Stress & Gunnplexion vs RyaNoob & Goofy - Halo 5 2v2 BlamGaming Tournament

Stress & Gunnplexion vs RyaNoob & Goofy – Halo 5 2v2 BlamGaming Tournament

that already goes down game 2 of stress and complexion stress dropping the 17 kill bomb was question are your halo 5 blam gaming 2v2 champs for tonight taking home that 100 dollar prize pool great job to everybody that competed and congratulations to stress and complexion I was like crazy close series though I wasn't you know when they took the lead in both games I wouldn't wasn't expecting to come back from curling pilot I retic like that but they are able to hold their nerve and put on a good show for us and for themselves alright guys so as mentioned before hopefully there they are up for it but myself and Ryan knew playing against the winners of this tournament just for some you know a little bit of friendly competition see how the pros or again I haven't played this game in a long time but fair warning but myself and Ryan doing a take on the I don't know if they're done or maybe they have to get off it is getting a little late for them but we'll see if they want to play against us just you know the best of three for fun to see how it would go they do secure that that prize pool of $100 this would just be a fun little extra series but we'll have to see if they are up for it first you alright guys we are gonna go to break really fast hold tight we will let you know what looks like stress going back in but ok it looks like we do not need to go to break we got the series right here we're gonna start with the truth Slayer and this is gonna be Game one I don't know if how this is gonna go we're gonna keep the mics on or there we go alright so you got we are gonna be muted for this you got everyone in the chat and louisv Titan we'll be we'll be talking over the match so thank you guys for watching and from Ryan if you want to do your your outro but we're gonna go into this game right now and I'm gonna back out of this call thanks for watching guys hope you guys enjoyed know phase we stay in here oh yeah okay I'm going baby yeah let's fucking go right the hundred bits are flowing fucking even stress pulled off the clutches game froze yeah 100% goes all teamwork let's go it's ok mo let's go came over last time they got it for free ptoo ptoo came a week on kennel week on came on one class ok well salute absolute on camera absolute on camels alright well bro camo camo oh man camo they got at 42 I can't see him all right well he's oh we got some camo week on Kimmel week I'm leaving him my cell my cell my bad I was just pressing it cuz he was being annoying 42 42 no he got to become I I got on the liaison Mia I knew one shot one shot I tried to where's he going he's top right in the corner he's challenging you tough in the car we love I shall ride new bro damn do good shit my fucking Russ doesn't work as I drop my controller oh man now I really got to get my other controller that shit no no no I like it's it's being repaired by scuff unfortunately underneath this blue car blue car blue car blue car underneath us right now I like bottom blue yep I hear him I think I don't see him at school all right now yep the top part I'm working I'm working bro nating the REO camos cameras like eventually soon to no pico pico pico yeah yeah it's not run out of gas that's what kombu car top car mm-hmm go p3 once car – I hear one on me I hear when I mean wrong three of you do something yeah p3 so P 3 P 3 I can kill them I can kill my comb hey guys I'm Ted cameras coming up soon 42:1 shop on the middle of Ryan ooh absolute bottom middle nating I'm trying to watch out a little bit I can't see him he's still there you still there shit go right I remember from Halo 3 I never played you a few my camels up can you get camo can you spawned here with Mia yep they got camo at 40 can was that 42 time little time to time it a week one-shot car – thank you nationwide I appreciate the bits man car – the one blue on camel haze front blue I can't help I'm one-on-one I can up now like another nice bro good shit let's go we're in this I'm getting my shit let's fuck top top top top first week Briony top car – shot once on my UI ready already like goofy challenging within which is not red chopper and I bet he's there I can look I can look yo behind you bond you have red Vanya red car I can I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm here bro I'm here I'm here nice out there you live don't I do this kid spawning he's gonna call you blue blue car come on my street we got my street I'm working I'm working where's the other guy oh there's B – hi Johnny did you owe me yeah I'm on my scope got one my job Pamela groupies a week on my top red I'm pushing short short short short short Wow's late bra house getting my shoes I should've says no solder one shot a job camo camo camo I'm pushing camel right now shot bottom red barrow one shot bottom red he's going in okay and yoga retreat retreat registry registry a little wow just what just live it's all good no more week or two week r2 on my pee street my pee thing like you know Mike you say almighty replace my base my weak base not a threat judgmental time it hey you still there – I'm bottom boy in high school that's huge which no way I love this 33 camo yeah you're a puppy on me on me I just Joe just got my car car – I don't know I'm going it's all good just live here they might push you honestly yeah if they do it's all good can I help you you think one shot bottom please one shot I can't get him I don't think I'm dead I didn't mean a glyph I did not mean to lift bottom blue let's set up for camo it's like 40 right go top riders home or we got to push a basement get camo camels 33 ah once blue once a week blue easily each week our one shot cop car one shot top car already Leah's car too nice behind us – I'm out camel 30 ok camel camel camel it hammock with camel something yeah go camera cameras gonna be up soon they're at red one stop red for sure then the car at a car attic camels up I'm let me grab it bro he's me creepy Street P Street on one job one shot I'm fuckin dead one shop on a PE one shop on MP absolute ease up just lived alias PT I think peachy gonna kill you wow he was he was I mean I beat him down I don't remember bro my thrusters pissing me off oh my gosh I got oh my god we got this we got this oh my gosh Merc goofy to be one okay well I got my leader he's just like tea bagging bro don't kill him brought five not eat high five goofy rate when uh that dude quit that wouldn't have mattered so like