Spider-Man Venom Sinister Six Teaser Breakdown – New Marvel Crossover Plans

Spider-Man Venom Sinister Six Teaser Breakdown – New Marvel Crossover Plans

hey, how’s it hanging take a closer look at those billboards
the numbers represent that the Marvel Cinematic Universe phases one through
three are now complete Marvel Studios is excited to show you what comes next
you’re gonna love this these villains that we now have in our universe happen
to be characters that are in the sinister six there may be something that
happens with that no matter where he goes the world is gonna be different for
him here’s the real blockbuster brace yourselves you might want to sit out
spider-man’s name is Peter Parker what the no more hiding yeah no more hiding one of I think our great hopes for
future films is other articulations of denim as fans the comics will no
Carnage’s the bond between Cletus Kasady a serial and the red symbiote and
so this movie will introduce Cletus Kasady hi Eddie carnage is the promise
of the venom character taken to the next level so you know going into venom you
were hoping that there’d be carnage and they delivered in a very delightful way
that made you go alright I’ll give you more of my money if you do this again welcome back everyone is Charlie we have
a whole bunch of new spider-man vs the sinister six and venom to talk about we
got a clip of Amy Pascal talking about their plans for sinister six movie I
think we all assumed it was going to happen so we’ll break that down and
because of all the news of spider-man coming back into the MCU we got official
details from Sony and Marvel on how they plan on connecting the universes because
as Kevin Feige said spider-man the only character that can jump between
cinematic universes they actually do have a plan for connecting the venom
movies and those spin-offs to the spider-man MCU movies but it gets really
technical with the way they describe it so I’ll talk about that later in the
video we’re doing a giveaway for the spider-man far from home blu-ray all you
have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your best theory about
spider-man vs the sinister six in venom on the video so during the spider-man
far from home bonus features there’s a scene of Amy Pascal talking about the
sinister six movie within the spider-man marvel movies they’ve done so far in a
very direct quote is there maybe something that happens with that meaning
of course something is going to happen with the sinister six because she
wouldn’t say that in an edited segment for the bonus features if they didn’t
plan on doing it at some point this isn’t commentary on the movie this
is them doing a special featurette talking about the future of spider-man
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe previously I think that everyone just
assumed from the villains that they’ve been using in that spider-man homecoming
post-credit scene with the Scorpion talking about teaming up to kill
spider-man that we’d see an MCU version of sinister six that would be different
from Sony’s taken those characters during the Andrew Garfield amazing
spider-man movies then you have the venom crew talking about all the
different versions of venom that they plan on doing now that Sony has
officially confirmed Tom Hollands spider-man venom crossover obviously
that gets into spider-man wearing the symbiote in the maximum carnage movie
with spider-man and venom teaming up against carnage but any Pascal even
suggest that Mysterio isn’t dead at the end of the movie she kind of hints at
that but part of their reason for being so ambiguous about it it was to give
themselves an out in case Jake Gyllenhaal can’t come back for another
movie for their big sinister six team-up or they just straight-up decide to not
use Mysterio but I don’t know why they wouldn’t
everybody loved Jake Gyllenhaal so much and he was fantastic as that character
why wouldn’t you bring him back for a big team-up but given all the issues
that Marvel and Sony have had since the summer it’s funny to think that this was
Marvel plan and Sony’s plan all along for these
characters to build up to a new spider-man verse the sinister sixth
movie the new sharing contract that Marvel just signed with Sony is only for
two more movies though it’s spider-man 3 which they’re starting pre-production on
really soon and shooting later in 2020 then Marvel gets to use spider-man in
one other Marvel phase four movie or one of the Disney Plus series I assume it
will be a movie they would want to go with the biggest possible audience
normally I would say that that second movie they would put him in would be
Avengers 5 but because spider-man 3 is coming out July 2021 and Avengers 5
isn’t coming out until 2023 at the earliest that other Spider Man crossover
might happen in one of the other big Marvel phase 4 movies like Thor 4 maybe
Falcon and Winter Soldier maybe Moon Knight or even black panther 2 the way
Kevin Feige spoke about Marvel phase 4 at the Comic Con panel made it sound
like it would be a little bit shorter in duration than previous phases in Marvel
phase 5 would be the big dawn of mutants x-men Deadpool in Fantastic Four
characters in the MCU it would be kind of weird for Marvel to wait for their
second spider-man appearance to that Marvel phase 5 starting in 2023 or which
every year they officially want to begin Marvel phase 5 the reason why I say
Avengers 5 probably isn’t gonna happen until 2023 is because they already gave
Black Panther 2 that plush may release date in 2022 in all their Avengers
movies have been that late April early May releases 2023 is just the next May
that’s available after black panther 2 and 2023 is the current year in the MCU
post avengers endgame but here’s another sweet detail that we
got because of all the Marvel Sony fighting last month is that Sony
secretly had plans for two more Tom Hollands spider-man films they didn’t
