Scary Unexplained Images That SHOULD NOT EXIST

Scary Unexplained Images That SHOULD NOT EXIST

No matter where you move its eyes follow you, oh my gosh! (Oh jeez that’s scary) aaahhaha! *Galaxy intro plays* Woosh Hey guys, have you ever seen something.. Unexplainable? You guys REALLY seem to like my Conspiracy Theory video. So I decided to do a little bit more of the same… Because I love it. And I’m really exited that you guys seem to like it too. Today we’re gonna be “Reacting” but also sharing with you guys some of my favorite unexplained photos! (DUN) Or I don’t know the scariest memes whatever way you want to look at it so this all started, because I recently came across some photos and a little clip of The vampire baby doll. This is the vampire baby doll (Ew) Yeah, here’s one angle (Ew) Here’s another angle (Euagh) Here’s another angle (Why tho?) Look at it it watches you wherever you go. No matter where you go in comparison to this thing Its eyes follow you just look at it it now has your soul. That’s too bad. Just just watch this Like, what??? I love the music that this person’s playing. no matter where you move its eyes Follow you. oh my gosh! What black magic!!!!! Ughhh! I keep looking it directly in the eyes I think that’s what it wants. uhhh its still staring at me. uh my goed!! ‘under breath laugh’ it keeps getting worse! Why? why was this made?? uhhhhhhhuuhhh the eye looks like it rolled in the back of its head EUGHH ‘ridiculous laugh’ Oh I hate it so much Oh I hate it so much ohh I hate it so much My dolls eyes are moving. Okay, we got to go down this rabbit hole. His eyes are quite something. (Oh no) They’re moving. Oh and as I’m doing this it almost looks like his eyes are moving, And if that means to happen, that’s it. I’m giving up dolls forever (Seems like the best thing to do) we’re not having dolls with eyes Oh, what are the oh It just ended I’m so Scared for this woman. It’s not even like a viral video It’s just like a random video that was suggested at- okay. We need to go back to the vampire (Plz don’t) But I feel like this woman may be dead. When was this uplo- 2016? this woman’s dead Alright, so going back to the vampire baby doll It was kind of explained because in the video description it says a sculptor created this baby vampire doll and placed it in a graveyard As it perched itself on a tombstone it eerily followed the cameraman around with its creepy smile and intense eyes so you could write it off as being some type of art Optical illusion but I’d like to think that the sculptor created this doll and then it just automatically started following you with its eyes Because that’s scarier and makes life even better. So this next unexplained image is a bit disturbing I just wanted to warn you. so there is a man who bought a brand new iPhone from the Apple Store and when he went To test out the camera on his phone He saw this image in the bottom left corner, which usually on your iPhone shows your most recent photograph That was taken when he tapped the photo to make it a little bit bigger to see what it was being met It was already odd. There was a photo on the phone because it’s a brand new phone He saw this photo pretty freaky right at first glance It kind of looks like it might be somebody dead. It said that when the man brought the iPhone back to the Apple Store They factory reset the entire phone to get rid of the image But it was still there (Oh no. no no no) oooh spookys So a lot of people are saying online that maybe somehow the spirit of this girl who was killed Lives on this iPhone, but we may never know the real answer and that is why it is unexplained so this is a photo that was taken in 1972 and it shows four guests going to a wedding four Guests right. You see four guests in this photo four. now look closely between The legs of the man all the way to the right. There’s clearly a foot pant leg. Oh, My god, there’s a freaking eye Okay, it’s gotta be a kid right I hope it’s a kid it was never explained it’s gotta be a kid Please be a kid. So these are unexplained photos of the skunk ape seriously. Look at this thing Look at this thing. So in 2000 a Florida woman was complaining that there was an Orangutan that was stealing apples off of her porch So she wrote a letter to the county to tell them and also sent these photos That one this one. Yeah The woman who sent the letters and the photos wanted to remain anonymous and to this day, they never found evidence of this creature Some people say it’s a hoax some people say it’s the skunk ape. I say it’s nightmares So a Reddit user was renting a cabin out with some of his family and/or friends and while they were sitting around he decided to take a panoramic photo of the cabin to send his girlfriend after taking the Panoramic photo he realized that if you look to the left of the photo, you may notice that there’s a figure outside (JUST RUN!) Appearing to be holding some type of weapon the reddit user then specified that later on he and his family members went outside And found tracks from the woods to the spot where the figure is shown in the photo when they told the owner of the cabin that they were renting from About this and showed her to the image She said that the figure reminded her of her late husband dressed in all of his rabbit hunting gear And he would usually be holding a rabbit carcass and his rifle it is still Unexplained if I was in that situation, I most likely be like, yep. It was a murderer. It was murderer They saw us take the photo and then they were like Ope can’t murder today. They turn around went back through the woods So this is a recent unexplained image from Argentina. There was two dogs that were savagely killed It hurts me just to just to say that and then this image surfaced of this really weird Half-human half-animal thing some people are saying maybe it’s a werewolf Others are saying maybe it’s a chupacabra and then of course others are saying it’s fake, but you know what? I just don’t know It’s unexplained So while scouring the internet for some more creepy unexplained photos I find that they seem to also be tied into photos of things. That should not exist Exhibit (a) this is an old baby doll again We’re going back to the creepy baby dolls.. Somehow this is an old baby doll that was left out in the woods and wasps turned it into a nest So if you’re terrified of creepy baby dolls, and, you’re terrified of wasps and/or bees This is for you. ‘evil cackle’ some more photos of thing. That should not exist aka are creepy and unexplained, like this Pikachu costume What? what is this Pikachu costume? this Pikachu costume looks like it consumes children, like consumes them through its mouth hole (How is the kid so happy?) This person couldn’t even be bothered to wear like little yellow gloves. It’s just a Pikachu with human hands?! ‘in a creepy voice’ “come here Johnny i chose you oh And again more super creepy costume thing i, i What’s going on? I mean it looks like they’re visiting him at the hospital but Really? Uh, yes, I did not know about this photo but this is like one of the most Unexplainable photos. That should also not exist. I don’t understand my brain kind of melts while I’m staring at this it’s a sewing machine and the UPS truck and the i, It’s just too much going on. I can’t let’s go back to YouTube and creepy baby dolls, actually I want to check in on our friend who posted that video of the baby doll eyes. Oh good This video was posted a day ago. She must not have gotten murdered by her doll But what am I looking at right now, what is, what is This video has zero views by the way, i’m very Lucky to be first. Oh there she is. Oh My new favorite youtuber by the way If you do come across this sweet woman’s channel do not be mean This is one of the greatest channels I’ve ever seen. oh my god She has this on her channel (Wha-Why?) My god, this is what happens what I deep dive into things on the internet. I think this is exactly what happens so guys, I think that’s gonna be it for reacting to unexplained slash photos that should not exist if you have any favorite unexplained and/or Super creepy old photos that I did not show on this video then make sure to leave them in the comments below I love looking at them also Let me know if you want me to do more videos like this in the future by Leaving like before you go and letting me know in the comments subscribe if you’re new to the channel I put out new videos every single day. And as always I will Z you guys soon btw sub to Lauren she da best

