Speedrun of Dishonored (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any%)

Speedrun of Dishonored (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any%)

Hey guys, my name’s tomatoanus, also known
as a knock-off ‘Burger King foot lettuce’ guy, and this is a segmented Any% speedrun
of Dishonored. This run is actually performed by seeker,
the current Any% world record holder for Dishonored, who also worked with me on writing the commentary
for this run, and made sure the explanations are as accurate as possible, and that I don’t
say anything stupid. If you would like to watch either this segmented
run without commentary, or seeker’s current Any% world record (which is also commentary
free), there are links in the description below. Also, with this being Any%, glitches are allowed. If you would prefer a run without glitches,
I recommend you watch a run of the Legacy category, which is a category that relies
much less on glitches than Any%. There’s a link in the description to the
current world record run, performed by Fripic. This run is performed on version 1.2 of the
game, which is a downpatched version of the game. Typically, Dishonored speedruns begin by loading
a pre-made save of when the player gains control of Corvo, but due to my incessant need to
ramble, this run includes the intro cutscene. Just don’t be weirded out if you go to watch
another run and notice that the run begins with loading a save and there being no intro
cutscene. When the run begins, seeker is going to perform
what’s called an ‘elevator’ to skip a cutscene with Emily. When you play the game at a relatively high
framerate, jumping backwards while at a 90° angle in the environment (like a corner) causes
the game to believe you’re jumping into a long series of consecutive vaultable objects. By moving backwards and jumping into the 90°
angle, your character will hit the vertical series of pixels that the game believes to
be vaultable objects, and your character will rise to the top of the corner you’re jumping
into. Now that I’ve talked about elevators a little
bit, let’s start the actual run. When we finally gain control of Corvo, seeker
is going to immediately do a sneaky little jump over Geoff Curnow’s head, which is
a super small optimization to not get caught on him, but causes a lot of resets when grinding
out runs. We’re then going to perform the first elevator
of the run. Once seeker rides the elevator up, he drops
down onto the railing of the bridge below him, skipping the trigger that you would normally
walk through that causes for Emily to greet you. Shortly after, we’re going to climb some
stairs and jump at the top as we enter a cutscene where we greet Sokolov, as he paints a portrait
of the guy who played the salesman who tried to sell Kramer a car in Seinfeld and ended
up getting taken on one of the longest test drives ever. The reason why we jump at the top of the stairs,
is that it allows for us to move slightly further than if we were to just continue running,
allowing for us to be slightly closer to our destination as we hold F to skip the scene. seeker also is holding F as the cutscene starts,
and since the cutscene technically starts as he’s jumping into it, it gives enough
time for the cutscene to be about half-skipped by the time it starts. From there, we run up to the gazebo where
we see the Empress talking with someone cosplaying as Nosferatu. This is the beginning of a series of cutscenes. The first one is relatively short, whereafter
we position ourselves directly infront of the Empress and hand her a letter. After this, we run over to some shrubbery,
one of which is next to an invisible wall which extends high into the sky. Here, we position ourselves and perform another
elevator, taking us to an acrophobe’s worst nightmare. Up here, seeker waits until the two assassins
spawn on top of water lock where we first arrived. Once they spawn, seeker is going to wait until
the assassin on the right blinks for the first time. This is used as a visual cue for seeker to
walk forward and fall from his perch, causing him to take a massive amount of damage and
die. Normally when the assassins arrive, the player
will fight them off as a combat tutorial for the game. However, Arkane Studios implemented a failsafe
should the player die in the tutorial, where it will automatically skip to the next cutscene
as if the fight had been completed successfully. By taking enough damage to end his life, seeker
triggers the failsafe and entirely skips having to fight the assassins. This then begins the cutscene where Daud appears
and momentarily kebabs the Empress. Emily is then kidnapped by Daud’s henchman,
and we’re dropped to the ground almost as hard as I was as a baby. We then briefly console the Empress in her
dying moments, before being found and apprehended by Nosferatu and the Seinfeld car salesman. This cutscene ends with us being knocked out
by one of the guards, but before he can do so, we’re going to begin holding ‘F’
which is our key for skipping cutscenes. This is for a glitch called Ari Storage Skip,
or A.S.S. for short, named after the person who discovered the trick. If during another cutscene, you either hold
