Shakes & Fidget – Stufe 500 Endlich Erreicht! #379 SFGame

Shakes & Fidget – Stufe 500 Endlich Erreicht! #379 SFGame

hello and welcome to a new video on the channel and today there is shakes and fidget yes and the one today is very very great special episode because soon ascended to level 400 am and since we are now 99 level later in the 17 2018 I level reaches 4 100 and Today we try 99 level later to crack stage 500 a little over two years it took me used to to make century level and I will now everything makes me in the standing for the five do before paying up front to see virtually the five meter 4 exchange and I have to tell you I’m really very excited 100 making level is in two years really not much more I’d say it But you must remember that at that time everything was a different time and yes all the things that you nowadays has to dispose had one not then you have not so fast leveled as have today’s I’ve seen had at the time nor the fruits had in inventory because you simply could put here and yes so long that is already here and I video just hope we that together today will manage the remaining xp to farms so I do not know how we will create but we will definitely try first of all I have here still my old weapon or rather my new but I have not weapon have equipped as we are now Add a gem socket for mushrooms course and the whole well as my current weapon as improve birth five technical so we are here to set at then We are all, of course, Replace and again enchant so we here the maximum bonus can pick out so because namely the exciting that I in my weapon I now have it is of course much +40 better again more to the grid to although it is unfortunately an all attribute but the damage bonus and better margin you just can not overlook and yes also she also has lightning damage +18 +12 a flatbed the is again a huge advantage and so I just think, despite which is an all attribute weapon is it is probably better than the present I have here that we are now my marquardt be yes because the of course, is better than that of my marquardt so and all we are of course, not in the toilet throw something else or does not do no sense the will we simply straight disassemble and resources for getting back so that we have done now set we the right stone in there thus the same for any dungeons can knock yes i am thinking what a use here stone I will I will stone an intelligence reinsetzen would of course damage technically enormously ball a However, I would very very little endurance thus I must again very briefly what I look for high here compared to before the LOSS in would then 38 to 42 80 to 72 million millions but of course we would have much much more harm when I now still reinsetzen a green stone I will I believe will nevertheless a Insert black stone is because it just all around more meaningful than making to go even more to harm I guess that’s here in this case, the smarter variant writes me like pure as you decided But would I guess that’s just the bonus is simply too big for that as that you can not only stupid only harm’s all so natural we here a little less intelligence But this also a bit more endurance and as I said, the margin is course much much better than my present and which now gets the marquard and we look first times we have here our our pvp equipment yet which means that we can here so quietly our attacks do look at the past pats what we do here so no longer have very lot and then we’ll see the same times as First of all, in the time machine there we can pick 180 euros we will directly times times make yes I am, I’m really notices maybe I’m really a bit to crack upset the stage 500 because it then but already really something very very special is I have now quasi two years on this moment waiting and hope that everything really smooth goes also recording technology and so that to me is not here abschmiert the would be the worst-case scenario for the worst case scenario in any case, so that here is normal to fight the ever-banks rum yes we know all that takes me a bit too long so let’s set up further so we have a little experience 27 million that’s really nothing then the one more time, and are now here billion total to 1,249, we xp need 1.5 billion xp for the level up is in reversal connection if I have a dungeon pack gives 300 miller we have already reached the stage 5100 I’ve been thinking how I will stage 500 which I would complete the whole and I’m on intelligence came First I wanted it with a very normal quest to make a very so normal quest to complete one minutes or less so in the sun two 30 determines the countdown to run them under these are the last seconds to stage 500 is quite cool but I have I’m so considered for such a special video I try again dungeon to put an and to the dungeon, so to speak, the level 5 100: to reach so we are all today because also to create put this and that implement called on this particular occasion today of course a few mushrooms draufgehen this is clearly but as I said it is not all days stage 500 and that is why I would like to also necessarily a dungeon Completing yes we roll here again before we all here so then make and finally put us once the hand and back, let’s see what else there’s so why does not come and so that we here rausholen times from the last yet all rheinmain said cube happiness is so that’s really I have to this day still not once, five of a species get in two to cast them the is truly amazing and we indeed let’s see maybe we get here again at some point something out soul I would not necessarily go next to the crystal with crystals However, once again get well not really successful We use again a mushroom a wood I do not necessarily have the everything must really dirt I say yet