say what that fourth one was spider-man 3 the way the director was talking about
it before their big break up would just be a craven movie he’s an OG sinister 6
character and with him that makes 6 characters who have been members of the
sinister six team of various points so they have their team-up after spider-man
3 their original plan might have just been to use spider-man 4 as spider-man
versed the sinister six but there’s no date on that movie yet we only know
spider-man 3 is coming out 2021 but that would mean that if Kevin Feige and
Marvel wants to make that sinister six film in the MCU they need to
new sharing arrangement after spider-man 3 and whatever that other spider-man
crossover film winds up being inside the MCU
otherwise the sinister six would just be a pure Sony movie and say like 2023 two
years after spider-man 3 but where is the venom crossover in this timeline
venom 2 scheduled to come out next October they’re shooting it in November
right now they’ll do their carnage film here’s the not so secret details on how
Marvel and Sony intend on connecting the MCU with the venom verse movies it’s not
quite as complicated as it sounds but it does get a little technical they’re
referring to it as a call and answer relationship where in the future beyond
spider-man 3 when spider-man has already crossed over with venom they’ve started
to do their sinister six movie in spider-man has already done stuff inside
the venom first movies that when he comes back into a Marvel movie they will
loosely reference the events of what happened in the plot of those venom
movies in Sony will do the same thing for all the MCU spider-man films so
spider-man has this great history in the Marvel films going back to Captain
America Civil War they´ll loosely refer to plot points
from all those movies Tony Stark the glasses that he gave it would happen
with Mysterio when he crosses over with venom inside the venom movies I know
this raises a lot of questions about them canonizing venom within the MCU
but the way they talk about it makes it sound like it’ll be an easter-egg
relationship only so it will explain how spider-man in venom can team up inside
New York City and it can still be the version of New York City that we see
during spider-man far from home but you don’t have a bunch of Avengers flying
around asking about this venom and carnage character it can just be a
Spider Man adventure where they loosely reference stuff from The Avengers movies
but it’s not them saying that venom is gonna show up in Avengers 5 or anything
like that that would be them officially canonizing
venom to the MCU the reason why New York City is so important is because it seems
like they’re filming venom 2 to look like it’s happening in New York City in
the Morbius movie which is kind of a spin-off of venom right now is also
supposed to take place in New York City so Sony really wants its venom verse to
take place in and around where spider-man would normally be so
hopefully that explains a little bit more about how they’re planning on
handling venom inside the MCU as of right now the sinister six characters
they have are scorpion and vulture who are still in prison / that
post-credits scene the Shocker was also arrested after spider-man defeated him
during spider-man homecoming at the dance so even though it wasn’t shown in
the post-credits scene he’s in jail – Mysterio is currently chilling on the DL
believed to be dead temporarily in Aaron Davis aka the Prowler uncle – Miles
Morales in the MCU is still free and clear running around New York City in
Queens you also probably heard the news recently about how Tom Holland is being
credited with helping them close the New Deal for bringing spider-man back into
the MCU obviously he didn’t do it all by himself but there was a funny clip a
little while ago with the CEO of Disney Bob Iger talking about Tom Hahn he even
makes fun of him just a little bit and he said something on stage it was clear
that the fans wanted Tom back as spider-man yes it was made by Marvel and
our Marvel production team right and after d23 Tom reached out to folks who
work for me said could I please have Bob’s email address or phone number of
course I’m very protected so they were very careful and I said sure I have him
have him contact me and he did we spoke and he basically made it he cried on the
phone really no not really that he cared so much actually we care a lot about him
he’s a great spider-man he’s the best father I felt actually I felt for him
and it was clear that the fans wanted all this to happen so after I got off
the phone with him I made a couple of phone calls to our team at the Disney
Studios and then I decided to call the head of Sony and I said we have to get
we got to figure out a way to get this done for Tom and for the fans like –
divorced parents and we did they just him acknowledging the fact that a lot of
the money people at both of these companies stopped thinking about the
actual people that were involved in this deal and how it would hurt the fans Tom
Hollands phone call just reminded him of that but if you have any big questions
about what’s going on with venom spider-man crossover or venom in the MCU
just post it on the video below in all your theories about when they’re gonna
finally do their sinister six movie that they keep hyping up so much thank you
very much Amy Pascal happen to be care characters that are in the sinister six
there may be something that happens in that
congratulations Roberto Mattos here the giveaway winner from my last big Marvel
Deadpool video please email me on the about page of my channel so I can get
your details everybody click here for that new Deadpool 3 Robot Chicken teaser
trailer and click here for that brand new Avengers infinity saga trailer thank
you so much for watching everybody stay awesome
I’ll see you guys tonight

