it finally happened Sasha Bank is so
officially back in the WWE or I should say she is so officially back from
whatever vacation she was on ever since WrestleMania we talked about the rumors
of what we gonna leave it in the past we’re gonna focus about the present she
is back and you know how excited my coco is to just say the words it’s a boss
time I never been so excited to hear Michael Cohen commentary just say those
words and we know it’s gonna get annoying in a couple of weeks but for
the time being I’m gonna accept it she is back and you know what else we’re
getting back the king of the Ring what a phenomenal Monday Night Raw set
of announcement right anyways guys a what’s up welcome back to the channel to
another Monday Night Raw RoundUp keeping you up-to-date on all the
latest and before we get into it you already know me show to elbow dropped
our like button and to be fully up today on all the ladies have those
notifications turn on and subscribe to the channel so let’s get into and before
we run that bra let’s talk about the highlights of course hot topic of
discussion right now is the fact that Sasha bank is back there were a lot of
rumors indicating that she was gonna be returning this SummerSlam weekend it
didn’t happen at SummerSlam but it did happen on Monday Night Raw tonight and
boy did WWE did it correctly we had Natalya in the ring she came out
indicating that she’s gonna have to step away from the WWE and that she’s gonna
have to do some testing on her arm after her match with Becky Lynch last night
she also shared a very emotional dream that she had last night of her father
telling her he was proud of her and that’s when the music hit and that’s
when I knew that we were gonna be getting the best version of Sasha banks
and that is the boss the hill that is Sasha banks the one that we used to love
from NXT and I hope that WWE keep that aggression going she came out without
red hair and then she pulled it off to reveal the blue hair that she’s rocking
so she got a new look and she is looking vicious she went on to attack Natalya to
the point where we had a Becky Lynch coming in for the same
but then Becky Lynch was absolutely destroy as well Sasha banks even picked
up a chair and hit Becky Lynch with a big time so the boss is back she got
that aggressive attitude that she been needing no more bus and hard connection
no more babyface ahsha banks again I’m hoping that we get the full-blown
heelside shebangs that we used to see on NXT yes she was a heel in the main
roster before but trust me that was not as good as I next see I’m hoping that
this is it the good thing about all of this though it’s the fact that we are
gonna be getting this view of Sasha banks and Becky Lynch and Becky Lynch is
finally getting that top contender opponent since WrestleMania so all of
this is about to get very interesting and I’m winning
next big highlight is the return of the King of the Ring tournament WWE ended up
announcing it tonight and it looks like over the last month or
so WWE is really cashing in on all the nostalgia that they could give us this
is only gonna bring some viewers to their television the last time that we
saw the tournament was in 2015 when bad news Barrett became the king of the WWE
the only thing that we really know so far is that we are getting a superstar
from Monday Night Raw and a superstar from Smackdown live and it was heavily
emphasized that it’s going to be starting on Monday Night Raw that makes
me believe that of course they’re gonna continue the rest of the tournament on
Smackdown live which I’m not the biggest fan of I feel like the best thing that
they could have done is actually make this a pay-per-view or a WWE network’s
exclusive and give it to us on the same night because that’s what really makes
the King of the Ring special but hey it’s 2019 I will take anything that WWE
is bringing back that is good and King of the Ring is the easier and best
tournament that they could do and as I’m recording this they actually made an
update an article revealing to us who exactly are gonna be these superstars
competing in the king of the ring so for Monday Night Raw we got the Miss
ricochet centric aleksander Samoa Joe Joe McIntyre Baron Corvin Sami Zayn and
Cesaro and then for the blue brunch Smackdown live we got Kevin Owens Ali
Apollo Cruz shot gaybo elias untraditional mas body
Murphy and Shelton Benjamin certainly some very interesting choices the
bracket hasn’t been revealed just yet so it’s kind of hard to make predictions
but knowing the toffee w/e I will not be surprised if we get a king constable
Corbin we haven’t seen Baron Corbin for a couple of weeks at knowing WWE I would
not be surprised if he wins the whole thing based on momentum and all of that
I could also see Kevin Owens from Smackdown life winning it can ricochet
might actually put the crown on but overall it’s just gonna be big for any
superstar that went it I just hope that they also get a big championship match
afterwards and now let’s go ahead and recap what went down on Monday and I
roll and what didn’t happen which I was surprised about so to start off the show
we had Seth Rollins cutting a promo about defeating Brock Lesnar for the
universal Championship at SummerSlam Seth Rollins was then interrupted by the
OSI and challenged to a match by AJ Styles which he accept and ended up
being the main event of the show then we got the sri prophet in the back and
there were Sami saying Sami Zayn is talking about the street profit to not
get too comfortable because the WWE is gonna eat them alive
yes it feels good to be new on the roster but don’t get too excited he then
