Spatchcock Jerk Smoked Chicken on the Traeger Pellet Smoker

Spatchcock Jerk Smoked Chicken on the Traeger Pellet Smoker

hey welcome back to the channel! My name
is Todd, tonight we’re gonna do spatchcock chicken. We’re also gonna do
a jerk seasoning with a little bit of pepper, and then we’re
gonna stick it on the Traeger grill. It’s gonna be yummy you guys don’t want to
miss this! Okay so I’ve seen a lot of people do a
lot of spatchcock chicken, it’s when you take the spine out of the chicken so
that it lays flat and what that does is it creates an even cook with the chicken.
It’s no longer round it’s flat you get an even temperature and it just cooks a
whole lot better or slightly easier to manage and you’re really gonna like it.
We’re gonna be using a jerk seasoning. I’ve never used the jerk seasoning
before. I always thought it was kind of funny, but this is the brand that
we’re using. What I like to do is carefully open this up and really pay
attention to your splatter. I like to get some paper towels and kind
of control some of the moisture and the mess and whatnot. So you can see this
is a young chicken and we probably don’t need the the gizzards and the
other things that are in it so we’re gonna go ahead and pull that stuff out.
So once you got the the neck and some of those innards out we’re just gonna take
a quick peek at this guy; I’m gonna name name this guy “Fred”. So the spine is running
right along here, so what you want to do get yourself a really nice sharp knife. We’re gonna go ahead with a nice big
sharp knife, we’re gonna make a cut right here. I’m just gonna go ahead and trim up a
few of these little pieces of these rib bones that get in the way… okay so we’re gonna turn
this over okay so as you can see here it’s lying pretty flat and this is what
we want. Okay, we’re gonna leave the skin on and as much as possible to try to
preserve that moisture that’s in the meat while it’s on that smoker. We’re also
gonna season up here in a minute. I’m just putting some fresh gloves on so
that when I’m touching the spice shakers as I’m not contaminating anything. All
right first thing I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna get my spices ready, um,
definitely with jerk seasoning and I’m gonna go with a little bit of oil. What I’m
gonna do is I’m gonna squirt a little bit of oil to the side here and I’m gonna
put some of that jerk seasoning right into it. What I’m doing is going to be
creating a little bit of extra seasoning to dab around and the under the skin. Okay now is the point that I’m
going to use both hands here cuz I need to, so I’m just gonna get some that
little oil that I created and get up under here under the skin as much as I can, and
again this is just to kind of help get some of that flavor in there up under
the skin and keep them juices in at the same time. You kind of see how I’m going
in there with that. Alright… Okay I’m gonna flip it over here now. Seasoning is
definitely very important, but this is gonna get some seasoning from the
smoking process. We’re gonna be putting this on the Traeger, we’re gonna be
putting at 350, we’re probably gonna be cooking it for about 1 hour until
internal temperature reaches about 160 or so and then we’re gonna sauce it up.
Okay we’re gonna go outside now and get the Traeger going. Okay we’re gonna go
ahead and hit the smoke setting. I’ll check my pellets… we got plenty!
Today I’m using a competition blend actually I’m sorry today we’re using a
gourmet blend of pellets. There’s no particular wood that we’re using. You just
want to get the smoke. Okay let’s get this on. Okay what I’m gonna do I’m gonna
take this chicken… I’m gonna put it skin side up on that smoker. We’re probably
most of the cook until I get ready with the sauce. I’m using gloves, these tongs really help me out. All right there we go! So I got it on the
Traeger now, I set the temperature to 300 degrees. I really want that internal
temperature to come up to about 160, at that point I’m gonna flip it around you
know sauce the underbelly and then I’m gonna flip it again sauce the skin and
then continue let it cook and I’m probably looking for about 175 or so on
the breast temperature. It’s really a bad thing when somebody eats into a piece of
chicken when you get a little pink meat somewhere, and I don’t want any of that!
So I’m gonna go up to about 175. So as you could probably tell we’re not doing
true Jamaican jerk chicken. Yes we got a little bit of jerk chicken seasoning, I
put a little salt and pepper on there, and we’re smoking it and then we’re
gonna use barbecue sauce toward the end. I also have some butter garlic olive oil
mixture here that I heated up and put in a kind of a pan…. Color looks really good!! I’m just gonna put a little bit on this.
This is gonna be really help the color and really help lock in the juices. okay in a little while I’m gonna be
flipping that over and doing the other side. so I’m going to take this little
instant-read thermometer now and I’m gonna be looking for about 160. I’m gonna
go in to the breasts where it’s really thick. I’m gonna try to go in the center
right there and really want it to be about 160 before I (BBQ) sauce it up Okay so unfortunately I’m seeing about
150 right now in some of the thicker parts of that breast so I’m gonna wait
about 10 minutes and we’re gonna come back sauce it. Okay I’m gonna go in for another
temperature probe I really want to see 170 on those breast meat sections and
then we’ll probably take it off. Okay so I’m just not seeing the
temperatures that I want right now. Don’t ever take chicken off the grill unless
above 160. We finally got it to internal temp above 160, thats where we want it to be.
skin tore a little bit that’s all right. We’re gonna go ahead and cut the leg off here and
check out. This leg looks really good! Smoke got this chicken really good, I
think that butter drizzle that I put on there with some garlic really helped out
a lot, and of course that the barbecue sauce… very nice! I’m gonna cut in here in the breasts. Oh thats nice and juicy! just came out so
nice, look at that! Just a beautiful piece for us right there! Todd: What do you think of it baby?
Sassy: I think its juicy and very tasty you like that jerk seasoning and remember the
sauce. Alright, she just got herself a salad. So it’s got a great color. Sassy: mmm oh my god juicy juicy very good thanks for watching everybody
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20 thoughts on “Spatchcock Jerk Smoked Chicken on the Traeger Pellet Smoker

