki: You can like touch the ears and you can kinda sounds like it. I don’t think he can- T-Pain: Oh jesus! (LUL) Poki: It likes… it literally sounds like- T-Pain: Aww c’mon what! Alright. *Beard audio* It’s a beard gasm. Fed: Turn this way, turn this way. Never turn your front towards the camera. T-Pain: You sure because- Fed: No, no I gottchu bro, I gottchu, Don’t worry about it, DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT NOW! Don’t turn around. Always watch… T-Pain: I gotta… one legged gorilla- Poki: Thanks for coming by. T-Pain: Absolutely Thank you for letting me do that. That was insane. Fed: Let me introduce you to Scarra. Now Scarra is probably the grandp- I mean, I mean oldest of the house. T-Pain: Oh! Fed: He’s about 30, how old’s Scarra, Toast? Toast: I think he was… He’s celebrating his 50th birthday. Fed: Ya so he’s about 50 something and… He’s just veteran leag- T-Pain: Numbers keeps going up. Fed: Ya he’s just a veteran leagu- um… This… if you can just ignore this This is uh… T-Pain: No, no, no I’m in full support of that. Fed: Oh, ok, ok, ok.
T-Pain: So- We… Ya… Fed: Uh- anyways. T-Pain: If anybody wants to just do that. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fed: Uh, anyways this is Scarra he’s a pro league… T-Pain: He gets double doors. Fed: Hello! Scarra: What’s up. T-Pain: Big f***ing room. *LUL* Scarra: What’s up dude. T-Pain: Ya! What’s happening, how are you doing. Scarra: Dude, I heard you were in here from my chat, they were telling me like he’s in the house. Fed: Scarra’s room is probably the most uh… Has the best decor, has uh… T-Pain: Like My pillow guy. Scarra: Ohhh you know about My pillow! T-Pain: Ya. I’ll f*** with that. Scarra: Dude someone sent me this to me as a joke, I’m just like “It’s great Ima s- T-Pain: It’s so great. Scarra: I’m just gonna hang it up. Fed: So Scarra is actually one of the most accomplished, he’s gone to worlds like… Sorry how many times have you gone to worlds. Scarra: Once! ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) Fed: Oh, oh. T-Pain: Okay! Scarra: Ya! ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) Fed: Alright, uh… O_O
T-Pain: That’s super accomplished. T-Pain: That’s super accomplished. Fed: Yikes. No, but he is like one of the most accomplished he’s liked… Coached, he’s done- he’s seen everything. Scarra: I’m the renaissance man, I’ve done it all. Jack of all trades… But I’ve never been at the very top. T-Pain: Okay! Okay. So you… Scarra: It’s alright. ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ ) T-Pain: Participation badges are also…
(LUL T-PAIN) Scarra: WHAT?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!? HOLY Shhhhhh** dude! T-Pain: YA!!!! Suck it! (XD) Scarra: He flamed the sh** out of me. (T_T) Fed: This is actually my room. T-Pain: Oh ya! Fed: But this is where you’ll be playing Overwatch. Wait how’d you know. T-Pain: It’s just… I can just tell. I can just tell. Fed: It’s actually uh… T-Pain: Fast and Furious. It’s Axe. *quietly*
Fed: (It’s Chanel) T-Pain: It’s- Fed: WOAH!!!! Let’s talk about this wait c’mon. T-Pain: What’s happening here? What’s-? Fed: Ok let me explain- T-Pain: What’s all those hats and glasses on your- Fed: Wait let me explain. Let me- Anyways. T-Pain: It’s probably not though. Fed: This is uh… Can I turn on the lights. T-Pain: LIT! Fed: This is LilyPichu. Lily: Hi T-Pain: Hello! Lily: Hi! T-Pain: How’s it going- OH! Lily: Nice yo meet you. Fed: She’s a Youtuber, Streamer, Artist, Dog owner, Rat owner (Rip). Lily: WTF FED! Lily: I’m sorry.
