Superstar Threatened To QUIT WWE, Jon Moxley Reveals WWE ACCIDENT & Star Defends HORRIBLE Storyline

Superstar Threatened To QUIT WWE, Jon Moxley Reveals WWE ACCIDENT & Star Defends HORRIBLE Storyline

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel as always covering all the latest when it comes to pro wrestling
coming up we’re talking at the latest confirmations regarding Survivor Series
more information in regards to how everything is gonna go down between the
three brands the rumor expected match for the Fiend and his Universal
Championship superstar trying to quit WWE prior to his special match this
summer surprising news regarding Smackdown live and how he did top
star in the woman’s division set for a massive push in 2020 and what could
be holding her up superstar fired back and actually defend his horrible
storyline right now and Jon Moxley shares a very interesting story where he
feels like WWE decided to just go against him but before we get into all
of that and more make sure to elbow drop it and hit those notifications anyways
let’s get into it and to start off let’s talk some big news following Smackdown
live as WWE did gave us some big confirmation pertaining to Survivor
Series during the actual SmackDown show it was confirmed that there will be a
traditional Survivor Series elimination matches with WWE NXT Raw and SmackDown
superstar doing battle so of course claim brand supremacy after the show
went off the air confirmed that Seth Rollins will be the team captain
for Team raw the full lineup for Team raw will be revealed by the end of next
Monday night they’re teasing that with Survivor Series edging closer by the day
the rest of the world superstar will be set on making an impression and earning
the golden opportunity to join Seth Rollins in the Interbrand battle based
on all of the advertisement it looks like we’re gonna be getting five
superstar from raw versus five superstar from NXT versus five from Smackdown so
it’ll be a traditional Survivor Series match but with the extra five in it
besides that Rollins it has also been confirmed that Sasha banks will be the
captain for Team Smackdown on the woman’s traditional Survivor Series
elimination match carmella and Dana Brooke will also be joining Sasha on the
Mack downside also coming out of Smackdown life and with some Survivor
Series implication not necessarily to be surprised but Daniel Bryan was attacked
by the Fein Bray Wyatt so of course speculation is that the
fiend will be feuding with Daniel Bryan and all of this could be leading to a
match at Survivor Series between the two Bray Wyatt has taken to Twitter and the
hours following the attack to address the former WWE Champion and reminding
him of that time that he didn’t join but instead was forced to join the Wyatt
family with Brock Lesnar defending his WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio in
just over two weeks at Survivor Series it is quite likely that again the fiend
will take on Daniel Bryan at that event and I’m definitely ready for it with
Daniel Bryan seemingly just turning babyface or at least on the process of
it it’s gonna make for some unique stuff against Bray Wyatt on to some other
interesting news at SummerSlam this year of course we had Dolph Ziggler taking on
Goldberg and getting defeated by the WWE Hall of Famer and just over a minute
with a couple of simple Spears the match was rather random with Dolph Ziggler
being advertised to face the Miss on – a few days before the show where WWE
kwatak will get was a surprise and revealed that he was instead facing
Goldberg the former world heavyweight champion has revealed that it was
supposed to be even shorter than just under two minutes picking to talk sport
Dolph Ziggler stated that just to get more time against Goldberg and trying to
get a better match out of it he was training to leave WWE he stated the
following I say kid I was a fan but as he grown up I see these guys and I’m
like okay I’m here to do business and do special things I try not to be the fan I
find out what the business is and I’m cool with this in the moment and having
that like you’re the guy to do this to set the record straight and give this
guy his fantastic match I’m like fantastic then they go it’s gonna be
Bell spear and I go come on so I fought all day long training to
leave do anything I can do give me two minutes and I got a minute
whatever what are you gonna do the awesome thing about all of this is that
it just shows how much Dolph Ziggler actually cares even in defeat just like
WWE always tends to book him and these important matches he want to give us the
best out of it and maybe he was joking saying that he was gonna leave the
company if they don’t just give him at least two minutes
but even him just trying to give us something better than what they were
actually booking shows how much he care now hopefully WWE gives him a push right
and stick with it but who knows probably not on to some other news and some good
unexpected news so Smackdown of course West’s tape so it was delay a couple of
hours before it was actually shown to us on television and the spoilers were all
over the place five hours before the show even started but WWE will be rather
pleased to hear that according to show boss daily Smackdown actually brought in
2.6 million viewers from last night’s show which is a ninety seven thousand
viewers increase from last week that is honestly surprising but it just goes to
show how powerful the Fox network itself is and how many people it reaches
because if this was something similar to like last year the radio definitely not
be as good on system other than you saying we’re talking about a superstar
that has been making a name for herself over the last couple of years and that
is Shayna Baszler who showed up doing Smackdown last night
to continue the invasion angle going into Survivor Series and she is said to
take the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley and the rogue Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch in a triple threat match for brand supremacy and all of this just
seems to be another step to bring in Shayna Baszler
even higher than what she is right now as according to reports WWE has massive