  1. OK guys, first time spatchcock chicken on the Traeger! Its funny almost, just saying that, but its the BEST way to barbecue a whole chicken hands down. I was skeptical, but pushed through and figured it out. On top of this I used a Jerk seasoning, pepper, and spicy garlic rub. Then smoked it and saucing it later down the road. Enjoy!

  2. Damn that looks great! Thatโ€™s the only way I do my chickens…much better heat distribution and tons more flavor as well as you are basically seasoning the entire chicken not just the skin.

  3. Todd thats one good looking bird. I find these pellet grills are paired perfectly with Chicken. better than kettles. thanks bud.

  4. I'm sure that was a flavor explosion! Some of the juiciest chicken I've seen! ๐Ÿ‘ ย 
    Question…….why are you running that pit without the cap on the stack??? Just curious.

  5. No 2 chickens cook the same….your patience paid off Todd! Beautiful, Juicy, Delicious is how I'd describe this. Excellent video bud! Diggin the American Legion shirt too!! Take care!!

  6. Lmao Fred!!!! Haha poor Fred! ๐Ÿ˜ข ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Anyhoo.. the chicken looked absolutely delicious Todd! Bet it smelt and tasted amazing honey! ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿคค Thx for sharing. ๐Ÿ˜˜ Please tell my beautiful queen HI for me! ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜˜

  7. Thatโ€™s some fine-looking chicken, Todd. The moisture in that breast meat was perfect. I've found it hard to go back to โ€œbeer canโ€ after I went down the โ€œspatchcockโ€ road. Iโ€™m digging your editing too!

  8. Looks so juicy and tender! Nice idea Todd with the jerk seasoning and basting with the garlic butter and oil. Love the color the BBQ sauce gave. When you cut into that breast meat you could tell it was perfect! lol. Nice job! ..

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  11. Replying back from your most recent mod video.. Is this the video with the stack mod..? I must be blind cause I didn't see it lol.. The chicken looked great.. Spatchcocked is the way I roll.

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