goes on a rant about how some mojo is right now and how he is a perfect
example of someone who is red-hot and lost all of its momentum which hey Sammy
you’re literally speaking truth so I applaud you for that but some more joy
is there so this lead into a match in which you’re defeated Sami Zayn then at
the end of the match typical WWE fashion I thought that some mojo was going to
turn babyface but hell no that’s not happening
cuz joke around the microphone of course caught an amazing promo to the crowd
letting them know that he’s not gonna forgive them for thinking that he was
responsible for what happened to Roman reigns their match of the night we got
the miss at defeating Dolph Ziggler Dolph Ziggler pretended that he wasn’t
quote-unquote medically clear after last night and then attacked the miss out of
nowhere so the match got started but Ziggler still lost in the end much like
in the Goldberg match he got on the microphone told them I said that he was
in men enough to face him again and him and then the miss hit him with
another skull-crushing finale up next we got ricochet defeating Elias I have no
idea what WWE is doing with Elias yes later on in the night he won the 24/7
championship but he is losing absolutely every single match that is meaningful I
mean I don’t want ricochet to lose again but at the same time can we for once put
over Elias because it seems like my man is having the worst couple of months
ever I’m next we got a two out of three Falls match and under Odyssey and all
must clean sweep Rey Mysterio this was a decent match in the end we hadn’t rather
hitting the hammer like DDT and then later in a backstage segment Mysterio
got a bit emotional saying that he doesn’t know what’s next for his career
because he’d been losing a lot and he is worried that he might not be able to
support his family so this feud is really getting emotional
and I’m digging it but at the same time Rey Mysterio is
getting defeated every single week one of this week I feel like he gotta get
the upper hand up next we got Stone Cold Steve Austin don’t be a Skype yes it’s
2019 and Stone Cold Steve Austin made a return to Monday Night Raw
via Skype what is this anyway she was hyping up straight-up Steve Austin and
he also put over several as big time so there is that up next we got match of
the night drew McIntyre defeating Sandra Alexander this one was brutal these guys
got an amazing chemistry with each other it was very competitive and at the end
Jim McIntyre had a massive Claymore kick then we got Robert Roode defeating no
way Jose in a very short match and I hope we get to see him on TV a bit more
we got dough revival versus lucha house-party table next this end there
any no contest I guess because all of the roster related to the 24/7
championship started rushing the ring chasing r-truth r-truth got pinned by
the revival and they became the first-ever
duo /co 24/7 champions for like 20 seconds because our two won the title
right back with the help of carmella then in the backstage we had Ally as
hitting him with a guitar and Lyle won it for the third time up next we get the
Natalya in the Sasha banks return segment which we already discussed Sasha
banks turn heel and got the big opera Hanna
Becky Lynch just like a typical week we got the Viking raiders defeating a
couple of jabbers then we got the woman tag-team championship match Alexa bliss
and Nikki Cross defeating the kabuki warriors decent match I wanted Oscar and
Carrie saying to win and I hope that this is not the end for them challenging
for those titles after this we got the main event
Seth Rollins versus AJ Styles which ended in a disqualification with Seth
Rollins picking up the victory so at the end of this match we got Luke Gallows &
Karl Anderson getting ejected for interfering in the match but ran into
the ring and attacked Seth Rollins anyways I came ricochet for the save but
that didn’t work out too much The OC still got the upper hand and then I
don’t know where outcomes braun strowman to help out ricocheting seth rollins
braun strowman gave a handshake to self Rollins and passed the universal
championship to him that was outside so I wonder if that’s gonna be a big a main
event match that we’re gonna be getting in the near future although this is a
bit interesting because I mean we could have ricochet and brunch from and
teaming up to take on Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson at the upcoming class of
champion pay-per-view and then we could have champion versus champion AJ Styles
versus Seth Rollins or we could even have a six-way with all those titles on
the line but I guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see what WWE goes with
so that is the recap for Monday Night Raw tonight the one thing that I want to
point out is the fact that we didn’t get any Bray Wyatt tonight which is kind of
weird just for the fact that Bray Wyatt was the highlight of SummerSlam so it’s
weird for them to not do a follow up to everything that happened that was so
amazing and that everybody was talking about but maybe he’s gonna show up on
Smackdown instead but to be honest there are time where less is more so I glad to
see this Bray Wyatt when they do it right instead of just giving it to us
and over exposing it talking about smackdown WWE did confirm that we’re
gonna be getting body Murphy vs. Roman reigns in a one-on-one match anyways
guys that is what I got for you in this role review Rhonda let me know your
thoughts on the showdown in the comments below
I do think that was a thumbs up but let me hear you
anyway it’s a wind over to 100,000 subscribers imma to t ow
dig it you

