Steam Remote Play Together

Steam Remote Play Together

One of life’s greatest pastimes is playing party games on the couch and passing controllers among friends. But controllers only reach so far. Sometimes, it’s hard to get everyone in one place. And sometimes, people move away or you make new friends who don’t live near you. What do you do when your buddies are farther than you can swing a controller? You use Remote Play Together, a new multi-player Steam feature that lets you and your friends play party games over the internet, together. Now party gaming has never been easier. Simply fire up your game, then invite a Steam friend to join in the fun. It’s that easy. Once your pal accepts, boom, you’re gaming together. Your friend doesn’t even need to own the game or have it installed. Their controllers will act like they’re plugged directly into your computer, or you can share the keyboard and mouse. Now all your local multi-player games are playable online. Check out our growing list of compatible games on Steam and keep the party going with Remote Play Together.

100 thoughts on “Steam Remote Play Together

  1. is that difficult to recompensate developers who try to make a split screen mode in his games? lol bro, I used to play CoD with my friends in my house, it was awesome and fun, now that I have a PC Gamer there's not even a sign about local co op mode. No zombies together, no alien mode together, no nothing, it seems like if you have a pc you're attached to be a lonely wolf or something with no contact with the human race

  2. Happy for the ones that can use this. For me and my friends there is some noticeable input lag. We live really close to each other and have good internet. Parsec works fine so idk… 🙁

  3. spend 12,000 pesos on your controls. 2 controls, that the truth is a shame to have them saved, with the potential they have. I came up with a thousand ways to make them comfortable in various games. but games should already be optimized and tested for sale as well.

  4. I just had a huge brain fart watching this video.
    "Huh…that's portal music in the background. Wonder why they have porta— ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh"

  5. Really cool idea for us! But the thing is. I can now play Gmod and other amazing games without that my friends buy the game. So not a great idea for valve

  6. So, we can now play Cuphead and that one game from the creators of Untitled Goose Game online. …and other games that normally don't support online multiplayer.
    I've seen worse sales pitches, so this doesn't look too bad.

    Also, where do we get that party cover of Still Alive?

  7. I want to play Resident Evil 6 with my sister but when I send her invite, she says that it fails to connect. Any help on this?

  8. this is me and my friend playing lego starwars with remote play –  – sadly its not as smooth and easy as it looks in this video.the person recieving the remote play window has limited control of the window itself, u dont have an overlay so u cant open chat without tabbing out. tabbit out also leads to crashing  the window most tof the time, even alt+enter can crash the window. during fast action it blurrs easily so u cant see what u are doing, i died 8 times trying to asseble this robot cuz i couldnt see the parts. sometimes u can see and sometimes its just like this. good concept but it needs alot of work..

  9. so only games where you use the same screen?

    castle crashers
    battleblock theatre
    alien breed
    shellshock live
    might and magic heroes

    and not

    dawn of war
    titan quest
    age of empires
    resident evil

  10. Despite being currently low-quality at game developing and seemingly abandoning such market, congratulations, that is an actually interesting and useful feature to Steam.

  11. Question, you used cuphead as a character in the reveal on the website, but it isnt optimized yet, I soon also want to play VR chat on phone XD

  12. I invited my friend to play pummel party and he only receives a message called "Invited you to play a game" in his steam android app, in Pummel Party page it says its possible but I cant understand it, can someone help me?

  13. Are you tired of playing ps4 remoteplay over wifi in this day and age well guess what guys i have the solution to your problem you can now play your ps4 remoteplay over mobile connection if you are interested on how this is possible shoot on over to my channel for the details and if you find it helpful consider liking the videos sharing it commenting and subscribing to my channel

  14. So in other words this turns split-screen into LAN. A simple move, but it saved God knows how many million dollars' worth of servers for game developers.
    This is basically free multiplayer for any game that allows more than one player.

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