plans for her in 2020 unfortunately though it seems like an exceed being on
the USA Network could have slowed down those plans when it comes to her moving
to roar Smackdown deal server indicated that before NXT was on the USA Network
she was being groomed for the main roster as she was going to be a star on
the main roster they thought very very highly of her and obviously they still
think very highly of her because otherwise she
wouldn’t have the NXT Women’s Championship and being one of the
marquee matches at Survivor Series report continue to indicate that there
were significant plans for her but all of this might just end up happening on
NXT what all of that being said it should be very interesting to see how
WWE books her comes Survivor Series in the shrimpo threat match either she wins
it or she might not even be the one getting pin from whoever wins the match
on to some other news a very interesting storyline that is happening on Monday
Night Raw right now and when I say interesting I
don’t really mean it at all we’re talking about rusev Lana and Bobby
Lashley Triangle of love that just continued to evolve anyways this whole
storyline is one that some fans might not really appreciate right now and
comes this Monday night we’re gonna be seeing the next stage of it we’re not
gonna be talking about spoilers here but we are gonna be talking about the fact
that that upcoming segment was booed out of the building and there is even a
video going viral right now so I wonder how WWE’s gonna edit all of that out but
in the meantime one fan did tweeted out a message to WWE saying that he will be
totally good with the company giving up on this storyline without any reason
defense we get it out the following dear WWE if you want to just drop the rusev
Bobby Lashley Ilana Angle with literally no
explanation I’m good with that just walk away and pretend the angle
never happened no backlash we’re good and it looks like rusev wasn’t too happy
about it as his reply was dear guy nobody cares what you are good way
obviously WWE is going to keep giving a focus to rusev and he’s not backing down
from anything they trying to give him at the end of the day this is a push for
rusev so you kind of got a sympathize with him
by defending this whole storyline on to some other news during starcast this
weekend Jon Moxley got to open up about a situation where he thinks that it is
where WWE decided to quote/unquote eff this guy and his future push he tells
the story of when he won the WWE united states championship
and during his victory scene he tells the referee to get him the effing title
and the f-word you can vividly hear it on television which caused a production
truck to run the five-second delay just to push the button to censor him he goes
on to say that he didn’t even know he said the world so he got to the
backstage because he was so in the moment he was excited and it is just a
word that he constantly used and then he went on to state what exactly went down
on the backstage and I quote I didn’t think anything of it the next day
somebody comes up to me I won’t drop any names but a higher up type comes up to
me and says they wanted me to go into the production truck and apologize for
saying the word and having them hit the button for the five-second delay because
that’s quote-unquote so hard but they wanted me to go in and apologize to the
people in the truck because I swear on camera I was like sure okay I had no
problem with that I’m sorry for that I guess it just slipped out and it would
never happen again he went on to explain how it looks like nobody backstage
really liked the apology so this went down so I leave a little bit later the
same person comes out to me and pushed me a sigh Oh serious and goes I don’t
think that was the right kind of apology for the push we want to give you I’m
like what do you mean I apologize then he’s like look I know you’re a different
type of cat I didn’t know I thought I totally apologize I guess looking back
years later I came off as a prick and then he ended at this whole story with
the following I think that was a pivotal moment where they were like if this guy
and that’s how they show me and look at me and probably see me to this day I
can’t be a very poor communicator now not to get into speculation but the way
that the story was laid out it seems like that production truck guy was more
than likely Kevin Dunn cuz who else is gonna bring up the fact that this D
Ambrose slash Jon Moxley guy’s about to get a push in the company and that he
shouldn’t be doing stuff like that only Kevin Dunn would know something like
that regardless though Dean Ambrose did won the United States Championship he
nada for quite a while although he never really wrestle for it it was one of the
worst United States Championship reign we ever seen overall this is just
another interesting story coming out of Jon Moxley
which continues to explain why he’s not with the company anymore
anyways guys that’s what I got for you and this round if you enjoy them
forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications we are on the road to 200,000
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  1. Hey man. I'm a big fan of your coverage and thank you for great episodes. With that being said, I wish that you would do more of WEA and less WWE. well, since AEW dynamite has gone on air, I suddenly lost my interest in continuing watching Monday night raw and smackdown. The only show that comes any close to AEW wrestling that I can enjoy watching is NXT. And although I do sneak on raw and smackdown here and there, I belive that many more wrestling fans are now invested in AEW – where wrestling really matters.

  2. Rusev response to the fan tweet is WWE response to Rusev for the pass 3 Years..people want to see Rusev be booked like a wrestler not a clown but the dude is seems to be happy dog shit of a storyline they have him in

  3. Dawg, I actually wouldn't want to see dolph ziggler in aew tbh if he's sick of wwes treatment. I would honestly rather see him reinvent himself over in new Japan. I think that would satisfy ziggs a lot more, after doing some hard and fast paced work in njpw, that's when he can have fun and go to aew.

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