82 thoughts on “SHOCKING TURN DURING WWE RAW! Sasha Banks RETURNS, All King Of The Ring COMPETITORS – The Round Up

  1. It’s about time heel turn is well needed she was miserable tbh she didn’t know what she wanted to do she lost the titles even worse was to the iconics it was cut short but I’m glad Sasha blue Banks is back she wanted to quit at one point and she wanted to be released it was tough and rough for her I’m glad she together and ready to kick some booty

  2. YOOOO. This raw was actually pretty freaking good. The KOTR making a return? OH MY GOD YES. Aaaalllllll of the amazing talent that will be showcased. I'm fucking pumped for it. And Sasha banks, seeing her return was eh. Was good to see her as we can get someone actually threatening for Becky to fued with. But when she turned heel, JESUS YES. A bad ass heel like banks fueding with an ass kicking face in Becky, now I'm freaking excited for the woman's division. And braun strowman. WOW. That counter to the powerslam? JESUS that was peanut butter smooth. Ricochet was pumped to jump in then strowman jumping back in to back them up. God damn, seeing a 6 man elimination tag with the oc vs Rollins, ricochet and strowman would be the hypest thing for next week's raw

  3. It actually wasnt a bad raw for once i enjoyed summerslam aswell I hope this means things will get better overtime

  4. Now that Sasha is back, I finally care about wrestling again. I thought I liked everyone but honestly it was always Sasha and Trish and only those two since I first watched ever.

  5. That match with drew and Cedric was awesome… I finally got crunked of a move from raw.. Cedric did the flip of top rope with drew omg… took me back to attitude era…just awesome

  6. I honestly thought Bray was going to interrupt the main event, and therefore put him in some sort of title picture

  7. It was decent show it just the show I didn't feel any changes but only thing I did enjoy was 24/7 Championship segments , WWE announcing King of the Ring, Sasha Banks return and Bobby Roode on TV this show had lack of story telling no number 1 contenders matches no open challenges lack of credibility and no Fiend Bray Wyatt and WWE doing the same thing and the same matches over and over and over again I'll give the show 6/10 I would love to see King Ricochet or King Robert Roode

  8. They did that Sasha banks segment all wrong. 1 why did they had Sasha banks attacking an injured natty? Makes no sense because their isnt no back story between the two. 2. Why did Becky come out their and play super hero. Hello you just defeated her last night and feuding with her for the last few weeks and now all of a sudden natty and Becky are homies now? Really? Logic people logic. 3 to add insult to injury Sasha destroys both of them making them both look weak. Yup typical WWE. Smh

  9. I can see them having Banks beat Becky , b4 Survivor Series so it could be Boss hug collision as champs to respective brands

  10. Kotr used to be a free giveaway in NZ on tv , we got survivor series for free too ,and in the 90s summer slam free. So kotr better be free lol.