we take it once with because it got two times and it’s just better than doing nothing and have just at least once get the whole Now the question is how we take when we ensure the debate is just possibly in it could be that the then lies in me could also be I have a few times tries in friedrichs but is relatively ramsey difficult and yes these are the three opponents that I have an eye on the elephant tamer must say the is still too heavy to be difficult I do not get in any case I’ll wait here until shortly yes i the last mushroom here more can save because we give so that follow anyway I guess I’ll go assuming enough mushrooms for the dungeon opponents and we are here again stones for free well so I just really just an eye on the hourglass and crystals the gold yes that makes my level already very noticeable but somehow I get nothing at all from the whole here strangely and can be lucky if I even somehow one of three package together was good we access times would the rate and let’s see what the so-us has to offer if we to somehow get down or if the first time a blockade for us be I will not be there, we know find out, in any case, and I am curious what is the result yes I would sometimes say, make time everywhere only once a trial purely to why times to watch the harm in people from not looks so far very tingling I have to say and then go Let’s a bit harder in front of anja looks very very good So here we have tried doing had that could actually indeed the So could actually be legible the we remember definitely times in front is the more we keep very much in berserker I’m just all that’s just the thing in which he very much that’s just a 50 50 chance against the magician and indeed any attempt could halt now the try to be where I stage 500 achieve this is just the way berserker you see it stop either make the down me completely or I have such a gross estate cars out, or so I have so a health insurance Kripp strike out that he did not really stop so many opportunities has so yes the more definitely falling one opponent is pretty random as the berserker’s the way it is now we have a couple trying seen where I get hurt no get have we look at times the paddy savior so what so again here to offer us, it has not been so invested many circular Rhine we look times but so far the other opponents say a bit better than the penny rat yes we can still talk purely look but I do not think that the are great here in the near future time he is I think so with the heaviest of the most difficult opponents the not have so that’s why I guess we either stay at or ramsey So to me the more was really a gentle couple must try to say because since would it actually can work out oh my god then we look at the times fight so that’s just really ramsay who has the rausgehauen hurt here oh my magath actually much more rausgehauen hurt We check the magician at what chris raushaut 180 miller and 255 million holy shit okay so that is definitely falling defeated there so the kids have considers it agree must stop fit all and then it could be any moment be so far that for which we here by the opponent our level to pick up and eventually so the stage 5100 reach age he makes it really he does it really really exciting I could key-enter course with the thus very clear clickers history However, I would like to not somehow Skip great but really try to see then in I stage we have reached 500 go again where he once watching he speak now how he said completely random, it can keep us would you like it thicker they have made us gives the stage 500 stage five hundred 500 I must now first time sink a short moment to let We now officially belong to the superhero club Rhine come because only people purely the level 5100 have reached unlocked wrong track superhero stage 500 so I do not know What I should say it is incredibly blatant I’m speechless I must say there is now a 5 can be seen in front of it yes it’s unbelievable that’s really something very very special, I must say I have so yes as I was then stage 4 had reached 100 on the account since I already am very very crass felt definitely and you could also the description I take that as me very happy was pleased so much work assiduity also money partly also, yes, but above all hire and much much endurance effortless time put there is so much in this account drinne yes and now to see so we the level 5 100 reaches now to have I tell you truly pays endurance itself is really at the end of the day from no matter how much the beginning somehow on the servers or so if you somewhere new start it really does not matter whether you now really up there with the same satin or later evens afterwards at the end anyway ever upwards and always escalates further so it’s just really crass important they stop that from permanently and that is the most important in game yes and I’m really crude overwhelmed now the strongest one to see so it’s really something special and at the imagine only remains to times say many thanks to people that you me long on this journey so far have accompanied so that we now finally, the stage 500 together can conclude it really has a bit over two years lasted today’s people, the stage 400 and 500 will be likely in a considerably shorter time than creating in two years as I said the possibilities other than earlier today and the it always remember but me is really something very special now at the stage stelle so to have achieved very surprising very crass especially with the place the part I’m just a day I just not as the worst mushrooms but I have to say yes to love many thanks that you always there so numerous with be the start I will now briefly the recording interrupt so that the whole will also remains held to a recordable not abschmiert