SUPER HYPE OJ REACTS!!! – Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Full Presentation

SUPER HYPE OJ REACTS!!! – Nintendo Direct E3 2019 Full Presentation

What’s up everybody welcome to my live
reaction of the Nintendo Direct my live reaction of intend o direct we are about
to start we are about to start it’s going to be a lot of fun watching the
stream so look forward to it guys look we’re waiting for it to start up and it
should be starting up pretty soon here it’s about to start
so let’s just wait for it set off everybody who’s here in the live chat
you guys can see the live chat popping up let’s go thank you so much for that
shout outs to everybody who was here earlier twitch boys where you at
hopefully you guys enjoy the new layout for this for the live reactions alright
here we go 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 let go smash smack Oh smash Oh oh no who’s this see mister Larry Larry whenever I do it luminary let’s go let’s go whoo what’s gonna happen he’s gonna go father come before oh yes the rumors out yes oh my gosh whoo-whoo well summer okay
it’s coming oh my gosh yes Oh baby not on konnichiwa hello everyone I’m
Yoshiaki Koizumi from Nintendo in this Nintendo Direct for e3 2019 we’ll
showcase a variety of games many of them coming soon but before we dig in to the
next game there is someone I’d like to introduce first what what are you doing
here wait wait wait wait wait a minute there’s been a bit of a mix-up oh you’re
not the right Bowser sorry but I’m the right Bowser for this presentation not
this way no no this way bye-bye
maybe next time are you what’s related no but we’d get that a lot well let’s
get back to it please take it away hi everyone I’m Doug Bowser from
Nintendo of America and I’m thrilled to join you for today’s Nintendo Direct
this is our chance to show the world we have games for every type of player on
Nintendo’s switch whether you love action RPGs or you’re just looking for
something new we’ve got you covered okay so let’s get a look at one of those
games by taking a tour of Luigi’s Mansion three I know Luigi’s invited to a gorgeous
hotel with Mario peach and the others oh lucky him Luigi’s Mansion free this hotel is much
more than meets the guy for not long after Luigi arrives things take a dark
turn we begin our tour by taking in some sights and sounds you may never leave
you want to leave the other guests certainly don’t plan to
move their ghosts after all and they’re rather aggressive simply scare them with
the strobe of Luigi’s new Poltergust g00 has the powerful suction capabilities
required and are the new features as well first the slapping of ghosts he
comes to get other ghosts in on the action next the suction shot finally the
plunger to attach it to something then pull the string and you can destroy
furniture and more it’s effective against certain ghost times too sometimes ghosts may feel inclined to
hang up on you in such situations of first trip to the
powerful air pressure released ghosts and it’s perfect for when you
need a little air ah we simply can’t overlook the latest
invention from professor egad namely GUI G changed between Luigi and GUI G to use
both their skills GUI G can do everything from slipping through metal
fences to walking on spikes indeed there are obstacles too great for the region
to handle on its own and if you pass a toy con controller to a friend he makes
for a great co-op partner but proceed with caution
GUI G and water definitely don’t mix now please direct your attention to the
scarce curve or online co-op being will defeat all
ghosts before time runs out seek and find our deal miss bestows and
face any challenges the tower throws at you nice what a place to wake up in a
haunted hotel with floor after floor of oddities
some mischievous hosts work with him what will befall our missing Mario and
Friends and his dear brother do we treat their breasts in your Luigi’s Mansion 3d
no release date okay they’re like given us a release date so that was Luigi’s
Mansion three the latest game in a series that I personally love and we can
look forward to seeing some of the new gameplay elements that await in the
strange hotel as we dive deeper into this title on Nintendo treehouse live at
e3 2019 we’ll be streaming content some you’ve never seen before right from the
show floor including live gameplay of Super Mario maker 2 and on day 3 our
treehouse staff will get their hands on some promising indie games that are new
to Nintendo switch while you watch today’s Nintendo Direct keep an eye out
for this icon to learn what other games will appear on Nintendo treehouse live
at e3 2019 you won’t want to miss it or this have a look take darkness spreads under stark light
brighter than the three suns they spoke to the life
heroes of strange brave strengths and brave – needle again based on the Dark Crystal
franchise Wow it’s a game it’s a game
Oh Lix awakening let’s go frickin amazing oh right okay okay I’m like randomized
dungeons let’s go subchapter what some Jaguar Wow RBG translation and everything Oh one Oh Wow how 20 nights it’s over they won whoo let’s
all agree to meet back at the monastery exactly five years from today like a
class reunion you will come won’t you years ago we fought here as classmates
as big class reunions go this one’s got to be the worst in history what should
we do teachers kill every last one of them we have no choice but to eliminate those
who cling to unreasonable ideas of justice
someone must put a stop to this cycle of the straw traveling a week even the doctor see so yet we have the
strength to scale the walls between us the retailer his friendship so we can
open our true hearts to one another that’s how we win both sides of time to you three houses babe let’s go but blown how lovely it would be for
this moment to last forever let’s go in Kansas a to a Nintendo
switch is the only gaming console you can play not only on your TV at home but
anywhere you go in fact with a system like this it might be fun to play
Resident Evil at a location like this where’s what Resident Evil what residue
wait what Resident Evil is this OH is this a new Resident Evil game if this is
the new Resident Evil game no lights no lights
hey we’re there ok let’s do this Resident Evil’s ritual talk about the original rest of you know
about their try what’s through there oh just eat it it’s gonna come back okay
okay okay okay got it No the advertising games oh here okay ready
okay hurry bot let’s go baby how many six not so good but I’ll take
it okay okay I’ll take re five no I’ll take
re fine I’ll take re five I like re five I like re gosh playing a Resident Evil
game in a place like that it might not be my way to play but I bet you could
find your way to play don’t you think for now please take a look what’s today
the fourth of July oh not is the empire striking back or
what looks like things are gonna get weird today
Oh Oh as you can see things got all 13 real
quick there’s probably some plenty to touch dude waiting for
all yell can powerful and trying to take over the world Oh Wow but don’t you worry a hero
what there are no heroes in this world now but they’re totally
my name is Travis touchdown I’m the last year here to save the world I’m also
just a passing a staff now let’s do this start the game when’s
it coming when’s it coming come back is Tuesday 2020 okay okay okay he led an elite team conscious during
war HP is actually a cyborg this is Miss
harakiri and her alien gutbucket they survive by merging together during the
alien wars khawater gentlemen the sweetest bug
you’ll ever meet so invite your culture where it comes out Oh rope thing soon don’t give up
