Starter Kit – 7th Sea Edition | Part 1: All Hands on Deck

Starter Kit – 7th Sea Edition | Part 1: All Hands on Deck

– Welcome to the next
edition of your Starter Kit. I’m Jason Charles Miller. Last round, we learned the
basics of the granddaddy of modern role playing
games, Dungeons and Dragons. It was an amazing experience
to introduce new players to a game that has meant so much to me. But, DnD isn’t the only
role playing game out there. This round we’re gonna learn
how to play a swashbuckling game of adventure, mystery,
and magic on the high seas, a game called 7th Sea. This time, I’m gonna be on the
other side of the GM screen as one of the players learning the game. But don’t worry, I’m leaving you in literally the most
capable hands possible. Guiding us through this adventure
will be our GM, John Wick. Now, there’s no one who knows
7th Sea better than John, because he happens to be
the creator of the game. John. – Hi! – Hey! – How you doing? – Great. – It’s good to see you. – Yeah, welcome to the show. – I brought my mug. – I love it, it’s got a
map on it an everything. – It’s so I don’t get lost. – So, tell us about the game 7th Sea. – Well, 7th Sea is an
amalgam of Errol Flynn, The Pirates of the Caribbean,
The Princess Bride, all that kind of
swashbuckley action stuff. And what I wanted in the game was, I wanted players to make
one role of the dice and be able to jump on the
table, grab the chandelier, swing across the room, kick
the bad guy in the face, and drink the beer, all with one roll. And that was our goal and that’s essentially what the game is. – Awesome, tell us about
the world of 7th Sea. – 7th Sea takes place in the 17th Century in a world called Theah, which is kind of like
an analog for Europe. It’s familiar enough that people can look at the geography and say,
oh, I know what that is, I know what that is. But, it was also fun to
liberate ourselves from history and be more of a fictional world. And I like making the analog that it’s like Alexandre Dumas’s France. The France of The Three Musketeers, as opposed to the France of history. – Well, I can’t wait to
play, the table’s yours. – Thanks, I’m John Wick,
the creator of 7th Sea and this is Your Starter Kit. (adventurous music) – So, we’re gonna make
characters for 7th Sea and that’s a little bit different than making characters
for Dungeons and Dragons. There are no character classes, but the nation your character
comes from influences almost every choice you make
when making a character. So, with that in mind,
let’s meet our players. (adventurous music) – Hello, Amy. – Hi. – Hi, I’m John. – Amy, nice to meet you. – It’s nice to meet you, have a seat. So I understand that you’re
a Patrick O’Brian fan. – Yes I am. – Oh so am I, so this is gonna make,
– Good, perfect. – This is gonna be really easy. (laughing) – We’ll see. I hope so. – So 7th Sea is a swashbuckling
role playing game, so it’s not just pirates, it’s also the musketeers
and all that kind of stuff. – Like so the whole world. – The whole world. So what we’re gonna do is first, I’m gonna give you your starter kit. This is for you. – Oh wow. – Yeah and this is a dice tray, you’re gonna be able to use. So go ahead and open up the box. – Oh I like opening things. (laughing) It’s like Christmas but so much better. (gasping) Oh you have. – Yeah.
– Yes! – So you have a nameplate
for your character, so tell us a little bit
about your character. – Her name’s Essie and she’s very curious, kind of a discoverer, more of a scientist. She wants to be know for
discovering the first of something, and she doesn’t care about, like glory, who cares, loot whatever. Well I guess she does care about glory. But just a very specific kind.
(laughing) – Awesome. So like I said, you have a nameplate, also open the scroll. – Oh. (gasping) (laughing) – Yep there she is. – That’s perfect. – Let me see. – I love a good tartan. (laughing) – And you also have a bag of dice. – Okay we’re gonna put
these in the dice tray. (roll clacking) (gasping) – Those are pretty. – Did I tell you guys
blue is my favorite color, I don’t know. (laughing) But that worked out well. – Also, this is your book. – Wait this is setting
expectations so high, for the next game I play. (laughing) I’m gonna get there and
be like where’s my gear. – So here’s the 7th Sea character sheet. And you played role playing games before, so you’re a little familiar. – A little familiar yes. So in 7th Sea, you have five traits, and the traits kind of define, the kinds of actions, that your character takes. They are brawn, finesse,
resolve, wits, and panache. And I like to explain that, if you are in a burning room, the room is on fire, cause of course it is.
– Cause it’s burning. Sure. – They use one of the traits to get out. And if you use brawn, you’re
just gonna bash down the wall. Finesse is leaping between the flames, and jumping out the window, and gracefully falling
into the hay bail below. And then resolve is just
walking through the fire. It’s the Bruce Willis Die Hard trait. And wits is your ability
to look around the room, find something to your advantage, like a tapestry, and taking the tapestry down, throwing it over your head, and walking and getting through the fire. And then finally panache is your ability, to convince someone to carry you out. So because you are a big hero, you’re going to get two points
in each of those traits, so go ahead and fill in the two bubbles, for each of those traits. – This reminds me of when you
would take the test in school. And I would also be running close on time, because I wanted to fill them in so perfectly.
