Super Mario Maker 2 Lacking Online Friend Play is a BIG Problem & Panic Button NOT on Witcher 3 NS!

Super Mario Maker 2 Lacking Online Friend Play is a BIG Problem & Panic Button NOT on Witcher 3 NS!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’ve got some interesting information for you
guys so let’s go ahead and jump right into it and we’re starting off with
panic button and The Witcher 3 there was some rumors going around recently that
panic button would be handling the rumored port of The Witcher 3 to the
Nintendo switch apparently that is not happening according to an official panic
button employee now over on reddit there was a thread that opened that stated the
rumored switch port of The Witcher 3 is being developed by panic button and one
of the first or at least the first comment that I saw was from Winston
underscore Pennypacker from panic button saying quote why didn’t anyone tell us
we were supposed to be porting that if so were way behind exclamation mark and
then he also put in parentheses dot dot dot seriously though we are not working
on The Witcher 3 and parentheses so there you go guys panic button is a
pretty upfront and honest company when it comes to these type of things I don’t
think they would find their way to this reddit thread and state something about
that especially because this reddit thread I mean it has a lot of comments
there’s a lot of stuff going there’s about eight hours that it’s been up but
will they really respond in that type of timeframe I’m not really sure if they
were working on it they probably just wouldn’t say anything and let people
continue to speculate and talk about it and just stay away from that but the
fact that they actually went to that thread and say hey we’re not working on
this makes me believe that it’s not going to be panic button however he
didn’t say that there isn’t going to be a version of the game now obviously he
might not be privy to that knowledge but it does kind of lead me to believe that
maybe there’s some truth to the rumors about The Witcher 3 getting a Nintendo
switch port in general but it seems like if it is coming panic button isn’t going
to be handling it now I’ve talked about it before in terms of other companies
that can do it I think panic button would obviously be the best choice to
get this done but if they’re not working on it because they’re probably working
on other things that they just didn’t have the time for who else could be
working on a potential switch port The Witcher 3 I would think that iron
galaxy would be next up in line third resume includes Diablo 3 and also Skyrim
– very good ports of those games over on the Nintendo switch so I would guess
that they would probably be next in line to do a project this big after that I
would say maybe virtuosa they’ve done some good things as well with star link
battle for Atlas and also Dark Souls on the Nintendo switch they’ve done la noir
as well so they know what they’re doing – but my order would be number one panic
button number two iron galaxy the number three probably virtuoso and there are
some other teams out there or heck maybe they form a completely different team to
get the job done or they gave it to somebody else at this point I’m not
really sure but we’re just going to have to wait and see on that one we solved
with the Mortal Kombat xi port WB and nether realm went to shiver in order to
get that done and to be honest the Mortal Kombat 11 port is just as high as
quality in my opinion – the doom or to the Wolfenstein 2 ports and even better
than what we’ve seen from virtuous when it comes to like Dark Souls now this is
a fighting game and a different style but at the same time I think it was
still pretty good however the Crypt mode necessary not the best on the Nintendo
switch when it comes down to it but the gameplay is still very good and very
similar and they are still adding things in in order to get it parity with the
PlayStation 4 and Xbox one versions and from what I understand it is pretty much
out there when it comes to the features and the content in the game so not bad
at all from shiver so maybe there’s some type of team that we don’t know about
that just needed their shot or their opportunity to get a game but man this
game The Witcher it’s a big game it’s a game that has a lot of graphical
fidelity to it I think it’d be a very difficult port to put on the Nintendo
Swift without making some major compromises but at the same time we’ve
seen that before from games like doom and Wolfenstein and some of the games
that I mentioned and people still played it on the Nintendo switch people still
have fun being able to take that adventure anywhere that they want or
anywhere in their house I think a lot of people play the switch like that just
being able to play it in the living room not in your game room or not in your
bedroom or wherever your system is located in is a big boost
to again even if it’s going to take a hit in graphical fidelity framerate or
other things like that so I’m interested in seeing if there is going to be a
Witcher 3 Nintendo switch port but I can’t 100% say for sure I think it’s
going to happen we’re just going to have to wait and see so there’s been a lot of
rumors but we don’t know what’s actually true and what’s not at this point so
what do you guys think about panic button not handling The Witcher 3 port
for the Nintendo switch and who do you guys think could do a great job on it
you feel it’s going to be one of the developers that I mentioned or was it
gonna be a brand new developer kind of coming out of nowhere like shiver with
the Mortal Kombat xi port on the Nintendo switch let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below alright I’m moving on to the next topic
here and something that’s sure to disappoint a lot of Nintendo fans out
there and that is the fact that GameXplain has verified that Super Mario
maker 2 will not have online multiplayer with friends so if you have friends on
your friends list and you want to play co-op with them online no you will not
be able to do that on Super Mario maker 2 which seems absolutely ridiculous but
I do want to talk about a little bit more but let’s go ahead and get into the
source of this article and then of course what GameXplain said so recently
Nintendo World Report talked to a Nintendo representative which they later
clarified was the Nintendo treehouse ret not just a regular Nintendo rep but a
treehouse rep that stated that you won’t be able to play with friends online in
Super Mario maker 2 and you can literally play against randoms now the
reasoning for this was because Super Mario maker 2 has a ranking system to
