Shakes & Fidget – Ist das gut für alte Server/Gilden? #359 SFGame

hello and welcome to a new video here on a channel and Today with a round shakes and fidget and this is another one of those video where I times really like your opinion again would read in the comments to this and yes standpunkt your times of things even hear what you think because since yesterday it is now now known that quasi here was to expelled from the community manager is ko Now as a reference under the quasi gilde all players over 120 days in active or are closed due to breach contribute no more points to nothing more extensions form are read to extensions are experience and gold which the guilds pad is affected and now also the knights hall yes and that is the crux of what this point quasi goes so here this hint of was previously here in the forum not there yet he under the section guild this has only added new yes you can see here at the time today 8 clock 49 is indeed a date that Post I do not no idea but in any case it is so, and what does that benefits now for disadvantages or yes you can see here now the quasi The following problem-we have a 1957 built where from now every hall is assumed that it is so But they say now the times innovations to own lip of the halle ago 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 – 160 third home points by these people who – 21 days are active that how can it be the savior home points nevertheless are 955 and the is probably a display error indeed the all points are not probably more counting So these people the here – 21 days in are active or longer than 21 days a now no longer count to nevertheless still shows the rode home points are standing on the Sun. that quasi inactive to the wild still live somewhere with these include the so they do not all news does not list are quite not quite as useless But thus the new information came now almost to that these people now almost nothing to contribute guild clear that the deductions no longer have to fight with the participate and so what we knew everything, yes, but that rode home points are now also affected that’s one thing that nobody knew because it was standing up here yes yes and so you have an extra still the inactive in the guild left so at least still knight with their halle their 20 points even with this contribute so that not more pure target that has now now no known yes and all the extensions that then votes quasi also not here so here is indeed now in it that here the gilden expansions, affected are that they no longer be added that is, we do not just get So less knight home points worse precious or have already we are probably have already but we also get more gold and the experience quasi subtracted from the active you people for so long always held in the guild has exactly for this reason it namely still the guild which contribute even if it so would have to have to not only the knights home points are optically changed so the display error here is number one number two is displaying error here so that no more the pot of gold and instructive to master contribute number three is here that the shut twenties knights had to no longer one of them and display error number four would be quasi yes that have I now I have my aluminum ladder today already clicked Show error_number four is in the quests, the yes also displayed so the quest is indeed displayed so and so much drinking of bonus to your quest to buy and yes if this is not fixed here then we had here four display errors so now you can of course about it echauffieren why is that and why was not that much fixed earlier yes of course this is a question which me is why so long now actually already going without support 11 ticket or a ticket to the support Send by tsunami indeed had that namely because from here that go namely from that that the whole here in the has been brought roll would be the thing it would be the support not noticed and had there would have been no attention from the discourse and the forum given about it and then we would now still almost in the dark groping so to speak, so now my ask the whole how do you go now so that the more it has positive benefits but it has also many negative advantages I personally would write me times please your opinion to the comments what you think I personally think that by now these changes I start only once in the positive share on because they are relatively fast explained I’d say The positive things are definitely also for newer worlds where it might in active already but are also perhaps for older worlds although it was then a bit is difficult in that now quasi these people here nothing to contribute it’s just not bad this just people from the true to kick it now does not know how to level 500 Kick yes because that simply because the And nothing contributes here to that is, it ensures that the guild have to look for new people that is there are no inactive guilds more So yes encouraged inactive go as this one that now hears likely the means we have to question take care to find new people that is the guilds life is back on activated bit I said times has So is a breath of fresh wind that the new people to get the then active really what help that the guild might be a bit more active become but so now we’re already too the disadvantages yes and told that then is already equal to this server over five years old, I do not know exactly when he started I had look from the head I know now is to find people not active here almost next to impossible we get are many people here who want to start over on the server yes is perhaps even now without Withdrawn in may sound a bit we might that on me want to be with me in the guild no problem But as times are now operational level really now not very conducive tell I now times to start at least and people find that a bit are established on the server here which is virtually impossible that is it sets itself still further from so the gap is widening between the first few are active against the I’d say so, the first two to three maybe four and the rest is then stop ever cut characterized that content may gilden merge so so that the whole is always even the so works that still on a good stand is the make but No guilds because everyone naturally wants at his guild hold and it is damn hard to find people that there for real want yes to a guild come in and want to leave their old applies where they so much working time and hassle have reingesteckt I’m the even gone step yes because at me afterwards 80% inactive were so although I still had my bonus but it just has absolutely no fun more done, but everyone must even know so and so I’d say It is really difficult for old server life for old guilds guilds on to obtain which are fully active as I’d say which is virtually impossible so I would sometimes rather on that tap this update I’d say it’s not because it is long since I do not know how long is that I am assuming that is a bit longer because his but it was just us never been there has never communicated with us no longer with this one knight be a point it could that it already since the beginning of the fortress but since this is always displaying error existent quasi here so that you noticed it has something so that that nothing has been done since close that let’s leave completely aside which is anyway to matter now But the point for old server and old go that’s just really fucking damn damn hard and I guess since I speak for all people who as well as those ancient guilds operate it’s damn difficult yes a fully active guild alive to obtained and that promotes natural then as halt halt told this difference that the people really no idea top still in the applies in the top 2 applies and the rest of the servers pieces ever made so so in principle possible, it is even worse is the way it for now in that because that that this extinction of the region even more is promoted because you have one would only times in meaning guild we look for example here if that would now appear how many people here in active are that I will not suspect all these people the here are inactive could all come from the guild out because just nothing contribute to and how many give there are so many so so good guided guilds have so I’d say yes well nothing is to continue is still displayed but interesting but there are tons of which also give but over 40 50 games a guild have probably the large part of all are inactive or they would not are far down indeed in comparison to us here and we have many inactive in the guild so that is to say the all enter the hold all active gamblers firm but get no more the bonis for this active in active players or do they never get know now only only really yes that’s the funny here and yes in principle could all these people now guilds give up because it because they stop also so I’d say 70 inactive and have less in the first few against come so promotes again that the competition on the server-wide extinct and no competition because then popular that not even the business indeed and I would say the are definitely the last closing words to load in any case times your opinion to since yesterday It is now officially so I had it written under the video yesterday but extra-again a video to do with her as really bescheid know and your also gilden Tell as it is can the meaning they now need fear no more before that have to kick in active people because you need so no fears before that have her there’s something to hold on to because it halt makes no sense as far as that was the extent Many thanks for I look goodbye hope this video has you liked it if the case should be likes to evaluation and a comment the otherwise you wish it seems to many you may already pure and Until next time

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