Single Girl Reviews Fan Submitted Daddies In The Sims 4 | Part 3

Single Girl Reviews Fan Submitted Daddies In The Sims 4 | Part 3

I am so excited to look at a bunch of digital men hey everybody welcome back I’m Kelsey I’m single and we thought it would be funny for me to try the 100 baby challenge it’s a challenge where you make a character in the sins that they are supposed to have 100 babies there’s a lot of rules for two videos I’ve asked you all to make baby dads for my girl Chelsea so hopefully someone made somebody let’s look in the gallery and meet my mystery dates what’s up there’s people you guys made people thank you okay okay okay here’s the first guy I see DreamBoy ex Yakuza leader son quit his past to look for his love I love that there’s a backstory Anneliese thank you I’m gonna save into my library oh my goodness let’s see [Applause] someone made Craig from dream daddy on this channel I’ve already played the gam dream daddy a couple times and I was dumped by Craig not my type but is a look oh did he turn him to two people he’s a hot vampire that aspires to be a musical genius he’s known to be erratic and evil but it can be a chill bro from time to time you wear keep him out of the Sun that seems like he needs a lot of babysitting and I’m a terrible babysitter as we’ve seen oh this is cute it’s just stapled baby daddy and anna-marie says I love him I think he’s great I hope you like it I really tried hard to make him good look good for you I think Chelsea will love him this guy’s cute too oh look at that I Brad twitch saved my mom would be thrilled if these men were all real under baby challenge there’s a Yeti in this one we have a group of six young adults who would love to become fathers don’t ask too much about Robert Oh Eggar he’s very shy this guy’s got a cowboy hat and his name’s Crenshaw saved this guy prade hope I’m not too late to make a pop of the he’s Andrew you can change the name if you want I don’t mind no that’s sweet but my boy here wants to be a super dad to call him over whatever you need help taking care of the little demons I’m not allowed to do that I’m not allowed in the rules but I love that you know I love that he wants to be a parent I think that’s amazing you seem very sweet grizzle I love it save to keep looking keep looking baby daddies for Kelsey we got a lot of alien submissions this guy’s cuddling a raccoon what this guys doing Slater it’s this will good-looking Craig doe I see you saved that guy’s got a dog Oh hot guy with a dog the tog looks great saved I love dogs what can I say this is better than any dating app I’ve ever had and they’re all a group of mystery bachelors little-known fact I am – this looks like a character from overwatch I’m slightly terrified of people in masks that’s like a big fear of mine so unfortunately not for me oh he’s cute safe I like red hair that’s great I love a backstory though it took four more dudes with backstories Eugene yang Chelsea’s not gonna have a baby with you to check for all the BuzzFeed fanfiction oh that’s a person I personally know and it cannot well not all this Darth Vader though Darth Vader would be a hilarious baby daddy saved this guy in peachy Hey I love I love that hmm oh this guy’s cute I like his vibe saved what’s this guy the real ninja fool I mean Joey Witherspoon is cute so saved this is thrilling honestly I’ve never felt so loved in my whole life that’s a lie I’ve been loved [Music] birkoff the sickle girl trip anyway Manning you’re hot saved like his name is just single he gets right to the point it’s like wearing a single t-shirt to a bar you’re like what up this one says I want a baby now pick me Kelsey nobody loves me that is scary who a West I love it he looks like some kind of pop star oh gosh it’s a girl from Despicable Me oh my god there’s another dream daddy if Kelsey can’t wait Craig’s love than Chelsea might have a better shot I’ll save up well I’m cheered read daddy’s that’ll be hilarious hopefully I’ll be able to tell them apart number one oh my gosh it’s Craig I love this description bro it’s Craig from dream Johnny everyone knows this man loves the children and can’t wait for friar hazel and remember to have another sibling live out your dream by choosing this athletic and family-oriented to do it as Chelsea’s next suitor wow you write a good a good sentence my friend saved now we have three Craig’s it’s not my fault you made a lot of Craig’s which obviously is working Jacobs he’s cute he’s a cutie I like him saved got some pretty striking eyes and he’s a goofball Chelsea’s gonna love it Wow okay this one’s nice a variety pack love Alfie very cute August cute Bradley cute he looks like the guy from Detroit become human which I love and this guy kind of looks like I would imagine James Potter from Harry Potter to look as a young adult but saved he’s neat maybe if he stays over long enough he’ll