Status Update #01 – Phoenix Network

Status Update #01 – Phoenix Network

Hello everyone, welcome to this video Today, I’d like to talk with you about the latest changes, and upcoming changes to Phoenix Network So lets take a look at the changes First of all, I recently started talking About a new feature that is going to be built into the launcher. Which is called local play Local play will allow you to play offline with other friends in a local network. Without having the need to connect to the Phoenix Network master servers So you can play with your friends while you are on a trip or anywhere else This feature has 1 limitation Because everyone that is going to play Must have a Phoenix Network account and have logged into the game you want to play, at least once So, I believe that this will be a very handy feature that will get a lot of use soon Continuing I have some upcoming changes for Phoenix Heroes itself Which is hero transfer from another project to Phoenix Heroes So that you willl not lose the progress that you have on another project Like, Rising Hub How does this work? Well, we have had to think very long about how we were going to do this But the easiest solution is to ask you guys To change your password to A password that we know (that we will provide) Because we don’t need to know your password And then we can login and we can check and then we can easily transfer your heroes over to us, without any limitations limitations, any problems After that, Phoenix Heroes also got a few backend updates. Making the game a little faster Making the server joining smoother, less buggy, less prone to errors One of the main new features is a new server And one of the upcoming features is an in-game widget store Where you can then replenish your widgets while you are on the go, so you no longer have to leave the server to replenish your widgets and then come back You can easily replenish them inside the server And that is about it for Phoenix Heroes at the moment So moving on to Battlefield Play4Free A new addition to our arsenal of games It has not yet seen the intensity of Heroes For Battlefield Play4Free, I will re-open it. As soon as I fix some interface bugs But, all in all When I open it, it will mostly be pre-alpha gameplay So you can expect intense bugs But, we will work out and fix those bugs as soon as we see them happening In hoping we can fix them ofcourse, we cant really fix servers crashing Thats EA’s domain And I think we all know EA’s not gonna help us here So, yep (important subtitle) crashes Pretty unfixable Except client crashes, they are fixable That depends on how, why and when Moving on, to Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2 has seen not much development and not many players So, while the game is ready the servers are currently offline Because of the master servers being rewritten I hope to re-open the game soon So that it can be played again by those who want to play it Then there’s a new addition to our list Which is battlefield 2142 It has not seen much development it is still being actively tested by our testers nothing much on that part We also lately merged with the first revival project I ever started which was Phantoms Forever A project to revive Ghost Recon – Phantoms Ghost Recon – Phantoms is a great game in my eyes And surely deserves to be revived But I ofcourse want to say that this does not mean that I will abandon or put less time in the other games Every game is equal to me So, I will put all my time in Play4Free, Heroes some in Phantoms just because Phantoms has It also has a right to be revived So, ofcourse we also got the developers from there they all joined So now we work together as a big, happy family And we can continue to build our games Revive our games so that you may once again enjoy these awesome games of your childhood or your manhood depending on your age I guess that’s about it today So let me know how you feel in the comment section If you like this video then give it a like Join our Discord (description). Subscribe for more info And for our new videos. And see you next time

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    Timestamps :

    0:15 – Launcher – Local play
    1:06 – Phoenix Heroes – Hero transfer
    1:52 – Phoenix Heroes – Backend updates
    2:07 – Phoenix Heroes – Ingame widget store
    2:31 – Play4Free
    3:36 – Battlefield 2

    4:03 – Battlefield 2142
    4:22 – Merge with Phantoms Forever

    Thank you very much for watching!

  2. Nice video, goes in detail about each game, explains reasonings for certain stuff and promises even more games. Epic

  3. 1:10 in my opinion the easiest way to show the proof of hero from other project is web page of this hero
    for example rising hub has unique pages for all heroes! i think every link to his profile on RH is good proof
    thats mine 🙂

    i also think this way is much better than telling someone login and password

  4. In the begining I was here for bp4f but if you announced ghost recon phantom you make me the happiest guy

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