(laughing) – So your character, here’s the map of the world. This is Theah, which is an analog for
17th Century Europe, so it’s the 1600’s. So for example here is Avalon, where Queen Elaine lives. Queen Elaine who united the
three kingdoms of Avalon. Down here is Montaigne where
the emperor of the world, Leroy DeMonde with all
of his musketeers lives. Over here is Vodacce with, the machiavellian merchant princes, and their fate witch wives. – That’s a great title. – But you are gonna be over here, from the Highland marches. – Excellent. – So your character is a marcher. – Nice. – Loyal to Queen Elaine
who united the kingdoms, cause they were in civil war, and it was bad and religious
and bloody and awful. – That sounds terrible. Good job Queen Elaine. – Good job Queen Elaine. God save the Queen. She united the kingdoms together. Now because you’re from
the Highland Marches, you’re gonna get a bonus
to one of two traits. So you can take a plus one brawn, or a plus one finesse. – Yeah we’re gonna do finesse. – Okay so now you get two more points, to spend in your traits. You can spend them anywhere you want. – Let’s, I’m gonna spread the trait love. (laughing) Do one in finesse, and one more in wits. – There you go. And now we’re gonna pick your background. Now a background is a profession, or something you did in the past, sort of things like, aristocrat, army officer, farm kid, things like that. And I have a couple choices for you. You can pick explorer. – Oh that sounds intriguing. – Or you can pick scholar. – Oh, oh. Decisions. Let’s do explorer. – Explorer, okay. So you’re a member of
the Explorers Society. Which is a,
– I love a good society too! – A secret society of explorers, and uncovering the ancient ruins of Theah. Because there was a race or
a people or a civilization, before the Theans, and they left all of
these ruins everywhere. And these strange devices, that nobody can make sense of, except the Explorers Society, which you’re a member of. – Nice. – So because you’re an explorer, you’re gonna get a quirk. And a quirk is a action.
– Only one? I have so many quirks. (laughing) – You’re gonna get more. So your quirk is that, is a heroic behavior, that is gonna reward
you with a hero point. And I’ll explain how those
work when we get altogether. You will get a hero point, when you set your eyes upon a sight, that few if any have ever seen. – Perfect. – Now your background also
gives you skills and advantages. So let’s do your skills first. The five skills that you’re going to get, are athletics, cause you’re Indiana Jones. – Okay yeah I need a little of that sure. – So go and take a point of athletics. – Okay. – Convince, so you get
a point of convince. You get a point in each of these. You’re also gonna get a point of empathy. – Oh okay. – Which is reading how other people feel. You’re also gonna get ride. And you get a point of sailing. – Oh, well that’s gonna be helpful. Maybe not a point of it, but it’s better than none. (laughing) – In your two advantages over here, are quick reflexes and second story work. Quick reflexes, you choose a skill, one of your skills, and you will always be
faster with that skill, when other people are about to act, if you’re gonna use that skill, you’re gonna go before them. – Okay. – And then second story work is, well it’s breaking into
places that you shouldn’t be. Because well you explore. – To explore things I feel
like that’s a requirement. (laughing) It’s when you ignore the
no trespassing signs. – That’s right. – Not that I would know
anything about that. – No not at all. So to use second story work, you spend a hero point to locate a way, into a building or restricted area. You can bring up to one
other character with you, but everybody else has
to find their own way in. So, those are your backgrounds, and you get 10 more points
to spend in your skills. – Wow so I should pick my quick, or do I need to name my quick reflex. – Yeah go ahead and
underline it or circle it, and that way you know, when you look at your
skills that it’s fast. – I feel like let’s do convince. That could be useful. Okay. And I get 10 other, points to distribute among any of these? – Uh huh. – Oh nice. – The maximum you can put, in a starting skill is three points. – That makes sense because, you don’t want to start and be like, I’m the best ever at, (laughing) whatever it is because
that wouldn’t, okay. Oh decisions, decisions. – Probably gonna want to
appoint a scholarship. – Yeah at least one. – Cause that’s knowing things. You may also want to put a point of theft. There is a hide skill. – I feel like that could be useful. So I’ve used three. – As a matter of fact, you may want to pick that as
your quick reflexes skill. – You think so? – I think so.
– Okay. – Cause somebody walks, it’s the somebody walks into a room, and you’re on the ceiling. – That’s probably good too, since I’m not going to boost, like I’m not going to go for brawn. And I’m not
– Yes! – Be real great at
fighting out of situations. – Now aim is the skill that you use to, shoot pistols, throw knives, anything that you’re throwing or shooting. And weaponry is using swords and whips, and everything else that’s hand to hand. – Okay let’s do one there, and then I think, I might want to spend my other ones, bulking up things I have. So I have five more. So let’s throw another one in convince. Another one in scholarship. Do you have recommendations, you’d do hide?
