Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S10 is already here and we’re giving it away. But we’re not only giving away a Samsung Galaxy S10 so you’re going to have to subscribe, turn on the notification bell, and watch this video until the end to find out everything. Be careful, because all this is essential condition and we’re going to see how to win this beast of a phone next. Let’s start! *cool music* Hi, “Tecnonautas”, what a great phone Samsung just unveiled, Anna! I’M GOING CRAZY, I’M BREAKING EVERYTHING! It’s great, and we want to give you the possibility to enjoy it too. We’re giving away a Samsung Galaxy S10 But it’s not all, Martin and I have been talking about it and in the giveaway we’re also including five Amazon gift cards, 40 euros each. We want there to be many winners it’s not possible that there is only one happy and us cursing our horrible life :v No, there are going to be winners everywhere, that’s the idea, so we did it like this, we hope you like it. To be able to participate (I know you’re asking yourself) I repeat this again: don’t rush, don’t go directly. because if you do, you won’t find out all. I’m throwing the mouse, Anna! We’re putting the link to participate in the description down below We’re going to do it with the Gleam system, as we normally do. While I’m explaining all of this, we’re going to leave you an explanatory video Martin, what do they have to do to participate besides entering the link? It’s really, really easy. First and foremost, subscribe to the channel, it’s an essential condition. You can be doing it right now. That button right down there, you subscribe, you turn on the notification bell, It’s rewarding to have the notification bell activated, because during the first 24 hours activated, points will be worth double on the giveaway. This is to reward our subscribers and those who paid attention to what we talked about on previous videos And we will start implementing the code system. In each video we upload, we will put codes that will give you much more points which means much more possibilities. We’re not only putting them on the videos in some other place too We’re going to put – DON’T SAY IT, DON’T SAY WHERE! >:( Well, I don’t know, maybe you’ll find it somewhere around your home. And until when will this giveaway last? Well, from today, February 20th, until Sunday, March 17th, 23:59:59, Barcelona time (GMT+1) You can add other 59- NO. On Monday, March 18th we’ll be announcing the winner and pay attention to this part because we’ll do it through Facebook, as usual. Calm down, take a deep breath, you don’t need to make a big deal out of it, We’ll leave the link down here for you to see. You don’t need to be logged up to Facebook or anything, just follow the link And it’s also important to add that we will do a livestream. This means that it’ll be more transparent and it will be saved so you can check it later on. Besides, Anna, we need to do another important thing. IMPORTANT! If we say your name, you need to claim your prize write to us through social media or even better, send us an email because that way we can avoid bots, Martin. Damn you, bots. And because this time there won’t be only one winner but 6, 5 of them with gift cards and one with the phone, the five first names that appear will win the gift cards and then, the last name we call out will win the S10. I wanted to do it backwards, but – no – she won’t let me. Another thing, and we still have not decided Anna we need to talk, because this giveaway, I don’t know, it’s expensive to ship internationally It’s easier here in Spain. Well, no, no, no, no, no, no! The giveaway will be international, but, those who don’t watch this video until the end can’t participate. Well, we’re leaving all the links in the description. The Facebook link, the conditions link, the participation link The link for the other Galaxy S10 videos. Am I forgetting something, Martin? No, nothing else, Anna But what’s important to say is that by subscribing and turning on the notification bell (the main steps) you will have many possibilities. and if you want to have fun for a while and get to know us a little bit better you can do the other steps. Nothing else, and will see you on then next video. Good luck for everyone! *cool music*

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  1. Yo vi la historia recién y no encuentro el link , la verdad me vendría muy bien ganarme un celu para la facultad o para utilizar , si me podrían decir dónde encuentro el link para participar

  2. Jajaj me rio de estos sorteos ; mas fake , solo trabajen y lograran comprar su samsung s10 y hasta un iphone 11 es la realidad bros

  3. Yo quiero hacer lo un regalo es la comple años de mi hermana I yo no tengo regalo para ella asique lo quiero ganar I nunca he ganado un móvil o algo
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  4. Hola Tecnonautas!, consulta, me eh comprado un Galaxy S10 Plus de 128gb y quería saber cual es la capacidad máxima de memoria externa le puedo poner y cual me recomiendan, muchas gracias desde ya!!, Saludos

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