we hear immediately again so I need you people say I’m Also moment so I’m not just yes I do not know which is actually otherwise never the case, I’m really I have my echtwahr currently is probably thing is that now a lost have stage 500 we have achieved, we now press on further and have a very cool Scouts receive the item 300 millions were to experience eingeheimst Yes, the 1000 gold course not too Forgot a scout item 846 worth High Quality +2 we watch the same times what start the kunigunde it and here see now 500 that really tastes just very very delicious I must really say very much delicious so we look here again in the churches chat purely because there must we of course again see that there was the stage 500 successful has completed and of course we look now first of all to talk in the gp2 not the stall india teams and let’s see have here of course the archive is achieved by the super duper helmet yes and have the page with it completely completed and hence 56 gained attribute to each what really is a lot when you is that so along comes expects there really a lot together so hall of honor we look also to talk we are now level 500 everywhere where we stage can stand 500 we are it yes of course now very clear thing is it is really a very nice feeling and I say yes so stage 400 has already really, really felt good but I think I can not that so realize now currently just really very very blatant indeed can we now on stage 500 citizen but we do not have it the necessary small change which is a shame I look +22 more armor from remains still percent to 25 is good even a gem very bad here in it yes we improve all here plus twice does not hurt so the whole Here we can dismantle the need We no longer and then get You also have a beautiful here very gem you get here the 1006 was very very good kunigunde one more time a high quality upgrade again here the agency then how does how expensive are the because the place only 3.4 otherwise I would have considered that we now our companion now even 500 faster fall but I have currently here city wake up in it so what So now not so nice is I get he held later stage but 500 now is not so bad not so bad we take the endurance day with have the gold not sure that’s real shame so here we have no further opportunities I have everything before invested so that we and the dungeon create true opponents all opponents the look we now of course again to me a very very hard chunk let’s look at what we strike it because have landed the emir and I really have to say this to me worthy opponent for stage I had 500 now as a partie taken the rat then one says stop judo with paddy the rate stage 5,104,104 millions occurs but it just against the berserker must is not forgotten and now I have halt managed by my stage 500 to achieve very, very nice 300 3 1 332 or what yes definitely my companion again more harm geballert out when I you do not know otherwise yes very much we can cool us directly to the nearest fruit here home einheimsen and yet do the times rest of schützenfest here what we here have to do today, so I really hope that you also this fell again today video has since is really very very blatant that we have managed now after so long time and of course of course ends now not my way here but goes as only really going to battle in the to stage 600 is now the next target is probably yes I’d say at least four years three to four years I guess so big I can I highly appreciate bad as hardcore that afterwards so up is as just as how severely to still the xp and is cut so since I anyway a bit from stage 500 beginning a bit more on gold go because really after not really worth nor xp quests to accept because all depends really nothing is not very much at around accordingly, but all the better for the gold fixed here comes all the more why yes and therefore makes it definitely and are not only experience to I go anyway still trying if you is good quester I try still have a bit of experience take very clear history I I also quickly leveling the is quite clear However, I will not dull only still going to experience but just although a good gold vessel offers then I’ll take you with and prefer the also poor xp quest yes yes so definitely now my place in part for the next time we have a cool weapon now again at the start and our marquardt also Of course now was our weapon of course, still in tip-top that was still a very good weapon we since the election has not been too outs yes but is very very nice what we now reaches this episode there have pleased me that it has worked out that we the dungeon opponents have now defeated and everything to the good in any case on end of the day tantamount come down and I would say if you have the video then please let like a valuation or a Comments to da lass but a happy abo here on the channel therefore also no another missing content For my part, I would sometimes now Officially we claim are located now in high level area I throw now just so in the space on stage 500 I would argue times I may me now high level I call hope it at least once to all high level players far beyond me, I have hope it’s okay, we are now in five hundred will work out and finish I use the video I thank you very much for watching the many thanks for But immediately it me brings to thank you so much for all the nice comments always in the comment clearly thank you so much for all the positive reviews because we have almost as good as any of the lacks always what actually art and me in my as I like the videos designed here again I am totally confirmed or and so for that I want to tell you in any case to thank the whole thing is not of course, and I want just say thank you many thanks for watching paul ryan and Until next time