where you can play against other people and you can get worldwide rankings and
leaderboards which makes sense however the coop feature that’s in the
game that’s not part of the leaderboard feature does not have a ranking system
yet you can only play that with randoms as well so in that regards it doesn’t
make sense at all that Nintendo wouldn’t have lobbies set up to where you can go
into a co-op place and play with your friends it just makes sense that they
would do that but unfortunately that is not the case now that was originally
what Nintendo World Report said now game explained and many other people online
were a little bit skeptical because in their article they said Nintendo
and didn’t particularly stay out in Tendo treehouse reps so we’ve seen stuff
before from Nintendo reps where they say well this is gonna run at this
resolution or this is gonna happen with this and ends up not being correct so
people wanted more verification from Nintendo themselves on the official
Twitter page or something like that now GameXplain did reach out to Nintendo
and officially confirmed verified got a statement from them saying that yes you
will not be able to play with friends online in Super Mario maker 2 and here
is their statement exactly to GameXplain quote this is true as the game is now
you cannot create friend lobbies online you can only play online with randoms
you can still get friends together and play with local play and you’re free to
play with 4 players on one Nintendo switch system you can also still
challenge your friends to your creations and take on their designs through course
IDs and having them follow your make your profile and a couple things with
this statement here they did say as the game is now so that could change later
however the big problem that I have with this is the reasoning before what
Nintendo will report and what they’re saying at this point because I think
that this type of game if you’re going to have online multiplayer that should
be something that should be in the game right there with friends there shouldn’t
have to be a patch or there shouldn’t have to wait to be able to play with
your friends online playing with randoms in a game like this can be very truly
you know there’s going to be people out there that are looking to troll so why
are you gonna want to play co-op with random people and not have any type of
way to even know who these people are you’re probably gonna want to play with
your friends online many people do not live in proximity with their friends so
it’s hard to gather up and play I know most of my friends that I grew up with
no longer lived near me at all and all the friends that I’ve made online that’s
the only way for us to play is to play online but not giving us an option to
play co-op which isn’t ranked and can’t affect the integrity of the leaderboards
is something that I don’t understand that decision and definitely needs to be
fixed ASAP because they did say as of now so maybe it comes in later but
that’s something that needs to be put into the game as soon as possible it
should have already been from the beginning and I understand that
you want to do rankings and all that but I don’t think it should come at the cost
of just simply being able to play with your friends and enjoy levels I just
think it’s a very backwards decision because if you look at all of Nintendo’s
games on the Nintendo switch with online multiplayer all of their first party
games I can’t think of a single game that has online multiplayer from a
first-party studio or a first party franchise Nintendo has has all my
multiplayer but you can’t play with your friends there’s not a single game at all
heck even mario party which lacks a lot of the online features and stuff that
you would want to see in the game even that allows you to play some minigames
with friends pokken tournament you also have Super Smash Brothers
ultimate mile kart 8 deluxe by the way that game lets you party up with your
friends or join your friends races while they’re playing online against other
people in the ranked worldwide mode so that game allows you to do that so
their reasoning isn’t even coming across when it comes to their games because
they allow you to do that in other games but in this game they don’t now I know
it’s a little bit more focused experience here with only four players
and online ratings and you can really Jack the leaderboards up more so in this
game than a game like Mario Kart with the randomness but still it does not
make sense to me at this point and I’m hoping that Nintendo definitely changes
their opinion I don’t think it’s a good idea I definitely think it’s gonna
affect sales and if you look at their Nintendo Direct presentation that they
had just a bit ago for Super Mario maker 2 it didn’t seem as if you weren’t gonna
be able to play with friends they really made it seem and I know maybe they
didn’t say it exactly but they really made it seem as if you were gonna be
able to play Super Mario maker to seamlessly with friends so I think
that’s what is so upsetting for people because this comes as a shock to many
people because we all felt after watching that direct that hey this is
gonna be online multiplayer with your friends no problem you’re gonna have
co-op ranked maybe that’s not gonna be online multiplayer with friends okay we
understand that but they made it seems that the co-op mode oh you just be able
to invite friends and play we didn’t think it was a issue there so it’s very
unfortunate that they don’t have that in there and
hoping that Nintendo definitely changes it because there’s gonna be a lot of
backlash there already is a lot of backlash and I know there’s gonna be
multiple videos that are already out and more being made on top of that there’s a
lot of people talking about it on Twitter and saying that this is a bad
decision so not good at all Nintendo hopefully they do end up changing that
and unfortunately for the people who digitally pre-ordered the game because
there isn’t any refund at this point which is why you shouldn’t digitally
pre-order games until you fully know exactly what you’re getting and all
aspects of it so unfortunate but hopefully Nintendo does change this
because this is not a good look for the game at all I’m for Nintendo’s online
service so what do you guys think about the different topics er when it comes to
The Witcher 3 and also Super Mario maker too let me know your thoughts in the
comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna
check out the links in description below we got facebooking Twitter gonna give us
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so much for watching I’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