  11. I think andrade, drew ,ricochet or miz should win as I think Kevin Owens is probably going be screw by Shane and he doesn’t need it

  12. One more thing. If Vince subscribes to the usual boo heel cheer face thing like he stupidly usually does, I bet his head exploded because Sasha got MAD cheers, and will continue to…

  13. the best wwe raw show ever n yes my baby sasha banks aka the legit boss i really enjoyed raw this is whats best for business

  14. We all know that Samoa Joe Won't win The KOTR.

    And to the other side.
    I think King Ali sounds the most Interesting.

  15. Sasha was my becky lynch(the man gimmick) back in the late 2017 and during 2018 and 2019 but not anymore and now becky is my sasha of back in the days so im hyped and i hope sasha happens to beat the man for the title.

  16. 4:08 uh uh no no no heck no hell no Shelton Benjamin i do not think so Shelton is going 2 get eliminated during the first round and i sure as hell do not wanna see Baron Corbin win it

  17. Knowing the track record of wwe I bet nothing will happen for the superstar who wins the king of the ring. They'll just forget about it a month later

  18. Vince old ass better not ruined her heel run up if he do she's going straight to aew fr this time

    King of the king coming back Vince old ass trying to boost ratings by bringing it back

  19. What they should is having sasha banks feuding with lynch then at clash of champions, during their championship match charlotte should attack becky to reform the bff maybe have them wins the tag titles, lost it before the royal rumble to the kabuki warriors, sasha wins the royal rumble and challenge bayley at wrestlemania

  20. I feel like baron is gonna win the kotr by defeating Ali or KO, I loved the heel turn of Sasha and I find it annoying that Ivar and Erik only fight jobbers.

  21. Raw was honestly horrible accept for a few things it wasn’t honestly worth watching I didn’t even get excited for the heel Sasha because honestly who ain’t see that coming

  22. The street profits are being rushed to the main roster as part of WWE making sure that they have representation of all races and them filling the quota for black men. They arr great and will be awesome on main roster but its just too soon. They never let the NXT tag champions play out their roles on NXT and always rush them to main shows happened with viking raiders as well appearing on main show while still champs

  23. I’m so so sooooooooooo sick of them squash matches it’s overdone too much and waist tv time it’s bad enough to have filler matches but then squash matches ruin time

  24. My mind was blown when Sasha's music hit. A heel Sasha Banks is the best version. Plus the King of the ring is back? That's a hell of a an announcement. I kinda wanted Samoa Joe to turn face tho.

  25. It would be cool if WWE Does this king of the ring like a Number one Contenders type of Match where the king of the ring winner gets to choose either the WWE Champion or WWE Universal Champion at the Clash of Champions PPV & if they do it that route WWE Should Bring The Tournament back Annually

  26. I'm going to give it to you straight, There's no wrestler in the WWE, right now, to follow the tradition of The King Of the Ring, no except, one man, or is he a man? You Figure it out. That's the only one who can do it justice. As for Sasha's return, Fantastic, that's the only word for it,as long as she stays on course & keeps being a heel & kicking Becks Ass.

  27. Honestly, I'm not too excited about the Sasha Banks return. Why should she be rewarded with a push for being a whining, sniveling, spoiled little brat after losing the tag titles? I have no respect for that whatsoever. The only silver lining there is that she'll likely get pasted by Lynch, which she ultimately deserves anyways, after taking her ball and going home after 'Mania. She deserves nothing after that display, as far as I'm concerned. She should go to the back of the line.

    As for KOTR, I could see Corbin or McIntyre taking it from the Raw side & likely Ali or Elias from the Smackdown side. If I were to pick, I'd prefer seeing McIntyre or Corbin win the whole thing and I also think a match between the two, possibly the Raw final, would be really interesting and a really good match as well.

  28. Might be ricochet because he already calls himself king ricochet but knowing wwe then will just make a heel with again

  29. I'm calling that Andrade wins the KOTR. Need that female manager along with you to really add to the King/Queen thing.

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