– I would recommend hide. – I feel like we’re gonna be
hiding from a lot of things. (laughing) I’m already very worried. – Do you want a point in notice? Which is– – Oh like being aware. – Being aware of things. – Yes. – Maybe a point in theft. To you know pick up things, without people noticing. – Perfect. – Awesome. So we’re almost done. We have one step left. And remember I told you about
the Vodacce fate witches. – Yeah, how could I
forget the fate witches. (laughing) – They can see a heroic
aura around certain people, that are heroes in the world, and your character has such an aura. – Oh boy. – It’s going to come from the fate deck, the sorte deck. This is the tool that fate witches, use to teach younger fate
witches how to see the aura. So you’re going to draw two cards, and one of them is
going to be your hubris, which is a heroic flaw. It’s a deep heroic flaw. And then the other one is your virtue, which is your deep heroic virtue. – Okay. And these are going to be very powerful. You can use them once per game. And they kind of break the game. So they’re very very powerful. – Okay good to know. – So go ahead and shuffle the deck, or cut the deck or whatever you like, and you can draw two cards, from anywhere you want in the deck. – So just pick one card here? – Yep, and put it down. The second one’s your hubris, so cross your virtue with it. Put it sideways.
– Okay got it. There we go. – There we go. So let’s find out what your
virtue and your hubris are. – Okay let’s get the flaw. – Let’s get the flaw out of the way. – The thrones. – Alright. The thrones, this is your hubris. You are stubborn, You receive a hero point
when your hero is stubborn, and refuses to change her
mind in the face of evidence. – That’s on point. (laughing) Let’s just say. – And now let’s find
out what your virtue is. – The moonless night. – The moonless night. Activate your virtue when
you act behind the scenes, from the shadows or through a proxy, for the next time you roll dice, when you determine raises, every die counts as a raise. That’s a little bit technical, but essentially what it means, is when you roll dice, every single die is a success. – That’s wonderful. – Yeah. So you just count up your dice, and every single die is a success. – Nice. – But you can only do it once per game, and you have to spend
a hero point to do it. Alright and you’re all set. – I’m excited. (laughing) – Next thing we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna get the
whole crew together. We’re gonna pick one
more background together, and then we’re gonna set sail. – I cannot wait, while I go take some Dramamine right now. – Yes. (laughing) Hi Steve. – Hello. – Come on in! I’m John. – John, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, I love your shirt. – Thank you so much. – So we’re gonna play 7th Sea. To do that we have to make a character, and you’ve sent me a character idea. – I did send you a character idea yeah. – And so you’ve played DnD before right. – Sort of. I’ve played like DnD lite. Which is kind of like the
version that you compress down, into like a bite sized video version. – Yeah that’s cool. So what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna take your character idea, and we’re gonna translate it into 7th Sea. – Oh great. – Cause it still works, it still works perfectly fine. Go ahead and tell me what your idea was. – Well I wanted to be a dwarf bard who, basically entertains people
with his musical abilities. – Okay that sounds great. So what we’re gonna do, well first of all, let me give you your starter kit. – John where the hell are we. What is this place? – Well this is called the
Broken Compass Tavern. – I just don’t remember
getting here is the weird part. – Well you know, the 7th Sea
is a weird and magical place. – It must yeah. – So this is your starter kit. – Okay. – So go ahead and you can open it up. Also this is your copy
of the 7th Sea book. – Okay great. Alright awesome. So I can draw a little
mustaches on people in here? – Oh yeah, it’s yours. – Okay great, awesome. Alright so you want me to open this up? – Oh yeah. – It’s not gonna spray
me with anthrax is it? – No, no.
– Okay good. (laughing) Alright here we go. Oh good, yes alright. No Anthrax, no spiders either. – No, no. Definitely not. (laughing) Definitely not. – Okay so this is my name. – Yeah. That’s your characters name. – Yeah and I think I
chose the nationality, of a Spaniard as well. – And we’re gonna be able to do that too. – Okay great, great. So okay, so what do I, what am I looking at here? – Let’s open up the scroll. – Open the scroll, okay. – This is where the spiders are. – No. – Okay. – I guarantee you there are no spiders. – No spiders okay, not yet. Oh look at that! – There he is. – I love it. There’s my boy. He’s got bongos. – Yes he does. – That’s so great. I love his kerchief. (laughing) It’s very nice. – And you have a dice bag. – Alright. What’d you call me sir? Just kidding, I know you said dice bag. Here we go. Let me open this up and
take a look at my dice. Are these like personalized dice? I’ve got my own color. – You’ve got your own color yeah. – Cool. This is great, so this is like, is this like gunmetal, silver? – Yeah something like that. – Okay cool. Man this is a lot of dice. – Yeah we’re gonna need all of them. – What if I accidentally eat one. – Don’t. – Okay, I’ll try not to. – Cause then spiders. – Oh there you go, that’s where the spiders come from. (laughing)
These are spider eggs. No I’m very excited about this. I don’t want to loose any of these. – So keep them in the bag. – I’ll put them in the bag. – We’ll be using them in a bit. This is wonderful. So what are these, are these, is this a certain type? – It’s a 10 sided die. – A 10 sided die. And they’re each 10 sided die. – Yeah all 10 sided dice for this game. – Great okay. Alright good to know. – Alright so here’s your character sheet. Go ahead and put that on your book, so you can write on it. Cause we’re gonna be writing on it. – Great let’s write. – So this is the world or at