F to skip it, or begin holding F like in the case of this unskippable cutscene, and continue
to hold it until the next cutscene that you can skip by holding F, the input will be stored
and will immediately skip the cutscene. This saves approximately 1.06 seconds. You can see this in action by staring at the
bottom left corner of the screen after we load into Coldridge Prison. Because we’re still holding F, the prompt
to skip the cutscene will appear and disappear almost immediately, rather than waiting for
us to begin holding F and letting the bar fill up all the way. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on every
single cutscene, because A.S.S. only works if you don’t press any ‘interact’ keys
while holding F, which is unavoidable for certain stretches of gameplay. As worded by several Dishonored runners, pressing
an ‘interact’ key while holding F will break your A.S.S. After skipping the cutscene and being slipped
a key by the guard, we will proceed to make our escape by performing a precise skip to
the prison door. By standing and looking in a specific spot,
we can spam jump quickly by having it bound to our scroll wheel, which will put you up
and over the locked door, skipping most of the level. After this, seeker’s fascination with elevators
continues as he performs an elevator to go out-of-bounds in the level From there, he can run along the roof of the
prison and jump into some water, after which he’ll run straight to the Dunwall Sewers. While seeker is falling into the water, he’s
going to crouch while still in the air, as this reduces the distance that he’ll travel
into the water, making him closer to the surface and able to exit the water quicker. If you’ve been a fan of elevators so far,
I apologize because there are only a few left in the run. The reason for this is that we’re going
to be getting the blink ability relatively soon, and once we have that, blinking is almost
always faster than riding an elevator. Lucky for you elevator stans, there’s an
elevator as soon as we enter the sewers, that will bring us out-of-bounds. And now, lucky for you out-of-bounds stans,
pretty much the rest of the entire sewers level is out-of-bounds, as the out-of-bounds
in this area is actually decently solid, and allows for us to walk along certain areas
and make it to the end. With proper positioning, angling, and scroll
jumping, certain jumps can skip the climbing animation entirely. Along the way, we’re going to perform what’s
called the ‘Sewers Leap,’ which I’ll call out when it’s happening by putting
a note on the screen. The Sewers Leap is a trick that’s only used
once throughout the whole run. While we’re out-of-bounds, we’re going
to come across a high-up ledge that we need to be able to climb over to progress further
out-of-bounds. We’re normally not able to climb over the
ledge due to how high up it is. However, if you look towards a building across
the way, crouch, and spam the jump input with a free-scrolling mouse wheel, Corvo will somehow
be able to reach the ledge and perform a muscle-up if you hold space, allowing us to progress
further. After Sewers Leap, we continue towards the
end of the level, vaulting up and over obstacles and being precise with where we jump from
in certain spots, to make certain we have enough height to climb up things. Eventually, we drop back in-bounds, and turn
around to hit a trigger before we continue any further, otherwise an NPC won’t spawn. All you elevator and out-of-bounds stans are
idiots, because this NPC is who we should truly all stan for. That NPC is Samuel, who is the only NPC that
gives VEGA from DOOM a run for his money. Samuel, being the naive sweetheart he is,
will take us to the Hound Pits Pub to meet the “good people” he works with. We then begin a long boat ride with our man
Sam. If you’re unfamiliar with Dishonored, it
has a lot of unskippable cutscenes. Like, a lot. I put out a poll on both Twitter and YouTube
asking how we should spend the time during the cutscenes in this video, with the options
being: let the cutscenes play out without commentary over them, fast-forward through
the cutscenes, or read a fan-fiction during them. Unfortunately, reading a fan-fiction won. However, after trying for a bit to make it
work, I just couldn’t find a way to actually incorporate a fan-fiction into the video,
and have everything else fit and flow nicely. So instead of reading a fan-fiction to you
about Pumbaa and Timon from the Lion King hooking up, I’m just going to be fast-forwarding
through the cutscenes whenever applicable. When we arrive at the pub, we immediately
head inside to speak with the totally not suspicious Havelock and Pendleton. Fun fact, Havelock is voiced by John Slattery,
who plays Roger Sterling in Mad Men, and also Howard Stark in the MCU. When we enter the cutscene with these two
dudes, we setup our A.S.S. that we’ll then use to skip a cutscene with Piero. After skipping the Piero cutscene, we grab
some oil for him, and skip the cutscene where he gives us back our mask, setting up another
A.S.S. We then speak with Piero and do some quick