T-Pain: There’s a rat in here? Fed: You should see the rat it’s so big dude. Lily: It’s a Pomeranian. Fed: Ok sorry Pomeranian, we call it the rat though. T-Pain: What’s happening in here. Lily: Uh… so I was teaching my stream how to draw you. T-Pain: Lit! Lily: So this is what i drew. T-Pain: Oh my god. Lily: So I gotta lot of submissions and It’d be really cool if you graded them too. Toast: Huh-ho… Like- T-Pain: F***. Fed: F-F or A Lily: So 60 is passing and 100 is the best score you can give. T-Pain: 60 is passing huh. Alright let’s see what we’ve got. Lily: Alright. T-Pain: I’m down with it, I’m ready.
Lily: Ok Lily: Ok
T-Pain: I’m ready. T-Pain: This is stressful.
Lily: This is the first one. Lily: This is the first one. T-Pain: Okay! Wow! (Better than Fed XD) Fff***! Jesus christ. Fed: WTF?!?! WHAT?!?! How do you give that a 95. Lily: Wait it’s so cheesy, it’s just a T and a pain c’mon. T-Pain: And, I mean it’s a great idea. Great idea. Alright. Lily: I gave it a 95, what would you give it? T-Pain: I-I’ll-I… 87 Lily: 87
Toast: 87
(87?) Lily: 87 *nods* T-Pain: It’s-it’s a pass. Lily: Alright, alright. T-Pain: Holly. *gasps* Awwww, I’ve- I’ve gained weight. (D:) (T_T) Fed: I…I mean I’m gonna be honest with you- T-Pain: Oh my god. This is…. Lily: You can be honest, it’s ok. They’re used to it. Fed: Ya, ya. Lily: They’re used to it.
T-Pain: I’m like a F***ing amputee like a- (Jesus christ D: wtf) What’s happening? Lily: Just you can- Be as fresh as you want. T-Pain: 59
(Yikes) Lily: 59, got it. Fed: Here’s mine. *Lily laughing* Fed: Wait why are you laughing, I-I-I used the-
Lily: Can I- am I allowed to show this on stream, Lily: Can I- am I allowed to show this on stream, Am I gonna get banned. Fed: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Lily: I’m 100% gonna get banned for this. Fed: Their square. Ok Think about it. T-Pain: What is…? *Fed disagreement* Fed: I can explain. Look. Look you’re jacked, so you got some square titties, Cause only jacked, people got square titties. Toast: Uh…. Fed: And then look, I-I drew your mustache look you buff as f***, I drew you some like muscles right there. And we got the glasses going on. T-Pain: Glasses got one arm. Fed: And look none of these people know you have dreads so… I just like hooked you up. Alright, but you have to grade it though. T-Pain: There it is, it’s over. Lily: You want me to grade this. Fed: Y-yes. Lily: We’re gonna grade this from 1 through 100. Ok T-Pain: Ya, ok. Lily: Alright let’s say our grade at the same time, So 3, 2, 1 let’s say it ok.
Fed: At least a 70%. T-Pain: Zzzzer- Oh! (Rip Fed) Fed: WTF!?!? T-Pain: Nothing that was not my real- That was- okay I thought it was- nothing- that’s not my real thing. Lily: Ok ready. T-Pain: Count it. 3, 2, 1, T-Pain: 1
Lily: 55 (LUL) Fed: OHHH MY GOD!! Wait can we combine scores? (What?) T-Pain: So bad though. Fed: C’mon bruh. 🙁 T-Pain: What was the brand? Fed: That’s some nice titties. Lily: What’s your favorite Overwatch character. T-Pain: I- You know right now Ima- Lily: D.Va T-Pain: Right now I’m a Junkrat But- but my second main is D.Va ya. Poki: Really? That’s awesome. Same. Mendo: I getta camera. Mark: You want me to have fun with you. Mendo: You wanna sit here with me? Mark: Ya I’ll sit- Mendo: Can you sit here and compliment me when I do something cool. Mark: Ya let me jus- sorry I should go behind the camera. T-Pain: I’m so- I’m so afraid. *Spooked T-Pain* Oh my god how do you even. *Boop* *Struggling T-Pain* (-‸ლ) Mendo: I just hear him yelling from the other side of the house. T-Pain: I literally don’t even know… What Mei even does. Like… Aw sh**. Way worse. I’ve never pl- Oh my god. (T_T) Yoona: It’s ok you’ll get a good champ you got- Fed: Alright just believe. Poki: Uh… I’m special agent Poki sent by T-Pain here to f*** your game to even out the playing field. Mendo: Oh no.