100 thoughts on “Spider-Man Venom Sinister Six Teaser Breakdown – New Marvel Crossover Plans

  1. Here's my new Spider-Man Venom and Sinister Six video. We finally have confirmation of their Sinister Six plans and how the MCU will handle the Venom Movies and Venom character. Post all your predictions in the comments. Here's my new Deadpool video too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbWXiby577w&t=0s

  2. I feel like for Spider-Man 3 since his identity is revealed maybe it would make sense to bring kraven, but then again they could make this next Spider-Man about Sinister 6 cause think about it, his identity is out all these villains have their chance to get him pretty much wherever he is and just puts that much more pressure on Spider-Man to me that makes more sense but that’s just my theory either way I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome

  3. My official theory is that he's going to show up in the Ms. Marvel movie to meet his single contracted MCU appearance (I also think that Sony & Disney will renegotiate another similar deal right afterwards, only "officially/contractually" planning out Spider-Man two movies at a time).

    But ANYWAY… Ms. Marvel!! I can see Peter playing the same "mentor-type" role for Kamala that Tony Stark did for him in Homecoming. Of course, it'll be likely be more of a moral support thing between them than a financial one (like Tony did, making him a new outfit and all.) Being that they're regionally close "friendly neighborhood street-level heroes" (from Queens & Jersey City respectively), it only makes sense that they'd both identify with each other. Putting Spider-Man in any if the other phase four projects just makes less sense.

    So there ya go! That's my theory. Whatchathink, folks?? 😁

  4. So we see
    Vulture, Scorpion, Mysterio and the next one might be Kraven the Hunter cuz Spiderman's identity has been exposed

  5. Mysterio ain't dead, we all know that Marvel doesn't have the guts to get rid of such a charismatic and handsome and chaotic man like Jake Gyllenhaal so quickly

  6. My theroy on sinister 6 : now that thge world knows who spiderman really is 2 things r gonna happen

    1:vulture carnage blah blah blah who ever else will go after aunt may or stay with me here
    2: the six will offer peter to join their league of bastards
    Sidenote Eddie may die meaning venom will look for peter

  7. Wouldn’t it make more sense for them to have Peter literally cross universes via the multiverse rather than it be studio based. Maybe that’s what u meant but I’m not sure as I feel it would be a fantastic idea to have him physically travel to Eddie Brocks universe.

  8. For Spiderman's 3rd Movie Id like for Kraven to be the villian, since Peter was outed as Spiderman, in the begining of the movie he gets help from Matt Murdock to clear his name in the courthouse (and posing as spidey he lets people think spidey and peter are two different people), Kraven has been keeping an eye on this but doesnt buy it and sees this as a a hunting to prove to himself he is the world's best hunter, aside from that have Otto Octavius in a scientist role pre turning evil, maybe helping peter (with alterior motives) by the end spidey defeats kraven and by doing so inadvetently makes Otto turn evil, for the after credits scene we see Scorpion, Shocker, Vulture (and Kraven) being busted out of prision by Mysterio and everyone arriving to a hidden lab where we they meet Doc Ock who planned the prision escape to unite them and create the Sinister 6 (either that or just see him in his hidden lab coming up with the plan to unite everyone, with blueprints of everyone's updated suits). I dont see them using Prowler as a bad guy (maybe donald glover is the one who poses as spiderman to trick the people into thinking spidey and peter are different people and matt is just peter's lawyer). Seeing how Norman is rumored to be the main baddie for the Earth Based Phase 5 Movies (I see marvel just holding off on turning him into Goblin till much later and just have him follow the Skrull Invasion and creation of the Dark Avengers route).