do something we’re not supposed to do that though that’s kind of against the rules all right by whatever Joffrey you’re in oh this guy’s got a man bun I like it saved whoo this guy is looking dreamy saved opposite minded twins I love it Jason Damian though being to invest to get a long growing up now they’re moving out to the world together well Chelsea go for a responsible Jace or troublemaker Damian or both probably both saved I love the back story wait this guy kind of looks preppy like Archie Andrews love saved Wow there’s just so many and it’s all for me I can’t believe it I’ve not you know this is this is just overwhelming here another Craig forgery daddy’s spectacular work you guys they definitely stand out Oh Cory Cory looks dashing I effing love this serious that I hope you laugh this baby daddy I made for you I love it saved I’ve enjoyed your last two baby challenge videos and your funny entertaining oh hussy I clearly love a compliment description this guy looks like a little nerd I love a nerd I like it nerd nerds are cool this is a clown this is literally a cloud I’m not comfortable Oh Jaden Mayer he’s romantic really oriented clean I like how you guys I think a lot of you put clean as their traits hoping that they’d help me votives could get Chelsey pregnant oh my god she’s beautiful and he is too saved there’s so many aliens I feel guilty not having at least one alien this alien looks great he’s active cheerful and good okay we’ll have one alien so we have moved all of the dads into Willow Creek thank you guys all so much for for making dads for Chelsea I’m very excited for her to meet them all let’s dive back in I did take a breath here we are back in the Peter Shui household I have read some of your comments I noticed that if you just put food on the ground you don’t need a high chair and they’re a waste so thanks guys for letting me know that I’m gonna sell it and get those $52 back also I was told to give them a game pad instead of toys so I’m deleting all their toys which makes me a little sad I kind of like some of those toys but you’re right in order to age them up I need them to have all their skills so we’re gonna get them a little kids skill pad it’s $500 we only have five hundred and $19 this is gonna be all of our money oh maybe we maybe we can sell something else who needs that much counter space not Chelsea it’s 3:00 a.m. so we’re gonna kind of jump back into the life of Chelsea and her children Oh babies that go potty you can go on your own I’m proud of you Brielle both of our children they’re growing up so fast actually they’re not growing up at all you need more skills we have to be a level-3 and all the skills right now we’re a level foreign imagination so we just need movement potty communication and thinking all bumped up yeah let’s work on communication good job kid oh no we got a we got a passed-out mom and a crying baby come on wake up Chelsea you got stuff to do I know it’s rough being you maybe we should get her a coffeepot this kids having a great time iPad best decision we’ve ever made what do you are you so tired you should go to sleep no don’t cry just go to bed did you not drink the coffee drink the coffee my girl oh it’s making Ernie to pee now I guess that’s what coffee does to my right ovary what’s a sleep guys I think I’m crushing this nope something happened it’s her baby’s awake hey it’s lovers day and we got more money yes and we didn’t have to do anything oh gosh put our babies crack again chill baby our other kids are sleeping so that’s amazing what no don’t use your diaper go potty stop sleeping go potty yes good girl Chelsea what are you doing go eat don’t watch your child be serve lunch what’s the cheapest is the garden salad can children eat a garden salad i I’ve literally no idea al is crushing the sleeping thing oh my god Jamie her mom is busy Jamie I don’t know if we’ll ever get this cleaned up maybe that’s just our new aesthetic why is olive sad why are you sad Olive you had an accident great can you clean it up no you can’t inspired Chelsea’s got this how are you all sad stop being sad my children Chelsea eat your food a little faster oh my god there’s so many children running around though it’s so cute okay it’s always Jamie’s birthday yes three toddlers not the best decision we’ve ever made but we can deal with it let’s have our sleep why are you sad you’re still sad about the potty accident yes both of the kids look extremely healthy considering one of them does need a bath but you know we can’t all get what we want all the time cuz Chelsea you should sleep at least a little I do a bath Jamie’s crying again what does he need food what do you need we just fed you how often do babies need to eat I guess very often olive is our golden child you just keep up those skills olive everything’s wet and dirty but that’s fine sometimes with motherhood you can’t