in the mission jerk all Ricky already started if you get in our way we
will eliminate go next one let’s go baby of course games give it September 2019
let’s go I told you guys would be this year where’s that BC how much to get to
like the 2020 where you at Oh oh thanks to do baby packets are you
ready Conger its back the remake is which
appeared Panzer Dragoon another system it’s not just whoo that’s coming up this is nice
panjandrum baby when’s it coming this winter okay okay
konnichiwa hello I’m Sheena takahashi from Nintendo earlier this month we held
a Pokemon direct for the latest games in the series I booked him on sword okay
and Pokemon shield the developers from Game Freak showcased the new gallery the
location of your new adventure yeah and some new Pokemon you’ll encounter there
it will be a while until these games launch so please stay tuned by the way
in these games you can use certain functions in the pokeball plus accessory
allowing you to take a Pokemon from one of these games out for a stroll through
the real world with you okay nice you may not be able to use the device as a
game controller but if you spend some quality time with a favorite Pokemon of
yours then something good might happen in the
Nintendo booth at this year’s e3 fans can play pokemon sword and pokemon
shield for the first time anywhere in the world in this gameplay demo you can
challenge one of the gems in the gallery region with the one and only water gem
where the water type Gym Leader Nessa will be there waiting for you if you’re
attending this year’s show I encourage you to experience
between Dynomax Pokemon it reaches an advanced strategy from this region also
immediately after this Nintendo Direct stay tuned for live gameplay of Pokemon
sword pokemons shield on the Nintendo treehouse live and now I’d like to shift
gears please have a look at this whoa chain at the same time let’s go ready
new trailer new trailer yes let’s go with them let’s
get it I’ve been waiting for you earth is currently under
extra-dimensional attack Tim Harris like the ones you’ve just seen at this
rate all of humankind oh we’re facing down the research
we finally made it the ultimate counter chimeric weapon the
neurologically sinking captured Canaris with human operators we established
control and made powerful allies there’s different 130 of course
Regis I’ll give you some parting advice your
pal it’s not the blessing you think it is
when Oleg Ionis and Allegiant are perfectly synchronized it’s like there
are two parts is about to die the legions survival instincts kick in
to save it there’s no way when you good could this
possibly be you the long shot but it’s the only shot we have and follow up the
you reference a blessing from the legion a curse
oh my god does it turn back now I’ve gotta know the whole he’s still alive out there
I know he is the best looking game on swish best looking game on switch hands
down holy smokes game of the year baby come on Sammy spring 2020 death by our
house is not an honor they have burned they deserve something much worse
marbles are baby when’s marvel even with this stone is my command
this may not be a battle we can win whatever is happening we can beat it
keep fighting let’s go for jump in anytime let’s go whoa bitch baby like struck slide 19 baby let’s go it’s called expansion
okay Fantastic Four x-men won’t all bad let’s go let’s go there’s our walk to 13 that’s in two days let’s go all
right Mario inside up next tires oh yeah oh oh okay this looks kind of way this was cut away so what do you think so far go out for
some follow-up information on a game that fans have been waiting for please
take a look your attention please the new king getaway package charter flight
will soon be arriving at the deserted island animal crossing looks great I’m gonna cross some New
Horizons all got delayed though originally we announced this title as a
2019 release however we need to change its release date to March 20th of 2020
to ensure that the game is the best it can be
we must ask you to wait a little longer than we thought
we hope you look forward to the latest installment of animal crossing on
Nintendo treehouse live the games producer mr. Nogami and the director ms
Kyogoku will come on for a live demonstration of some early moments in
the game so please stick around until it starts by the way there are many
different types of games coming to Nintendo switch from Nintendo and our
partners so we’ve prepared a highlight reel to show you what’s in store for
2019 and beyond let’s have a look 20:19 games great let’s go spyro confirm let’s
go Jordan freeze Cyril steps on coming soon let’s go okay
do you know Judith September September for needle 3 Wow late-game motorsports I’m putting paper I have no idea what that is part of the 13th okay alien isolation out of nowhere okay
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy crystal Chronicles tranquil owners to let’s go Richard things all right on for the paperwork okay there’s super-lucky tail Dawson oh yeah that says image doesn’t
work or it didn’t work there you go busy
15 minutes on Mario maker here we go 15 minutes 15 minutes I’m writing liquor oh
no they’re done oh oh Red’s oh it’s fast his eyes the best banjo game ever made boom you’re kidding me I cannot believe this I cannot believe this hate that pancake ball okay
fall 2019 for banjo summer for urgent that obviously wasn’t duck hunt
silhouette was it please stay tuned for more information about DLC in the future
as for Nintendo switch we have more games and development beyond what we’ve
shown you today I’m looking forward to the day we can introduce them to you speaking of before we end this direct I
actually have one more thing to show you okay what is it what is it thank you
very much for watching until next time so it’s a 2.5 D Metroid 2.5 d Metroid
key point 5 dimension way yes I’m 2.5 d Metroid hey another horse battery
well this Metroid this is Metroid Oh No Zelda what okay Oh what a sequel erupted a while all this even better oh my gosh oh no
you madman’s you can’t Nintendo this better not be brother DLC all the walls
never develop its breath of the wild to its breath through the wall – okay but
they’re not gonna tell us the date or anything like that that’s it that’s all
that’s all they’re gonna give us it’s too early at least it was game plane it
was in engine gameplay oh oh my god hey good morning everybody and welcome to e3
2019 I’m Doug Bowser from Nintendo of America
and he is Bill trenin from Nintendo treehouse we’re here from the Nintendo
booth we’re gonna spend a couple of minutes talking about what we just saw
in that Nintendo Direct and we’re gonna give you a sneak peek of the booth so
bill I don’t know about you but I think there’s a lot of folks out there that
are pretty excited about what they just saw
well Doug I think it goes to that question that I myself am a huge fan of
The Legend of Zelda series like a lot of people I put a lot of time into the
breadth of the wild so personally I am incredibly excited that we’re not
getting new DLC we are getting a full sequel a brand new game in development
for Nintendo switch so hopefully everyone out there is excited as well
certainly if you’re a zelda fan there was a lot to like in this Nintendo
Direct a lot of other things as well lots of games for lots of players from
Dragon Quest 11s to even things like the Dark Crystal
astral chain looking great was the direct cost to you for me personally I’m
looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion 3 I’m a huge fan of the series and I look
forward to being able to walk through those various levels of this
I’m gonna hit my sidekick GUI I’m actually really looking forward to is
the new Poltergust it