dialogue skips, and the screen begins to fade-out. As the game is fading out, we scroll the mouse
wheel to enter a ton of jump inputs, so that a jump input is entered on the exact frame
that we transition to the loading screen for the Void. If done correctly, when we wake up in the
next section, we warp into the Void right away at the origin point coordinates, hitting
the trigger to unlock your blink power. This saves about 10 seconds, and begins a
cutscene where we meet the Outsider, which is promptly skipped thanks to our A.S.S. After we speak with the Outsider is when the
run starts to get really fun, thanks to now having the ability to blink. While seeker blinks around in this segment,
and for the rest of the run, he is being very cognizant of where he is blinking to in terms
of his height off the ground. If he blinks to right above the ground or
whatever he will land on, when he lands he won’t take damage and there will be no bracing
landing animation. However if he lands a little bit higher, while
he still won’t take damage, there will be that landing animation, losing a little bit
of time. Going even higher, like if he blinked really
high up, he would both take damage and perform that landing animation, losing time. Luckily though, there’s a sweet spot in
terms of height that he will sometimes blink to, that’s referred to as a ‘Damage Cancel.’ When you fall from that sweet spot height,
you’ll take damage, but not have the landing animation, which saves time if he’s unable
to blink to directly above the ground. You’ll see this utilized at random points
throughout the full run. Once Corvo is able to move again, seeker will
immediately pick up the Void Channel bone charm, which increases the potency of all
our abilities, followed by grabbing about 2,000 coins. From here, seeker will then blink out of a
window and perform a damage cancel to not have the landing animation as he lands next
to Piero. At Piero, we buy the rune, five springrazors,
10 remedies, and three grenades. After this, we then level up Agility, and
equip the Void Channel bone charm. We then speak with Havelock and head back
to Sam to go to the next mission. On the way back to Sam, we blink above and
to the left of a trigger zone to avoid a cutscene with Callista. Once we’re back with Sam, we begin another
boat ride. The reason we leveled up the Agility passive
ability a moment ago is for a trick that I’ll be referring to as ‘Double Jump Blink.’ This refers to blinking right after performing
a double jump. Blinking conserves your momentum, so for example,
if you’re falling while you blink, you’ll still be falling at the same speed you initially
were, when the blink finishes. Similarly, if you perform a double jump, and
blink as soon as you perform the second jump, your upwards momentum will be conserved as
the blink finishes, allowing for you to span large distances that would normally not be
possible to cross with a normal blink. Double jump blinking is only doable after
obtaining the Agility passive ability. Double jump blinks are the most optimal way
to navigate through many levels, since it allows for us to blink as soon as possible
after our first blink. A handful of blinks in the upcoming level
are actually double jump blinks, so be on the lookout for them. Throughout each level in the game, we’re
going to be using a lot of mana since we’re going to be blinking so much, which means
that we’re going to be using our remedies to regenerate mana a lot, which means we need
to get more remedies pretty often. Thankfully, remedies are scattered all throughout
each level, allowing for us to quickly pick them up while we’re blinking around. In this level, we pick up two right away,
along with a rune that’s next to the second remedy. The goal of this mission is to take out the
guy who played the car salesman in Seinfeld, which we’ll be doing shortly with one of
the springrazors we bought. We’ll get into the building pretty quickly
with blinks and double jump blinks, but in order to get into the room that the guy is
in, we’re going to perform what’s called a ‘Slip Clip.’ I’ll fully explain what a slip clip is in
a second, but for now it’s how seeker is moving through the door without opening it. After us phasing through a wall, and throwing
a trap at the guy’s feet goes unnoticed, we slip clip out of the room, grab a rune,
and then slip clip out-of-bounds to access a door on the floor below us that will bring
us out of this area. On our way back to the boat, we damage cancel
one of the blinks and then blink to appear next to Samuel. Despite us only being gone for 60 seconds,
he has no doubt that we were able to successfully accomplish the job, and we then head out. Now, the explanation for slip clips. If you stand parallel to a wall or door in
Dishonored, and then sprint sideways towards the wall while leaning into it, your head
will poke through the wall, allowing you to see what’s on the other side. While this is happening, you can then perform
a blink to a location on the other side of the wall, allowing you to “slip” through
the wall, hence the slip clip. Also, throughout that entire level, and through