least the continent of Theah, where 7th Sea takes place. And each of the nations is, kind of like an analog
to a European nation. And over here is Castille, which is where you’re from. – Ah Castille. – Castille is the home of the church, and the church in Theah, is a place of learning. Cause they believe that if you, discover the world, if you discover the way the world works, you get closer to the mind of God. – Ah I’m into that. – Except the inquisition
recently took over, and they’re all about
killing everybody who, they don’t like. – Right, right, right, yeah. Similar to our own historical inquisition. – Exactly. So because you’ve played
role playing game before, you kind of know how this works. – Yes. – Your character has five traits, that are kind of like how your
character gets things done. – Okay right. And the five traits are
brawn, finesse, resolve, wits, and panache. – Sure. – You are a big hero in this game. – Right okay. – You’re not starting off
as a first level nobody. So you get two points, two bubbles in each of the traits. So go ahead and fill those out. – Okay great. This is wonderful. – And then, because you are from Castille, you get a bonus point
in one of your traits. – Okay. – And it can be either, finesse or wits. – Okay and I was hoping it
would come down to those, because as you were describing them, I felt like, wits and finesse, were kind of like my, like they fit more towards
my actually personality. You know I use my wits, use my finesse. You haven’t seen me do a back flip yet, but you will. – Oh I count on it. – Yeah you’re gonna see it eventually. Can you guys do that with
special effects in post? (laughing)
Great, I got a thumbs up. Okay so I get an extra finesse? – Yep or wits. – Or an extra wits. So I’m gonna go wits. – Alright. Now you get two more points to spend, anywhere you want on your traits. – Anywhere I want, okay, okay. Yeah I think I’m gonna
add some more to panache. – Yeah, you have one more point to spend, anywhere you want on the sheet. – One more point okay. So maybe I’ll want a little
bit of strength in there. I want a little bit more strength. – So now that your traits are done, we’re gonna pick your background. Now your background is, something that you’ve done in the past. So for example you were, a servant or a ships captain, or a soldier or something like that. Now there is a performer background. – Okay good. – And I know that you’re gonna dig that. – Yeah. And because you are from Castille. Now I have a question for you. – Sure. – Do you want to be just a
straight up street performer, or are you a performer who
is trained by the church. – I like street performer. – Okay good. So– – School of hard knocks. – School of hard knocks, there you go. So write performer under background. – Okay. – And because you have that background, you get a cork, which is a heroic behavior
because you are a performer. – Okay. – And whenever you do it, I’m gonna give you a hero point. – Alright. – And you’ll learn how to
spend these in a minute. – Okay great. – When we all get back together. So you get a hero point, when you use your crowd pleasing skills, for something more than making money. – Okay. – Now your background also gives you, a set of skills. – Alright. – So go ahead and put one
point in each of these skills. – Alright. – You’re gonna get
athletics, empathy, perform. – Got it. – Tempt, which is convincing somebody, with something that they want. – Okay. – And theft. – Now you also get these advantages. You get two advantages. You get virutouso, and inspire generosity. – So I’m gonna write that down. – So inspire generosity, is that you can spend a hero point, when you’re trying to convince
somebody to be generous, and they will do it. No dice rolls, no nothing. You’re like, this is my moment, where I make the speech, and the guy does the generous thing. – Great okay. – The other one is virtuoso. Choose one performance type, such as singing, playing a specific musical
instrument or dancing. You gain a bonus die when ever you make, a perform risk using that. And you can choose that later. You don’t have to choose it now. Cause so, sometime in the game, you’re like I need to do this thing, that’s my virtuoso. – Right, right. (laughing) Right. – Alright so now, you get 10 more points to spend on skills. – Okay. – And you can spend
them anywhere you want, but you can’t have more than
three points in a skill. – Okay, okay. So I’m gonna go ahead and
give myself some more empathy, because I feel like that’s
an important, trait. – Mkay. – Explain to me, notice. – Notice is noticing small details, and important things in a scene. – I like that one. I’m gonna add me, I’m gonna give me two notice, just like my apartment complex, where they wanted to kick me out, they gave me two notices. – That’s right. – I think convince and panache
kind of go hand in hand, a little bit don’t they.
– Yes they do. Yes they do. – So I’m gonna give myself
two convince as well. Okay so I’m gonna definitely, put some sailing in there maybe, because I think that might
be an important trait, if we’re gonna be on a boat. – On a ship yeah. – We’re gonna be on a ship. So I’m gonna give myself
two there as well. So is scholarship smarts? – It’s knowing things. And because you Castillian, that’s kind of important. – Okay so yeah, I’m gonna give myself, how many do I have left? – You have three left. – Okay then I’m gonna give, the rest of those three
to the scholarship. – Okay cool. – Yeah. – You are an educated Castillian. – Yeah. For once I’m an educated person. – There you go.