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  1. The 1 and 2 is so so so adorable I don't get creeped out I just get jumped scared edit; none of these are scary more like boring and the half animal thing is so cool I want to pat it and the baby doll with wasps is more cute

  2. Vampire babydoll is easily explained, they used "follow me eyes". Pupil and iris are painted in the back of the glass eyeball, rather than the front. The opposite concave and space from the front causes the illusion that the eyes are following.. as for the doll shown after.. I have no idea.

  3. I am your biggest fan, and ive commented on a lot of your videos, Lauren you have inspired me to create my own you tube channel, check out my comments and like them please

  4. While watching this video…..i suddenly remembered that i kept my baby doll on the the top of my cupboard….i swear…i got goosebumps after remembering this…i quickly ran out of my room…hahahah

  5. So.. for anyone else who is scared out of their minds and hiding out in the comments… here is a care package to help calm u down. 🐕🐈🐰🐢🐦🐤🐭🐹🎂🎁🛁 ur safe here. don't worry.

  6. When I was little (like in a crib little) at night, I would see faces on the bars and they would always stare at me! This may be the reason I have social anxiety TwT anyone have a reason for this? Plz help

  7. The baby doll it is not black magic i do it all the time when I make a mask it is a piece of card then make it into a half can and put the pupil in the middle then every side you look at it from the pupil follows you

  8. As for the vampire doll baby, to help ease people's fears and anxieties, I think the eyes are like marbles and the black is painted or drawn way in the other side of the eyes making it look like it's staring at you. I may be pointing out the obvious but just in case people are genuinely creeped out and can't figure it out.

  9. “This is a recent inexplained image from Argentina” sees the image oh look it’s professor lupin the werewolf from Harry Potter

  10. why on the i phone one did they spell photo as "foto"? am i just acting stupid and missing something or did they spell it wrong. maybe thats how you spell it in another language i dont know just dont make fun of my for being dumb

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