the rest of the run, you may notice seeker pausing before doing certain actions (like
right before he performed the first slip clip). This is typically him waiting for his mana
to regenerate. The mana route in this run is really tight
and highly calculated, with the amount of mana you have at any given moment being planned
out in advance. When we get back on dry land, we blink to
go over to Havelock and Pendleton and hold F to quickly skip our chat with them. After that, there’s a brief glitch in the
matrix as both men notice dust on their right shoulders at the same exact time and brush
it off. After the load, we wake up in our bed and
damage cancel out of the window, and enter the basement of the pub. When we enter the hatch to the basement, we
are sure to crouch and slide to avoid interacting with the hanging chain. The door in the basement is locked, but by
standing and looking at a specific spot and leaning to the left, we’re able to grab
the key that’s on the other side of the door and progress forward. In the tunnels, we use another one of our
springrazors to take out the two Weepers, followed by grabbing two nearby runes. We then perform a slip clip to go out-of-bounds
underneath the map, and trigger a cutscene with Havelock and Pendleton from below, which
we promptly skip. This slip clip is pretty difficult, due to
the fact that the wall is curved. The reason this makes it difficult, is that
the timing to blink into the wall is really short because your head can’t be fully in
the wall when you lean towards it. We then return to Samuel for another nice
little boat ride. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the two
runes that we just picked up gave us enough to level up Agility an additional time, which
increases our overall movement speed. Once we’re back in the Distillery District,
we take the same initial path as when we were last here. This time at the security checkpoint, we have
to take the oil out of the generator to power down the Wall of Light, because this time
around the hitbox of the Wall of Light is different and we can’t just blink above
it. From here, we dash on over to the entrance
of the Golden Cat Bathhouse. Once we’re in the Golden Cat area, we make
a brief detour to grab a rune, and then dash over to the Golden Cat proper and discover
a hiding Emily. After skipping a brief cutscene with her,
we damage cancel out of the window we came in through, and enter the area where the less-than-safe-for-work
activities take place. Our goal here is to take out the Pendleton
twins, but their locations are random. Luckily, two lights across the room will indicate
where they actually spawned so we will never have to wander around looking for them. In this run, we had good luck and the Pendleton
twins spawned in the locations which allow for us to take them out fastest. The first twin we take out with one of the
grenades we purchased, while the other we quickly take out with a springrazor. After taking out both twins, we make our escape
to a rendezvous point with Emily, and exit to the Distillery District. Back in the Distillery District, we make our
mad dash to the boat to meet up with Samuel again. Upon arriving at the boat, Emily somehow beat
us here, and isn’t even out of breath, showing that she has great promise to be a speedrunner
herself come Dishonored 2. Samuel seems even less impressed with us this
time, but that’s probably because we were gone for just over 70 seconds this time rather
than 60 seconds like last time. After Emily gets escorted away from us, we’re
then told that Lord Pendleton wants to speak with us briefly. After a short chat with him, we head to the
pub for another brief pow-wow, followed by heading back to Samuel to transition into
Kaldwin’s Bridge. At Kaldwin’s Bridge, our goal is to abduct
Sokolov, the painter from earlier who looks eerily like Rasputin. Unfortunately, Sokolov lives way on the other
side of town, so it’s gonna take a lot of blinks to get there. First things first, we immediately perform
a slip clip to get through a wall and access the door to enter Drawbridge Way. We have to actually wait at the door though
until we get a pop-up indicating that the mission has been updated, because we’re
actually arriving at the door before Samuel has finished talking. If we enter the door before the new objective
pop-up appears, we will softlock ourselves. Also, thanks to having to wait for Samuel
to finish talking, we’re able to have a bit of our mana regenerated when we enter
Drawbridge Way. As we’re approaching Drawbridge Way, we
also have to blink quickly as to avoid getting hit by the electric turret. At the drawbridge, we make our way to the
generators powering the spotlights, which we take out with our second grenade. We then proceed to damage cancel twice on
our way to Midrow Substation. Our stay in the Midrow Substation is short
lived since the entrance to North End is two brief blinks away, but the second one lands
us directly on top of a fence which boosts us forward a little bit. North End is probably my favorite stretch
of blinks in the game, since we perform four double jump blinks in a row, with each one