    As for Ultimate Carnage I just think for Venom 2 we see venom just fighting someone else maybe another evil corporation trying to get their hands on the symbiote and in the last act of this movie this causes Venom to create the Carnage spawn that merges with Cletus, he escapes prision and leaves venom all beat up after their fight, then going out on a killing spree before the movie ends. Then we see a Maximum Carnage Movie where Venom and Spidey have to team up to bring down Carnage who is terrorizing the city.

  9. I feel like vulture is gonna be in the sinister six at first but since he and his daughter were saved by spidey, he will turn on the s6 and maybe sacrifice his life to save spidey… Idk just a theory

  10. Spiderman sinister six teaser new movie um really exciting and extremely amazing film um with venom take next level. Um it will be very interesting great character in this video and spiderman far from home venom special future crossover and going to be very excellent idea. I like the writer and producer artist storyline and director behind this video and they r doing amazing job making it I can't wait to c it. Even in comic con and even second spiderman.

  11. They need to bring in Daredevil,Cage,Iron Fist,Jessica Jones,Punisher,White Tiger doing a heroes for hire style show.

  12. I honestly think Sinister 6 could be their next movie.. The Exec's at both Sony and Marvel may not want to leave a future deal up in the air to potentially fail seeing as Sony and MCU only have 1 movie with an additional appearence for the MCU.. So why not have it as the next one when we have 6 villains to use and Spiderman's true identity is now known to the public which also means the Villains!

  13. I’ve enjoyed the ride, but I can’t deal with the virtue signaling and PC propaganda they’re pushing. It’s too forced. Although a venom Spidey team up could be cool.

  14. The Villains:
    Kraven (they could do him in Spider-Man 3)

  15. UGH
    the meme teem is gunna kill me,

    aurora: WHAT THE F- movie ends

  16. what i think is gonna happen is that mysterio is not dead or he is and his crew takes mysterio over from him. next is the end of homecoming when the vulture and Matt Cargan aka the scorpion meet up again in prison and make a plan to get out and team up. For venom i think he will end up joining the team from finding out spidermans true identity on tv. but thats just two down.And its getting better. When mysterio dies the guy from iron man 1 he downloads all MYSTERIOS tech from his fish bowl and ends up becoming DOCTOR OCTOPUS or maybe just becoming the person who sells the tech to the rest of the gang or just uses it to make the next mysterio. And last but not least electro i dont know where his story is heading but if you look up the original sinister six gang he is for sure in there. so you may be wondering how is he going to take on all of them? Tony Starks tech, is the answer. he will probably use Tonys tech to creat the ultimate finale suit and maybe Rody or iron woman will help but thats all just a theory that i have had flying around in my minde right after far from home came out. But if you liked this theory please leave a like thanks and peace out.

  17. can't wait for spider man 3. She hulk might lawyer up for Peter as it won't be 2 years for daredevil to be used. cuz filming will start mid to late 2020.

  18. I’m calling it. MCU is gonna tie in Spider-Man to dr. Strange and have him wipe everyone’s mind about Peters identity like they did in the comics. Cause having peter outed like that is pretty pointless.

  19. I hope in the sinister six mysterio gets one of the more ominous suit concepts. The one that was like bigger with purple fog instead of green would be awesome

  20. i think that in the new sinster six that venom might get caught between the two and peter might freak out and want to learn more about eddie and venom but they dont want to get hurt because of him idk.

  21. I would be sooo excited if i saw tobey maguire, andrew garfield and tom holland play spiderman all from different realities and helping tom hollands spiderman out and return back to there universes.