(laughing) There’s one thing left to do. – Okay. – You got to choose your skills, you got to choose your traits. But you don’t get to choose your fate. – Oh okay. – So what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna take the fate deck, and you’re gonna shuffle it, or whatever you want to do. – Okay. – And then you’re gonna draw two cards. The first card is gonna be your virtue, which is your heroic virtue. It’s an ability that breaks the rules, that you can do once per game. – Okay. And the second one is your hubris. And it’s your great deep heroic flaw. – Oh! – And when you use your hubris, when your character does his hubris, I’m gonna give you a hero point. – Oh okay. – So you can pick two
cards anywhere in the deck, and then put one faced down like that, and put the other faced
across it like that. – Okay alright, here we go. So I’m gonna just gonna
pull the top two here. – Wherever you like. – Okay so, there’s that one. – That’s your virtue. – And then here’s that one. – The hubris. Okay so which do you want to see first? – I’d like to see the hubris. – Alright so go ahead and flip it over. – Alright. – Your hubris is, the gliff. – The gliff. – Dun dun dun. – Oh man this is heavy stuff. (laughing) I’m nervous. – Oh you should be nervous. (laughing) Okay so, your hubris is that your superstitious. – Oh dang it. – You receive a hero point, when you refuse to solve a problem, using sorcery, an artifact, or some other mystical
effect that you don’t trust. – Okay, okay. – So now let’s find out
what your virtue is. – Alright, I’m ready for this. I’m scared. The reunion. – Oh there we go. The reunion. Activate your virtue, and choose another hero in the same scene. You get to pool all of your dice together. – Okay. – And take actions from that shared pool. – Oh so we can like, it’s almost like a big collective, wow so if we’re in trouble. – Yep you activate your virtue
by spending a hero point, and you and the other player, roll all of your dice together. – Okay so it’s just me
and one other player. – One other player.
– Okay got it, got it. That’s a great virtue. – It is a great virtue. – Yeah okay, – I’m glad you picked that one. – Yeah me too. – Alright you’re all set. You have your virtues and your skills, and all your good stuff. And we’re gonna get together
with the rest of the crew. – John I’m excited. – Awesome. – Let’s do this. – Let’s do it.
(swooshing) Hi. – Hi. – Yeah it’s nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – I’m John.
– Dreya. – Have a seat. – Thank you. – So I saw your character idea. You want to tell me a
little bit about her. – Yes well she’s known as
Back From The Dead Red. – Yes. (laughing) – No one actually knows her real name. She’s had a lot of years,
decades of experience, as a buccaneer. She prefers strategy and mind games over, swordplay. She just doesn’t want
to get messy with blood. (laughing) – Well that’s great cause, in 7th Sea, it’s very much about, all of the archetypes, the swashbuckling archetypes so, Red fits perfect. So I understand you’ve played, computer role playing games before. – I’ve played some strategy board games. I’ve never played a, like a true traditional, tabletop RPG. – So 7th Sea’s gonna be your first time. – Yes. – That’s awesome. So let’s get started. This is your starter kit. – Awesome. – So go ahead and open that up. – Okay, alright. So I have my own nameplate. – You have your own nameplate yep. Oh and undo the scroll. – Undo the scroll, okay, alright. I love it. (laughing) – There she is.
– Yes. – Oh that’s awesome. And you have a bag of dice, so those are your dice. Everybody has a different color. – I think it should be red but, you might surprise me. – Oh they are! (laughing) – Beautiful. Oh I like it. – What we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna make your character. This is a character sheet, and the character sheet is a way for you, to communicate to me, what you want your
character to be good at. There are five traits in
the game that describe, your characters biggest strengths. And they are brawn, finesse,
resolve, wits, and panache. Because you are a super hero, cause this is the game
about being Errol Flynn, or about being, being characters from
the Prince of Stride, you get two points in all
of the traits for free. In the world of 7th Sea, it’s kind of like a fake Europe, however your character
isn’t going to be from here. Your characters gonna be
from a different place, your character’s gonna be from, the pirate nations. And the pirate nations are far far away. And I’m going to suggest, that you come from an
island called Juragua. Or huragua depending on how
you want to pronounce it. Kind of an analog of Jamaica and Haiti. Because you are from Juragua, you’re gonna get a bonus
point in one of your traits. You get a plus one brawn
or a plus one finesse. – I think I will go with finesse. – I think that matches
your character better, cause you want your character
to be quick and agile, and that kind of thing. – Right so I just bubble that in? – Go ahead and bubble that in. – You said two? – One.
– Oh just checking. – Yeah.
(laughing) However now, you get two more points to spend, anywhere you want on the character sheet. Because your character, wants to find ways out of things, wants to be clever and all that, I’m going to suggest, that you already have a three in finesse, that’s really good. I would suggest putting a
point in wits and panache. So that way you can, bluff your way through things, and you can find things
to help you around. Does that make sense. – Yes it does. So that’s awesome. So next what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna pick your
characters background. So here are the Juragua backgrounds, and they’re very specific
to the problem in Juragua. Juragua used to be a slave colony, that the slaves overthrew the
evil Adabayan Trading Company, and liberated their land. So each of these, each
of these backgrounds, it has a little description, for what they all are. And they kind of require a
little bit of Juragua knowledge, but that’s okay if you don’t. And then so they also give you
the advantages that you get, and the skills that you get. – Well I’m a little bit intrigued by, the provocator. (laughing) – That makes sense. So would you like that to
be your first background. – Yeah I think so. That’ll be good. – Your skills, and what you’re gonna do, is your gonna put a point
in each of the skills, that I read, and then we’ll
go through the skills, and you can see what they are. You get one point in brawl, which is fist to cuffs. You also get a point in empathy, which is knowing how other people feel. You get a point of hide. You get a point in tempt, which is getting people
to change their mind, based on something that they want. So that could be money, it could be power. It could be anything. Finally you get a point of theft. So stealing things. Now your two advantages, are connection, which means you’re gonna, once per game you’re gonna say, you’re in a foreign port and you’re like, oh yeah I know somebody
here who can help us. Cause you’ve been in various
ports all over the place. – I know people. – You know people.