bringing us higher up. It just looks so freaking smooth. Once we make it to Sokolov’s House, we give
him a dose of homemade zolpidem, and proceed to easily carry his body to Samuel, performing
the biggest damage cancel of the run. When we initially pick up Sokolov’s body,
there’s a brief period of time where we can still run at full speed, which we utilize
to get as close to the stairs as possible. When we arrive back at the pub, we hold F
to skip through dialogue quickly, which leads us into another cutscene of Emily waking us
up. Once we fully wake up and hide our morning
wood, we damage cancel our way outside and blink over to Sokolov, who we briefly interrogate. After we skip the initial cutscene with him,
we continue to hold F to perform our A.S.S. on the second cutscene with him. We then perform a slip clip to exit the room
and to avoid having to interact with the door, allowing for us to continue holding our A.S.S.
and skip the first cutscene with Pendleton. Fittingly enough, this A.S.S. to A.S.S. section
is typically referred to as ‘Double A.S.S.” Once we make it to the Estate District, we
perform three double jump blinks to get onto the Boyle Estate property, and blink over
to Lord Shaw, to whom we deliver a letter from Lord Pendleton. We then double jump blink up onto the balcony
and enter the Boyle Estate itself. During the fade-in here, we can actually move,
allowing for us to progress a little bit while the screen is still dark. This section has a bit of luck involved as
our target is Lady Boyle, and there are three Lady Boyles in attendance at the party, and
we have to take out the correct one. Thankfully, the first one that we take out
with a springrazor was the correct one, as confirmed by the letter that we grab afterwards
by poking our head through the wall. Upon exiting the estate, we then blink a few
times to make it back to the river and rejoin Samuel at the boat to fast-forward through
some more cutscenes. When we arrive back at the pub, we blink up
to Lord Pendleton and have a brief chat with him about the late Lady Boyle, and he informs
us that Mr. Stark has something planned for us to do next. After chatting with Stark, we learn that our
next target is Nosferatu himself. Equipped with this knowledge, we head back
to Samuel and make haste for Dunwall Tower, and we can continue to fast-forward more cutscenes. Once we arrive at Dunwall Tower, we park ourselves outside of the water lock where the game originally began. Here, we blink up the cliff face and perform
an elevator to climb up the water lock building. Once we’re on top of the building where
we originally saw the assassins that kebabed the Empress, we perform an enormous double
jump blink with an additional blink and damage cancel thrown in, before entering Dunwall
Tower proper. Our stay in the tower is short lived however,
as the only reason why we had to enter was to alert the guards, as otherwise the Lord
Regent will not go up into his room. Once we’re back outside, we blink up to
a ledge and sadly perform the final elevator of the run. seeker then re-lives his Call of Duty glory
days and throws a random frag across the map to take out the Lord Regent, who surely is
complaining to his friends in his Xbox Live party about what he’s seeing on his killcam. We then make our quick retreat back to Samuel
with a couple damage cancels and double jump blinks, only to find that Samuel is unimpressed
that we were gone for 50 seconds. When seeker threw the ‘nade, he was sure
to cook it for just the right amount of time so that the grenade landed directly on top
of a Wall of Light that was protecting Nosferatu, and exploded right in front of him. If the grenade wasn’t cooked for long enough,
or was cooked for too long, then Nosferatu wouldn’t die from it. When we arrive back at the pub, we begin paying
our respects as the boat ride ends to setup our A.S.S. Emily opens the door for us when we enter
the pub, so our A.S.S. is maintained properly, allowing for us to skip the first cutscene
of the party. After we begin holding F again to skip the
second cutscene of the party, we prepare our A.S.S. again for another upcoming cutscene. When we leave the party and blink up to our
room, Corvo begins to feel nauseous and collapses. This is when we initiate our A.S.S. and skip
the first cutscene quickly, and then manually skip the second one where Samuel checks to
see if we good. When we skip this cutscene, we continue to
hold F to prime our A.S.S. in anticipation for the last one in the game. It’s at this point where we begin the longest
cutscene in the game, where we finally meet Daud, the man who kebabed the Empress, face-to-face. During the entire two minute and 14 second
cutscene, we hold F to keep our A.S.S. loaded, all to save those sweet, sweet, 1.06 seconds
at the end of it. Also, with Daud being the magician that he
is, he somehow confiscates the sword that we never picked up at the beginning, and we’ll
see him perform a magic trick where he makes it disappear again. When the long cutscene finally ends, we’re
brought to the Void, where we continue to hold F, and do a double jump to the left as