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  1. I really Like that Japanese players got Dragon Quest And The west Got Banjo kazooie. I wish less people Hated on dragon quest because Dragon quest inspired a lot of Successful Franchises like Pokemon,Also we now have a game where JOKER from Persona 5 can Go head to head with Dragon quest Characters

  2. Now you know I'm not a smash guy… But seeing your reaction… That made me happy…. Like a kid at Willy Wonka…Rock on brotha

  3. Not gonna lie, I would have preferred Shantae but I ain't too torn up over Banjo, I had good memories of the game on N64, I just didn't think Microsoft would let them be in the game. I'm perfectly fine with Banjo..I'm not down for Minecraft or Master Chief..MC cause to me it just makes no sense and Minecraft because I never got behind the game..heck the DQ characters handle that for me as I prefer Dragon Quest Builders to Minecraft lol…SO moving on we are at 3 DLC out of 5 with a rather light chance of more depending on how you feel about data mined leaks that say there are place holders for more characters in World Of Light. I think Nintendo did pretty good at this E3 on top of Cyberpunk 2077 and FF7 Remake finally getting release dates.

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  6. They can make another Zelda more quickly because the engine is built, the assets, the world can also be the same or use the same stuff. So I 2021 max, maybe even End of 2020. I can already see this game will have what the last one was missing, Caves, Dungeons and hopefully a better weapon system.

  7. I still haven’t recovered from the hype.

    Also I thought July was bad for my wallet… this is nuts. And I couldn’t be happier 😄

  8. I think we are getting a double dose of both 3D Zelda & Mario on Switch….
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  13. I'm still hungover from that amazing E3, NINTENDO BROUGHT THE THUNDER BABY AND DOMINATED THIS E3 EASILY

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    Bloodstained 6/25
    God Eater 3 7/12
    Marvel: UA3 7/19
    FE: 3 Houses 7/26
    Astral Chain 8/30
    Daemon X Mach. 9/13
    Zelda: Link's A. 9/20
    Contra RC 9/24
    Dragon Quest XI 9/27

    Never said this about Nintendo before but Nintendo has too many games.

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