– I know the right people. – You know the right people. Sometimes you know the wrong people. And then you also get one
called sweeten the pot. And sweeten the pot lets
you spend a point of wealth, to make your roll better. There you go. Now, you get 10 more points
to spend on the skills. So you can spend the skills, you can spend those 10
points wherever you want. – So just off the bat, I think I should know something about, sailing and warfare, since that’s sort of the
landscape we’re talking about. – You are going to get a point of sailing, when we take pirate, but if you want to have more, that’s perfectly okay. – Okay, so I at least get one there. And then, two in warfare. – Sure. Strategy and tactics. – I think I’ll go with, then a point in aim. – Okay. – I don’t want to be so
close that I have to be– – You want to be, you want them to be over there. (laughing) – Athletics. – Yep definitely.
– So that seems useful. So one there for now. Convince seems, useful. So maybe I’ll do two. – In convince. – So maybe one in scholarship. – Yeah you know things
are true about the world. You’ve been around. Now did you also want to
take a point in notice? Because it is, it will give you more dice
to notice things around, and use those to your advantage. And that sounds like something
your character is about. So I’ve got now two left. Two left. – So either one in intimidate, and one in notice, or both in notice. What are your thoughts? – I would like, it’d be interesting if your character, doesn’t know how to intimidate people. – Okay, so two in notice. – Two in notice would be fun. – Okay let’s do that. – Now the last thing we’re going to do, is we’re going to cast
your characters fate. And it comes in two parts. One is your virtue, which is kind of the game
breaking advantage that you get. And then you have a hubris. And your hubris is your heroic flaw. It’s the thing that you will
never leave someone behind, or I always fall in love
with the wrong person, or something like that. And because you can’t choose your fate, we’re going to draw from the fate deck. So go ahead and shuffle
or the cards if you like. (paper shuffling) – So, you can pick any card from the deck. You can take the top card, the bottom card, whichever one you want, and the first one will be your virtue, and the second one will be your hubris. – Alright. – So the first one is the hanged man. The virtue for the
hanged man is altruistic. And what that means is, if something bad happens to
any character in the game, you can spend a hero point, and it happens to you instead. – Okay. – So you save that character. And then go ahead and pick another card, and put it across it so
it crosses it like that. And that one is coins with death. Hubris for coins is relentless. You receive a hero point, when you refuse to
leave well enough alone. – Okay.
(laughing) – And that’s it. You’re all set.
– Thank you. That was fun. – Now we have one more thing to do, is we’re going to meet together, as a crew. We’re all gonna take
the pirate background, and then we’re gonna start our adventure. – I’m excited. (whooshing) – Hey!
– Hey. – How did we switch places like that. – Ah I’m back. (laughing) – Good, good, good. Have a seat. – Thanks. – So, you have an idea
of what your character, what you want your character to be. I told you that it was gonna have, something to do with a pirate ship. And you came up with? – I came up with a, sort of disgraced noble character, from the island of Avalon, which is loosely based on, jolly old England. – Jolly old, yeah the
whole United Kingdom part. – Right. I came up with the most
British name I could think of, Benedict Royston is my name.
(laughing) – That sounds fantastic. And what is your role
going to be on the ship, do you think? – Well my idea was, because he comes from a
nobleman’s background, he has quite a large general education. So, his attitude I think is, he’s just trying to escape his past. And he’s willing to do
anything on the ship, anything that’s needed. (laughing) – Well that, a ship is a
good way to escape your past. So that sounds awesome. Alright, great. Well let’s start making your character. – Okay. – But before we do that, this is your starter kit. – Whoa cool! Awesome. (chuckling) – So here’s your character sheet, and I think that we can use, this book here for you right now. – Wow, awesome, great. Can I open my little scroll here? Oh there he is. (laughing) – Oh that’s awesome. – I’m guessing this is dice. – That would make sense, that would be dice. – As a player, I would guess. Oh very nice. – Alright awesome, let’s
start making your character. So grab the pencil. The first thing that you want
to do is decide your nation, which you have. You’re gonna be from Avalon. So go ahead and write that
down on your character sheet. Great. Now in 7th Sea there are
five traits that define, how your character does things, and the five traits are brawn, finesse, resolve, wits, and panache. – Oh nice, very nice. – So those are the five traits. And they’re kind of like, the five heroic swashbuckling archetypes. – Sure. – So because you are a big hero, you get two points for free, and all of the traits. – Oh okay, so everything is two. – Yeah everything starts at two. And then because of your nation, you’re gonna get a bonus, to one of your traits. Because you’re from Avalon, you can have a plus one panache, or a plus on resolve. Either way. – I’ll take resolve. – Okay so go ahead and put
another point in resolve. And now you get two more points, to put anywhere one your traits. – Right. I feel like I would take, wits and brawn. – Wits and brawn okay, so go ahead and put a point
in each wits and brawn. Because he’s strong enough
to bash the door down, but he’s smart enough to realize that, he needs to hit it, right in the spot. (laughing) – So, because you were a courtier in, your part of the Queen’s court, and you did something that was scandalous, and we don’t know what that is yet, but maybe we’ll find out during play. – I may or may not want to reveal that. – That’s right. You’re going to be, have the courtier background. – Okay great. – So go ahead and write that. Now a background is something