soon as we load in, and finally release our big A.S.S. to skip the Outsider. When we gain control of Corvo, we’re in
a small little pit with a rat and a bunch of bricks. Rather than use the bricks to break the barrier
above us, we perform the most difficult slip clip of the run. The reason why this clip is so difficult compared
to others is that the wall is curved, and we also have to throw in a jump while performing
the clip in order to reach the upper platform. If we didn’t jump when performing this clip,
we would fall under the upper platform and into the water below us. From there, we blink through the level and
perform a couple big boy damage cancels, grab some keys, and head on over to the door to
Central Rudshore. Our goal right now is to return to the Hound
Pits Pub, and Corvo is more determined than ever. So determined in-fact, that he defies the
laws of physics again to slip clip through a wall, and then swim/blink in the dirtiest
water known to man just to get to the pub a little faster. seeker isn’t quite done swimming in filth-water
just yet though. When seeker exits the tunnel, he’s going
to be doing several double jump blinks to get through Central Rudshore as quickly as
possible. At one point, he double jumps off of a platform,
in order to hit the sweet spot for fall distance to perform a damage cancel. After navigating through Central Rudshore,
we enter the door to the Old Port District Outskirts. After loading in, seeker immediately turns
around and performs a slip clip through the thickest door in the run. He then will dive head first back into the
grimy water. After he lands in the water, he quicksaves
and quickloads, which lowers his FPS to 1. This causes for us to reach the end of the
waterway immediately. Once we’re back at the pub, we run upstairs
and grab a remedy, followed by grabbing some keys to exit the building we were in. We then have to enter the pub itself and split
the gap between two guards to read Stark’s orders to his guards, where we learn that
he’s also turned on Piero and Sokolov, framing them as traitors. We then head immediately to a nearby tower
and slip clip inside to trigger Samuel’s bat signal. Being ever-impatient, seeker blinks into the
water and begins swimming to Samuel who is right around the bend. We have to be sure not to blink too far out
into the water though, or else we won’t be able to interact with Samuel on his boat. After triggering the dialogue, Samuel continues
to row because he’s sick of seeker’s nonsense, and moves far enough away that the dialogue
stops. seeker then has to blink once more to get
back in range of Samuel to let him know that we need to go to Kingsparrow Island to rescue
Emily. Samuel obliges and seeker performs what’s
called the ‘Fnzzy Fast Fade-out,’ which is commonly referred to as FFF. With this specific dialogue with Samuel, if
you quicksave and then quickload, it will cause for Samuel to finish his dialogue instantly,
and the fadeout to begin earlier. When the boat ride ends, we say our goodbyes
with Samuel, and promise to say goodbye to Emily for him. It’s been a long road, and we’ve really
bonded with Samuel. I think we can all say that we’ve developed
a deep, and everlasting bond with Samuel after today. And seeker just straight up drowns him for
having quote “wasted my time by navigating too slowly, it’s a speedrun gosh darn it.” The heartless man now begins his final
push to end the game, and the run. seeker proceeds to blink, double jump blink,
and damage cancel his way all the way to the elevator on the other side of the island,
where he’ll take a ride all the way up to Burrows Lighthouse. Once seeker arrives at the top, he’ll blink
his way all the way to the top of the lighthouse and snag the key to Emily’s room from Mr.
Stark who’s busy monologuing. The run officially ends when seeker uses the
key to unlock Emily’s door. If you managed to make it to the end of this
video, I’d like to say thank you for sticking around from both myself and on seeker’s
behalf. I highly encourage you guys to drop a follow
for seeker if you haven’t already. He truly is an amazing human being, and also
one of the most skilled speedrunners I’ve ever been able to watch. Without him, this video wouldn’t have been
possible. On a side note, I’d also like to say thank
you for the support you’ve all shown recently, especially as we slowly transition away from
strictly Fallout content on this channel. We recently passed 75,000 subscribers, which
honestly has left me at a loss for words. When I first started making speedrunning content,
I didn’t think 75 subscribers would be a possibility, let alone 75,000. I just wanted to say thank you for your continued
support, and I appreciate you immensely. Going forward, I plan on continuing to make
speedrun videos on other speedgames, like this one on Dishonored and our last video
on DOOM (2016). If you have any suggestions or recommendations
for speedruns you’d like to see covered, please leave me a comment below. Anyways, that’s all for this video. I hope you enjoyed. Until next time, I’ve been tomatoanus, and
I hope you have an above average day.