  22. I'm still not lookin forward to phase 4 of mcu as specialiy after CM movie that i did not go see because that's how much is sucked.

  23. Oh boy sony finally gonna do their sinister 6 movie avi arad is currently getting his long line of toys to sell to kids ready

  24. What if venom infects iron man's body and then reproduces his body so he's alive then the red symbiote infects carnage so the have Eddie,iron man and spider man fight carnage

  25. If they mix the universes, MCU and Sony, they would have to have a few different villains having origin stories like Prowler and have The Shocker breaking out of jail with Vulture. But what if the introduction of Venom and Carnage to the MCU would see Carnage joining the Sinister Six and Venom teaming up with Spider-Man because they both have a common goal of taking out that group, Spider-Man wanting to take down the members of villains he’s come across with in his past, and Venom wanting to take down Carnage and since he knows he can’t take down Carnage himself, he needs Spider-Man, which has happened in the comics. Just a thought.

  26. When is Young Avengers coming?
    I can't wait for Wanda's sons and the resurrection of Pietro if he is still gonna come back.My hopes are that he's gonna come back.

    I love the Maximoff family and since we gonna have X-man I think Pietro will definitely come back.

  27. Really wanted Green Goblin in the Sinister 6. I realize it's probably to late to get him established before Sinister 6 comes out. Oh well,I'm sure we'll get Norman sooner or later. ☮️, Bobtwi.

  28. In regards to Mysterio, they are probably ambiguous with his fate because they can simply have the scientist and Beck's other henchmen can "become" Quentin Beck with the usage of holograms.; the character does not have to be alive as long as the Ex Stark people have the drones and computers to make a CGI "Jake Gyllenhaal/Quentin Beck."

  29. Anyone else willing to trade the “prowler” and the shocker for green goblin and doc oc? 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🤞

  30. Oh! He's totally going to be in multiverse of madness and that's how Spidey can be in Sony's universe and Marvel's!!!

  31. It's the The Sin Eater story which drives Brock to San Francisco, Peter goes to San Francisco to escape NYC where most his enemies are, Brock reveals Spider-Man never gave him the chance to come clean about being wrong with regards to The Sin Eater's true identity but, Brock's not mad because he's found "someone" that cares about him. Brock then set's off Spider-Man's "Peter Tingle" before paying the bill and walking away

  32. Please find out about the inhumans, gifted, cloak and dagger, runaways, and legion show characters coming to the big screen.

  33. Hands down best way to tie both of them, would be like a spiderverse. Easy just make one of the scientists frantically try protect their lifes work when the rockets was being lunched becaise of all the fighting and then the rocket blows up. Sinple one of the scientists frantically try protect their project but when a part of the rocket hits the building an explosion happens and the science project goes screwy and the machine turns of instead of just prooving quantum physics and theories that it opens a portal. Heres where Parker comes in, hes frantically trying to figure out wtf to do cuz his secret is blown and boom all of a sudden hes sucked into that quick small portal before the machine on the otherside looses all power and turns off saving both worlds and possibly the whole multiverse. Peter is for some reason thrown into present day of that world for some reason is thrown into Eddies house from the portal. So Parker gets thrown through Eddies window. Now to send Parker back in the end he recalibrated the machine to send him back 5 secs after the portal originally kidnapps him and boom hes back in his time with new techniques, technology, etc. and maybe Venom gives Parker some of his body that can make a new suit and just make it that one of the doctor's from the sinister six, i can Doom or Gobblin maybe Otto but im not sure if it would fit his MO but yea they stole the sample from Parker to make a weapon of some kind cuz theu dont know what it is until one day when Marvel is ready for their last spider man that we finally get to see a black suit spider in action.
    Now since Venom might let Parker use him as a quick suit maybe have it that it couldnt work out but like the comics both are hot heads who bicker and fight like 2 6 year old brothers. Me personally whenever i read or see Peter and Venom bicker and fight it reminds me of Step-Brothers and all their goofy wacky fight scenes.

  34. They hinted Scorpio, vulture, venom so that's three and for the sinister six to happen they would need to hint off three more

  35. When is marvel going to release sinister six I'd like to see it in person I'm sick of all this shit excuse my language but I wouldn't mind seeing Spider-Man and venom in the sinister six

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