that your character, has done in the past. And it comes with skills and advantages, and it also comes with a quirk. And the quirk is how you earn hero points, which we’ll talk about in a bit. So you will earn a hero point, when you turn the tide of violence, with charm and flare. – Now turn the tide of violence, could that mean either way, or just stopping violence? – It means either way. – Okay. (laughing)
I could insight violence, with charm and flare as well. – That’s right. Now you also get these skills, and go ahead and put one
point in each of the skills. – Okay. – You get a point in empathy, which is sensing how other people feel. You get a point in perform. You get a point in ride. You get a point in tempt. And you get a point in weaponry, which is using hand to hand weapons. And then you get these advantages. You get an honest misunderstanding. And what that does, is you spend a hero point, and you can re-edit something
that someone had just said, in a more favorable way. – Nice. – What my friend meant
to say your majesty, and that way you can edit it, so that the other character
will take it more favorably. The other advantage you have is, friend at court, which means if you go to a more
civilized part of the world, you know somebody there, and you spend a hero point, and you say oh I have a friend here. I can go and talk to him. Those are your two advantages. And then you get 10 more
points to spend on your skills. And then we’re going to do your arcana. – Okay. – So while you’re doing that, I’m gonna explain what your arcana is. It is a heroic halo. And it separates you from
the rest of the world. The world has chosen you to be a hero. Your arcana has two parts. It has a virtue, which gives you a huge big in game bonus. But it also has a hubris, which is a deep heroic flaw. Because you cannot choose your fate, we are going to draw from the deck, to see what your virtue and hubris are. – Oh boy. I better take at least one in sailing. – Yeah, well you are, yeah.
(laughing) – Okay. – Go ahead and cut the deck. And now take any card
you like from the deck. You don’t have to take it from the top. You could, but take any
card you want from the deck. – Okay. I think I’ll take the
first one from the top. – Alright. This is your virtue, so go ahead and pull it out. – The magician. – So, the magician card. So your virtue is willful. You activate your virtue, by spending a hero point, and target a villain, until the end of this scene, you cannot spend hero points, and the villain cannot
spend danger points. And I’ll explain with that how, you’ll understand how that works, when we get to the rest of the system. – Okay great. – That’s your virtue. Now pick one more card, and cross it across your virtue, and that’s your hubris. – Alright. The prophet. – The prophet. The prophet is over zealous. You receive a hero point, when your hero strongly
defends one of her opinions, when the time or place is inappropriate. So if someone insults the Queen, or insults Avalon, or anything else that
you strongly believe in, I will give you a hero point, if that causes trouble
for you and your friends. Does that make sense? – Yes.
– Awesome. And you’re about set. We’ll finish all this up when
you meet the rest of the crew. – Great.
– Awesome. (whooshing) So now that we have the
whole crew together, it’s time to vote on whose the captain. – [All] Oh. Wow.
– So what I’d like, each of you to do is to, give me a very brief
introduction of your character, and why you should be captain. Let’s start with Red. – Okay so I’m Back From The Dead Red, and I’ve had many years of
experience as a female pirate. I use strategy, wit, cunning, I’m particularly smart, and I’ll get the job done. – Excellent. And over here we have. – My name is Benedict Royston. I’m from the royal house of Roystons, although I’m now on the run. I do not want to be the captain. (laughing) Do not vote for me. (laughing) This is my first day as a pirate. (laughing) – Awesome, and over here we have. – I’m Essie Dunade, and I am an explorer slash scientist. I am along for the ride
for the sake of discovery. I also do not want to be the captain, because I don’t care about
getting money or loot. I just want to, find neat sciency stuff. – Oh okay. And finally. – I am Romero. Just simply Romero. I’m a bard and I like to travel. And I’m a good performer too. Like if you guys are feeling kind of sad, I’ll play you a little tune
on my bongos or my lute. – Awesome. – I don’t really want to be captain. (laughing) – Does anyone really want to be captain? – But, but, but. I would be the captain
if you’d like me to. – So with that mind, we are on a pirate ship, and pirates vote, so we’re gonna vote on who the captain is. Now I’m gonna be playing
the rest of the crew, so I’m the bosun, and the cook, and everything else. So I’m gonna get one vote. Alright, so, we’re gonna vote on
who gets to be captain. Are you ready? Should Red be captain? Everyone raise your hand. – Aye. – Done. (laughing) Captain Red. You’ve been volun-told. – Because I’m the only person.
– You’re the, only actual pirate. (laughing)
– You’re the only person, that didn’t say you
didn’t want to be captain. But you did say you were
an experienced pirate. – Right. – Alright I’ll take it. – Um I think it might also, we also might want to
pick the ships doctor. – Okay. – Yes. – Hi how are you? Yes. – So everyone who wants, Essie to be the ships doctor, raise your hand. – Done, I am so good at
doctoring, just wait. – We also need a shanty man. – Oh well that’s you. – Vote for the shanty man! One, two, three. (shouting) – Gotta be the shanty man. – Now we also need
someone who knows people, the quartermaster. And the quartermaster is
the one who buys things, and supplies the ship. – That would be me. – That would be you. – So voting for the quarter master. Vote. – Done.