36 thoughts on “Super Mario Maker 2 Lacking Online Friend Play is a BIG Problem & Panic Button NOT on Witcher 3 NS!

  1. Yeah I heard of this, it's a bummer but Mario maker can always get updated to have online with friends.

  2. It's crazy how bad their excuse was for not having a mode to play with friends online. Because of the "leaderboards" when they can make a different mode to play online with friends (seperate from the leaderboards).

  3. I'm a bit disappointed at Mario Maker's lack of friend features, but I'm still hoping they add it later. I'm still looking forward to the game to play other people's creations.

  4. Hopefully the backlash is loud enough that nintendo hears it and forces them to make that change. This will hurt.

  5. I think people are a bit too obsessed about Panic Button being involved with every major Switch release. They are a talented studio, but they can't do everything. We would see a lot more games coming if more publishers said "this is our 'Panic Button' for bringing high-profile games to the Switch". We will have to wait and see about Witcher 3, but interestingly enough, the original retailer responsible for the rumor also leaked Assassin's Creed 3.

  6. Considering even Splatoon didn't have the ability to play with friends in custom lobbies and they patched it in later, hopefully they can prepare a day one patch for Mario Maker it or at least release the patch soon after launch. Definitely a shame for those who were really looking forward to the multiplayer.

  7. Mario Tennis
    Won’t let u play with friends smh me and my brother been trying to play online forever

  8. Tbh with the lack of friend features Nintendo already gives us in general and the communication im not suprised i wonder why there is even a friends list tab on the home page at all

  9. Virtuos would be my choice for a Witcher 3 port since they have a lot of experience with the switch

  10. Panic button to kinda over hype to me, but personal Iron galaxy is the better porting company out of all so far due to their finish product quality.

  11. Mario Maker 2's online solution is simple:
    Have the ranked modes be with randoms only, and have no effect on the ranks when playing with friends.

  12. Good stuff PE Ninja Master. I think Iron Galaxy would be a better Studio too Port The Witcher 3 onto the Switch cuz they have done bigger Open World RPG Ports on the Switch, i am wondering will it just be the Main Campaign or will it be one of the DLC's Ported instead either way The Witcher 3 on the Nintendo Switch is as big as Hellblade being on the system :-D. Mario Maker 2 not having Friends Online Multiplayer is a big misstep by Nintendo.

  13. i wouldn't want to play online with anyone anyways .. playing then the next thing you know the other person is afk and you can;t pause which is another thing not interested in

  14. Their online is trash, majority of people only bought it bc we had to for our cloud saves. This shows that their service isn’t worth the $ (even if it is only 20$) online play with friends is something that should be a given🤦‍♂️ come on N-dog get with the times.

  15. Im calling it, is coming to the switch, full version with the minor upside that is going to be a stream only game. Since before the switch came out there was already testing of game streams on the switch using Witcher 3 and some other high demanding games and at that time everything was going smoothly. Months later switch gets Re7 via stream only and Phantasy Stat online, while is only in the Japanese market doesn't mean that they can't go ahead and move those services outside of Japan.

  16. I love how you say it doesn't make sence…well let see, considering that the original Mario maker didn't support such thing then yes makes sense. Be happy that on this one you get a lot more, multiplayer wise, than the previous one. All of this yapping makes you look like a self entitled gamer.

  17. They could've given us online multiplayer with friends. It is baffling that it's not there, but I'm still hype for the game regardless. I'd have taken a straight port from the Wii U tbh.

  18. What makes no sense is, they could just take away ranking, similar to battle arenas in smash Bros, they actually have zero excuses

  19. Nintendo is gonna have to patch it cause the multiplayer is what people is really hyped for. Their gonna have alot of angry people out there if they don't. It might hurt some of the sales of the game.

  20. Or they could just make a non-scored v.s. mode like every other online game ever. I can't think of another game that has vs modes, where you cant have the option to go in casual play (non ranked matches)

  21. Unranked/Ranked modes has been a thing ever since gaming online became a thing.

    Nintendo is utter incompetent when it comes to anything online!

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