I feel like a chess 19:17 exactly my fucking thrusters fucking busted the game Bush yell I love you guys and watch from real takes full support dude swish your thrust button I don't want any bro your braids good I definitely like that no way your radio damn the subs no you didn't read it right no way bro definitely yeah like they're posting a tournament there's no I don't even know I guess for him to join back let's go pee yeah how do we get the hundred bucks how do we do that 100 bucks I don't know probably like they'll probably tell us you know jinx thanks for the follow what what in the butt more to water your bush light level oh good night mom in why is he killing me I don't know wait is he back in your writings back in I didn't know that so garbage we should've been killing goofy Brown grabbin camo fuck all this you live let's win this let's win this bucket let's win this let's actually win this one shot one side nice huge one huge one I don't even care about that fucking kills they got everything honor I really don't let's just win this game I forget where I saw it fuck is he top right car or top right okay I want operator he's probably cool you know I didn't think there were we got this there we got this we got this object thank you good job DJ car blue car we've got one table my god I'm bro that shit I had a boy G policy anybody one shot red car yep they just sitting there waiting the ones going where bubble my bubble on top R it's already lie I'm pushing with you ready like one p2 car to one shot car to one shot carts you absolutely on their side it's not it's not too like 20 bro it won't be up once your car once your car any second I think maybe I saw him around car and almost like top red top my red my red one time I read once on my red bone a bit bumpy bumpy bumpy wanna be p1 one shop you want to is this the one my front base can you help I'm dead man I'm dead just live just live you can't die here they're gonna get camo I think a knife camera just got to make a play right there by there pushing you probably to one long that one's your UI once you light with a little bit goofy you're the best to tell him good show I'm so glad I put one shot into goofy right there cross map I'm so it's all good it's all good I don't want to worry baby baby you only truck every side let me try going slight let me try game excite we already won the tourney we already wanted turn you yeah we try grabbing one garage he's probably gonna be on them is Yanam I could try looking yeah be on already right now okay London from red brick red bridge yeah yeah one the gummy both I I'm trying to look for him I don't see him one shot resolute yep oh okay he got me jump up killed me jump up oh good baby baby bear it was all a dream yo camo rockets in they got both snipers that's we pit guys week they sniper behind you a thing yeah behind you Ray Bob you rate above you everybody that us he thrusted have both snipe so no great about me yes sniper weeks two shot above you to shoddy ring to weaken room to what they have one rockets still somewhere they one round that's it they have no more rockets this is double kill double kill easy double easy double one shot one shot my shot one shot one shot once I get that nice good share thanks did not want him to hit that alright I'll slow it down it's my follow keep getting fucking sniped one shot for red mating it Wow ring one ring – ring – ring – two of them the other guys that was three jeez my shoes not liking well I have no drop for injured all bring three bro ring through them with the right there I can't say I can't say hit him once once I ring three one shot the other guys ring too weak both weak both weak rocket soon once we all see you shooter he shooters one shot rockets rock hits he's probably get me on him he has him he has him speak on him week on a week on him I got him my dad Rockets are dead let's go we get our game you got this we're gonna win Ezekiel Ezekiel I'm looking I'm looking bishop peace treaty Street 2-shot 3 challenging bro was challenging exactly yeah he's like 2v1 why is he challenging it's not a good challenge yo snipers coming up soon the other Peachtree there P Street live one shot there P Street Thank You yo can you go for the other sniper one sniper yeah or you got good escape this get this get this get this one it's fun that won't be rescues fuck I got a rocket still I'm gonna try to soar over get it yo they didn't even get their sniper they didn't get their once in the rocks once the rocks I'm gonna harass them know they got enough okay in there yeah you ran there though goofy's one shall haunt me I got goofy I got the sniper I got the sniper we got both snipers okay we have those sights a Los Angeles run look at me look at me harvest rocket and sniper yo we're looking at me man the other guy don't even know that's all you yes yo stack this night ball get rocks it's fine it's fine it's fine it's fine just grab bag of rocks and then the rocks are coming up just play your life dog you got this which should keep it up for Oh me that's it's all you it's all you homie I got new rocks I'm watching rocket for your watching front door he's already on this night already on this night week one shot there's night what about this night alright that was him house and one shot one shot one shot John and Doug their flag red flag red flag I knew one chopped it by me I hope to live I've Rockets red of Redmayne ramp Ryan newbies a little weak Redmayne to the red rocky she's slow week I got Ryan Umar any help on one shot one shot on me beautiful yeah that's why I've loved playing free-for-all my man comes in so clucks highly recommended I'm gonna reset one shot ring 200 you one showering to sew on everyone I bought Edom siding there he is he's weak one shot ring to a flu shot I got on my job y'all the gay baby you should bring to you one shot ring see a goofy you got me good shots good shots what's a series 100 right now where are the ogre twins ha ha ha where are they / – is probably streaming destiny they got rocks don't let them do some crazy comeback that I would cry for coming to me – Rico was that Rockets on there's rockets where's the best of two again or best of three one shot their carbine goofy I'm washing the car with Cybertron yeah I'm just gonna let condi shoot let you pick on me you do what you got to do is snipe you see no see a bright light anywhere our futures bro okay Gigi's bro the game boys hell yeah dude we ran shit tonight ha ha let's go is that it everyone that

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