Mark: Wait. Mendo: MonkaS You wanna play the keyboard and I’ll play the mouse. Poki: Sure. Mendo: Ok go. Walk forward! Walk forward!! Poki: Oh this is to walk. I forgot how this game works. Mendo: Stop clicking buttons. *Victory cry!* T-Pain: Suck a butt! SUCK A BUTT!! SUCK DAT ASS!!! Poki: Mission accomplished boys. 👍 Mendo: YOU’RE SO GOOD! T-Pain: F*** Literally… I play none of these heroes. Oh god! Here it comes. *T-bagging Mendo* Poki: Mendo! Did you just- T-bag, T-Pain? Fed: Is he t-bagging you, he’s t-bagging you. T-Pain: Dammit Where did him go f***ing ev- GO! Oh.
Fed: He’s f***ing with you dude. Fed: He’s f***ing with you dude. Look at that disrespect. T-Pain: Oh my god what is th- Fed: Oh you got em. (Rip) T-Pain: Oh wow. Fed: I mean that was close. Did you t-bag him? Mendo: I t-bagged, T-Pain. T-Pain: *Lul* Wtf. Look at this sh**. I gotta watch this now. Oh my god *LUL* Aw I got punched in the f***ing… stomach. Everyone: WOAH! Scarra: Woah! Inner Chris: Wtf???? Mark: Thanks for helping Chris. *Everyone clapping* Fed: Do you actually believe that Chris is mafia. T-Pain: Ya! For sure. Fed: Is everyone else agree with that. Scarra: He went through… I-I believe him you know. Inner Mark: What???? Inner Yoona: Wait???? T-Pain: No I get it, I get it this is already s- (What?) T-Pain: It was just- just none of the rules at all. It was like “Dude pick up cards we’ll see what happens.” (Oh god) Fed: Where’d you get you necklace from? T-Pain: Custom made. Fed: Can I- Can I try it on? T-Pain: You can, you ready. Fed: Ya. T-Pain: It’s-It’s-It’s a bit**. Fed: Is it heavy? T-Pain: It’s a bit**. Fed: Ok. T-Pain: It’s um… Which one? Fed: Just uh the chain ya know. T-Pain: Cause there’s two. Fed: The long one. The long one. T-Pain: That she said. There’s that. Fed: Holy sh**. Yo guys, thanks for watching make sure comment, like, and subscribe, and thank you to T-Pain for coming out See you guys next time. Peace ✌️

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  1. SORRY FOR THE LONG DELAY ON VIDEOS! Mark posted an update about it if you missed it. The content still won't be full on pumping, but we are aiming to return to our BLISTERING ~1 upload a week, with plans to expand in the future.


  2. How tf is scarra 50 something when he looks younger than my brother who is 30 years old
    (secret= asians look young till 80 then they look like master roshi)

  3. I don't mean any hate and I am not racist but it's kinda annoying how T-pain interacted all obnoxious and loud. I don't like how he acts like black ppl aren't humans when he said the "black ppl version of mafia where you actually die" being black myself I feel like remarks like that come from a lot black ppl and it lowers us and makes ppl think a certain way about us. I wish some of us could act a bit more well mannered.

  4. Tpains hoodie sed wiscansin but the states real name is wisconsin and I would no this because I live there

  5. I'm still salty about this shit. I had a shit day, was waiting for scarra stream to cheer me up, some random dude off the street barges into his room, Scarra waists 20 min of my time talking to him, baiting me into thinking he was actually going to play league of legends at any point. What a joke. OfflineTV ended Scarra in lol. he will never be masters again.

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