75 thoughts on “Shakes & Fidget – Stufe 500 Endlich Erreicht! #379 SFGame

  1. dickes gz zu 500!!!… so! genug der schmeicheleien und zurück zum alltäglichen haten, auf kleinigkeiten rumreiten, alles besser wissen usw. :P. ich liebe deine videos seit jahren aaaaaber (jetzt kommts, typisch ich) manchmal bin ich schon ein wenig den tränen nahe wenn du dir, aus welchem grund auch immer, über die mehrzahl eines wortes nicht im klaren bist. 2 beispiele die ich regelmässig mitbekomme: der z.b. 400 millioner crit heisst eigentlich millionen crit… ich weiss nicht woher du das wort millioner hast aber es existiert nicht und punkt 2 das wort bonus… einzahl: bonus, mehrzahl: boni. das wort bonis gibt es nicht… nur bonus und boni…. punkt und das wars :D. lieber dorzer ich kann es einfach nicht lassen dich selbst an einem so "grossen" tag zu verarschen und herum zu meckern 😛 😛 alles liebe und nochmals gz!!!

  2. Gw ich habe schon immer mal nachgeguckt wie lange du noch brauchst.Dann habe ich gesehen das du 500 bist und mich schon aufs Video gefreut =)

  3. Ich freue mich so wahnsinnig für Dich, eine unglaubliche Leistung. Meinen aller herzlichen Glückwunsch Dorzer alter Hase ❤🎉👍 Auch die 5000 Abos hast du erreicht, was für ein Tag und Leistung ✌
    Mach weiter so und feier Mal ne schöne Runde 😁

  4. Auch von mir herzlichen Glückwunsch.

    Ich habe 2 Legenden um ein Interview gebeten. Mal schauen was Sie zu deinem Meilenstein sagen!

  5. Ein richtig dickes GW für Level 500 UND für 5000 Abonnenten von mir an dieser Stelle nochmal! Das muss gefeiert werden.

  6. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu den 5000 Abonnenten und Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Level 500 …. sei dir alles gegönnt

  7. Gratuliere von S39 Rivalen
    NWO Sound (Wir werden Entertainer, Rapstars oder Sportler

    Bei Morgendämmerung einer New World Order)
    16:00 Hoffe das ist keine Corona Attacke
    Level ####108#### Unterschied

  8. HGW Bro zur 500 ;D.

    Magst du mir eventuell noch verraten an welchem Tag du diesen Character erstellt hast, fallst du das noch weist. wäre nice.^^
    btw 2 Jahre für 400-500 finde ich extrem schnell. Ich habe jetzt auch 1 Jahr gebraucht von 400-450(w21).

  9. Wenn du von st. 400-500, 2 Jahre gebraucht hast, wie lange brauche ich von st. 341 – 500 als Gelegenheits pilzer ? 😓
    Das deprimiert einen richtig 😆😆😆
    Mit 30ee mount, 220 Alu, Glücksrad 1 Mal am Tag kommt man nicht schnell vorran.

  10. herzlichen glückwunsch, ausdauer ist alles 🙂 das "nicht realisieren" wird wohl noch ein paar tage andauern, so ging es mir zumindest 😀 immer wenn ich auf das level geschaut habe und die 5 am anfang gesehen habe, dachte ich das wäre ein bug 😀

  11. Glückwunsch Dorzer 😉

    Du hast es dir verdient 🙂 Auf die nächsten 100 😉

    Achso und wegen der Zeit Maschine. Wenn du dir ALU holst zieh dir lieber auch das Farm Equip an 😉

    LG BAuer144 der leider noch im Superheldenclub wartet 😀

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