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  3. Paraphrasing a bit here: "Seeker helped me with commentary on this run to make sure everything is correct and I don't say anything stupid. My name is TomatoAnus and I am going to talk about ass every time I have the opportunity."

    You're doing some really good work here and with your Doom video, your narration is very dry which sells your dumb jokes remarkably well while keeping a consistent tone and pacing throughout the video, and your writing really adds an extra something to the straightforward explanations which are clear enough for those of us who don't understand what the hell is going on here.

    If you can find any compelling or surprising speedruns of other Arkane games, that would be pretty cool, but I think I'd enjoy pretty much anything in this style. In the interest of watchable videos, I'd hesitate to suggest anything longer than like an hour and a half, unless such a run has a huge depth and variety of tricks to keep surprising us with. I'm sure you've got a good sense of this though.

  4. Your commentary was fucking hilarious, had me laughing out loud many times. So glad I found your channel, keep up the great work!

  5. "Corvo, what do your Royal Protector-eyes see?"
    "The assassin on the right has blinked for the first time!"
    "Excelle- wait, what?"

  6. You know what would be really cool, if Arkane Studios made a proper remaster of the first Dishonored. This could include the game having the same graphics as Dishonored 2 and also the same mechanics and combat as Dishonored 2. But except the Corvo model from Dishonored 2 would be re-textured into the original design from Dishonored 1.

  7. This is like ASMR without someone smacking yesterday's food into my ear. Chillaxing to the max. Shut up and take my sub.

  8. Tomatoanus : we're going to be using a lot of mana since we are going to be blinking so much.
    Me : blinks casually

  9. Hi, My name is 'tomatoanus'

    It was at this moment I became intrigued with the rest of the video and am honestly a bit dissapointed there was no butt reveal.

  10. That moment you forget a guy you know on discord holds a few speed run records lol
    (edit) forgot about his doom and prey records lol

  11. I thought the dishonored community was already dead!
    But in the middle of november 2019, there are a lot of people here…
    Let's not give up hope of a new dishonored so guys!

  12. No shit, this explanation made me google up and watch the Car Salesman bit from Seinfeld followed by me rewatching Roger Sterling from Mad Men in all his glory.

    Never knew they voiced these characters, only knew that Callista is voiced by Cersei Lannister.

  13. So glad i came across this gameplay, this is literally one of my all time favourate games 😍 but all the glitches do ruin the nostalgia a little for me 🙁 may have to re-play this xD

  14. 4:20 “we then briefly console the empress in her dying moments, before being found and aprehended by nosferatu and the seinfeld car salesman”

  15. I love when the first thing I hear out of a youtubers mouth is "hey guys, my names tamatoanus

  16. I, too, in order to skip important frames when waking up to go to school, perform a damage cancel crouch-jump out of the window each morning!

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