always be perfect you good okay Chelsea Chelsea needs fun and to pee and asleep she’s a lot no what are you doing child why are you a pigpen oh she’s making just noise okay that’s fine I don’t know how she got pants you know what okay all right crushing it mom of the Year award Chelsea bitch again Sergio no we don’t hang out you’re dead to us cheapest kids having a great time look at me mad about my I’m proud of you sweetie you’re almost at level two communication all right baby is chill no babies not chill why why why why what do you need what do you need now Chelsea is level six parenting boom nothing I’m crushing this but I’m crushing this you know what I think you know what time it is it’s time to give your baby a hug and then you’re gonna go out it’s eight o’clock it’s time to go meet daddy I can’t wait for her to me one of your daddy’s so it’s time to go to Willow Creek Park where we think all the daddies might be hanging out we’re going out to the club to see what daddy’s arrived we’re out to have a good time she’s a little hungry and a little tired so we should her we should get her some food everything’s expensive here grab chips wait who is that Craig Slater wait is that one of your guys creations is he tending bar she’s looking more pregnant than she was before oh but that guy stole her share cheerful introduction she should be friendly again ask about his day how’s your day been bro oh she’s wearing the same outfit as me Wow Wow who’s that Jeffrey lamb grab the land grabs have arrived but we are focused in here on Craig’s later let’s ask him about his love life what’s up is that Nancy Nancy is here I see also Lars rosewood has arrived another creation so we’re gonna do a flirty introduction come on Chelsey go find another daddy what’s up he was down what’s up Lars immediately a suggestive conversation let’s offer him a rose it’s love day other girl back off but she’s also pregnant maybe she’s doing a her own challenge Lars seemed down for immediate flirty reactions which is great wait can they already first kiss should we rush this I feel like we never rushed this but like go for it let’s do it let’s see if what happened what’s up Lars you want to kiss and then here just walked in but cab another one of our dad many dads you gotta meet your other dad though Chelsea you can’t just let these dads walk away oh wow there’s a lot of people at this bar so we’ve met Kim we’ve met Craig and then we met Karen Simmons wait and Lars wait Wow we met a lot of guys – Josie’s like nice to meet you all boys well catch up soon hey she’s sitting on the toilet thinking wow I’ve met so many eligible men today I’m such a lucky girl I can’t wait to have more children like that she’s so pleased with her life choices you could just see it in her eyes all right she’s feeling uncomfortable and I don’t want to make a pregnant woman stay out for too long but we’ve met some – she is tired so we’re gonna send her to bed the kids seem fine what you doin little girl no you you play with this communication she’s so close you’re so close to three no I little bean fell asleep no sleep in near bed all right her communications at three perfect thinking she needs thinking next she needs attention I’m sorry my friend you’ll get attention someday when your mom isn’t trying to do 8,000 things at once it’s Jamie’s birthday time does fly Jamie you’re aging up although you’re gonna be a toddler doesn’t matter we’re aging Jamie up I don’t care she’s crying again hmm baby happy birthday Oh Jay had said Jamie again thanks Jay we age Jamie give me a random number between one and eight it’s eight it’s eight so this baby will be inquisitive Jamie’s gonna be an inquisitive kid perfect Susu yeah hello little baby Jamie our first boy of the family well what a cutie it means we need another bed in the kid room all right so we got a new toddler Jamie’s aged up we have met a bunch of your new dads and I think this is a great place to stop the challenge no new babies today but hopefully we’ll have a lot of new babies in the next deficit hopefully we’ll get someone aged up into a child next time so that they can start helping around the house but for now we have three toddlers [Music] [Music]

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  5. Hi :3 I'm just posting sims 4 facts about children and I hope this one is kinda interesting 😀
    If you get a toddler's skills to at least 3 each (aka maxing potty skill because it only has 3 levels) you get a boost when the said toddler becomes a child. But if you max all toddler skills the toddler gets a boost to skills for their life!

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  13. If you have a girl could you name her Briannah, Maddi, Caitlyn (after me), Bella or Emily

    If you have a boy could you name him Zack, Ben, Adam, James or Jacob

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