– Done! So we have the officers
of the ship, awesome. Now, we need to name the ship. Now each of you submitted
a name for the ship. So what was the name of the ship? – So I suggested Undertow, because I was thinking of like, a, you know, not an ostentatious, massive thing, just something
that kind of creeps along, and when you don’t, when it’s unexpected, you’ll be taken under, and I think that was pretty menacing. – Yeah. Do you remember what your signature was? – I suggested the Black Razor. Because it sounds menacing. (laughing) – That’s a good reason. – Wonderful. – So do you remember yours? – Yes, Roaming Banshee. Because Banshee’s are
badass and why wouldn’t you, name a ship after them. – That’s true. And. – I chose the Gilded Peasant because– (chortling) – So you couldn’t pick like which side, so you put them together. – Yeah it’s a. (talking at once) You’re a man or a woman of the streets, or like a royal awesome person. – Awesome. So we’re gonna vote. Everyone who wants Undertow. Raise your hand. – I don’t even want my own. (laughing) I was like these others are so awesome. – I want the Black Razor. – I kind of like that. – I’m in with the Black Razor. (shouting) – Okay, so the Black Razor
is the name of the ship. So now, the next part is we’re gonna decide, what kind of pirate ship you are. Are you a ship that, is a freebooter? In other words you are free pirates. You go out and you raid and
plunder wherever you want. – That sounds very piratey. – That sounds very piratey. You can also be part of
the Republic of Pirates, which is kind of like the
brotherhood of the coast. It’s a group od pirates that
have all signed a charter, that agrees to help each other, when they see each other in trouble. They come to a common island
and share their wealth, and distribute it amongst
the other pirates, that whole kind of thing. So we can be part of
the Republic of Pirates. We could also be, privateers, which is we
sign under a monarch, one of the monarchs of Theah, and we have that monarch’s protection. So for example, with Queen Elaine. – The best Queen ever. – God save the Queen.
– I agree. – If we are under the
protection of Queen Elaine, as long as we are in Avalon waters, we’re safe, cause the
navy will protect us, and all of the ports of
Avalon are open to help us. So, do you guys want to be freebooters? Do you want to be part of
the Republic of Pirates? Or do you want to be privateers? – Look I like the Republic
of Pirates in a way because, it keeps like a nice big group of pirates, that have our back if
we are ever in trouble. I feel like if we go with like, the royalty side where we kind
of like choose allegiance, with like a King or Queen or something, then we like run into
trouble with other Kingdoms. – Yeah that kind of makes us a target. – And armies exactly yeah. – But I don’t like the idea of, just free forming it. Like I like a little,
– You don’t want to be, a freebooter? – I like the idea of having some backup, when things go bad.
(laughing) Cause I feel like they might go bad. – But you also have obligations, if you see another member
of the Republic in trouble, you have to help them. – I mean that could, create new friendships and, open opportunities. – Any thoughts? – I am curious as to how many rules, the Republic of Pirates has. – Ah, you are not allowed to fire first, unless it’s the Adabayan Trading Company. And the Adabayan Trading Company, are this evil global corporation, that captures pirates and
sends them to slave islands. – Oh my. – Yes.
– So they’re terrible. – As a matter of fact, your
character comes from Juragua, which was one of those slave islands. And her people liberated themselves. – Yes we did. – From the evil Adabayan Trading Company, or the ATC as we call them. – But it seems like that those
people will be a problem, no matter which we choose. – That’s pretty much true. – Yeah. – How does it sound? Does it sound like you
guys kind of want to do, the Republic of Pirates maybe, no? – I’m kind of into it. What do you think? – No I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s the right
amount of independence, and allegiance and, right, we’re gonna run
into some trouble anyway, cause of this guy. – Oh that’s true. – That’s probably absolutely accurate. – Alright so let’s take a vote. Let’s vote for the Republic of Pirates, the brotherhood of the coast. – Come on let’s do it. (cheering)
– Let’s do it. – You are an official
brother of the coast. You’re not allowed to shoot at anybody, that doesn’t shoot at you first, unless it’s the ATC. You always, if possible, take prisoners instead of killing them, and when you release the prisoners, you release them on an
island that is near, trade waters with enough food
and water so they can survive. – Oh well that’s very friendly of us. – Alright that was– – This is a well established pirate. – It is a Republic. – Republic. – So we have a ship. We have a crew. We have a captain. We know that we’re all
members of the brotherhood, of the coast. And, (upbeat music) – Oh! – You set sail in the Widow’s Sea, just south of Montaigne. Waiting for treasure ships from the ATC, returning from the Adabayum Sea. And next time, we’ll find out what happens, when you run into one. Join us, and you’ll get to see what happens to. – Next time on Starter Kit. – The ship is on fire. – Wow. – Is what’s happening evil business? – We don’t want no part of a cursed ship. – Set sail. – Aye sir, set sail! (laughing) – He’s gonna be due for a reprimand, if he comes back alive.
– Oh no. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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